Godly Model Creator Chapter 266

Gmc Chapter 266

Chapter 0266    Zhonghe Property

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

Sun family?

Su Hao frowned and asked, Sun Batian brought people here?

Nope, Sun Batian hasnt taken action yet.

Ming Zhi shook his head with a weird facial expression. Its a subsidiary of Sun family, they said they were here to collect rent

Collect rent?

Su Hao was stunned too. This double storey building of the Hunter Organization belongs to Sun family?


Ming Zhi shook his head again. I had a check on it, the Hunter Organization rented it from a property company. However, the property company was acquired by Sun family afterward.


Su Hao understood the circumstances now. However, his expression was still weird. We declared war on Sun family but they sent someone here to collect rent. Are they retarded?

Ming Zhi did not reply.

He was thinking the same thing as Su Hao.

Sun Xiao was a distant relative of Sun family. Since the Sun family had acquired the property company, he had climbed up all the way to manage the company temporarily.

Within two years, he had received enormous benefits from the company.

Then, he heard that Hunter Organization had offended Sun family. Hence, he came all the way here to collect rent.

He was used to circumstances where someone would accidentally offend Sun Yaotian. They would want to apologize after but could not find a way. In the name of collecting rent, he was here to inform them that if they wanted to do so, he could help them get into contact.

However, the price for that could be discussed further on.

It was not his first time doing this. Every time he did this, he could earn a lot. Sometimes, he wished that Sun Yaotian could make more trouble instead. Not only would he earn benefit from the offender but Sun Yaotian would reward him too.

Such a feeling was so great.

This time around, he heard that Sun Yaotian was wasted by a guy named Dao Ba. Once he got the news, he came here immediately. Based on his understandings of Sun Batian, Dao Ba was dead for sure. He planned to take great advantage of Dao Ba and leave happily.

However, he felt that something was wrong when he entered this organization.

The staff around was staring at him as if he was a prey waiting for death...

You are Sun Xiao?

A bold sound came from behind him. Sun Xiao turned around and was almost scared off his ass. Without any introductions, he already knew who this guy in front of him was.

Dao Ba, this name fit him perfectly!

Hello, I am Dao Ba.

Su Hao smiled.

I am the owner of this building. I am here to collect the rent today, Sun Xiao pretended to be calm and said.

Oh really?

Su Hao continued, From what I know, the agreement for the rental of this building was 3 years. It has only been 1 year since the agreement came into force, why are you here today?


Sun Xiao laughed and said, I heard that you are facing some troubles recently. I am a relative of Sun family. If you need help, I might be able to offer some.


Su Hao suddenly understood Sun Xiaos intentions. He aimed to take advantage of them.

Would Sun Batian just forget about the case where his son was wasted?

Absolutely not!

It was interesting that Su Xiao appeared at this time. Obviously, he was planning to get benefits without putting any effort.

If youre talking about a property company, I remember that the building in front Su Hao suddenly remembered that when he was on the way here, he saw a company named Zhonghe Property Company or something. Did that company belong to Su Xiao?

Correct, that is our company.

Sun Xiao lifted his chest and said, It was arranged by chairman Mr. Sun. If you would like to complain


Su Hao laughed.

Sun Xiao was confused. Why had this guy not responded yet? No wonder he could not recognize Sun Yaotian, he seemed to not know the social rules.

I have two things to let you know.

Su Hao calmly said.


Sun Xiao frowned.

First, I knew he was Sun Yaotian when I beat him up hard.

Su Hao said with a smile.

Su Xiaos heart rate paused for a second; he felt that something was wrong. This guy was still brave enough to injure Sun Yaotian when he knew who he was?

Second, I could even heavily injure Sun Yaotian, why not you?


Sun Xiaos face turned pale.

The cruelty on Su Haos face indicated that he was transforming from a sheep into a wolf.


Everyone else in the room sneered and stared at Sun Xiao. Sun Xiao regretted that he did not do enough research before he came into this place.


Su Hao easily lifted Sun Xiao up and stared at him with cold eyes. He asked, Youre renting, right?


Sun Xiao nodded hard.

Good, I want to rent your headquarter office now, is that okay?Su Hao asked politely.


Sun Xiao was stunned, renting his headquarter office?

What the heck?

Was there any company who would rent out their headquarter office?


Pa! Pa!

Su Hao slapped his face gently, You better consider carefully, we will pay for that.

Sun Xiao was desperate. He knew that if he did not agree, he might not be able to leave this place. He nodded his head and said, Okay, we will rent it to you.

Although Sun Xiao said that, he felt extreme regret.

It was a shame to rent out their own headquarter office to others, no matter how much they paid. Furthermore, he did not expect that the poor Hunter Organization could afford a few hundred millions for that.

In fact, Sun Xiao had overestimated Su Haos integrity.

When the agreement was drafted, Sun Xiao was stunned. It was stated clearly in the contract that:

Rental Period: 100 years

Rental Price: 1 star dollar

One star dollar for a hundred years?

Sun Xiao almost fainted.

F*ck! F*ck! Sun Xiao almost became crazy. They only managed to own the property for 70 years, by renting out another 30 years to Hunter Organization, they still had to pay for it. Shouldnt you pay us at least a few million?

However, Sun Xiao still signed the unfair agreement due to being threatened by Su Hao.

After he signed the agreement, Sun Xiao felt his legs were too weak to stand.

Clear everything from the office after this!

Sun Xiao decided to not leave a single item for them in the office, even after signing the agreement. As an estate manager, he had various methods to create troubles for the Hunter Organization, such as stopping the electricity and the water supply. He could imagine the expression of Dao Ba upon reaching the ruined office.

Alright, lets go.

The voice from behind stopped his imagination. Sun Xiao was stunned when he raised his head.

All the hunters were ready to depart, with their backpacks and some luggage in hand. All the furniture had been fully cleared up. Each hunter was carrying a piece respectively. Within a few seconds, this two storey building was completely emptied.

Sun Xiao was impressed. Did all of them work for a logistics company previously?

Half an hour later.

Zhonghe Property Oh, sorry, its name was now Hunter Organization Building. The assembly center for the Hunter Organization had been upgraded to big building level.

Su Hao had assigned each hunter a single room as their office respectively.

Hence, all the hunters had transformed into corporate men while they were not on their tasks. Other than cleaners and secretaries, all the others staff in the company were chased out by Su Hao, including their boss Sun Xiao.

Ming Zhi was slightly worried about that.

Boss, we are in a world with the constitution.

Dont worry.

Su Hao put his hand on Ming Zhis shoulder. No one will dare to get involved before we have the final battle with Sun family. They would have no choice but to remain neutral. Only when there is a clear victor can they ensure that they stand on the right side.

Little things like this

Su Hao pointed at the huge building. It would be settled once our battle with Sun family ends. The winner gets everything.

Ming Zhi understood that.

Upon switching the environment, life improved for all.

Su Hao usually spent his energy to create permanent models on normal days. He was preparing sufficient amounts of energy for the battle. He started with the water dispenser, table, and floor. Finally, he moved the whole office into his model world.

The relation between Hunter Organization and Sun family was getting worse.

Everyone was wondering why Sun family did not take action. At this moment, perhaps Su Hao was the only exception as he could guess why they had not taken action yet.

Since Meng Tai and Cai Lu were dead, was there still any specialized espers in service of Sun family?

Jianghe City, Sun family.

After receiving the report from the hospital, Sun Batian was relieved. Finally, his sons injury was getting better.

In order to seek a suitable organ for transplant purposes, he had made countless calls to others.

Finally, he spent a few billion to make an artificial organ. What made him speechless was his sons reaction to that. Sun Yaotian requested for an extra large artificial p*nis.

He almost vomited out his blood when he got the request.

What kind of son was this?

Was he really the upcoming successor to Sun family?

Sun Batian felt regret. That year, he should have shot to the wall instead!

However, no matter what, this matter could be considered closed. As Sun Yaotian was recovering, he could be relieved now. After this, there were some debts that should be collected.

Dao Ba

Sun Batian had great murderous intentions in his eyes.