Godly Model Creator Chapter 263

Gmc Chapter 263

Chapter 0263    Declaring war!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.


With a kick, Su Hao forcefully opened the door and entered the room. The room went silent all of a sudden. The signature face of Dao Ba was such a deterrent.

Su Hao knew about the situation after he scanned the room.

There were around one to two hundred people in the room. Sixty percent of them had around 10 points in origin ability. According to his experience, these people were mostly new to the job, while some of them were experienced but had limited talent in their origin ability.

The other 30 percent of them had around 15 points in origin ability. These people were the core of the hunters circle. They were powerful and had a high success rate in completing missions.

The remaining ten percent were the top hunters in the circle. They had around 18 points of origin ability. The epitome example for this category is Dao Ba, famous with his extremely high success rate in completing missions. People like them were not fighting for money. Their target was to make advancement into becoming a specialized esper.

Just these people?

Su Hao frowned.

Ming Zhi smiled awkwardly, There will be politics when there are people involved

Su Hao flipped his eyes. Finally, he understood why the hunters circle was being looked down by others. Such a weak group yet there was still division among them?

The hunters circle can be divided into three main forces initially. Each is owned by the three strongest people. You are one of them, while the other two have around 20 points in origin ability too. However, they started to fight internally after you left.

When you were not here, Wang Yuefeng, who was at the fundamental max level, had managed to defeat all others and united the hunters circle. However, he was only brave enough to fight against his own people. Facing the Sun family was still something he didnt dare to do.

He didnt even mention a word about Green Snakes case. In the end, many of them left and became freelance hunters. Now, the hunters circle is a mess. Wang Yuefeng is powerful but he was not able to control the group. Few of the hunters returned in these few days because of you.

Ming Zhi slowly explained, he obviously felt disdain toward Wang Yuefeng.

Oh, thats it.

Su Hao looked around at the hunters, So, there are more people with Wang Yuefeng than us now?


Ming Zhi nodded, However, I filtered their people when I sent the message. Supposedly, it should be only our people here today.


Su Hao put his hand on Ming Zhis shoulder. Then, he walked to the center of the lobby. Among the two hundred people, most of them were young men who were hot-tempered. They could not stand for the indignity from Sun family, which was the reason why they left Wang Yuefeng.

I guess many of you know me, my name is Dao Ba.

As Su Hao casually said this, everyone went silent as they heard his rough voice. I wouldnt want to talk a lot with you guys. The only thing I am going to tell you is I have wasted that Sun Yaotian yesterday. Follow me now, I will waste the whole Sun family! Are you all brave enough to follow me?


Screw them!

Lets do it!

The atmosphere was ignited on the spot.

Su Hao instructed the crowd to quiet down. When the crowd went silent, he continued,I heard that the sissy Wang Yuefeng remained silent after all these happened. How can you all bear him? I heard he was quite ruthless to his people and managed to conquer many people within a short period.

If he dares to not stand out today, tomorrow he will betray us. Can you all bear people like him?


Screw him!

The crowd roared!

Ming Zhi was stunned, what Dao Ba did was fabulous!

Which idiot said that Dao Ba was a ferocious nincompoop? Within a few words, he was able to utilize their anger toward the Sun family and Wang Yuefeng to fit into the group, becoming their leader.

It was effortless!

Everyone was roaring madly as the atmosphere became even more lively.

However, at this moment, a deafening bang came from the entrance. This was followed by a sneezing laugh, causing the lively atmosphere to cease.

Aiya, I heard that Old Ba is back. How was it? You wanted to go against me?

Everyone turned their heads and were shocked by the people at the door side.

A fat middle-aged man walked in with a gloomy face. He was playing around with two stone pieces in his hand, pretending to be like a guru. There were about four hundred people following him to enter the room, almost double the initial group of hunters.

Ming Zhis face was pale, he walked close to Su Hao and said,Boss, I am sorry. I didnt send them a message, I dont know why

Nevermind, it would be weird if we could hide such big news.

Su Hao waved his hand and sneered,How about you let me have a fight with him.

Although he didnt know this guy, he could easily guess who he was from their conversation. He was the Wang Yuefeng mentioned by Ming Zhi just now, a strong fighter and a bad leader. The sissy who didnt dare to speak out against Sun family and the person he had made fun of just now.



Su Hao walked down step by step. The lobby was fully occupied, other than the empty space in the middle. Meanwhile, the whole lobby was in absolute silence.

Su Hao stood in front of Wang Yuefeng and calmly stared at him.

After he scanned through Wang Yuefeng and said,A sissy indeed.


Wang Yuefeng almost broke the two stones he held. He calmly replied, You think you are doing the right thing? What kind of power do we have to go against Sun family? You are intentionally starting a war with the Sun family! Do you know your actions might cause the death of our brothers!

Yes, you felt great after doing that. Then? You can easily leave Jianghe city after something happens, just like last time. How about us? Our family are here, we are not you, we cannot simply leave this place!

I must be responsible for my brothers, even if Im going to be called a sissy!


Su Hao was surprised. These words from Wang Yuefeng were indeed interesting!

Was this guy thinking for the big picture?

Su Hao continued with a question of interest, Then, what will you do with the circumstances now that we are already against Sun family?

Wang Yuefeng sneered and said, Apologies to Sun family, let them forget about those things. If necessary, we will just sacrifice you!


Su Hao smiled, No matter how you act, your intentions cannot be hidden. To be frank, isnt it because you are afraid? Or you have gotten money from Sun family? Apologize to Sun family? You should ask the people behind me, those whove had enough of Sun family. Do you all want to apologize to Sun family?


Damn betrayer!

Screw you Wang Yuefeng!

Everyone released their anger by scolding Wang Yuefeng with various types of bad words, making him embarrassed and full of anger. The circumstances of the anger created by Su Hao just now was perfectly unleashed toward Wang Yuefeng.

Wang Yuefeng was extremely angry, he pointed at Su Hao and said, I am the sissy and you are not! Great! One question from me, Dao Ba, will you dare to have a fight with me?

Dare to have a fight with you?

If I lose, from then onward, all of us will follow you, including me! Vice versa, you will all follow me if you lose. You have your way and I have my own methods. For the sake of all the brothers, even if my reputation will be destroyed, I must lead my brothers to a better future.

Do you dare to have a fight?

Wang Yuefeng shouted again, his voice had covered the whole lobby. With his 20 points of origin ability, everyone was stunned by his aura!

Damn, shameless guy!

Ming Zhi scolded in his heart. How shameless could Wang Yuefeng be?

Although both of them had 20 points of origin ability, Wang Yuefengs talent was grade B, flame type talent. Meanwhile, everyone knew that battle was not the strength of Dao Ba. His greatest strength was sniping and assassination!

When it came to assassinations, one hundred Wang Yuefengs could not even compete with Dao Ba. However, when it came to melee battle, Dao Ba might not even able to stand for one round. It was totally unfair if Wang Yuefeng challenged Dao Ba to a battle.

However, the circumstances were like that.

Everyone was hoping for a fearless leader. Even though Dao Ba was good at assassination, people would be disappointed if he did not take up the challenge as he was representing the attacking side.

When time goes on, the loyalty would disappear.


Su Hao sneered and stared at Wang Yuefeng, You knew my expertise was snipping and you still proposed a battle request to me. Such a good idea, to use your advantage to fight against my disadvantage. What was your plan for the next step after I rejected you in front of all these people?


Wang Yuefeng sneered, I am just asking you, do you dare to accept my challenge?


The domineering Wang Yuefeng was totally different from what the others had said. Although he was taking advantage of Dao Ba, he might be doing that for the sake of everyone?

Alright, I accept your challenge.

Su Hao looked at his perfect acting and smiled.


Wang Yuefeng was stunned.

Ming Zhi and the team were stunned.

All the hunters were stunned.

Dao Ba he had agreed to that?