Godly Model Creator Chapter 257

Gmc Chapter 257

Chapter 0257    Amusing chat

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Oh damn... Su Hao subconsciously shouted Dao Bas most commonly used phrase.

What did he see?

A 5 star card!

A self comprehended card!

A mutated model analysis even had such an ability? He had always thought that self comprehended card didnt exist; because he had found so many skills on his own, 2D mapping, terrain modeling, character modeling, synchronized playback, etc. With so many skills found, not even one could be established into a card.

But now it seemed that

It was that he couldnt

Just that he hadnt met the requirements yet!

Today, after finishing all his progress, he actually triggered this condition and completed a self comprehended card! And for the first time, a 5 star card!


This card is self comprehend by its owner, Su Hao. Please name the card!


Su Hao held back the excitement in his heart and created a name for the card, Illusion reality!


Card naming completed!


Numerous data flashed through his mind. He then saw the name of the card change into illusion reality. His first 5 star and self comprehended card, illusion reality!

After the card naming was completed, he finally restored his calm.

After Su Haos excitement ended, he began to analyze this card.

As for how domineering this card was, Su Hao had nothing more to say. Su Hao was very clear of his own comprehended skill. Only when his energy was sufficient enough did this deserve another introduction.

Creating a legend, foreseeing the future!

Before this the strongest card he had seen was only a 3 star card. In normal circumstances, when he had a 5 star card, he would already be strong by then. This Illusion Reality, he needed sufficient energy first. And now he had comprehended it so early that his energy was not enough to use it

Such a feeling was indeed bitter.

Below the card name, there was some information which surprised Su Hao for a bit, it stated the requirements for this card. Model range expansion, beginner model deduction and image analysis! This meant that when training this card, besides mastering the card itself, Su Hao also needed to master those three cards.

He originally thought that only model range expansion and beginner model deduction were important. Never would he thought that this seemingly ordinary image analysis even played an important role.

This was really amazing.

After looking at his mind, the illusion reality card was illuminating.

What was interesting was ordinary cards when illuminated represented completion of the progress. As long as he spent some time to understand it, it would then become his own skill. But now, this illusion reality card was releasing a strange light. Su Hao subconsciously directed his energy toward the card.


The energy within his body was madly consumed.

The card began to flicker. His model deduction surprisingly began to run actively. Numerous wonderful images began to appear as the mysterious deduction began.

Su Hao had a glance and forcefully cut off the energy supply.

So that was it!

This illusion reality was one which he himself comprehended. But it had its own flaws! Thus to be a perfect card, he had to keep improving it! This deduction ability could not only be used on other abilities but also on his own model analysis too.

And when his energy was flowing into the card, it would automatically activate model deduction and began to deduce and refine the card. Without a doubt, when the card was in a perfect state, the power of illusion reality would rise again! In other words

This skill was something which could grow?

Su Haos mind was suddenly filled with this idea.

A self comprehended card was truly powerful!

Compared with the cards before, Su Hao suddenly felt that all the cards which he learned previously were rubbish. However, this idea quickly disappeared. Because of the energy consumption, he had to give up this super powerful card and use the rubbish cards to fight


Daddy want to upgrade his energy!

Su Hao was suddenly in high spirits!

Looking at his current strength, without a doubt, to improve his energy he could only start from the two cards, origin refinement and origin star technique.

Needless to say, origin star technique was the best route to take to improve his energy. As long as Su Hao could find someone with intermediate origin star technique, Su Hao definitely wouldnt let off such a golden opportunity. As for his origin refinement, right now, he had only trained the beginner level. The effect was pretty obvious. If he had the opportunity to train the intermediate level, his strength would definitely have a huge leap.

Alright! I will start to from these two aspects then!

Su Hao bit his teeth, After I became strong and eradicate the Jin family, then I will be able to go back for my college entrance exam!

Because he had a boost in strength, Su Haos self confidence had increased. He felt that to get rid of the Jin family wasnt some impossible feat. Of course, when Su Hao thought of all the different espers in the Jin family, Su Hao also felt a little headache.

Specialized espers are no joke!

Hold on...

Su Hao suddenly noticed something. Was the time for him to breakthrough and become a specialized esper?

Checking his origin ability, 19.9 points!

The gap to breakthrough into specialized esper was only a 0.1 point difference! This gap was due to his 190 points in theoretical basis. But he had not updated it for quite some time. Now, what was his current level in this department?

He wasnt sure.

But because of his increment in deduction ability

Recalling back all the hard questions he stumbled across during exam, those seemingly giant mountain had become smaller. Su Hao confidently solved all the questions with ease. In a sense, his theoretical basis had been maxed out!

If he had this 10 points

Theoretical basis, 200 points.

Physical fitness, 400 points.

Fighting techniqeu, 400 points.

Ability index, 1000 points.

His origin ability, 20 points!

He had fulfill the minimum requirement to be a specialized esper!

Could he really attempt to breakthrough into the realm of specialized espers?

Su Hao still couldnt believe it.

Once upon a time, specialized espers was just a legend to him which he dared not imagine. Once upon a time, facing Fang Lin who had 17 points in origin ability, he was powerless that he could only look up. Once upon a time, his goal was just to reach 18 points and enter Zhanzheng College!

However, after a few months

He had actually reached 20 points and fulfilled the requirement to be a specialized esper.

Then, am I a step closer to entering Zhanzheng College?

Su Hao had never thought that his dream had finally arrived at his fingertips.


It wont be!

Su Hao gently shook his head. Although he knew that he had worked hard and became strong enough, however, he had never thought that enrolling in Zhanzheng College was that easy. If he had improved that quickly

What about others then?

Zhou Wang, Bai Lingfeng, all these people, which one of them were not geniuses?

With their familys endless support, which one of them would be weak? Fang Lin was powerful, but Su Hao didnt forget the fact that he was just a loser who had failed to enter Zhanzheng College once. Those truly strong espers had entered the college long ago rather than staying in the natural selection class to compete with them.

No matter what, I will go!

Su Hao regained his fighting spirit. His eyes revealed a look of self confidence, Zhou Wang, Bai Linfeng, I hope that when I return you two are not left behind with a huge gap!

Jianghe City was as prosperous as ever.

The night was peaceful. In some party, the crowds were sitting in pairs or trios and having a chat. In a corner, a few young men were sitting at a round table. Each of them were quiet that the atmosphere was unusual.

You guys think he is still alive? Bai Lingfeng opened his mouth to break the rigid atmosphere.


Zhou Wang voiced out, but didnt know what to say. Su Hao was one of his friends which was hard to be obtained. He had extreme trust in Su Hao. At first, he thought that Su Hao would keep going on and enter Zhanzheng College. But never had he thought that he would received news of Su Hao dying.

He wanted to believe Su Hao was still alive.

However, the data from his family was always accurate. In such huge disaster, when 200 espers were all dead, Su Hao as a student and beginner esper, how likely was he to survive?

The result was self evident.

I believe boss is still alive! Li Xin curled his lips with a look of not being bothered.


Bai Linfeng and Zhou Wangs eyes shined, Why?

Because I believe! Li Xin proudly raised his head, Mans intuition!

Zhou Wang, ...

Bai Lingfeng, ...

Sure enough, this brat couldnt be trusted.

Chen Yiran had stopped the news of Su Hao dying.

Bai Lingfengs mood wasnt great. Su Hao was a friend that he believed had the potential for greatness. Whether it was from his emotional view or family interest, Su Hao would definitely be a great asset if he joined the Bai family. Never had he thought that when he had just spotted potential shares and wanted to invest

If Chen Yiran believes, I will also believe! Zhou Wang said without hesitation, I will wait for his return during the college entrance exam! With Su Haos pace, if he trained hard, very soon he would overtake us. Seems that I have to keep training hard. Or else, it wont look good when he return.

True. Li Xin smiled, I also need to work hard and let him have a shock.

You two... Bai Lingfeng was dumbfounded.

Chen Yiran was blinded by love. But what about you two?

One simple minded introvert

One funny retarded bastard

How could he had these two friends

Helplessly shaking his head, Bai Lingfeng could only bitterly smile. His mood became much better, perhaps Su Hao was really still alive?

Bai Lingfeng swirled the drinks in his hand before drinking them all.

Su Hao, I will wait to duel you when you come back!