Godly Model Creator Chapter 259

Gmc Chapter 259

Chapter 0259    Girl, want to sleep with me?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Hey, Old Ba! How are you?

A young cabin crew member excitingly walked up to Su Hao.

You know me?

Su Hao frowned.

Sure! Everyone knows you, Old Ba!

The young man smiled and said, I am part of the cabin crew of the airport. Your punch was really powerful! Just now there were some newbies who wanted to detain you and I chase them away. They were new here and I was worried that they might create problems for you.

So that was it!

Su Hao suddenly understood what had happened. No wonder there werent people from the airport coming to question him. This young man said he was worried about him getting into trouble. However, his implicit purpose here was to let Su Hao know that he had helped him. It would be a waste for him if Su Hao didnt know what he had done for him.

A smart young guy.

Good, you can find me next time if you need help. Su Hao put his hand on the young guys shoulder as he said so.

Thank you, Old Ba! My name is Ming Zhi, you can just call me Xiao Zhi. Ming Zhi smiled while introducing himself.

Alright, very good.

Su Hao pointed Sun Yaotian and asked, Do you know him?

Oh, you mean Mr. Sun?

Ming Zhi nodded, Yup, two days ago he sent his people to collect info about the flight trip of a young girl. All our cabin crews knew about it. We heard that Mr. Sun was going to court that young girl again today.

Oh really?

Su Hao casually asked, Sun Yaotian wanting to know the flight information of Xiao Yezi?

He might have intended it to be for someone else.

Old Ba, are you close to Mr. Sun? Ming Zhi asked carefully.

Su Hao sneered and said, No, but I am interested in those two young girls!

Ming Zhi was surprised. Did Sir Ba want to pick up the girls just now?

What an expert!

Sun Yaotian is basically just a playboy, other than his family background, he is totally useless. It will be easy to go against him, just be careful of the Sun family. Ming Zhi said.

Su Hao was satisfied with his reply.

The Sun family with only a few specialized espers?

Su Hao sneered again. They might be able to make him in trouble last time, but not anymore.

Ming Zhi suddenly understood something.

He noticed that Old Ba was disdainful towards the Sun family. Rumors said that he had joined a mystery group and it seemed to be true now. No wonder he wasn't worried about being an enemy of the Sun family that was one of the top power in Jianghe city. Ming Zhi believed that he chose the right team this time.

Old Ba, I can use the CCTV to supervise his action. Ming Zhi said carefully, Whatever action by Sun Yaotian, I can report it to you!

No need. Su Hao said, Since you can control the CCTV in the airport, can you delete the history?

Ming Zhi was extremely shocked, You mean?

No matter what happens later, try to clear all the history of the video recording today, completely! Su Hao said.

Ming Zhi hesitated for a second, then he said, Dont worry Old Ba, since you requested that, I will come up with a way to do it!


Su Hao nodded, I do not wish for any mishap.

Noticing the unfriendly glare from Su Hao, Ming Zhi nodded his head hard and said, For sure, everything will be fine!

Great! Su Hao said, I cant kill Sun Yaotian now, but it is totally alright to play a game with him.

Old Ba.

Ming Zhi was trying to show his loyalty carefully, Although the video recorded can be deleted, however, there are still crowds in the airport. Do you want me to move them away?

No need.

Su Hao raised up his mouth and smiled, I want them to spread the news instead. Without the video recordings, the rumors will be spread around and be much more interesting. Do not involve the two young girls, I do not want my girls to get into trouble, do you understand?


Ming Zhi smiled and said, Dont worry.


Su Hao saw Sun Yaotian already making his move. His face turned gloomy and said, It is almost time

The lobby of airport was in a ring shape. The departure entrance was on the second floor, while Su Hao and Ming Zhi were at the ring-shaped corridor on the second floor. A moment later, Su Ling brought Xiao Yezi to the exit of the airport at the ground floor from another direction. Meanwhile, Sun Yaotian and his people were at the exit of the airport. He was holding a bouquet of flowers while approaching the two girls.

Su Haos eye sparkled with anger and he moved.


Su Hao jumped down from the second floor like a missile. He struck the floor hard and the crowds were shocked. He calmly walked towards Sun Yaotian, who was at the exit of the airport.

Oh my god!

Ming Zhi was stunned completely, this was too violent! But considering the strength of Old Ba, was it okay to be so overbearing? Initially he thought Sir Ba wanted to lure Sun Yaotian somewhere else and give him a lesson, but this was totally outside of his expectations.

Sun Yaotian and his people were standing at the exit, while he was holding a bouquet of flower with a face full of excitement.

Right at this moment, he felt that he was in great luck!

Last time, he was bullied by Su Hao so hard, until his father was unable to help him. He was extremely shocked when he knew that Su Hao was brave enough to threaten his father! The even shocking news was Su Hao was totally fine after he had done that!

From there onwards, he only knew that the peer that he had bullied for so many years had become such a strong opponent.

He was in despair at that moment.

The psychological side effect that brought to him by Su Hao began to be effective. Every night, he would be awakened from the nightmare that Su Hao killed him! The murderous eyesight that was exactly the same with the man in white who hit him hard previously, although he already knew that Su Hao was not the man in white.

However, in the nightmare, the main in white would overlap with Su Hao and take revenge on him.

When he was almost in deep despair, he got great news.

Su Hao was dead!

He was totally destroyed without leaving a speck of dust.

The news brought great excitement to Sun Yaotian. He hadnt been so happy in such a long period of time. As his psychological problem was resolved, his strength improved again. While he was getting energetic, he started to look for girls again. He didnt dare think about Chen Yiran anymore, but he realized that Su Haos sister, Su Ling seemed to be a good choice for him.

Su Ling was one of the most talented students at school. That was why he didnt dare court her at school.

However, aint it normal to chase after a girl?

He was confident in his skill when courting a girl. Although she was Su Haos sister and a girl with great talent, so what? He could send flowers as a gift to her every day as a sign of sincerity. After a while, he could tell her the news that Su Hao was dead, comforting her while she was in sadness, then she would be in love with him.

If it didnt work, there were still plenty of drugs on the black market.


Every time Sun Yaotian thought about this, he couldnt control his from drooling. Su Hao, no matter how strong you were, the winner is always the one who stays alive! Training in the wild? Bull shit! Sun Yaotian sneered when he recalled the ridicule from his classmates. It was the safest to stay in a town, no matter how strong you all are, eventually you all will die in a fight!

As long as I am alive, I will be the strongest.

Sun Yaotian thought so.

Sun Yaotian waved his bouquet of flowers when he saw Su Ling coming out. He didnt notice before that Su Ling was so beautiful, not losing to Chen Yiran at all.

I will get her!

Sun Yaotian thought confidently.

All of a sudden, a burly man appeared and attracted the eyesight of both Su Ling and Xiao Yezi.

Hey, Su Ling, its the bad uncle again. Xiao Yezi pulled Su Lings hand and said.


Su Ling followed the vision of Xiao Yezi and she saw the burly guy walking swiftly. He walked while he was accumulating some momentum for an upcoming fight.

Something is wrong. Su Ling whispered.

Why? Xiao Yezi asked.

His momentum right now is in the best state for a fight. My brother once told me that when someone had such momentum with him, I have to be alert. The momentum would then be restrained after it get stronger. Because attacking in such state would be the most effective!

You mean the bad uncle wants to have a fight like on TV?

Xiao Yezi raised her voice, We are at the airport now! What does the bad uncle want to do? Does he want to rob the airport? Or masturbate?


Su Ling was speechless and hit her forehead with her palm. She was beginning to worry about the intelligence level of her best friend.

Hey look, he stopped.

They looked at Su Hao.

Swift and powerful.

When Su Hao walked in front of Sun Yaotian, he seemed to be calm. However, there was a huge momentum around him and he was ready to make a strike at anytime. The full points of his theoretical foundation had helped him a lot. He could maintain his best state for a fight at any time.

Its Sun Yaotian, that disgusting fellow.

Xiao Yezi look at where Su Hao stood and said, What does this bad uncle want to do?

Does he wants to have a fight with Sun Yaotian?

Su Lings eyes sparkled. She hated Sun Yaotian a lot, but she couldnt chase him away. If this guy could chase him away, hmm Su Ling suddenly felt that Dao Ba wasnt as ugly as she thought at first, at least much better than Sun Yaotian.

While the two young girls were waiting for Su Hao to take down Sun Yaotian, they became stunned by the words that Su Hao said, Hey pretty girl, want to sleep with me tonight?