Godly Model Creator Chapter 261

Gmc Chapter 261

Chapter 0261    Air gun turned into big cannon

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.


Everyone in the crowd sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Most of the men subconsciously closed their thighs, especially when they looked at this sinister looking man skillfully throw Sun Yaotian to the ground and neatly step on the crotch with his foot. They could even hear the crisp breaking sound of the eggs.

Sun Yaotian was a waste now!

His screams echoed in the airport but no one dared to move!

Among the airport staffs, nobody dared to rush there under the instruction of Ming Zhi. Since he had stood on the right team, then he must stand proudly even if Sun family and Old Ba were to fight. Unless Old Ba was defeated, he would be fine. If Old Ba failed to win the war, at most he would leave Jianghe City.

The staffs also did not dare to go. As for others, they were naturally even more afraid to step up. Only Sun Yaotians miserable cries echoed in the airport. With an extremely ugly expression, Sun Yaotian fell to the ground and madly struggled.

Su Haos look was very cold.

He had been waiting to step on Sun Yaotian like this for a very long time! Su Hao had been waiting to kill him since long ago! However, because of all sort of circumstances, he was always afraid to do so. But now, as a hunter and Dao Ba, he had no attachments. Su Hao suddenly felt that this identity was pretty useful.

You must have forgotten how many women you have raped! You must have forgotten how many families you destroyed! As the young master of Sun family, perhaps you can act carefree but the reason you can afford to do so was because of your father. When you have no one to depend on anymore, the only route awaiting you is death!

Su Hao coldly smirked and once again kicked with full force.


Sun Yaotian was kicked away and flew for more than ten meters. Several dogs of Sun family quickly rushed up to support him and immediately fled the scene. His beautiful assistant was even more terrified and extremely pale; she embarrassedly followed Sun family and left.

Su Hao did not chase them and only watched on with interest.

After this, Sun Yaotian probably would not waste his time on girls. Like this, Ling Er would be safe. Just thatlast time when Sun Yaotians eye was ruined, it was replaced with a biological eye. Then what about now? Perhaps Sun Batian would get animal genital?

It was said that an apes genital was pretty similar to a humans. It was even bigger in size.

If Sun Yaotian really changed into that, it could be considered as air gun upgrading into big cannon. But if he really did so, coupled with two eggs of an ape, would it be possible for him to ejaculate? However, doing so, would the descendant be Sun familys?

Su Hao had all sort of bad ideas in his mind.


His cold eyes swept across the crowd one more time. Only then did Su Hao indifferently leave the airport.

After he left, the atmosphere of the scene went out of control.

Damn! This is a huge news!

Fast, quickly sell the Sun familys share! Regardless of the outcome, Sun familys business is sure to crash this time!

That is not something certain. Sun family and Chen family have a close relationship. If the two giants are together, whatever hunters circle it is, it would be a joke in front of them!

That is true too. The hunters circle is indeed weak!

What is this Dao Ba doing, acting harshly just for a girl?

Femme fatale, you wont be able to comprehend itfor those who have been risking their lives in the field for their whole lives, women is the only pleasure for them. If that is gone too, whats the meaning of their lives? Regarding this, I do understand his actions.

But Sun Yaotian this time would suffer a huge loss...

Ceh, this trash. Every day he teases a girl, he would have this ending sooner or later. However, since the girl beside him was being courted this is too funny. Perhaps this can be considered as his girl being snatched away?

Everyone talked about this incident non stop.

The news was so hot that it spread throughout the city!

In an instant, nobody in the city did not know about this!

Dao Ba had returned!

Forcefully wasted Sun Yaotian!

A challenge from the hunters circle!

The hunters circle had officially declared war with a giant!

More and more bizarre news reached the ears of the crowd. The hunters circle was small. A well known figure, especially Dao Bao, would shock everyone with his actions. Previously, that mission involving the century old wine task had already elevated Dao Bas fame! But then from that day onward, Dao Ba had disappeared without any trace.

According to the rumors, Dao Ba had joined a mysterious organization.

As for the hunters circle, it became even more tragic.

The position of hunters circle once again dropped! In the eyes of everyone, they were no different from migrant workers. The disappearance of Dao Ba had caused the circle to be lacking in strength and the death of Green Snake made the situation even worse.

The action of Sun family stealing their reward by killing Green Snake had indeed angered the circle. Being helpless, all their anger had accumulated inside them for months. When they heard that Sun Yaotian had been wasted, the anger finally exploded.

At 11 a.m that day, one of the Sun familys business store had been broken and all the items had been swept away.

1 p.m., Sun familys general manager died in a car accident while on a business trip.

2 p.m., a subsidiary building of Sun family suffered from an accidental fire, causing heavy losses.

When Su Hao received the news, his whole person became stunned. Sun family, how many enemies have you made?

Is all this true?

Su Hao was still in a state of disbelief.

Of course, haha!

Ming Zhi proudly continued, Not only that, boss. Im afraid you still didnt realize that the entire hunters circle is proud of you. During the worst period of the hunters circle, you stepped up and created a huge momentum for them. Right now, quite a number have pledged their loyalty to you. With just a single word from you, they are even willing to declare war with Sun family.

To see this from another point of view, boss is already the leader of the circle.

Leader of the circle...

Su Hao murmured to himself as his eyes became brighter.

Originally, his plan was to return as Dao Ba and disappear instantly. After all, his identity was very convenient for such actions. But now, since he had such a privilege, why not use all the available resources? This would definitely provide additional assistance to his training.

Numerous plans flashed through his mind, despite seeming indifferent on the surface.

Boss, all the data has been deleted. But the moment you exchanged moves with Sun Yaotians bodyguard, I left with a part of it. The only original copy, I will give it to you. If necessary, feel free to use it.


Su Hao casually replied, Im lazy to handle all these matters. However, I think you will do a great job. Go and organize something under my name, call all the members of the circle for a meeting. Since they wanted to war with Sun family, then I will lead them and charge at Sun family.


Ming Zhi excitedly said. He had indeed picked the right side! With Old Bas domineering nature, who could afford to be his enemy?! Resigning from airport work was only a beginning. In the future, he would gain all sorts of enjoyments when he followed Da Bao. Since he decided to follow Dao Ba, there were some matters which he had to mention.

Hesitating for a moment, Ming Zhi still carefully said, Old Ba, but Sun family has a specialized esper. As for the hidden ones...

No worries.

Su Hao waved his hand, Specialized esper, just leave them to me!


Ming Zhi was shocked. Leave specialized esper to him, that was not something easy to say. For someone like them who were just ordinary beginner espers, they would never imagine uttering such a sentence.

I will let you settle everything. Then, time to leave.


The virtual screen disappeared. Ming Zhis figure vanished.

The communication device he used right now was Dao Bas. Since he had changed his identity to Dao Ba, this device had been on his right wrist ever since. Usually, he would use this device when contacting someone. As for other Su Hao had a look inside his backpack, his own communication device.

It was shut off!

The moment he escaped the ruins, he had already shut it off!

Because he must never switch it on!

This was because he was very clear that once he switched this communication device on, the natural selection class system would automatically detect and lock onto his current position. They would then began to hunt for him. Since Su Hao was dead, why was his communication device still active? It must have been taken by others. In order to prevent any leakages, the teachers would definitely quickly come for the kill!

By that time, Su Hao would have no means to escape.

Thus, Su Hao had to helplessly shut if off!

It has been more than one month, Yiran should be back now... Thought of the past flashed within Su Haos eyes, Ling Er didnt know the news about me. Seems that Yiran must have stopped it. Because she knew my other identity, she knew I wouldnt die that easily but...

Man in white hasnt appeared for quite some time. She must be worried.

Su Hao felt some pain in his heart and unconsciously looked in the direction of Chen familys house.

He wondered at this time, was she still alright?

Late at night.

Jianghe City, Chen family.



In the training hall, violent energy fluctuation could be felt. Chen Haonian and his wife glanced at each other. They felt some frustration. They could prevent Sun family from making a move but not prevent such an accident. Over all these years, how many so-called geniuses had fallen under such random force?

Just that they did not think that Su Hao would be one of them.

Not to mention he was still young.

I knew that it would turn out like this. Chen Haonian bitterly smiled, Without strength and background, fighting a lonely war is very dangerous. Each step is full of risk and one mishap would throw you deep into the abyss. I knew sooner or later he would have this ending.


Zhao Yaru sighed and looked at the closed training hall, Let Yiran let off her steam. It might be good for her. Perhaps her heart might feel better.

Such an ill fated life...