Godly Model Creator Chapter 260

Gmc Chapter 260

Chapter 0260    Those eggs which were destroyed with a kick

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


At that moment countless people were struck by lightning.

The airport itself was noisy, but after hearing that howling voice, it instantly went quiet that even a pin drop could be heard. This what situation is this?

Sun Yaotian was even more shocked.

Who was he!

The Sun family young master!

In Jianghe City who didnt know of him?

But now?

Under the gaze of everyone, an ugly yet frightening man suddenly appeared. Then completely ignoring him, the man pointed at his beautiful assistant and said, Aiyo, little lady, your looks are not bad. How about you accompany me to sleep tonight?


This daddy is shameless too!

What position has he put himself in?

Sun Yaotian almost trembled in anger, he raised the flowers in his hand and pointed at Su Hao. He was so angry that he trembled, You. you

Su Haos eyes brightened and smoothly grabbed the flowers from his hand to give it to the female assistant, Pretty lady, looking at your lovely face, I am amazed because its like an angel. As I use my fingers to calculate your faith, originally you had the fortune of not getting married but after you met me, your fortunes have changed. You are now born to have the fortune of accompanying me to bed. Will you sleep with me tonight?


The surrounding people were stunned.

Of course there were many who immediately laughed too.

This man was quite shameless. They had heard of the fortune of having a spouse and of the fortune of staying single, but since when was there a fortune of born to sleep with someone? And changes to such a fortune was better?

You are here to stir up problems!

Sun Yaotian was furious, Arrest him!

But at this moment, a cold light flashed in Su Haos eyes. A powerful murderous intent suddenly exploded. As the horrifying intense murderous intent erupted without targeting anyone, the crowd felt that if the surroundings had grown cold. And at this moment, a shadow appeared from nowhere, charging towards Su Hao with the intent to kill him.

I was waiting for you!

Su Hao took his action without any hesitation.

With a strong aura, the horrific and intense strength exploded from his whole body. Instantly he locked onto this shadow that just appeared. The powerful murderous intent suddenly found a target, at the same time Su Hao moved.

Once he attacked, it was as if the rock shattered and the heavens shook!

Mountain crash!


Like a wild animal, Su Hao suddenly advanced and clashed with the shadow that suddenly appeared and he hit it very hard, causing it to crash onto the faraway stone pillar. Countless traces of blood were floating in the air.

The crowd were stunned!

They totally didnt know what they just witness.

They only saw in a sudden a shadow suddenly attacked the ugly man, then the ugly man suddenly counter attacked, causing that man to be blown away.


The figure that was clad wholly in black pointed at Su Hao and said one word. His eyes had an expression of disbelief.

Mountain crash!

It actually was mountain crash?!

This was Captain Cha Lus trademark origin technique, of course he knew of it, but how did it appear in this mans attack? He attacked because he felt a powerful murderous intent! Hence he attacked recklessly without much thought, but the moment he attacked, the opponents murder intent locked onto him, only then did he understand that the opponents target, was himself!

The opponent knew about his own existence?

Damn it!

Who is this man?

A frightened expression could be seen from the black uniform mans eyes, unfortunately, he would never have the chance to find out.

Sun Yaotian and the rest were already stunned.

The man in black that appeared from the sky, the sudden attack of the man before them had stunned the crowd who didnt know the truth, only Sun Yaotian could roughly guess what happened. It seemed that his father has said to him before that there were a bunch of people who protected him in the shadows, but why did he suddenly attack? Wasnt such trouble an everyday occurrence?

Poor student Sun obviously didnt know how horrifying the murderous intent that Su Hao emitted was. But for the man in black, it was akin to walking from the dark into the light! But he never thought that the target, was actually himself!

You what kind of person are you?

Sun Yaotians legs were shivering slightly. He couldnt imagine how horrific the strength of the man in black was! The lethal attack came from out of nowhere and shocked everyone, but it was interrupted in one move by this ugly man! This persons ability...

What did you say?

Su Haos eyes glared, scaring countless people.

Dont you make any wrong moves, this this is a society that has its own legal systems. If you kill you will have to pay for it, this is an airport. A shocked Sun Yaotian took a step back, to cause a notorious Sun family young master to speak about the societys legal system, it wasnt an easy feat.

F*ck you! Such words I should be asking you instead!

Su Hao was furious, he pointed at man in black who seemed to not have any sign of life, Clearly it was he who first attempted to kill, the airport has many security cameras and it has recorded the whole scene earlier, I was merely defending myself. Wasnt I just teasing your little girl, why did you try to kill others? Does Jianghe City belong to your Sun family?

Sun Yaotian went speechless for a moment. He looked at the dead man in black with disappointment and resentment. Is this guy really one of the members of the Sun family? Dont mention about the baffling attack, before he could even hit his opponent, he was killed with one move! And gave trouble to himself, why would his father find such a low IQ man to protect him?

Poor man in black, if he heard this, it would be possible that he would be angered to death if he was still alive!

That surge of murderous intent, obviously this strong man before his eyes had killed countless number of people. Those who had experienced the crisis of life and death would feel that! The opponent obviously was there to find faults, its fine if this hilarious young master was not gaining experience in the world, but to actually blame him he would die with such injustice.

Then let it end like this then

Sun Yaotian retreated.


Su Hao frowned, After bullying others, you wish to leave like that? Again the same words, that lady, yes, the big chested one, accompany me to bed once, then all the debts will be cleared. Heh heh, otherwise, nobody can think of leaving today!

You, dont go overboard in your bullying!

Sun Yaotian flew into a fit, his anger finally couldnt be suppressed. But at this moment, one of the students walked towards him, he quietly walked to Sun Yaotians ear and said, Big brother, we have checked. This man is Dao Ba, someone who is in the hunters circle, it is said that he has a huge reputation.

Hunters circle?

Sun Yaotian roared in laughter and then became calm without fear, I thought it was what type of bull like force, its actually a Jianghe Citys hunter, which dont even have a specialized esper? Just you people dare to provoke us the Sun family? Today you dare to touch me, tomorrow your whole hunters network will be completely disappear!

Su Haos eyes suddenly became cold, he let out a evil laugh. Such combination made his face horrific and sinister. You really think I wont dare to touch you?

You can try.

Sun Yaotian sneered. He was fearless!

Hunters Circle?

That was a such a ridiculous force!

The strongest person in the circle was not even a specialized esper, they were an organization that was made up of a bunch of miserable people, who wandered in lifes tough edges. Wanting to face with a giant like the Sun family, it was totally impossible! Compared with the 4 giants, these people in the hunters circle was like an ant. They werent even qualified to speak!

As for this Dao Ba?

First let him off the hook. When the Sun family gathered back later, then look to get even with him! Daring to snatch his own woman, he would definitely make this old man to kneel before him and beg for mercy! Those laughable hunters, later the Sun family would just easily exterminate them all!

What was more important was still the matter with Su Ling as Sun Yaotian was still lost in this thought. But very quickly, a cold voice sounded out which completely crushed him into the abyss, with his whole body completely chilled!

As you wish!

Su Hao let out a sinister laugh. The huge ground suddenly exploded, the veins on his right arm were exposed as he suddenly grabbed Sun Yaotians neck before he viciously gave it a push.


Sun Yaotians back was forcibly pressed against the stone pillar causing countless cracks to immediately appear on the stone pillar, terrifying the crowd.

This persons strength...

More terrifyingly, he actually dared to do this to Sun Yaotian?

Many people who knew the two of them were already having chills on their spine. Although Sun Yaotian was a joke, but he is the still heir of the Sun family. If something happened to Sun Yaotian, there would undoubtedly be chaos in Jianghe City! This Dao Ba, since when did he actually had the courage to confront the Sun family?

It was known that the Sun family had a few specialized espers. Although Dao Ba was powerful, but he was merely a beginner esper! If he was targeted by the Sun family, even one hundred of his deaths wouldnt be enough. Had Dao Ba gone mad?

Because of a huge chested and brainless woman, he actually became as good as dead? Men are really creatures of their lower body part, He looks so ugly and isnt an exception either.

Xiao Yezi saw this and was stunned.

Su Ling pulled her hand but remained silent. She was different from Xiao Yezi. Since she was influenced by her older brother from young, towards such matters she had developed a sense of danger. This matter didnt seem to be right, no matter how it was seen, this burly man came to purposely cause trouble with the Sun family.

And at this moment, not far away.

Ming Zhi saw Su Haos actions and trembled slightly. Big brother, the pillars in the airport werent many, if you fight then you fight, why must you always aim at the pillar and break them. If you break a few more, the whole airport will collapse!


Sun Yaotian desperately struggled, but he couldnt move or say a word as his throat was being grabbed!

As he looked at the strong mans sinister expression, those cold eyes, it was as if he was seeing the same chilling light under the man in white that day, such a similar look in his eyes! Surrounded by the cold glare, he felt a surge of hopelessness and a sense of loss. Today, he really didnt bully anyone!

Let go of the young master!

A subordinate finally summoned some courage and charged towards him, but he was flew away after receiving a kick from Su Hao. This action from Su Hao allowed Sun Yaotian the chance to breathe. His face was completely red from being choked as he struggled to say, You, you dont dare to kill me!

Really? Su Hao sneered and said.

Dont you dare!

Sun Yaotians eyes widely opened. Finally, he dared to face those terrifying eyes in front of him, As long as youre a Jianghe City citizen, you wont dare to kill me. Because Im from the Sun family!

You are correct.

Su Hao smiled indifferently, I really dont dare to kill you.

Sun Yaotian was delighted that he even relaxed and let out a breath. Then he felt a surge of power that spread around his neck, his whole person was like a little chick that was thrown to the ground. After that, he saw a pair of huge legs viciously stomp at his crotch. A surge of pain spread out causing Sun Yaotians brain to draw blank.