Godly Model Creator Chapter 262

Gmc Chapter 262

Chapter 0262    Fusion of spirit and body

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Pieces of ice fell.

Chen Yiran moved quickly like electricity, walking in a world of snow. Within a radius of ten meters, the icicles moved as her mind wanted, arranged in a line full of killing intent.


An icicle flashed, causing Chen Yiran to evade slightly to the side.


Bloodstains could be seen, causing Chen Yiran to halt. From the icicle in front, she could see her flawless white cheek actually had a bloodstain.

She was actually injured!

By her own manipulation of her icicle!

How could this be?

Chen Yiran used her hand to touch the wound a bit. She could feel some pain but most of it was her heartache. This was because she knew well that although she was convinced that Su Hao was alive, her heart began to quiver...it had been so long but there wasnt any news about him. Although it might be because of the Jin family, what about the man in white?

There was also no news regarding the man in white!

With two hundred espers dead in the ruins, was Su Hao really able to escape?

With pain in her heart, Chen Yiran stood there in her zone. Her beautiful face revealed a trace of confusion. For more than a month, she had been training non-stop to let herself forget the pain in her heart. Forget that trace of doubt in her heart!

However, now it seemed that she could no longer seal it.

Gently touching the icicles in front, through the reflection on them you could clearly see tears coming out from Chen Yirans eyes, Idiot...tell me...youre still alive right? I didnt guess it wrong right?


A teardrop fell down.


The wind outside the window flew past. As the windows shook for a moment, Chen Yirans body slightly trembled. It seemed that she felt cold with tears falling down. A few moments later, she was able to gain back her firm resolution, No matter what, I will always wait for you. Forever and ever.

On the ices reflection, her determined figure was still there. Just that there seemed to be an additional reflection of a white figure standing by the window coldly.

Right now, am I also starting to hallucinate?

Chen Yiran shook her head. Once again opening her eyes, the white figure was still there.

Su Hao!

Chen Yiran suddenly turned around. Beside the window, there was nothing. Only a breeze passing by, causing the window to shake. Chen Yiran bitterly smiled, It really was just a hallucination...


Chen Yirans voice stopped. Her whole body was stunned in place. Because at this moment, a pair of arms gently hugged her from behind. That familiar temperature, that familiar atmosphere caused her to be so shocked that she nearly cried.

Gently turning around

Chen Yiran looked at the familiar white clothes in front of her. Gently lowering the hood, she looked at the face which she had been thinking off all day and night. She calmly hugged him and gently said, Youre back.

Yea, Im back.

Su Hao tightly held her comfortable body.

Since the wind tonight was a bit chilly, Su Hao opened his white robe and enveloped them. This ice-cold girl, he really owed her too much

After a long time passed did Chen Yiran look up.

Fool, kiss me.

Su Hao was caught by surprise. Watching Chen Yiran close her eyes slightly, seeing that delicate face of her awaiting him, only then did he wake up from being dazed. Holding her gently, he kissed her.

The training hall door was closed.

The cold wind outside the window seemed to have stopped too.

Pieces of clothing began to be taken off, revealing the scene which Su Hao had been longing days and nights for. It was as beautiful and as passionate as he imagined. He had always imagined how passionate he would become when faced with this situation.

However, in reality...

Su Hao found out what was left was only warmth and endless love.

Holding Chen Yirans soft body, it was as if he was assimilating her into his body. 

Their bodies intertwining and pressing against each other.

It was a fusion of soul and body, all passion and desire faded, leaving only the feeling of endless love and their desire for each other. The icy snow girl gave up all her pride, trying to meet the expectations of her lover. As for Su Hao, he had been hugging her tightly and never let go for even a moment.

When the final moment arrived, Su Hao then only awakened and subconsciously tried to withdraw. But Chen Yiran pulled him back, causing both of them to be even closer. Full of sweat, their bodies were sticky. Su Haos body went stiff as his muscles tighten. A moment later, he let out a long breath.

Chen Yirans face was fully blushed causing an indescribable beauty. Both of their clothes had been acting as their bed, Chen Yiran set aside clothes which had been dyed red and made a towel from pieces of clothing to carefully wipe off Su Haos sweat, she was like a little wife full of tender loving care.


Su Hao hugged her even tighter, Why did you stop me from pulling out just now? Arent you afraid of getting pregnant?


Chen Yiran rested under his arm, with a determined voice, Well, if Im pregnant, then I will bear the baby.

Su Hao bitterly smiled, Youre still in school.

I can give up everything for you.

Chen Yiran looked up, her eyes were very bright, They have been saying girls in love would act rashly. I didnt believe this before but now, I believe it. Girls in love will definitely act stupidly. But Im willing to be the stupid girl who will forever wait for you to return.


Su Hao could only hug her with affection.

Since the wife had said so, what else could the husband ask for?

Covering both of their figures with the white cape, Su Hao slowly told all the things which happen these days including the times with the blue dream butterfly

Chen Yiran was very clever but somehow in front of Su Hao, she became silly

Su Hao was intelligent too, but he became an idiot in front of Chen Yiran. How could you talk about that in front of your wife? 

However, after disclosing numerous past events did Su Hao notice something wasnt right.

God damn it...what nonsense had he blathered about just now!

How could he tell all these things? He had just finished having sex with Chen Yiran yet he dared to say such things? Wasnt he just courting his own death? Coming to this point, Su Hao did feel some guilt although he and Zhang Yating didnt do anything wrong.

Chen Yiran, after quietly listening to this, gently pinched him, In future, youre not allowed to join such expeditions. Your strength isnt enough. Going to such a place is too dangerous. Zhang Yating is also a silly girl. I will ask my dad to help seek information about Zhang Yating.


Su Hao was somehow ashamed, so Yiran had never thought of it that way.

Who was it that said to be careful in front of girls? Who was the one who said girls get jealous easily? Who said that girls would be unreasonable regarding these matters? Look now, she was the perfect wife!

Poor Su Hao, apparently he didnt notice the hidden crafty plan of Chen Yiran being made in her eyes. As a brilliant girl, she knew that under her tender offensive move, there was simply nothing Su Hao could conceal.

Both of them looked at each other. In the end, they still couldnt help themselves and began to linger amongst themselves again.

Tonight, it was destined to be a sleepless night.

The next day, only when Chen Yiran had to attend school did Su Hao reluctantly leave the Chen family. Of course when he was leaving, due to his weak legs, he was nearly caught by his father-in-law and killed on the spot. Looking at Chen Yiran, who was secretly laughing by the window, Su Hao could only bitterly smile.


After leaving the Chen family, he received Ming Zhis notification. Su Hao discovered one shocking thing. The Hunter Organization unexpectedly turned out to be a company!


When Su Hao looked at this, he was dumbfounded! He had always thought it was only a title, but never did he expect it to turn out to be a legit company? There was such a company? He had always thought only businesses like the Sun family and the Chen family could be considered as companies. Based on Su Haos observation, these were on a different scale.

Of course, other than that, the biggest difference was that the Hunter Organization was too weak! They were a mess. Even if they were organized, the quality would pale in comparison.

The Hunter Organization was located at the southern part of Jianghe City. Their building was a shabby two story building. On normal days, rarely anyone would come here. 

There were no rules or benefits for joining this organization!

Even the members killed each other in the wild!

It was a completely messed up organization. No wonder the giants had not been bothering with such a force. Not to mention that there was no specialized esper in the organization. Even if there was one, it didnt mean that all the members could be unified. To simplify the description of the organization, they were like a mob.

Everyone was struggling for their own benefits.

At this time, with the emergence of Su Hao, this organization seemed to have a glimpse of hope to unite. Those seemingly weak hunters scattered all over Jianghe City, how powerful would they be when they grouped up together? Nobody was able to guess.

While on the way, Ming Zhi introduced the details of the company so that Su Hao would be mentally prepared. However, when Su Hao saw the real Hunter Organization in front of him, he was still shocked.


This was simply a refugee camp!

A tiny two story white building, the roof was still covered with thick dust, but the lobby was pretty clean. However with one glance, one would be able to realize this was done today. Looking at these hunters, Su Hao felt sad too. How low had they fallen that their only gathering place was reduced to such a state?