Godly Model Creator Chapter 256

Gmc Chapter 256

Chapter 0256    Five star card

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

Time quietly flew by and one month passed.

Somewhere near the ruins of Jinhua City, a burst of insane laughter could be heard. Hahaha, damn dog Nitai artifact, this daddy has finally got it done!

It was a middle-aged man with scars on his face. At this moment, his laughter had actually scared off quite a number of berserk beasts. A beautiful blue dream butterfly was floating around him. Her translucent wings and human-like appearance made her even more attractive. If she was the same size as an ordinary human, then she would be a perfect match for the middle-aged man.

Beauty and the beast.

Hey, Su Hao. Calm down your tone. Or else, you will attract others, the blue dream butterfly nervously warned him.

Pissh, whats there to be afraid of?

Su Hao said in a rough tone, I scanned with my 2D map just now. There is nobody around here. Rest assured.

Oh, you should have mentioned that earlier.

Blue dream butterfly pouted her mouth, Youre scaring me off.

Su Hao frowned, Little brat, I thought you can transform into a big version. Transform now then.

For what?

Blue dream butterfly looked at him in alert. She wouldnt have clothes to wear after she transformed.


Su Hao coughed for a bit, You know what kind of identity Dao Ba has? He has the reputation as the best hunter in Jianghe City, which is equivalent to a rogue leader! As a rogue leader, how could he have no woman beside him!

Heng, hate you!

The blue dream butterflys face blushed, Im only training you to learn the character of Dao Ba and how he talks. Not teasing me!

After saying this, the little brats figure flashed and she disappeared.

The little brat is shy.

Su Hao smiled. Only then did he look in the direction of Jinhua City. He was very excited. After one month, it was finally the time to return!

Before this, he had long prepared himself to nurture this Nitai artifact but he had never thought that he would have to wait a month! This seemingly ordinary butterfly pendant was so hard to nurture with such slow progress! He also had the aid of the blue dream butterfly, which helped him to get things done in a month. Otherwise, even half a year wouldnt be enough!

However, there were benefits too.

In this months time, he was able to calm himself down and he was able to analyze Dao Bas character until he gained a full understanding. Though it still might not be perfect, at least, there wont be any major flaw. 

Model range expansion, plane origin refinement, image analysis, beginner model deduction, beginner origin star technique. He was familiarizing himself with them, integrating them so that they would truly be his own skills. The current him did not fear facing a level 1 esper.

After making sure his strength had stabilized, the only unfinished card within his mind was this 3 star card, model reversal.

The current progress of this card was 50%.

This was what he had obtained from the ruins exploration after cheating everyone. Such an opportunity would be hard to emulate anymore. Moreover, even if such task was available again, he would never accept it even if he was killed! It was too dangerous! It seemed that he was still too underestimating the darkness of this origin ability era.

The current me, how strong am I?

Su Hao used the assessment software on himself. Rows of data appeared on the screen.

Name: Su Hao.

Origin ability points: 19.9.

Theoretical basis: 190 points.

Physical fitness: 400 points.

Fighting technique: 400 points.

Ability index: 1000 points.

19.9 points?

Su Hao was startled for a bit. Without realizing it, he was already approaching 20 points?

Each step in the ruins was full of risk but at the same time, his strength had increased with each step. Unknowingly, he had kept improving himself. Using his model analysis to scan his body, combined with the evaluation from the software, Su Hao stripped down each component of his ability index.


Origin cultivation technique: 200 points.

Origin transition technique: 200 points.

Beginner origin refinement: 100 points.

Origin control: 100 points.

Beginner model analysis: 100 points.

Model range expansion: 50 points.

Beginner origin star technique: 100 points.

Plane origin refinement: 50 points.

Image analysis: 50 points.

Beginner model deduction: 50 points.


After the completion of each of card, the increment in strength could be seen. What others needed a year or more to accomplished, Su Hao had accomplished in a short amount of time! However, what made Su Hao cursed was that the ability for model analysis was too low in points

50 points!

It actually only worth 50 points!

The standard set by Origin Ability Association was way too subjective.

Those exclusive skills for model analysis were only useful for those pathfinders or architects. Naturally, the points given were low. After all, they didnt help much in combat. He still remembered that when Sun Yaotian had mastered iron refinement or something which was exclusive to his ability, it worth a whopping 200 points!

This gap was too huge!

However, for true model analysis, he was indeed only supposed to gain 50 points. This point was clearly visible from Yao Haochen. When you compared it to someone like Yao Haochen who had 20 points in origin ability with other who had the same points their difference in strength wont be much.

Others with 200 points skills, when compared with his four 50 points skills, the increment in strength was pretty similar. Thus, if looked at from another point of view, the score rating by the association was pretty fair and accurate.

But Su Hao wasnt the case here!

Beginner model deduction was only 50 points?

For others this was true but not him!

After mastering his mutated model analysis, he had confidence that this 50 points skill would bring out a potential similar to those 200 points in his body! This would allow his model range to expand and exert its true power! Su Haos real strength was definitely not as simple as the assessment. His actual combat effectiveness might be reaching 2500, 2800 points or even higher!

This was his self-confidence in his own strength.

Model analysis, start!

Synchronous playback!


Su Hao closed his eyes. The surrounding environment, each tree and the moving grass were all clearly played within his mind. 360 degrees with no blindspots. A total of 24 models were created and destroyed in a second, forming a 24 frame rate per second footage. It was extremely helpful, especially during a battle!

Illusionary reality!


Su Hao opened his eyes.

One left and one right. His left eye was looking at reality while his right eye looked at the illusionary. HIs model world was perfectly displayed within his right eye. Su Hao tried to concentrate more on his model world, analyzing it bit by bit. An amazing phenomenon then occurred within his eyes. The two worlds seemed to no longer synchronize

The model world seemed to turn into real world

The real world was like a movie. His left eye was playing those scenes which he had experienced before. It was clearly identical!

Is it the same?

Su Haos eyes flashed, No, there are still some difference.

If...I use this ability during battle?

If during battle, I use this to predict my enemys actions?

Su Haos eyes revealed an excitement. He knew that he finally had a killer move! When this virtual reality was activated and this ability began to bloom, he would be able to easily predict his enemys movement. In a sense, he would be invincible!

This wasnt any simple deductions anymore!

But a true prediction!


The virtual world disappeared, which brought Su Hao back into reality.

However, Su Hao was sad to find that his energy had all been consumed

Ideal and reality, in the end, there would still be gaps in between.

Su Hao bitterly smiled as he shook his head and comforted himself, At least, it was a good expectation right?

However, beginner origin star technique, even most level 1 esper hadnt learned yet. It was already a powerful cultivation technique yet it still couldnt support his consumption. The energy consumption of this new skill which he had comprehended was so terrifying!

As long as my energy is sufficient, I wont have to be afraid of anyone!

This idea popped out within Su Haos mind. Then his next upgrade would be enhance his energy! Regardless of all cost, he had to enhance his energy!


A piece of strange information interrupted Su Haos thought. This was a message coming from his own mind. Usually, this would only appear when he was using model analysis. Only when specific conditions were met would he trigger this notification. The last time he triggered it was when he had learned police fighting technique.

And this time, it had actually rung.

Su Hao curiously looked and his whole person was stunned to the extreme.

Comprehended new skill meet the card creation requirement self build card activated analyzing skill power analyzing energy consumption card model simulating card model establishing self build card completely established!


Card establishment complete!


Card information as follows:


Name: Undefined

Rating: 5 star

Description: Left eye reality, right eye illusion. With a supreme ability to deduce, a magical model is created. Through the difference in timestamp, a legendary version of future prediction is formed!

Requirement: Model range expansion, beginner model deduction, image analysis.