Godly Model Creator Chapter 270

Gmc Chapter 270

Chapter 0270    Iron Plate Assassin!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


This was everyones first reaction, it was actually unimaginable. These two powers were no joke. Since Sun Yaotian became crippled and Shi Xian dead, the Sun family obviously wouldnt let the Hunter Organization off, why would they stop the war then? And what was more interesting....

When everyone knew the party who initiated the ceasefire was the Hunter Organization, they were completely baffled!

Are the brains of the Hunter Organization broken?

This was the reaction of the crowd.

Right before the complete victory, this was such a great opportunity to end it! They couldve brought the whole organization to get rid of the Sun family, how great would that be! You could destroy a level 2 esper, why would you be afraid of Sun Batian? To ceasefire at this time, it simply was wasting the best opportunity to seal the victory.

When the crowd knew that Hunter Organization wanted to discuss conditions, they already had no strength to mock or being sarcastic.


Is Dao Ba actually a retard?

He actually let off the Sun family members, that is unbelievable!

For just a mere 100 million star dollars, he betrayed his own brothers, that is simply

His greed will harm him in the end! Once Sun Batians army is restored and they attack, the Hunter Organization will then be completely finished! At that point those prisoners who have been released just now, will come back as part of the main force. Dao Ba is seeking death! I heard before that although he is cautious, his IQ is totally useless, looking at this moment, its indeed so.

Is it worth it?

Countless insults spread out. In the eyes of everyone, Dao Ba had completely become someone who put wealth over health and someone who was short-sighted. No matter which angle people viewed the ceasefire from, they could only conclude that a ceasefire with the Sun family was an unbearably hilarious choice. Of course the over 100 million star dollars was a huge loss to the Sun family, but money can be recovered and the Sun family wasnt lacking money.

This choice was simply digging their own graves!

Very quickly, those who originally favored the Hunters Organization due to Shi Xians death promptly changed their reasoning.

Dao Ba, this person cant be a capable person!

No matter how much his power has increased, his IQ cant be increased! Such a choice will completely cause the already disadvantaged Hunter Organization to sink into the abyss!

Such a pity, if they are to completely engage in a battle now, perhaps the Hunter Organization would still stand a chance.

While many people from the Jianghe City were making their own comments and judgments, at this moment in the crowds eyes, the extremely ridiculous, hard to become great Su Hao, was strongly charging his energy to read a card.




The energy within him wildly emerged, the surrounding number of drug bottles were scattered on the ground. Su Haos legs crossed as he sat down, a bright light shone in his eyes. This was the moment he was waiting for!


An explosion occurred in his mind!

A grey colored card was quickly highlighted!

Intermediate origin refinement, complete!


The training content of the intermediate origin refinement...

The scene of Shi Xians intermediate origin refinement training...

The training method of the intermediate origin refinement...

Su Haos eyes flashed. He felt that the energy in his body seemed to have an indiscernible change. Very quickly the energy in his body was calmly restored, as if there werent any changes.

Model analysis, start!

Permanent model, establish!


In the model world, an office was formed and Su Hao revealed a delighted expression when he looked at the energy consumption. The consumption of energy was actually reduced by 50%!


What was this concept!

This meant that Su Haos ability actually doubled!

The duration of illusion reality could last even longer now!

Sure enough, I didnt take the wrong path!

After a moment of delight, a bittersweet smile was revealed on Su Haos face, But at such a huge expense

How much money was used?

If it wasnt calculated no one would know but once calculated, everyone would be shocked.

Using ones fingers to calculate Su Haos progress until today, they would find that he actually already spent billions of star dollars!

In order to complete the progress of various types of origin ability cards, saving lots of time on training, the amount of energy spent in this period was simply innumerable. For any other person, who completed their origin ability talent training, they couldve possibly had an increase in 200 points or more! But for Su Hao it was just a mere 50 points, it simply was a huge loss in points...

Model analysis is actually quite difficult to master!

This was Su Haos conclusion.

If a few billion star dollar were used on someone else, even if it was those grade B talents, a few specialized espers would have been produced. However when it was used on him, he actually. only reached the peak of the beginner esper level!

Of course, these billions were also quite valuable.

Even with the same origin ability points, Su Haos ability was far more powerful than what was seen on the surface!

Under the use of the 5-star origin technique, it could even kill Shi Xian!

This was Su Haos abilities!

Only lacking advanced origin refinement and intermediate origin star technique.

Su Hao thought for a moment, his eyes gazed at the communication device on his hand.

Perhaps that place had it?

What Su Hao meant was naturally the Piao Ling organization. His communication device was bound to the natural selection class, but Dao Bas communication device instead was bound to the Piao Ling organization!

Ever since his escape from the ruins, Su Hao had been making preparations to battle the Sun family, therefore he was fully concentrating on making his origin ability breakthrough. He totally had no time to worry about his current assignments. But now was a rare temporary respite, the increase of his abilities also temporarily slowed down. Perhaps the things he needed could possibly be in the hands of the Piao Ling organization.

He remembered back then he accepted two tasks!

One of them was the blueprint task by the Origin Ability Association. The task reward was 20 million star dollar and the other task was Piao Ling organizations assassination, the killing points were lucrative! The tasks from the Origin Ability Association, due to its unique nature and the possibility of the exposure of his identity, Su Hao never considered.

But the Piao Ling task was instead very safe.

But more importantly, did the deaths of the tens of specialized espers in Jin and Hua families, the tens of pathfinders, and the few basic assistants count towards that task?

He booted up the Piao Ling organization system and a familiar task interface popped up.

Piao Ling Organization Assassination Task

Target person: Jinhua Citys Jin family members, Jinhua Citys Hua family members

Target Location: Ruins

Task reward:

Jin family members, 100 killing points

Hua family members, 100 killing points

Jin family specialized esper, 1000 killing points

Hua family specialized esper, 1000 killing points

This was the task he received earlier. Because the communication was disrupted in the ruins, after exiting he didnt make a submission, the task had always been in an incomplete state.

Ding dong!

Su Hao pressed the red stop button on the screen, the task information was immediately refreshed. Among the crammed task information appeared before him, a series of information caused Su Hao to be blinded!

Submitting, please wait

Task information is submitted

Analyzing task information

Targeting model comparison

Task assessment made...

Task assessment complete!

Piao Ling organization task assessment is already complete, task serial number being entered into statistics.

Uploading recorded information.

Information assessment complete.

The assessment of your execution of the task is as follow:

Hello, man in white. After assessing the your execution this task, the total number of Jin family and Hua family members killed were 32, a total of 3200 killing points. Killed 20 Jin family espers and Hua family espers, a total of 20,000 killing points. Your current killing points are 23,460 points.


Su Hao was shocked by the amount, this was something comparable to task points. Because of his actions causing everyones death, all of the deaths were counted on his head!

And with the inclusion of the leftover 260 points, it actually became this horrific value!

And Su Haos delight didnt end there.

Congratulations, man in white! Due to you breaking the 10,000 killing points milestone, your abilities have been recorded in the Piao Ling organization ranking system. You are now qualified to receive a rank!

Your current rank: Iron plate, ranking: Number 30,000.

Congratulations, man in white. You are promoted to the Piao Ling Organization Iron Plate assassin!

Jurisdiction increased! Current jurisdiction: Iron Plate!

Slaughter shop opened to Iron Plate jurisdiction! You now have access to the slaughter shop and can purchase items that only Iron Plate Assassins can enjoy!

Congratulations in becoming a official assassin for the organization!


Su Hao looked at the series of information and was stunned.

Assassin Rank?

Iron Plate Assassin?

Rank 30,000?

Su Hao felt that his evaluation towards the assassin organization was too low. Such a perfect organization was definitely a giant! After some thought, being pursued by a juggernaut such as the Origin Ability Association and actually surviving, who would still dare to belittle them?!

And at this moment, Su Hao also saw the items he wished to purchase in the slaughter shop.

Intermediate origin star technique: 6,000 killing points.

Advanced origin star technique: 8,000 killing points.

Advanced origin refinement technique: 8,000 killing points.

Indeed they have everything!

Su Haos eyes lit up, if all of these were mastered his abilities wouldnt just double! It definitely will be multifold!

In his opinion, these training methods were all origin techniques. For someone who hungered for energy, these definitely were incomparable treasures to upgrading his abilities!

When he was at school in the past, he had a body filled with energy but had no place to use it. Like a magician full of mana bars, but his skills were useless...

But now?

He was like one who had mastered the super forbidden spells that could destroy worlds and cities, but didnt have enough mana to cast them this seemed to be even more bitter! Even his mana wasnt sufficient enough for using the lowest possible tier magic!

These three training techniques definitely could help him comply with the requirements and increase his abilities.

As his hand shivered excitedly, Su Hao prepared to make the purchase.

But as he was about to press the purchase button, an expression of doubt flashed through his eyes. He hesitated for a moment, before eventually stopping himself.

A countless number of lights flashed in his eyes as Su Hao analyzed the pros and cons.

Finally, he actually gave up!

Right before the temptation of increasing his abilities, Su Hao actually forced himself to stop. This actually required a huge amount of determination! But for Su Hao to stop, there must be only one reason!

The price was too low!

Not worthwhile!

The increase of energy was enough to cause his abilities to increase dramatically, but when he faced Sun Batian?

He still wouldnt be able to defeat him!

Illusion reality was indeed a special technique, but if he couldnt break the opponents defenses, then what else could he do? Sun Batians abilities are definitely far above Shi Xians. Even if the duration of illusion reality increases, whether Su Hao was able to kill him or not wasnt guaranteed.

If he wanted to truly defeat Sun Batian, he first needed to become a specialized esper!

Advanced origin refinement and intermediate origin star technique, perhaps the Sun family has these or Sun Batian knows these.

Su Hao thought if he purchased these with the precious killing points, its totally not worthwhile. Good metal must be used on swords and daggers, if these lucrative killing points were used during specialized esper breakthroughs, obviously it would be more worthwhile!

The next step, charge towards the specialized esper level!

Su Haos expression sparkled. After his long time of struggling, he had finally reached the requirement to breakthrough and become a specialized esper. As long as he entered into the specialized level, even if he faced Sun Batian he would not have to worry!