Godly Model Creator Chapter 272

Gmc Chapter 272

Chapter 0272   Wasnt this a bit too much?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

To breakthrough into a specialized esper, it was very simple!

It was too simple that one couldnt believe it!

When a bottle of origin fusion drug and another bottle of origin characteristics drug were consumed together, ones origin ability would undergo a transformation and become a specialized esper.

Its that simple?

Su Hao somehow couldnt believe this. There were so many espers in Jianghe City, yet those who were able to breakthrough into a specialized esper were only a handful of people. How could it be that simple? Origin fusion drug was needless to be mentioned. It was just an intermediate drug which was used to aid the application of the origin characteristics drug. However, it did not seem to have any help during the breakthrough process.

Could it be because of a problem with the origin characteristics drug?

Su Hao began to ponder. If there was no problem during the process, then the problem would be in the origin characteristics drug. Once again he researched for more information regarding this drug. Numerous information popped out on the screen.

Origin characteristics drug, it is divided into countless types due to different characteristics.

Burst, stabilize, disperse, healing, illusion, berserk and so on. Among them, the effect would be different based on the materials used in creating the drug. There was also the compatibility between the drug and ability talent to factor in, causing the failure rate to become even higher!

Sure enough.

Su Haos eyes flashed. The main factor to breakthrough from a beginner to a specialized esper was all on the origin characteristics drug. The stronger the effect of the drug, the higher the failure rate would be. Nobody would be selecting a weaker drug to breakthrough and eventually, the number of espers who could smoothly breakthrough was very rare.


Su Hao began to show his interest, Now where to buy origin characteristics drugs?

Scrolling to the bottom, Su Hao suddenly became speechless. Because he could only see a few familiar words, Origin Ability Association! Although origin characteristics drugs were completed by pharmacists, the distribution right was in the hands of the Origin Ability Association!

Damn, I should have thought of it earlier!

Su Hao shook his head as he bitterly laughed. As the world organization, Origin Ability Association definitely had a lot of influence. Such an important item like the origin characteristics drug, the association would definitely sell it.

There were also some on Piaoling Organizations system. However, after having a quick look, Su Hao was caught by surprise.

Origin fusion drug was fine but origin characteristics drug, he won't mention about those thousands to tens of thousands killing points but amazingly, he knew very little about them!

Su Hao glanced at the virtual screen.

Thunder drug?

What the heck is that?

Serum drug?

What about this?

He could recognize that those were advanced drugs. but Su Hao was totally clueless regarding their specifics. Not to mention that they must be compatible with one's own ability talent. If he simply used one which wasnt compatible, it might even backfire!

Seems that I have to go for a visit to the Origin Ability Association.

Half an hour later, Su Hao arrived there.

However, just when he entered the zone specified for these drugs, Su Hao was dumbfounded. He actually thought he had entered the wrong place was this really the zone for drugs?

Come and have a look. This newly produced illusion drug allows your origin ability to have an endless illusion effect. Dont miss this opportunity!

Big sale on ice drug! Only a million star dollars, you didnt see it wrong. Only a million and you can take this ice drug home! This is the best price for your perfect breakthrough!

Buy one, get one free! First come, first serve! The shop supports online ordering. You can even book too!


Watching the crowd, Su Hao recalled the scene when he went to buy food down his house. This scene wasnt strange at all since he had seen it many times but they were selling origin characteristics drugs! Wasnt this a bit too much?

There were only a handful of specialized espers. How could there be so many selling these drugs?

Were there people buying for them?

As his heart was pondering this, Su Hao saw a few young men, who were far from reaching 20 points in origin ability, haggle the price in a store. After a battle of words, the young men held an drug and left.


There were actually people who bought these?

Su Hao was in disbelief. Their origin ability hadnt reached 20 points, could they be buying it just to keep it as a Buddha statue?

Hey, boss. Are you new here?

A crafty looking little fatty quickly ran over and wasnt afraid of Su Haos sinister looking face, You must be new to this place right?

Su Hao, Hehe, yea.

Regarding this strange scene, he really didnt know what to say

Are you getting excited too?

Little fatty smiled, At first when I came here for the very first time, I was shocked too. The legendary specialized espers, besides their strength, they werent any different from ordinary men. In this area where fighting is prohibited, sellers can simply slaughter off customers or customers bargaining.

Su Hao, ...

Bargaining was not the main point here. How could there be so many espers here to buy origin characteristics drugs? Although there was plenty of these drugs, the success rate was so low. Yet why would there be so many espers here to buy them?

Su Hao really couldnt understand.

Haha, these people are all from Jianghe City or those nearby cities to pick up some drugs. If they were unable to buy it in their city, naturally they would come to other cities and look for it.

Little fatty shrugged his shoulder as if he was used to this.

There were many espers who breakthrough into a specialized esper here? Su Hao couldnt help but ask.


Little fatty was shocked as his fat face tightened. He then quickly waved his hand, What joke is this! You think it is that easy to breakthrough? The reason they are here is because they failed.


Su Hao was stunned. All these people, they had failed before?

This what situation was this?

Spending countless of star dollars just to buy a failure? What is this man...

To increase ones strength.

Little fatty patiently explained to Su Hao, How hard it is to breakthrough to become a specialized esper? How many specialized espers are in Jianghe City? In a year, perhaps not even one could be seen. Thus for ordinary espers, they would never consider it. The only aim they have is to improve their strength!

20 points origin ability? No no it would definitely be out of reach for them. As long they managed to reach 15 points, they would be willing to consume an origin characteristics drug! As for failing, it was inevitable. As long as they managed to integrate 10% of the drug, their future strength would be greatly enhanced!

So it was this!

Su Hao couldnt help being amazed at human wisdom.

Since there was no hope of a breakthrough, even if they only manage to integrate 10%, it would be extremely useful in critical moments.

At this moment, Su Hao finally understood the warning Su Wan gave to him. No wonder the school never allows students to know about all this information. When your strength was sufficient, naturally there would be one to inform you. If students were informed earlier, there would definitely be quite a number of them who would go ahead and consume drugs!

This was without a doubt a move which would waste your future!

This stupid move, someone would definitely do it!

Su Hao had a look around.

The zone was huge with numerous sellers, but mainly they were selling elemental drugs such as ice and fire. This drug, even a small amount would be effective in increasing their strength. For them, it was simply the best shortcut to do so.

So it was like this.

After learning the truth, Su Hao could only bitterly smile.


Little fatty looked at Su Hao for a moment and felt surprised, Perhaps you want to buy an drug to assist in your breakthrough?

Of course!

Su Hao smiled indifferently, Do they sell it here?

That is needless to say!

Little fatty was startled and quickly replied. To be daring to try to breakthrough into a specialized esper, he must possess formidable strength! Regardless whether he would succeed or not, his origin ability must have at least reached 20 points! At first, he thought this man was just a newbie since he looked so clueless, yet he turned out to be someone strong!

Such person, he dared not to offend!

Bring me there to have a look.

Su Hao had lost interest in these items in his surroundings.


Little fatty happily led Su Hao.

As a salesman, his job was naturally to bring new customers to his own store or friends. Obviously, this little fatty was doing just that.

Soon, Su Hao arrived in front of a store.

This time, the store looked much better. With translucent glass as protection, bottles of crystal clear origin characteristics drug were displayed. Just from the appearance, one could clearly see that it was different from those stores earlier.

In the counter, dozens of bottles of drugs were neatly arranged. In front of each bottle, the price tag was displayed. From a million to billions, the price was in such a huge range. A little counter, having drugs worth billions, were they not afraid of being robbed?

Su Hao glanced for a bit at the storefront and suddenly shocked. There was a signboard showing the name of the store - Zhou familys chain store. This store turned out to be the Zhou familys business!

Anything I can help with?

A sweet looking salesgirl asked.

Nothing, let me have a look first.

Su Hao looked for a moment. All these bottles were filled with mysterious drugs. Despite being sealed in a bottle, it exhibited a faint energy fluctuation. There were even some flame type drugs which seemed like it could burst at any moment.

This was the stepping stone to become a specialized esper?

It was indeed mysterious!

Su Hao exclaimed.

Bottle by bottle of drugs passed through his sight before Su Haos eyes lit up. He then pointed at a beautiful blue liquid filled bottle and asked.

What is this drug?