Godly Model Creator Chapter 267

Gmc Chapter 267

Chapter 0267    Esper invading!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

Dao Ba, Sun Batian knew of this man.

Sun familys file record had data on numerous people who were deemed dangerous. For the assessment of Dao Ba, the level of danger was very low and there was even the fact that Dao Ba was only slightly threatening when he had a sniper rifle. When Dao Ba revealed his figure, the danger was almost zero.

Sun familys file record was operated by numerous people.

After a few years time and constant upgrades, this system was finally perfected. However, never did he expect that the systems first error would cause his son to nearly lose his reproductive ability.

Exactly where is the wrong part?

Sun Batian stared at the file for a long time without a word.

Previously, there was a problem with this system due to Su Hao!

That seemingly weak young man had stirred up Sun family and flipped it upside down! The current state of Sun Yaotian, half of it was contributed by Su Hao. Although the previous Sun Yaotian was stubborn, at least his strength was not bad. Today, with countless shadows imprinted on him, Sun Yaotian had lost all ability to compete.

For tasks which required exploration, Sun Yaotian already had a psychological fear toward them.

Sun Batian realized this but he could not solve it.

A few days ago, he had even spent a hefty amount to invite Master Feng to play his piano origin technique. He never expected that the moment his son heard it, he was frightened. His face was so weird. Only then did Sun Batian notice that Su Hao had played the same piece that day.

That fear had been rooted deep in his heart.

Even piano origin technique was no longer effective, what else could he do?

Such a state had continued until Su Hao died. Only then did his sons condition become better. Unfortunately, it did not last for long until this matter occurred. Additionally, it was a hunter who was labeled as one with very little risk in the system! They had spent billions on this system yet it was useless?

Last time regarding Su Hao, it was because of lacking information. However, what about now?

Sun Batians face was a little cold.

Not sure.

The engineers had a bitter expression, The assessment system is based on origin ability, influence, IQ, mastery of theoretical basis, previously completed task record, relationship, and other factors all combined.

And this Dao Ba several of his stats have changed.


Sun Batian suddenly hit the table, To be able to one hit kill Wang Yuefeng and Shadow and unite the hunters circle, such a person has a danger level of nearly zero? Only when the individual show their true strength will the system know about it? Then what do I need the system for?

Everyone kept quiet out of fear.

Get the f*ck out of here! If such a problem arises again, this system will be abolished!

Sun Batian coldly said as everyone quickly retreated in fear. At this time, Housekeeper Zhang slowly walked in finally and quietly said, He is here.

Sun Batians expression then only relaxed a bit, Ask him to enter then.

Dong! Dong!

Oppressive footsteps could be heard. A young man casually walked in. He had a strange pale face as he respectfully reported to Sun Batian, Im back.

Not bad.

Sun Batians eyes revealed a look of satisfaction, At first, I thought you would only be a level 1 esper. Never did I expect that after all this time, you finally reached level 2. Great! Great!

My task was interrupted. To accept it again would waste a lot of my time, the young man said with a frown. Meng Tai and Cai Lu couldnt complete the task?

They  are both dead.

Sun Batians expression became cold again, Youre the only specialized esper left under my wing.

The young man revealed a hint of shock.

Later, Old Zhang will explain it to you.

Sun Batian then transferred the data to him, This man, his name is Dao Ba. Origin ability of 20 points, yet he could one hit kill Shadow who was at the peak of beginner esper. He then united the hunters circle and declared war on Sun family. The video footage from the airport disappeared and nothing about him could be obtained.

20 points? Hunter?

The young man released a thick murderous intent, I alone am enough to eradicate them all!

Control your anger.

Sun Batian looked at him coldly, I dont want you to take the same step as Meng Tai. Although this Dao Ba wasnt strong, he wasnt stupid. To dare to challenge my Sun family, he must have someone supporting his back. Perhaps, it might even be some dominant force in Jianghe City. Dont look down on him.

The young man then replied, Yes!

Go down then.

Sun Batian instructed, Bring more people, there must absolutely be no flaw!

This man must die!

In the building of Hunter Organization, Su Hao kept establishing models non-stop while discarding bottles of recovery drug. When intermediate origin recovery drugs were coupled with beginner origin star technique, it was sufficient to sustain Su Haos permanent model establishment.

Dozens of intermediate recovery drugs were consumed at an extreme rate, causing Ming Zhi who was following Su Hao around to be speechless. What was the boss cultivating that his energy consumption was that horrifying!?

Intermediate origin star technique, there is still no news about it?

Su Hao asked in a low tone.


Ming Zhi bitterly smiled, The most popular and highest ranked cultivation technique in the market is the advanced origin cultivation technique, the price itself was already astronomical one. Even beginner origin star technique could not be found. Such a rare technique, even in the black market, very few people could afford it.

Su Hao nodded. He had indeed made Ming Zhis life difficult.

Intermediate origin star technique, only those at the specialized level would perhaps use it. As for someone like Su Hao, who was extremely hungry for more energy, he belonged to the minority.

Then just pay more attention to any news regarding intermediate origin star technique. There must be someone who has it.

Su Hao muttered to himself.


Ming Zhi quickly wrote it down.


As both of them were chatting, the office suddenly shook. A lot of items on the table were dropped to the floor. When he heard a roar, Su Hao was aware of the energy fluctuation coming from downstairs. Such a sound

Sun family was finally here!

Su Haos face changed as he instantly rushed down.

In front of the building, a hundred well-dressed Sun familys guards were standing there quietly. In front of them, was a young man with an extremely pale face and a one meter tall bloody wolf! A number of people had been injured. Traces of the bloody wolfs attacks could be seen on their bodies.

Bloody wolf?

Su Haos pupils shrunk.

This how could this happen?

Dao Ba?

The young man laughed out loud, Let me introduce myself for a bit. This lowly servant is Shi Xian, the captain of Sun familys security team.


Su Hao, who was attending to the several injured hunters, sneered, Shi Xian? I remember that Sun familys security team captain is Meng Tai. Is my information wrong?

Meng Tai has his own task.

Shi Xian smiled indifferently, This is nothing for you to worry about. You better have a good look at the current situation in front. You think you hunters will be able to leave here alive? Since Im here, you all must die!

Su Hao turned cold. This man had such a strong self confidence!

This was not like when the arrogant Sun Yaotian simply boasted. Instead, this was out of true capability. This mans strength must be strong!


A formidable aura was released from Shi Xians body. Sweeping across the hunters, they did not dare to give in and glared back. However, the aura of the hundred men were suppressed by Shi Xian alone. His strength was undoubtable!


Shi Xian coldly grumped. A trace of energy was then targeted toward the crowd.

Su Haos eyes lit up and he was able to capture this little hint of energy. With a punch, he destroyed the energy in mid-air. Since the energy exploded in mid-air, Su Hao was not harmed.


Shi Xian smiled, To be able to reach this state when youre only a beginner esper, you deserve to be my opponent. Too bad, Sun family has decided to kill everyone with no exceptions!


Waves by waves of Sun family men rushed over.

Su Hao coldly laughed, Fight!

The hunters also began to swarm and clashed with Sun familys men. A terrifying war broke out everywhere, except for the area surrounding Su Hao and Shi Xian. Nobody dared to approach them.


Shi Xian smirked. The bloody wolf under his feet opened its mouth wide, Aowu~

Bloody wolf, kill him!


The huge body of bloody wolf suddenly charged like a shot red arrow. Instantly, it appeared in front of Su Hao.

Such a fast speed!

Su Hao became alarmed. As his figure evaded sideways, he began to show his military fighting technique and fiercely punched at the wolfs body. As both had their first confrontation, the bloody wolf was blasted away. It then had to roll once on the ground before regaining its footing. Its eyes were still glaring at him coldly. Surprisingly, there was no damage inflicted.

Such a thick fur!

Su Hao was a bit shocked.

High speed!

Strong defense!

Its sharp teeth and claws proved how strong its attack power was. Such a horrifying berserk beast, how could it obey Shi Xian?



Without giving Su Hao any opportunity to think, the bloody wolf took this moment to attack once again. Even with its experience just now, it was not afraid at all to confront Su Hao again. While evading its attacks, Su Hao would occasionally counter attack but the wolf did not seem bothered at all. Very soon, he was in a disadvantaged situation.

Damn it!

Su Hao cursed in his heart. He could not continue on like this!

A light flashed in his eyes. At this moment, Su Haos eyes quickly fixed on Shi Xian. Perhaps, the current actions of the wolf were controlled by Shi Xian. If so

What was his ability then?

Blue light flashed within Su Haos eyes. After he activated his model analysis, Shi Xians character model was soon established within his mind!