Godly Model Creator Chapter 264

Gmc Chapter 264

Chapter 0264    Whats there to be afraid of?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

You agreed?

Wang Yuefeng was still in disbelief. Although he knew Dao Ba wasnt smart, he wasnt dumb either. He just casually threw out bait and managed to hook Dao Ba? This wasnt like the always cautious Dao Ba! Or perhaps this bastard Dao Ba had increased his strength recently?

But at this stage to increase ones strength, was it really an easy feat? Although he killed Sun Yaotians bodyguard, how strong could that bodyguard have been? And even if Dao Ba improved his strength, it must be from the aspect of sniping. As for close combat, how much could he have improved?

Wang Yuefeng was confused by Su Haos decision.

I know this is your provocation. But to use my weakness to your advantage, what about it?

Su Hao sneered at Wang Yuefeng, Whether it is facing the Sun family or you, Wang Yuefeng, although I, Dao Ba, am not strong, I will absolutely not retreat!

This is my strong determination as an esper!


Everyone was once again excited. One by one, their morale went soaring to the sky!

Such words, facing strong as a weak, yet not afraid of anything. This was the very quality of an esper with a determined heart! This was the mentality which was supposed to be possessed by every esper!

If you want to fight, then lets fight!

This was Su Haos answer!

With his identity as Dao Ba, he showed his determination to everyone!

Previously, he was just an ordinary student with all sorts of burdens to worry about. Now as a hunter, what was there for him to be afraid of?

In order to increase his strength, he was willing to pay any price!

Hunters circle, it was the best stepping stone for him to increase his strength. If he was able to unite all these hunters, when he wanted to collect materials or purchase items, they would serve as good substitutes. Moreover during normal times, they scattered around to all sorts of places. The information they brought back must have been abundant. This point was pretty obvious as Ming Zhi was the best example.

In the future when he faced the Jin family, they might be useful. Thus when he understood the benefit of impersonating as Dao Ba, he had made his decision to control the hunters circle!

If God is the obstacle, kill God. If Buddha obstructs, kill Buddha!

Just a mere Wang Yuefeng daring to block Su Haos path, he was simply courting his death!

What, are you now afraid?

Su Hao looked at the somewhat dazed Wang Yuefeng interestingly, If youre afraid, feel free to continue being a pussy.


Wang Yuefengs face instantly went red from anger.

Looking at the crowds sight, he knew he had no way to retreat! No matter what was the reason Dao Ba agreed to this, from the moment Dao Ba agreed, if he really retreats then that would be the end of him. He was the one who challenged someone in his own turf, if he did really retreat, who would want to be his underling anymore?

Fight! Wang Yuefeng angrily shouted this word.

Great. Su Hao coldly smirked, You guys retreat. After all, a battle knows no man. Especially that flame of Wang Yuefeng, the range is huge. It wont be good if you guys are hurt in the process.



The crowd immediately retreated, leaving a full twenty-meter radius of space for these two men standing in the center.

Dao Ba, youre just seeking your own death!

Wang Yuefeng gritted his teeth in hatred. He still couldnt understand why Dao Ba agreed to his challenge.

It was you who started the challenge first.

Su Hao began to move, his eyes were lit up in cold glare, Wang Yuefeng, make your move. Stop saying nonsense. Use your strongest move or else if I accidentally kill you...

Su Haos words were full of dread which caused Wang Yuefengs body to tighten. He obviously knew Su Hao was just playing a mind game, but he couldnt help becoming nervous. This guy out of nowhere agreed to his challenge, perhaps his strength really did improve? If so, then he must use his ultimate move!


A flame appeared from Wang Yuefengs hand, quietly like a lotus.


The flame suddenly expanded, the lotus flame suddenly spread and condensed around Wang Yuefeng as his hand danced. The sudden increase in temperature caused the crowds face to be covered in sweat. They stood so far yet could feel such temperature. If they were close everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Ming Zhi was even more worried about his boss but at the same time, he had some expectation.

Yesterday, that mysterious strike at the airport, others werent sure about that but he saw the scene clearly. That man in blacks strength seemed to be around Wang Yuefengs.


As the flame gathered, Wang Yuefeng began to attack.

With an exploding figure, Wang Yuefeng dashed toward Su Hao and threw a punch. Surrounded by countless of condensed flame, he carried an unmatched surging momentum! That rich flame which rotated like a storm, it nearly occupied most of the empty space, such a majestic scene!

That slightly chubby body of Wang Yuefeng was like the figure of a God of War.

As Su Hao provoked him, he did use his best move for his very first attack, his origin technique which was the strongest offensive skill owned by him.

Su Hao faintly closed his eyes and activated his model analysis. Everything surrounding him was crystal clear in his mind.

Name: Wang Yuefeng

Ability: Flame storm

Origin ability: 20 points

His origin cultivation had reached origin transition technique which is of no value. His origin refinement only at the beginner level, no use. As for the cards, all were focused on flame types which were of no use again. In conclusion, Wang Yuefeng had nothing worth to be kept alive.


Su Haos eyes flashed as his body began to move.

Familiar strength began to spread within his body. As his body moved, he was like a mad bear, rushing out without hesitation. What was left in the air was his after image.

Compared to Wang Yuefengs domineering ability, Su Haos move was lacking luster. Without flames decorating the sky, inexplicable, the moment he began to move, the crowd was shocked in their hearts...they felt a terrifying incoming danger.


Both of them clashed!

A strange scene appeared in front of everyones eyes. The moment when Wang Yuefengs body full of flame came in contact with Su Hao, the flame began to fade. No, to be precise, the flame was escaping. As if it had encountered some terrifying power, the flame was squeezed to the side.

Wang Yuefengs mighty flame now seemed like a joke.

This scene was surprising in the eyes of the crowd. The flame actually automatically dodged, leaving Wang Yuefeng in the middle full of opening for Su Hao to hit!


A tremendous strength caused a huge tremor!

The ground even had a slight vibration!

Under such strength, Wang Yuefengs body actually didnt fly back!

As Wang Yuefengs body received the incoming fist, Su Haos right elbow struck out, after maintaining his stance for a few seconds did he retreat a step back.


A mouthful of blood was spat out.

Wang Yuefeng looked at Su Hao in disbelief, Dao Ba, you...how could you...


Wang Yuefeng directly fainted on the ground.

If Su Hao really did blast him, causing him to fly, considering all the factors, he might still survive. However in order to save his face, in order to not let himself lose badly, Wang Yuefeng forcefully stood at the same spot! And the consequences of doing so was his own life!

He was utterly destroyed by the terrifying power of mountain crash!

Sure enough, he was courting his own death.

Su Hao smirked. At the same time, he had a clear understanding of his own strength now. Under the mighty power of mountain crash, all beginner espers were simply unable to face that! Perhaps even level 1 specialized espers might be killed in one shot if he managed to make his move right.

Of course, with all the advantages he had, the weakness was pretty obvious. He only had one move. Mountain crash. With his current strength, he could only use it once. If he couldnt kill his opponent with it, he would very likely be overpowered by the enemy.

If he was facing specialized espers such a situation might occur, but against Wang Yuefeng?


Su Hao coldly laughed as he looked at Wang Yuefengs body dead on the ground. With that face full of scars, that scene was so scary that everyone had goosebumps.

Wang Yuefeng died.

Easily killed in one move.

Todays Dao Ba, how strong was he exactly?

Nobody was sure about that!

What was more frightening was everyone understood that Dao Ba was the weakest when in close combat. He was the most terrifying when using his sniper rifle! During that time, Dao Ba would be like a reincarnation of the Killing God. Everyone deeply understood that, especially after the century old wine incident.

Now, does anyone else have any objections?

Su Hao swept his sight around the crowd. Everyone subconsciously lowered their head and did not dare to make eye contact with him.

Nobody answered.


Su Hao nodded in satisfaction, Today, all 500 men present now will be the backbone of the hunters circle. When I lead the rise of the Hunter Organization, you all will be the veteran figures of the organization. Our organization will formally declare war the Sun family. Stepping their bones and becoming the next giant in Jianghe City!

Becoming a giant?

When everyone heard this, they had a surge of emotion. Everyone was clear of the position of these four giants in Jianghe City. And them, the ordinary Hunter Organization really had the chance to be like the giants? Everyone seemed to be motivated by Su Haos words. At that time, Ming Zhi cleverly raised a question.

Boss, but what about those specialized espers of Sun family?

Ming Zhis expression was a bit doubtful and worried at the same time. This cleared of the crowds delusion. True, what to do about the specialized espers of Sun family?

Su Hao praisingly glanced at him. This kid was indeed smart.

Leave them to me!

Su Hao once again answered the question in a domineering manner in front of the crowd!

Everyone went excited and looked at Su Hao as if they were worshiping him. Since the hardest problem had been solved, who cared about the others? They had been wandering all over the corners of the city while risking their lives. How could they not handle those security guards of the Sun family?

Instantly, everyone was brimming with confidence!

If theres a war, then lets win the war!

Whats there to be afraid of!