Godly Model Creator Chapter 254

Gmc Chapter 254

Chapter 0254    New lease of life

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora

Doesnt this count as winning my life back?

Su Hao smiled bitterly. Although he had managed to escape from death, he knew that he was now no different from dead people.

There were no survivors in the adventure to these ancient ruins.

200 of the specialized espers were dead!

All of this could be categorized as a natural disaster. While the Origin Ability Association could define it as a supernatural phenomenon, Jin family knew the conspiracy behind this. Was it a coincidence that their hunting team was completely annihilated during the mission? They doubted it.

If right at this moment...

One survivor appeared.

Then they would be in big trouble.

Would this guy know something? Was he involved in the battle with Jin Feng and the team? What had happened inside the ancient ruins? In order to ensure that the act of Jin family was not exposed to the public, they would definitely capture Su Hao. If that happened, Su Haos family would be affected too.

Within the hundreds of cities, there was only the Origin Ability Association that could contend with Jin and Hua families.

Su Hao had thought about reporting everything to the Origin Ability Association. However, there must be people from Jin and Hua families inside the association. He had no idea who could be trusted at all. Hence, he would not risk himself and his family to do that.

So I am no different from a dead person now?

Su Hao smiled sarcastically.

He had never thought of such an ending for this adventure in the ancient ruins, that he would be the only survivor out of all the espers and the pathfinders.

Yet, he could only act like a dead person.

He could not go back to school.

He could not meet his family.

He could not take part in his college entrance exam.

The circumstances were even worse than that time when he was fighting with Sun family. Once he appeared in public, Jin family would definitely find a way to kill him. He felt that such a life was really meaningless, it was better to die.

He would not be tired anymore if he was dead.

Su Haos eyes turned turbid, his breath got messy and a hint of purple aura appeared in his eyes but he was clueless about these things.

What happened?

Blue dream butterfly was looking at Su Hao with a face full of worry.

I am fine.

Su hao said, I just realized that I am a homeless person now. What is the meaning of my life like this?


Su Hao sounded extremely sad and desperate.

Blue dream butterfly shook her leg as she said sweetly, At least you are alive, aint it?


Su Hao mumbled. He was stunned and his eyes turned bright as usual again.


The words from the blue dream butterfly hit the heart of Su Hao.

Yes, I am alive!

As long as I am alive, there will be chances!

Jin family was strong.

So what?

There was still about half a year to go before the college entrance exam.

Su Hao revealed the expression of a madman. Everything would be fine if he was able to destroy Jin family within half a year! Luckily, the blue dream butterfly had reminded him.

By getting over his negativity, Su Haos mind was calm again.

However, he wondered what had happened to him just now?

Mental shadow?


He was constantly improving right now, with a strong fundamental foundation and a strong understanding of theories. Moreover, he had learned piano origin technique and he would play it occasionally. Supposedly, this mental shadow should not even exist. However, he felt that his despair was expanding unlimitedly in his mind just now.


Su Hao looked deep into his mind and discovered a purple light was moving around in it.


Su hao was full of anger right now. Was his mind affected by this purple light?

Get out!

Su Hao shouted and used the of energy in his body to cover the purple light. The purple light felt something was wrong and tried to escape. However, there was no way it could escape from Su Haos mind.


The purple light was fully destroyed.

Su Hao would never have any sympathy for weird things like this.


After he killed it, Su Hao felt relaxed. He felt something familiar from that purple light. If he was not mistaken, that was the skill of someone in the exploration team. It was just unexpected that such a skill would only activate after a few days and almost caused him to suicide.

It was so horrible!

The era of origin ability was dangerous in all ways.

If it werent for the reminder from the blue dream butterfly, he might have committed suicide just now. Recalling that, Su Hao hugged blue dream butterfly and gave her a big kiss.

You bad guy!

Blue dream butterfly frowned when she realized Su Haos saliva was on her body. She was in the butterfly form right now. Although she looked like a mini size human, when Su Hao kissed her, his lips accidentally touched a few places on her body that he should not touch.


Su Hao looked at her surprisingly. Why did you change back to this form again?


Blue dream butterfly sat back on his shoulder with obvious tiredness and said, I lack energy right now. I am constantly improving since I transformed last time, which was why I could enlarge my body size and keep my wings inside. However, the energy consumption is too huge.

Lack of energy..

Su Hao was sweating. Both blue dream butterfly and himself were currently very much lacking in energy.

As Su Hao was getting back his normal psychology, he started to think about strategies. His identity as a student was temporary banned. He could only appear as the man in white now.

Man in white

After some consideration, Su Hao thought of another option for his temporary identityhunter Dao Ba! However, it was impossible to fake being Dao Ba as he was too famous among the circle of the hunters. Meanwhile, pretending to be the man in white would be an easier job.

It will be great if I know any appearance transformation skills just like in the wuxia novels.

Su Hao complained.

You want to change your look?

Blue dream butterflys eyes started to roll around again and again.


Su Hao was excited. You have a way right?


The blue dream butterfly lifted her chest and said, I might tell you if you are willing to beg me.

Su Hao was speechless.

Little brat girl...


Su Hao opened up her transparent wings and kissed her hard. Blue dream butterfly felt dizzy and she quickly surrendered again. I hate you! My clothes are wet again now! Alright, I will tell you!

After that, she was finally able to escape from Su Hao who kept making fun of her, she stared at Su Hao for a second before she unwillingly got into the bag and took out a butterfly-shaped pendant.

That Nitai artifact?

Su Hao was glad.

The blue dream butterfly took out the butterfly pendent-shaped Nitai artifact that she had requested from Su Hao before this. Initially, Su Hao thought that blue dream butterfly took it away just because it was beautiful. However, it seemed like there were some other reasons.


Blue dream butterfly passed it to Su Hao. The butterfly pendant is in the category of illusions item. Its skill was almost same with mine, hence my training gets much more efficient with it. If you are able to control this, then even specialized esper would not be able to tell your real identity.

So cool!

Su Hao happily stared at this butterfly pendant. If blue dream butterfly did not bring this out together, there was a big possibility that it would be destroyed like the other Nitai artifacts.

However, Su Hao just realized that he already had two pieces of Nitai artifacts, which were shadow cloak and butterfly pendant. He never expected that he would be the biggest winner in the adventure to this ancient ruins among all the espers who planned so hard for it.

It was so ironic.

Su Hao activated his model analysis. By looking at the 2D map, there were a few red dots coming toward him. He disappeared with the butterfly pendant and avoided those people. He would only need to master the butterfly pendant now. Afterward, he would have a new identity.

Jianghe city, natural selection class.

In the training room, Chen Yiran was busy training on her ability. The whole training room was almost covered with snow and ice. The snow and ice seemed to be dangerous and murderous.

Su Wan was sitting on the chaise longue and observed Chen Yiran, switching her position time to time for comfortable posture. She was so surprised by the great improvement of Chen Yiran.

Within a short period of training, Chen Yirans improvements were huge.

The initial intention that she brought Chen Yiran was to train her determination.

As a student, it was important to have strong determination in order to improve better. However, Chen Yiran fitted herself well in this terrible outskirt area. She had no single doubt when it came to killing berserk beast and there was no beast that could make her in danger.

Poor little girl, what have you been going through then you were young?

Su Wan shook her head. Suddenly, she received an emergency message. Su Wans face turned extremely pale, her body shivered and she seemed to be shocked by the news. Her tears almost dropped and she mumbled repeatedly, How could this be?

No It cant be!

Su Wan was emotional. The energy in the room turned unstable and it woke Chen Yiran up from her meditation. Chen Yiran immediately close to Su Wan and held her body.

Teacher, what happened?