Godly Model Creator Chapter 268

Gmc Chapter 268

Chapter 0268    Wild summon!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.


As the character model was established, card after card appeared!

After stepping into specialized espers, there was no longer such thing as point assessment. Su Hao subconsciously ignored this and directly inspected the cards.

Origin cultivation technique: Origin transition technique.

The level was not shown, in other words, Shi Xian had already achieved complete mastery of this technique.

Ability talent: Wild summon.

It is actually this ability!

Su Haos eyes revealed an astonished look.

He had come across this ability in a textbook.

This ability, wild summon, releases an aura which would attract beasts to attach itself to you. It allows the ability use to become a beastmaster. There are cases when special auras would cause berserk beasts to surrender willingly!

This was a special summoning ability!

Unlike other summonings, this one could change your aura. As of now, Su Hao was pretty sure that Shi Xians aura right now belonged to the bloody wolf king! Because of this, the bloody wolf obeyed his instructions.

To be able to make a bloody wolf which was equal to a level 1 esper obey him, Shi Xians strength must be at least level 1 or above. Since Su Hao did not notice a huge gap in strength between them, Shi Xian must not have reached level 3 yet.

His strength should be around level 2.

Su Hao quickly obtained the results he wanted and once again glanced at the remaining floating cards. Soon, an unusually bright card appeared in Su Haos sight.

Origin consumption: Intermediate origin refinement!

Intermediate origin refinement?

Su Hao was so excited that he almost shouted out loud. This was too amazing!

These few days, he had asked Ming Zhi to search in countless places to find the intermediate origin star technique and the origin refinement. Sadly, these items which only specialized espers needed could not be found in ordinary places! Not to mention the rarity of these two techniques.

Never did he expect to see one here.

Buddy, you came at the right moment!

Su Hao smirked. Who cared about whatever summoning? This opportunity, if he missed it, then it would be hard to get a second chance! At this time, Shi Xian was concentrating mostly on the bloody wolf so his model was easily established. If he focused back on his body, then the connection would be cut off.

Card read!

Card selection complete intermediate origin refinement...card model analyzing...card model establishing...card model beginning to form...

Su Hao did not hesitate to use his ability. While looking at the progress of the card being read, Su Hao quietly evaded the attacks from the bloody wolf. From outside, nobody could notice any differences from him.

Very soon, a brand new card appeared within his mind.


Name: Intermediate origin refinement.

Rating: 2 stars.

Descirption: Able to improve the quality of ones energy, significantly reduces energy consumption.



Su Haos eyes lit up.


A red flash passed by, followed by a cold chill. Su Haos mind was caught in surprise.


A sharp claw hit his left arm, leaving a deep scar. Su Hao took a few steps back and looked at the scar on his arm with some shock.

From such a position, he should have been able to evade the attack!

He was actually hurt?

His calculations had an error!

Hehe, Dao Ba...

Shi Xian grinned evilly, This is just the beginning. To disrupt this young masters task, you will know what is a real death soon!

Su Haos eyes focused on the bloody wolf.

That moment just now the bloody wolfs speed had increased! He had thought that Shi Xian could only control the bloody wolfs body but never did he expect that Shi Xian would be able to stimulate it too!

An exclusive origin technique!

Just now, Shi Xian had definitely used his exclusive origin technique. That was why the bloody wolfs strength surged just now, causing Su Hao to receive a scratch when he evaded.


The bloody wolfs speed increased once again. Sure enough, it was as he had thought!

I mustnt delay any more!

Su Haos eyes turned cold as he looked at Shi Xian. If the bloody wolfs speed was fast, this daddy will kill you first!


Su Haos body erupted and he suddenly changed direction and headed toward Shi Xian.

Such a joke.

Shi Xian coldly grinned.

Su Hao once again saw a flash of red in front of his eyes. The figure of bloody wolf once again blocked his path.


His punch directed the bloody wolfs body which was as hard as iron.


The bloody wolf was blasted away, rolling over the ground before it casually regained its footing. It stared at Su Hao. It was still safe and sound. Its skin was too thick to penetrate.

Damn it!

Su Hao cursed in his heart. It seemed he could only use origin technique now.


The bloody wolf howled again and madly charged. Su Hao once again staged the previous scene. Just that this time, he did not hesitate to use his universal origin technique - mountain crash!


A terrifying force was produced from his body and directly struck the bloody wolfs body and it was blasted away again. No matter how thick its skin was, it would be completely overwhelmed when facing such an extraordinary force. No sounds could be heard from it anymore.

The bloody wolf was dead.

Only then did Su Hao turn his body around, coldly staring at Shi Xian.

Mountain crash!

Shi Xian was shocked, This was the reward I obtained from one of the tasks, an unusually precious origin technique. Because I couldnt use it, I gave it away. How could you have it!

Su Haos eyes frowned. So this was the original owner of mountain crash.

You dont have to worry about this.

Su Hao smirked, Since the bloody wolf is dead, I am curious how much strength you have now.


Shi Xian coldly stared at Su Hao, Not answering? Never mind after I capture you, you will spill it out then. As for the bloody wolf, you think I only bring one beast along?

Su Hao sneered. He had used his model analysis to scan the surroundings earlier. Besides the bloody wolf, there were no other beasts. Without bothering with Shi Xians words, Su Hao did not hesitate to punch at him.

Shi Xian grinned at him quietly.


As Su Haos punch was about to hit Shi Xian, he suddenly felt a chill lock onto his head.

Damn, its above!

Su Haos mind was surprised. If not for his quick evasion, he would have died on the spot.


Su Hao did not hesitate to retreat. When he turned around, he saw a bird standing in front of Shi Xian. Once it spread its wings, it was a full three meters wide!

This is...

Su Haos pupils shrank. He finally recalled what this was.

Berserk beast: Bloody feather bird. Sharp beak, incredible speed. It can fly with its huge wings and has its own fatally powerful origin technique. This was the information he read on some random magazine, which warned of unusual danger. Because for ordinary espers, it was basically a one hit death!

Shi Xians ability was wild summon.

He could only summon one beast at a time. Because if the kings aura changed, perhaps even the berserk beast he controlled might turn around and kill him instead!

Su Hao had scanned his surroundings but never did he expect it to be in the sky!


Shi Xian noticed Su Haos surprise and suddenly laughed out loud, I know mountain crash well. Accumulating energy in the body, it is able to produce extraordinary strength for a second. In a short period of time, perhaps you can only use it once. Will you be able to use it again? Haha, bloody feather, go and play with him!


A cold wind spread around.

As the bloody feather opened its wings wide, a strong wind was produced.



Numerous wind blades were heading toward Su Hao with strong killing intent. Almost covering every corner, the bloody feather wanted to end this at once.

Synchronous playback!

Su Hao closed his eyes at this moment.

A gorgeous model world appeared. With the 3D model being played back, it allowed Su Hao to see every gap in between each wind blade clearly. His figure was moving like the wind and he dodged every attack of the bloody feather. Under the countless wind blades, Su Hao leisurely avoided them all as if he was taking a troll.

This...how could this be?

Shi Xians face changed greatly. He was clear of the bloody feathers strength. Under this attack, it could even manage to one hit kill a level 3 esper! However, at this moment, this terrifying attack actually did not affect Su Hao at all. This was unbelievable!

Sure enough, he has the skill!

Shi Xians pupil shrank, watching Su Hao who was avoiding with ease, Brat, you are the one who forced me!

Bloody feather!


A buzzing sound could be heard coming from sky. At this moment, the sky filled with wind blades seemed to have disappeared, returning to the body of the bloody feather. Its body then turned completely red and it radiated with a heavy killing intent.

It was at this second that the whole body of the bloody feather became a weapon! Each feather was like an energy weapon which could produce a powerful strike at any moment.

This is...

Su Haos eyes became alert. His alertness was brought to the highest level.


A red shadow flashed in front. Su Hao subconsiously retreated several meters away.


Countless stones cracked. The room behind him had actually turned into a ruin with this one attack. The bloody feather coldly turned its body, locking onto Su Hao with its two red glaring eyes. As if it did not want to give him any time to recover, it charged at Su Hao once again.

Such a fast speed!

Such terrifying strength!

Such a good agility!

Without even having the time to react, Su Hao was blasted away. He could feel sweetness in his throat. The air and the wall on his back were stained with blood.


Yet another ruin was formed.

Suddenly, the scene went silent.

Ridiculous! He actually hasnt reached specialized yet?

Shi xian sneered, In the strongest state of bloody feather, he actually couldnt withstand even one move. Such a boring one Kill every hunter here, nobody is to be spared!

Shi Xian gave his order and turned away.

However, when he was walking away, his figure halted and he suddenly turned his head back. Shi Xian was shocked as he actually saw a figure slowly climb up from the ruins and dust.

What made him terrified was those eyes...