Godly Model Creator Chapter 271

Gmc Chapter 271

Chapter 0271    Sway someone through pillow talk

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

Jianghe City, Sun family.


A cup was forcefully thrown to the floor. Only then were there some signs of ease from Sun Batians green face. Recently, his luck had been tested to the extreme. Random clowns had been trying to step on his tail.

Su Hao was one of them.

This Dao Ba too!

Originally, he thought that Hunter Organization was just a group of nobodies yet they won! The part that made his anger reach its extreme was the death of Shi Xian

He was the only surviving specialize esper of the Sun family. This was really ridiculous.

Do you want to contact first young master?


Sun Batian coldly shook his head, Just let him manage himself in Zhanzheng College. His main focus is poison and drugs and he is good at conspiracies. In our family, he was no better than a waste. What my Sun family wants is true strength!


Housekeeper Zhang secretly sighed. After so many years, the distance between master and young master had still not been eliminated.

How is the situation over there?

Sun Batian frowned.

We have contacted Chen family and they had agreed to make move. This Hunter Organization has not been checked upon for quite some time. It is about time to give them a lesson. No matter how weaker the four giants become, it wont be the turn for Hunter Organization to step over our heads. This is the intent of Chen family, Housekeeper Zhang softly replied.


Sun Batian nodded with satisfaction. His eyes lit up, Sun and Chen family cooperating will be more than enough to overturn the whole Jianghe City. Just a mere Hunter Organization, this time we will eliminate them once and for all!

Three days later.

The relationship between Sun family and Hunter Organization had been getting tenser and tenser. At this time, Su Hao as the leader of Hunter Organization was enjoying himself on the hotbed.

Hugging Chen Yirans lovable body, Su Hao felt that the time of happiness in this world was only so.

With his current identity as a dead man, Su Hao had also begun to be more open. Rules and restrictions were not equal to the current pleasure he enjoyed. Both of them loved each other and this was more than enough. Although he was busy with his days in Hunter Organization, he didnt want to leave out Chen Yiran. Thus, he would visit her every few days.

Do you know in Jianghe City, there is this Hunter Organization?

Chen Yiran rubbed around Su Haos chest and softly asked.


Su Hao frowned. He wasnt using his identity as Dao Ba. How would Chen Yiran know? Perhaps

A couple of days ago, my dad went to Sun family and it seems that they joined forces to eradicate Hunter Organization, Chen Yiran said without any hesitation.


Su Haos mind jumped.

He could still barely cope with Sun family but if Chen family were to join the party too


They must absolutely not join hands!

What happened?

Chen Yiran noticed Su Haos strange expression.

Su Hao bitterly smiled, Did you know that Dao Ba was killed by me long ago?

That leader of Hunter Organization?

Chen Yirans eyes grew wide, Then that Dao Ba now...

Its me.

Su Hao bitterly smiled, I havent married you yet I already need to confront father-in-law. Im so stressed.


Chen Yiran resisted her laughter before she gently pointed at Su Haos head, Take that. Who asked you to not inform me about it? Since Hunter Organization is in your hand, I will ask dad to stop.


Su Hao nodded but he felt that something was not right.

Chen Yiran looked at him curiously.

Su Hao locked his eyebrows. After pondering for a moment, he finally blurted out, You say, does this counted as swaying someone through pillow talk?


Chen Yiran couldnt hold it in anymore and burst into laughter as she lay on Su Haos body.

Su Hao rolled his eyes. What was so funny about this.

Of course it is.

Chen Yiran half supported herself. Her half revealed breasts were covered by her long hair. She lovingly glanced at Su Hao before her red lips slowly approached him, So, in order for me to stop my dad from taking action, you have to serve this empress well...hmm, you have to blow a good pillow talk.


Su Haos heart was brimming with heat.

Chen Yiran had always been elegant. Since when had he seen her like this before?

You brat.

Su Hao directly threw himself on her.

Yea, hate you...yea...

The curtain quietly fell down to block the scene on the bed. Even the moon hid within the clouds as if it was embarrassed by these two.

A night quietly passed by.

The following day, Su Hao returned to Hunter Organization energetically.

Ming Zhi rushed into the office anxiously, Boss, this is no good. I received the news that Chen family might lend a hand to Sun family. If the two giants act together, our organization will not be able to survive.

Oh, dont worry.

Su Hao calmly waved his hand.

Dont worry?

Ming Zhis eyes widened. This was Sun and Chen family! No matter how strong his boss was, he would be utterly destroyed if he faced them both at once! He thought that Su Hao hadnt heard him clearly and quickly explained again.

Su Hap patted his shoulder, I have already solved this matter. Rest assured, Chen family wont make any moves.



Chen family wont make a move?

Ming Zhi scratched his head, feeling confused. He had just received the news on his side and had quickly rushed in. Yet boss said it had already been solved? It was nothing but Chen family! A giant of Jianghe City would listen to their boss? Subconsciously, Ming Zhi asked.

Boss, how did you solve it?

Su Hao faintly glanced at him. Thinking for a moment, how did he solve it? Of course, he would not tell he did so while on the bed.


Su Hao sighed. Being a boss wasnt easy. This girl of his, sooner or later he would be drained dry by her. However, having said that, he never knew that energy could be used in this way too...that feeling


Looking at Su Haos expression, he suddenly felt some chill.

Oh, nothing.

Su Hao quickly shifted the topic, Forget about Chen family. What about the information regarding specialized espers?

Already found.

Ming Zhi quickly transferred the information to Su Hao, This is the information bought from the black market. It greatly details how to breakthrough to specialized esper.

En, you can go first.

Su Hao waved his hand, Ask them to work hard. If they can breakthrough, then do so. Give a body strengthening drug to each of them. Although Chen family wont make a move, that doesnt mean Sun family wont find. At that time, it will still be a hard fight.


Ming Zhi excitedly replied.

Everyone was to be given a bottle of body strengthening drug? Which force was willing to be so generous? However, thinking of all the resources coming from Sun family, Ming Zhi acknowledged his boss. Now this was could be called a real improvement! The next time they confronted Sun family, they must destroy Sun family.

This guy...

Su Hao shook his head before he looked at the information.

Because of his rapid increase in strength, his understanding of specialized espers was still foggy. In a matter of months, he had spent billions and reached the peak of beginner esper. At this moment, it was finally time to concentrate on this mysterious specialized level.

Specialized why specialized?

Beginner...what is beginner?

A new world was revealed before Su Haos eyes.

If he was to describe origin ability based on building construction, beginner level was the foundation. Only when a solid foundation was built could a stable tall building be formed. Only when you were strong in the beginner level could you be even more formidable as you breakthrough to specialized esper.

And the minimum requirement before attempting to breakthrough was 400 points in physical fitness and fighting techniques as well as 20 points in origin ability.

Only when you were sufficiently qualified could you smoothly breakthrough to specialized esper.

If you failed, you would have to attempt it again!

What about breaking through when you were qualified enough yet?

Of course this was possible.

In this world, you can pass any exam or hurdle with connection, bribery and the like. Of course, this included breaking through to specialized esper. By using some herbs or special stimuli, even an unqualified esper could breakthrough.

However, so what if you manage to breakthrough with such a method?

When your foundation was not even solid, you dare to build a high rise building upon it? Perhaps, it might even collapse halfway through the process. Even if you barely built it, it would just be nothing more than trash!

Thus, if you wanted to be strong, you needed a solid foundation.

The more floors you wanted to build, the more important it was to ensure that the foundation was solid.

Only when the foundation was solid would the high rise building stand still.

This was the so-called specialized esper!

You could only build a commercial building or a small bungalow with a solid foundation. Even a farm or convention hall is possible. You can build whatever you want! Of course, all of these were only possible when the foundation was solid.

And origin ability was the same.

The beginning stage of origin ability was very neutral without much difference from each other. Only when espers were able to integrate more with their ability talent that various skills could be used, increasing ones strength without limit!

When the building was successfully built, it was time to renovate and decorate it to achieve perfection. Only then could such a building be sold. The same building, because of differences in these criteria, could vary greatly in value.

And this was the so called professional esper!

Beginner, specialized, and professional espers, one step at a time to become a strong esper!

Origin ability characteristics...

Su Hao read and digested all the information within his mind. His main focus was directed toward origin ability characteristics. Previously, when Su Wan had told him about this, she had mentioned this. Only after breakthrough to specialized esper could your origin ability begin to show some characteristics.

Su Hao read through the information regarding this and soon he obtained the answer he sought.

An unexpected answer.