Godly Model Creator Chapter 265

Gmc Chapter 265

Chapter 0265    Breakthrough with every strength!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

The hunters finally calmed down.

In contrast to Su Haos expectation, their request was too simple. The first floor was where you could obtain information and the second floor of this small building was the office of the Hunter Organization. Some team captains and leaders had their personal office above.

Although they usually would not be around.

At this moment, Su Hao casually sat on a chair in the office and inspected the information regarding this organization. To be frank, Su Hao was still clueless about how this organization operated. Must they enter this organization if they were a hunter? How did this organization obtain profit?

The first piece of information he obtained clearly answered the last question. From all the hunters who joined Hunter Organization, the organization would take 10% of their harvest.


Su Haos eyes opened wide. Task rewards were pretty huge. To take 10% each time seemed a little but when it accumulated, it would be an enormous amount. Additionally, the profits this organization obtained were all from all these completed tasks.

Great, the way to obtain profit was solved.

However, a new problem arose. These hunters, why do they want to join the organization? What was the significance of this organizations existence?

Opening the second book bill, Su Haos entire being was startled.


The hunters joined for their family! Hunters were always wandering around on the verge of death, nobody could guarantee their safety. Perhaps, there might be a time when the hunter would never come back. At that time, who would take care of their family?

At this time, the role of Hunter Organization arrived.

When a hunter died, the organization would return 50% of all the income collected from the hunter to the family for them to spend the rest of their lives at ease. Or they could opt for monthly payments. In this case, the family would receive a certain amount of money every month for them to survive.

Thus, despite the expensive fees, Hunter Organization was like an insurance for their family.

However, under the suppression of the giants in Jianghe City, the hunters circle survival rate was slowly diminishing. Even the tasks available were getting more difficult and the success rates were gradually declining. The death of Green Snake woke everyone up.

What if they died too?

Would they become like Green Snake, dying in such an unjust manner after completing his task? Dying while on mission was fine but such a death really made everyone mad. Thus, Hunter Organization needed to rise its feet!


So bro is so great!

Su Hao secretly exclaimed. If he did not give the fake wine to Green Snake, how would these people have the courage to confront Sun family right now?


Ming Zhi was somewhat confused by the sudden praise of his boss.

Haha, nothing.

Su Hao waved his hand, What about the founder of this organization?

Already dead long time ago.

Ming Zhi scratched his head, Initially, this organization was privately fund-raised and one man was recommended to lead it. After that, Hunter Organization was able to achieve glory for the next two years before this leader died. Then, the leader spot became vacant ever since, as nobody was convinced that anyone was worthy of this spot.

So it is like this.

Su Hao finally understood. The chaotic era of origin ability had just occurred not long ago, to reach such a situation was still understandable. But if half of the collected income were returned to families, then the exact income collected by the organization was only the remaining half. Coupled with the messy operations of the organization, there should not be much remaining. Then why was Wang Yuefeng so eager to be the leader?

Very soon, Ming Zhi sorted out a list.

Boss, this was the harvest of the organization in these two years.

Su Hao took a quick glance and was caught in surprise.


Beginner origin recovery drug*382 boxes

Intermediate origin recoevery drug*81 boxes

Advanced origin recovery drug*5 boxes

Beginner origin cultivation technique

Intermediate origin cultivation technique

Advanced origin cultivation technique


What are these?

Su Hao was dumbfounded. He thought that he would see an account of the organization with xx amount but the result was a list of resources.

These are the resources of the organization, Ming Zhi explained. It was due to the final order before the death of the previous leader, it was unknown when a chaotic situation like where the berserk beasts went on a rampage would happen again. Thus, the remaining half of the collected income was converted into training resources!

So that was it!

Su Haos eyes lit up. This leader was indeed smart.

It was a locked account. Only after the hunter died could the fund be used to ensure the family allowance. As for the other active account, most of the income would be converted into training resources. It was to prevent others from trying to embezzle. After all, physical possessions were harder to hide compared to digital numbers.

However, that full 5 boxes of advanced origin recovery drug!

No wonder Wang Yuefeng by hook or crook wanted this seat. So many drugs, even Su Hao himself would itch for them too. The mysterious card was able to fix the flaw of his ability talent but not the terrifying energy consumption. The stronger Su Hao became, the higher amount of energy he needed!

5 boxes...

Su Hao pondered and said, These things, can I use it?

Of course.

Ming Zhi said without hesitation, Right now, boss is the leader recognized by everyone. Besides that family allowance account, boss is free to use all the other resources! Whether for personal, business or reward use, as long as the organization can flourish, nobody would bother about that.


Su Hao nodded and said, Beginner origin recovery drug, half a box per a person! We have 500 people, so distribute 250 boxes! Tell them to train hard these few days. Breakthrough as much as they can, there is nothing to feel sorry about.

Ming Zhis heart was in shock.

250 boxes

After so many years, Hunter Organization only managed to collect 382 boxes. Beginner origin recovery drug was the most frequently used. However, this was Su Haos order,  so he still needed to fulfill it.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

The hunters circle was in madness! That precious origin recovery drug, when they went out for a task, they would only carry one with them. But now, their boss had gone crazy by rewarding them half a box each to train.

This was such a great deal!

In these three days, everyone was madly training. For those wandering on the edge of death, their state of mind was never a problem. What they lack was the resources and the opportunities to breakthrough. When they had countless amounts of usable energy, a significant progress could be seen from them.



More upgrade!

The overall average origin ability of the organization was able to increase by one point. When Ming Zhi received this news, he was stunned on the spot. He was ashamed of himself. Indeed, boss was worthy to be the one. Once the drug were consumed, they could be bought again. However, the increment in strength was the most important factor in increasing any chances of winning against Sun family.

Inside the office.

Su Hao sat crossed legged while allowing energy to flow in within.

Surrounded by countless bottles of advanced origin recovery drug, he had actually emptied a few boxes. As the energy was continually consumed, his whole body was full of energy. The enclosed office even had a hint of a breeze flowing.


Su Haos closed eyes finally opened.

The surging energy within his body seemed to have found the right channels. It filled into a card which gradually lit up. It became brighter and brighter until it was completely illuminated. 

Model reversal training content

Model reversal training process

Model reversal training method

Su Hao enjoyed this scene for a moment. This godly technique of model analysis, this technique which made him envious for such a long time, he had finally mastered it! He could temporarily solve his energy problem in using origin techniques.


After Su Hao familiarized himself with the training method, he did not hesitate to activate this model reversal.

A permanent model of a herb appeared within his mind, which was the one which Su Hao created in order to complete his mock exam.

The herb was floating in mid-air and was lifelike.


Su Haos mind moved and the herb was destroyed!

The green herb turned into countless fragments and eventually dissipated into his mind. But this time, Su Hao could feel that the amount of his energy within body had increased.


Su Haos mind moved. Comparing the amount of energy, his brows frowned. Model reversal only managed to restore 10%?


Too little!

For someone like Su Hao who used an enormous amount of energy, 10% was just dust. This was no aid at all! But this so called godly technique of model analysis had a 3 star card, it should not only have such ability right?

Su Hao was very doubtful about this.

After several attempts, Su Haos mind moved. The amount of energy restored...seemed to increase a bit?

Was it because he was not familiar enough?

Su Hao began to destroy permanents model in his mind. He would build them again and then repeat the process. All things in the office had basically been created by Su Hao. After a while, Su Haos almost maxed out energy was once again depleted. However, he was in a state of excitement.

Sure enough!

As his understanding of this model reversal improved, the amount of energy restored would continue to improve.

Right now, he was able to achieve 50% after training a bit. At the initial stages, it was easy to train but the story was different in the later stage. Su Hao had tried several times but no improvements could be noticed, causing him to give up. A 50% restore was enough for now.

While studying his energy, the office door suddenly opened. Ming Zhi walked in.

Boss, Sun family men are here.