Godly Model Creator Chapter 255

Gmc Chapter 255

Chapter 0255    Settlement of Longing After Someone

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

Nothing. Su Wan gently shook her head. Only after some time did she calm down. Her face revealed a remorseful look. Was it her fault?

Teacher, are you better now? Chen Yiran asked in a worried tone.

Su Wan looked at her for a second and then gently replied, It is news about Su Hao.

Su Hao? Chen Yiran asked nervously, What happened to Su Hao?

With difficulty, Su Wan shook her head, Su Hao...is dead.

Huh? Chen Yiran opened her eyes wide, Dead again?

... Such news made Su Wan sad, yet those words from Chen Yiran woke her up. What did she mean by dead again?

Oh, nothing. Chen Yiran pretended to know nothing. With a blushing face, she stuck out her tongue and quickly changed the topic. Teacher, dont worry. Just slowly say what happened to him?

Looking at Chen Yirans unaffected expression, Su Wan was confused, You dont believe he is dead?

Of course. Chen Yiran clenched her small fists, I believe he is safe!

Since the day when Su Hao had saved her with his identity as the Man in White, Chen Yiran began to have this unconditional trust in him, and to say she blindly believed Su Hao would be fine wasnt an exaggeration.

Even with this, you would still believe that? Su Wan paused and hesitated for a bit, but still shared the news in public mode. A message was shown on the virtual screen. It was from the Origin Ability Association, a list of deaths from those exploring in the ancient ruins, and impressively Su Hao was among them.

What? Chen Yiran was surprised, He actually went there, too?

En.Su Wans face was extremely ugly. If I had known he would join such an exploration, I would have certainly stopped him. Such a large scale exploration of ancient ruins, being completely wiped out is normal. Just that I never expected after separating for just some time, he actually...

He wont die,Chen Yiran insisted.

Looking at Chen Yirans serious expression, Su Wan sadly sighed. That year, wasnt she acting like this too when he died?

But teacher, why are you so emotional just now? Chen Yiran felt strange and looked at her. When her teacher received the news about Su Hao, Su Wans reaction was even worse than her own.

Im worried for you. Su Wan speechlessly shook her head and continued, O yes, the school must have received the news too. They will definitely trust the Origin Ability Association. If his college entrance exam is disqualified...

No! Chen Yiran also realized. If the school canceled his qualification for the exam, wouldnt it be troublesome when Su Hao returned?

Ill go to the principals office and talk about it! Chen Yiran quickly made her decision. After dismissing herself from her teacher, she quickly left.

Su Wan looked at her departing figure. Deep in thought, her eyes revealed a hint of astonishment. As if she had thought of something, her face gradually returned to normal.


Peng! The principals office door suddenly opened.

Chen Yiran with her usual calm expression entered the room, which shocked the principal, Chen Yiran, do you have any matters?

Chen Yiran asked with a flat tone, Have you received the news regarding Su Haos death?

The principal nodded, Im preparing to deal this matter. No matter what, he was our student. The school will definitely made an official announcement and his home will be reimbursed with a huge amount of money.

Absolutely not! Chen Yiran decisively interrupted him, I believe he is not dead. Just maintain the current situation as it is; when the time is right, he will return.

Chen Yiran... the principal bitterly smiled, I cant just ignore this just because of your personal beliefs...

This isnt a problem of me believing or not! Chen Yiran stared at him coldly. Isnt it a normal thing for a natural selection class student to not return even after a few months? You couldnt find his corpse, yet you dare to confirm his death!? It cant be that Principal didnt even have this much common sense? If Principal is doing anything, I could only ask my dad to talk with you.

After saying this, Chen Yiran walked out.

This... The principal was helpless. Exact same temper as her father...

Looking at the death file of Su Hao on the table, the principal thought for a moment. In the end, he temporarily put it back on the shelf. Since the Chen family had stopped this matter from proceeding, then he didnt have to forcibly interfere. After all, young people being in love with each other would always act unreasonably, especially when such incidents happened.

Moreover, what if Su Hao was really still alive?


Jinhua City, some nightclub.

In the box on the fifth floor, a young man was hugging a young girl both left and right while having great fun. However, at this time, the door suddenly opened up as one of his followers rushed in, in a complete panic. Brother Chen, this...this is no good.

What is no good? The young man looked up in dissatisfaction and exposed an unruly face. Impressively, it was the coin killer who had appeared in Jianghe City the other day, Brother Chen.

What is the problem? The Jin family or Hua family? Brother Chen said slowly in an arrogant tone. After all, this was just a Jinhua City. Even if the whole Jin family was to come at him, he had nothing to be afraid of. Even if he offended the whole of Jinhua City, he had the confidence to leave here unscratched! This was his absolute confidence!

No, not this! His followers face was a bit pale, It is a woman.

Woman? Brother Chen was startled for a bit, Just a woman? F*ck, are you joking with me? Since when would your brother be afraid of a woman? Hold on the woman youre saying, it cant be...

After saying that, Brother Chens facial expression suddenly wasnt looking great.

His follower nodded fiercely, It was that woman you showed us before.

Damn, why dont you say so earlier?

Brother Chens face turned very pale. Under the shocked eyes of everyone, he grabbed his coat and immediately jumped out of the window. The closed window was instantly shattered. What was even more frightening was that this was the fifth floor!

Everyone was dumbfounded. They were very clear on what kind of strength Brother Chen had.

A woman?

In the end, what woman was able to make Brother Chen fear as if hed sighted a tiger, and quickly flee? He didnt even have the time to open the window and directly smashed it!


Brother Che landed on the ground which was fulled of scattered glass and quickly ran away.


The chill in the air could be felt.

Sharp ice beams came down from above, covering every place surrounding Brother Chen. Brother Chens mind moved as he subconsciously threw a coin.

That terrifying coin was once again in action!


The coin was headed to somewhere empty. However, at a corner nearby, a weird blue frost appeared, causing snow to form. At this moment, that mysterious coin was frozen!


As the coin landed, a crisp sound could be heard.

A figure who was floating in the sky landed, emanating an overwhelming chill. While in the sky, the refraction of ice crystals surrounding the woman amplified the beauty of her body. The seeming goddess finally spoke.

Long time no see, Chen Ge!


Chen Ges body trembled. It was not known if he was freezing or what, he just stood there stiffly. Everyone knew his nickname was Brother Chen, but was clueless that his real name was indeed Chen Ge! (TL: Brother Chen = Chen Ge) This familiar voice besides that witch, who else could it be? Chen Ge slowly turned his body and revealed a bitter smile.

Long time no see, Su Wan!

Su Wan was slightly pale and gently fixed her hair behind her ears. Her actions were so elegant and beautiful. However, Chen Ge didnt dare to move, because there were traces of murderous intent locking on him! If he acted rashly, he would definitely be attacked instantly. Based on his understanding of the woman in front of him, she would definitely do so.

Su Hao is dead. I want an answer, Su Wan spoke, as cold as ever.

Impossible! Chen Ges face changed, A short time ago, I helped him to resolve the matter regarding the Sun family. With his intelligence, he definitely would use this opportunity to control the Sun family.

It was the ancient ruins, Su Wan casually said. He went there, too.

Damn! Chen Ge cursed and wiped off the sweat on his forehead, Hold on a bitI have a friend who is proficient in this. I will ask him now.

After saying this, Chen Ge quickly contacted his friend.

Soon, he got a reply.

He is still alive. Brother Chen was relieved. He is unsure of the situation, but Su Hao is definitely still alive right now. But even if something happened to him, you dont have to come all this way to find me. You should know that if we act, not only would we bring him some trouble, it might even cause a greater crisis! He must walk his road himself.

Thank you. Su Wans face finally relaxed a bit and she turned away.

Do you still hate her? Chen Ge suddenly asked, causing her figure to halt.

You know she wasnt wrong, Chen Ge whispered. Our circles do not intersect with hers. She is just an ordinary person. No matter what, you shouldnt blame her. So many years have passed. You should let this go. Whether it is me or him, we do not want to see you like this.

Im fine, Su Wan calmy said. Im teaching in the natural selection class and have a good life.

What about her, then? Chen Ge sighed. To bring up two children by herself, she really suffered quite a bit. That year, you two were like sister siblings, but youve ended up like this? Have you never considered forgiving her, even once?

Su Wans figure flashed and disappeared.

Chen Ge bitterly smiled as the ice crystals disintegrated.


Jianghe City, cemetery.

A tombstone stood there with a bouquet of white chrysanthemums and some fruit beneath it. It was neatly maintained, and on top of the tombstone was a handsome middle-aged mans photo followed by three words engraved below: Su Tiancheng.

Su Wan walked step by step to the tombstone. The tears from her eyes had started falling long ago.

Gently stroking Su Tianchengs photo, Su Wan finally cried out loud like a little girl, BrotherI miss you...