Godly Model Creator Chapter 269

Gmc Chapter 269

Chapter 0269    Kill!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Dear Shi Xian, taking advantage of me and running away is not how an esper should behave.

Su Hao crawled out from the ruins and said. Although his whole body was full of blood, however, he didnt seem to be nervous. He calmly stared at Shi Xian.

Shi Xian was frightened by Su Haos eyes. Both of his eyes were shining mysteriously. That mysterious energy from within his soul seemed to have shocked Shi Xian.

Five star origin technique-- Illusion reality!

Reality in the left eye!

Illusion in the right eye!

When Su Hao used the technique, he realized that the huge consumption of energy wasnt a waste. His left eye was synchronizing the reality while his right eye was forecasting the future!

The amount of energy inside Su Hao was not able to sustain this technique. Hence, all the accumulated perfect models within his mind were released through model reversal at once.




Inside the model world, there were countless of explosion sounds due to model reversal. Finally, the energy released was able to sustain the technique. Su Hao stared at Shi Xian and said, I will kill you within 10 seconds.

Stop pretending!

Shi Xian tried to ignore the afraidness in his mind and said, You arent even at the specialized level yet. Bloody feather, kill him!


As the wind blew, bloody feathers figure rose up.

A bloody shadow flashed through, its speed increased promptly as it flew toward Su Hao. Meanwhile, Su Hao gently moved aside.


One step!

Su Hao avoided the attack. The powerful attack of the bloody feather landed on a wall. The circumstance was so weird that Su Hao walked slowly but bloody feather seemed to purposely miss its attack.

Damn, how can it be?

Shi Xian was mad and he controlled the bloody feather to cast the swift attack again. However, Su Hao easily stepped aside and avoided it.

The attack missed again!


Shi Xian was furious. It was his strongest attack, and it had no effect at all against Su Hao?

Was it because of his eyes?

Origin technique?


Lets see how long you can sustain. After defeating you, I can know all of your secrets!

Shi Xian got extremely mad and directed his bloody feather to attack Su Hao again.




Bloody lightning appeared in the sky. The illusions of the bloody feather were everywhere, as if hundreds of bloody feathers were chasing Su Hao. Each illusion brought along one critical attack, yet Su Hao managed to avoid all of them.

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Shi Xian was crazily chasing Su Hao. He seemed to be crazy but in fact, he was smart. No matter what type of skill Dao Ba was using, the consumption must be high. He would just need to wait until the moment Dao Ba used up his energy.

It was almost ten seconds

Su Haos voice being heard from all around shocked Shi Xian.

Time to end this!

Su Hao calmly walked towards Shi Xian. Bloody feather immediately tried to stop him, but none of its attacks was able to hurt Su Hao. It was as if Su Hao walked in a straight line without any obstacles.

Damn! Kill him!

Shi Xian was afraid. The strong bloody feather couldnt even stop Su Hao for a second. As Su Hao was getting closer to him, he had no idea on what to do. Was he going to be killed by some nobody?


Absolutely not!

Yea let bloody feather protect me in front.

No matter how he avoids, eventually he will be here.

I couldnt catch you, but I should be able to defend!

Shi Xian finally woke up from his state of stupor. He instructed bloody feather to block in front of him, feeling relieved. However, he saw a cape suddenly appeared on the back of Su Hao.

A breeze could be felt.


A shadow flashed, Shi Xians pupils widened as he felt pain in his chest. He looked in disbelief and his eyesight went blurry, losing all of his senses. He fell on the ground like a piece of wood, indicating his death. The red light on bloody feathers eyes disappeared. As Shi Xian was dead, it seemed to be free of Shi Xians control.



Su Hao sent his attacks on to the bloody feather. He hit the bloody feathers chest for consecutive combos and then accumulated fighting points the final strike on it. The final strike created a bloody hole in the chest of the bloody feather.


The bloody feather was killed by Su Hao!

An instant dead!

So this was the standard for a level 2 esper?

Su Hao stared at his model world silently. Although he had high expectations for the opponent from the Sun family, the standard of level 2 espers was still out of his expectations. Within 10 seconds of using illusion reality, all the permanent model stored were completely used.

Moreover, only with the help of shadow cloak did he managed to kill Shi Xian. If Shi Xian was already so strong, how strong is Sun Batian?

Get stronger!

I must get stronger!

Su Hao felt a strong ambition to become stronger in his heart. After staring around for awhile, Su Hao said, Those who are from the Sun family, surrender or die!


All people looked at Su Hao and saw that Shi Xian and his bloody feather were dead.

They died?

It was totally unexpected for the Sun family members.

That was Shi Xian!

A level 2 esper!

He just died like that?

Shi Xian could easily handle different types of opponents as he had a strong origin ability, wild summon. However, such a powerful esper was killed by Dao Ba. Since when did the Hunter Organization in Jianghe City become so powerful?

Kill them!

The hunters were excitingly rushing to kill those who were from Sun family upon the death of Shi Xian.


Those people from the Sun family surrendered immediately.

Shi Xian was dead, what was the point for them to still fight?

The hunters tied them up.

Ming Zhi was curious regarding this move and asked, Boss, why wouldnt we kill all of them. We are now the enemy of the Sun family. Basically, there isnt any margin for us to compromise.

Dont you think that they worth a lot of money?

Su Hao smiled and said, Tie them up and sell to the Sun family, 1 million star dollars for each captive, lets see if the Sun family want to save them.

1 million star dollars?

Ming Zhi was stunned by the price. It wouldnt cost that much on training up a basic level esper. A million star dollar for each captive, Sun family would be crazy if they agreed with that. After Ming Zhi thought for a bit, he understood the whole circumstance.

Such a relentless plan!

It was expensive for one million dollars per head, but could the Sun family reject the trade?


They must buy!

If they didnt buy back the captives, how would others think about them? It was normal for them to be defeated after the death of Shi Xian. If Sun family decided to give up on them, for sure the others subordinates would lose faith.

Hence no matter what, they had to spend the money.

If we do this, it would cause more damage to us if the Sun family attack us again. Moreover, it wasnt good to risk our peoples lives in exchange for money. Ming Zhi was still feeling uneasy with it.

I know.

Su Hao smiled and said, Hence, you have to take the money to buy various types of recovery drugs. Keep some advanced recovery drug for me, other than that distribute the drugs to our people to recover and increase their power. We must win the war for our brothers who have been sacrificed!

Oh, I see!

Ming Zhi was excited. The method was perfect, killing people from Sun family, getting resources from them, and provide the resources to their own people for training. When the power of their brothers increased, the possibility of staying alive would get higher too. Other than that, it was out of his consideration.

Of course, it can also earn some buffer time for us.

Su Hao sneered and said, The Hunter Organization isnt powerful. After this battle, we will need some time to recover. Meanwhile, it is a great opportunity to negotiate with the Sun family. You will represent the Hunter Organization to negotiate with the Sun family, drag it on for as long as possible!

No problem.

Ming Zhi was confident. Although he wasnt good in battle, he was proud of his speaking skills and intelligence level.

Through the discussion of two people, they created a perfect plan.

The Hunter Organization won!

It was shocking news in Jianghe City.

The news of the death of Shi Xian was spread out. He was known by the public as a level 2 esper with a mysterious ability talent. However, such a powerful candidate who represents the Suns family for a fight was killed by Dao Ba!

Dao Ba was so powerful?

This was the question for all. All the little forces who intended to take advantage of the Hunter Organization decided to give up. Dao Ba could defeat a level 2 esper definitely was not someone to provoke. All the forces paused their actions and observed how things were going on.

A moment later after the news was released, there came a more bombastic news.

Sun family and the Hunter Organization ceased fire!

Ceased fire?!