Godly Model Creator Chapter 258

Gmc Chapter 258

Chapter 0258    Not easy to act as a rogue

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Daddy is back!

Su Hao came back to Jianghe City with a burst of joy. After all, ones hometown was the best.


What is there to shout about after just coming of a plane?

Havent seen the world before?

Several people were startled by Su Hao and the dissatisfied started mocking him. Su Hao frowned and turned his head to smile at them, These few grandchildren, can you all repeat what you just said?

Suddenly, everyone was shocked by Su Haos appearance and instantly their face went pale.

That was as if earthworms covered his entire face in such a horrifying manner. Besides horror movie, where else had they seen such a face before? A few young men were so pale that their soul nearly left their body. Who still dared to voice out?

No, nothing...

The crowd said in trembling tone.

Dont you even know how to apologize! Su Hao glared at them, Damn you all, you want this daddy to take action?

Sorry...were sorry!

Several young men quickly apologized.

Now thats right. Su Hao smiled in satisfaction. With just his look, those students were already terrified.


Su Hao was also dumbfounded, such a high pitch?

Hey, bad uncle!

Next to them, a little girl stood up and excitedly pointed at Su Hao, Does it feel good to bully high school students?


Su Hao was truly innocent, They were the one scolding me first...

Who told you to create a ruckus in the airport. To create sound pollution in public, you deserved to be scolded!

The little girls voice was high pitched.

Su Hao rolled his eyes but he did feel that this situation was interesting, Youre not afraid of me?

Why must I be afraid of you? Little girl coldly grumped, Your origin ability is only 10 points. My schoolmates are reaching 10 points too. Also, my Brother Dis origin ability is 15 points! If you try to bully others, I will ask my brother to beat you up!

Beat me? Su Hao was dumbfounded.

Then he remembered he had activated origin screen. 20 points origin ability would only be detected as 10 points. This little girl must have some sort of assessment software to see through his strength. But that Brother Di seemed interesting.

Your relationship had gone that far, does your family even knew about it?

Su Hao interesting watched the girl in front. Her look was acceptable. Although she couldnt compete with his sister, at least she could be considered born with beauty. Looking at her age, she should be pretty much same age as his sister, Little brat, what brother you mentioned just now, does he even know you?

Of...of course. The little girl said with some guilt, He is my idol. That brother loves me so much.

Oh, really? Su Hao burst in laughter, Then why dont you ask him to come here then?

You...dont be proud of yourself. The little girl stomped her feet, Youre a bad guy. Im not familiar with that big brother but if you dare to bully me, big brother would definitely beat you up!

Pu~ so it is a crush.

Su Hao continued with interest, causing the girl to blush, You, you are the one having crush! Daring to bully me, I will really call my big brother here.

So what if I bully you?

Su Hao thought, with his current identity as Dao Ba, the rogue leader, he must did something which matched well with his personality. Thus, he raised his hand and touched on the little girls face for a bit.

En, so smooth

Little girl, so what if I bully you...


The little girl was scared that she took a step back. Her face was blushing and her tears began to flow, You bad guy! I will tell my big brother and ask him to beat you! My big brother is top student in natural selection class! You bad guy, big brother would definitely kill you!

After saying so, the little girl opened her communication device and actually called someone.

This is interesting.

Su Hao smiled as he looked at the little girl. However, soon, he felt something not right.

Top student in natural selection class?

Such a familiar title

Although his origin ability was a bit low, but to be called this title in the class, it seemed that he was the only one. Or perhaps, Zhou Wang actually took the title away? This little girl was Zhou Wangs friend? He just came back and already teased his buddys friend. That didnt went well.

Su Hao felt some guilt and subconsciously wanted to slip away. However, the first sentence the little girl said after connected actually caught Su Hao in surprise.

Wuwu...Ling Er, you still havent arrive to fetch me I have been bullied by a bad guy in airport. Wuwu a bad uncle with scars all over his face. My chastity for brother Su Hao is gone now Wuwu...


Su Hao gasped a mouthful of cold air.

He finally recalled the identity of this girl in front of him.

His sister often mentioned one of her classmates, one who considered him as her idol. The second year high school student who secretly had crush on him, his sisters best friend, Xiao Yezi! Also, his sister was coming here soon? Although he wanted to meet his sister, now was not the time for this!

Su Hao subconsciously wanted to slip away.


Xiao Yezi blocked in front of him, Bad guy, youre not allowed to leave!

Su Hao wiped off his sweat as he looked at this lively loli in front, Why you dont allow me to leave?

Heng, after bully me, you want to leave? Xiao Yezi no longer cried and looked at him proudly, You must have heard my conversation right? My friend will be coming here soon. To be afraid right now is already too late!

Thats true!

Those few young men suddenly stepped forward one by one after noticing Dao Ba was getting afraid, Were not afraid! I thought youre so strong? Sound pollution, bully high school students, molested little girl. Once the police arrive, they would surely capture you!

Get lost!

Su Hao didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Fiercely stared at them, Little brats, if you all still didnt get out of my way, this daddy would break your legs before the police arrive!


The crowd instantly fled.

Leaving Xiao Yezi stunned there.

Little brat, have a look yourself. Those guys are gone. What are you still doing blocking my path? Just wait here for your friend. I will leave now.

Su Hao coughed for a bit and then turned his body away to leave.

Xiao Yezi forcefully blocked his path with her arms opened wide, Youre not allowed to leave! You you bullied me!

Su Hao glanced at her small chest which was just developing and helplessly sighed, Little brat, if I want to bully someone, I would find those pretty babes. Youre so flat that it is even flatter than the airport under my feet. I dont even have the desire to bully you...

You, you!

Xiao Yezis face turned red.

Alright, stop bothering me anymore. I admit Im wrong, okay?

Su Hao sighed. As he wanted to add something, he suddenly felt a killing intention. Subconsciously catching the incoming fist, Su Hao was astonished by the force.

His other hand meanwhile grabbed the person who attacked him and pulled her aside. A punch was then directed at the pillar behind her.


The pillar of reinforced concrete was destroyed with this single blow.

Great, luckily nobody is injured.

Su Hao felt relieved. Looking at the pretty face of who attacked him, it was indeed his clever and sensible sister, Su Ling!

Long time no see, Ling Er.

Su Hao silently said in his heart.

Thanks a lot. Su Ling softly said so with her crisp and sweet voice.

Su Hao frowned. The voice belonging to Dao Ba began to utter, Thanks? I bullied your classmate you know?

Yea, Ling Er. He bullied me. Xiao Yezi said.

Su Ling snappily patted her, With the strength of his, does he even want to bully you?

After saying so, Su Ling turned around and smiled apologetically, Im sorry. My friend is not sensible. To be able to subconsciously block and counter a sneak attack, you strength is very strong. Just now, when you counterattacked and noticed I was in danger, you managed to pull me away. This shows that youre not bad.

So smart!

Su Hao secretly praised. Indeed worthy to be his sister. Such analytic ability was no less than his.

Then what if Im compared with your big brother?

Su Hao continued with interest, Just now, Xiao Yezi said your brother seemed to be very strong?

Su Ling thought for a moment and proudly replied, My brother definitely will surpass you! Because he is very young very young!

This brat

Su Hao was dumbfounded. Usually only in front of him would she displayed her cute side. In front of others, she was a genius, a geniuss sister. Being trained in school, she naturally had some arrogance.

As regarding himself, she seemed to have blind faith in him.

Alright, you two brats. I have no interest to play with you all. Next time, be more careful.

Su Hao the glanced at Xiao Yezi, You had good intentions but next time, if youre trying to be busy body again, distinguish who is right and wrong. You cant judge one based on his appearance.


Xiao Yezi seemed to understand her mistake now and quickly apologized, Im sorry but it was a fact that you did touched me. So, youre a bad uncle!

Bad uncle

Su Hao had cold sweat. Forget about it, after all, he didnt think that he would escape from such title.

Glancing at his sister for one last time, Su Hao shook his head and walked toward the outside of the airport.

Behind him, Su Hao thoughtfully looked at the figure of Su Hao leaving, Strange why do I feel so familiar with this this feeling...

Coming out from the airport, Su Hao finally relieved.

Wiping off the sweat on his forehead, being a rogue is not easy Dao Ba, how did you persist all those years?

Helplessly shaking his head, Su Hao was about to leave but saw a familiar person, Sun Yaotian!

Is Su Ling really here?

Of course Su Hao is dead Su Ling...

Several voices could be heard. Because it was far away, Su Hao couldnt hear well. But those several words were enough to fill his eyes with killing intent!

Long time no see, Sun Yaotian!