Godly Model Creator Chapter 273

Gmc Chapter 273

Chapter 0273    Master, what the heck are you doing?

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What drug is this?

Hi, sir. The is an origin characteristic drug for deep ocean ice element which is suitable for various water element ability talents. It can strengthen your ice ability and increase the density of your origin ability, your skill will then be much more powerful. You can purchase according to your needs, the price for this drug is only 30 million star dollars!

30 million star dollars

The drug wasnt expensive and it fitted perfectly to the ability talent of Chen Yiran.

However, considering the financial capability of Chens family, he guessed Chen Yiran would not use this kind of cheap drug. Su Hao shook his head and continued to look around for other items.

Sir, if you can tell us your ability talent and your needs, we can serve you better. However, if you want to have privacy on it, you can install the new apps developed by our company. Upon entering your needs and ability talent, it will automatically match the most suitable drug for you.

The salesgirl said to Su Hao.

Alright, no problem.

Su Hao took out his communication device and scanned through, an app was installed successfully.

After entering model analysis into the apps and several numeric ability factors, he pressed the submit button. A moment later, the result came out.

Your origin ability talent is model analysis. We will suggest getting a drug that reduces energy consumption and increase the capacity of energy.

There are two product recommendations:

  1. Fire refinement drug. Upon fusing this drug, origin ability will be having characteristics of fire. Due to the strong refinement and absorbing effect, it will reduce the consumption of energy. Upon successfully fusing, it will reduce around 20 to 500 units of consumption. The effect will last permanently. The price is 50 million star dollar.

  2. Cold spring, hot air drug. Upon fusing this drug, due to the characteristics of hot air in a cold spring, the dual effect of hot and cold will increase the training efficiency and increase the capacity of energy in the body. Upon successfully fusing, it will increase a total of around 50 to 300 units of energy capacity. The effect lasts permanently. The price is 30 million star dollar.

Other than the best recommendations we can customize the drug according to your request.

Press here for model stabilization.

Press here for rapid model forming.

Press here

A huge number of messages was displayed and it had a really good suggestion for the talent of model analysis. Su Hao was so attracted to the description and almost decided to buy them on the spot. The energy consumption and capacity was his first priority at the moment. Meanwhile, the strength of origin ability wasnt that important for him. If he was able to fuse with any of the two drugs, he would be much powerful.

After the explanation by the salesgirl, Su Hao had some idea on it.

However, he decided to compare the price of different shops before he made the decision to purchase. Meanwhile, the salesgirl smiled and said, Sir, if it was because of the price, perhaps we can negotiate on that.


Su Hao was interested and asked the salesgirl, Can you make all of it free?

The salesgirl passed him a flyer, According to the terms and conditions of our company, we could provide a free drug for you if you join us.


Su Hao was shocked.

Such a generous offer from the Zhou family!

The world wasnt in a peace now. The Zhou family had their planning on that. A bottle of origin characteristics drug in exchange for an esper with 20 points of origin ability, it was a fair deal. Moreover, if the esper could improve afterward if he wasnt the leader of the Hunter Organization right now, he might have agreed to this deal.

The Zhou family had such a large ambition.

Erm, I will consider it.

Su Hao smiled and left the Zhous family shop.

Most of the shops were owned by the strong forces of Jianghe city. The price offered for the drugs were almost the same after Su Hao visited a few other shops. Although the name for the drugs was different, the effects were similar.

Su Hao searched for the drugs in the Piaoling Organizations system.

Origin characteristics drugs that help in energy capacity and consumption were few. Among the drugs, the Zhou familys product was the best.

Even the Piaoling Organization doesnt have a better choice?

Su Hao frowned and looked at his own account. The Piaoling Organization as an international group was supposed to have something better. Meanwhile, the reason that it didnt appear might be obvious.

The accessibility of Su Hao was not enough!

An Iron Plate Assassin could only access this much.

Alright, seems like the Piaoling Organization could provide me something better. How about just purchasing the fire refinement drug?

Su Hao was considering about that. Among all the drugs, the fire refinement drug was the best.

Indeed, it was also the most expensive drug.

While he decided to buy it, Su Hao suddenly recalled something. During the introduction, it said that origin characteristics drug was made by pharmacists.


Su Hao immediately checked some information related to pharmacists.

The requirement for different drugs differed according to its formula and production method. However, only advanced pharmacists managed to produce this drug! The profit of one origin characteristics drug could be more than 10 times its cost.

As long as there was a 10% rate of success, it would be breakeven.

If there was a 20% success rate, the profit would be double up the costs.

What if was 30%, 40%, 50% and so on?

Upon reaching the level of an advanced pharmacist, only such pharmacists could escape the life of poverty. That was the reason why the status of advanced pharmacists was high in society.

How about trying it myself?

Su Hao suddenly got interested in that as he was actually an advanced pharmacist too.

Although he was just a newbie in this field.

However, he decided to give up that idea after considering it for a while.

There were a few reasons for the decision. He had no luxury of time, no formula and no skill. Even if he could make it, he would not dare to use the drug either. Hence, he decided to get the product directly.


Su Hao had another idea come to mind. He couldnt make it, but what about his master?

His master was a grandmaster pharmacist, it would be a piece of cake for him to make such a drug. It would be a waste to not utilizing such resources from his master. It had already been a few days since he visited his master, that old man might be worrying about him as well.

Su Hao controlled the will of purchasing the drug and headed towards the pharmacy.

Jianghe city, Sun family.

Sun Batian was sitting in the living room with a gloomy face. When everything was getting ready to attack the Hunter Organization, Chen Haonian decided to withdraw himself and Chen family from the plan. From his wife, he knew that it was because of Chen Yiran.

Su Hao was dead in Jinhua City. Chen Yiran was in extremely unstable emotions after that. Hence, they were clear that no matter what Chen Yiran requested at this moment, Chen Haonian as a father would definitely agree with her.

The reason that Chen Yiran stopped Chens family from helping them...

From Sun Batian perspective, obviously, Chen Yiran had released her anger of Su Haos death onto Sun Yaotian. Sun Batian felt helpless under this circumstances.

It was because of his son again!

Why was his son always so unlucky?

However, no matter what he had to accept it. Chen Haonian could only bear all the responsibility for his daughter, so Sun Batian had to for his son.

I can find someone else to help other than the Chen family.

Sun Batian sneered and said, We are the great Sun family, how bad could our circumstances be? Housekeeper Zhang, help me contact the Yue family, I want to have a talk with them.

Alright! Housekeeper Zhang nodded and said.

Other than this, how is it going for the case I asked you to proceed with? Sun Batian asked.

There are three more days. Housekeeper Zhang said in a respectful manner.


Sun Batian nodded, sneered and said, We spent 10 billion star dollars to get that, the cash flow of Sun family almost collapsed. This time, Xiao Bing must succeed in becoming a specialized esper. After that, we can eliminate the Hunter Organization easily!

The withdrawal of Chen family seemed to not affect Sun Batian at all. As the ruler of this area, Sun Batian would never keep all his eggs in one basket.

Every plan must have a plan B.

Cough cough---

Su Hao coughed as he opened up the door of the pharmacy.

What the

There was dust everywhere in the room. Su Hao was shocked by the thickness of the dust. It seemed to be at least one month since somebody had come here. Was it possible that master left after he had left the city?

After looking around, Su Hao shook his head.

Everything here didn't change at all since he had left. Hence, there was a big possibility that his master left here on the same day when he left Jianghe city.

This master...

Su Hao shook his head again. He was still worrying that his master would be mad when he got the news that he died. It seemed like he shouldnt worry about that. He cleaned up the room so that his master would know that he was alive when he came back.

That was enough.

If his master came back and thought that he was dead and told his family, he would be in trouble.

After cleaning up the room, Su Hao opened up the door to leave the place. However, he heard a very low pitch sound all of sudden. Was it a sound from outside?


The sound...

It was from down below.

Was it a thief or?

Su Hao activated his model analysis. Endlessly covering the store within a 10-meter radius.

He could clearly observe that Zhang Zhongtian was in the underground experimental laboratory. He seemed to be extremely tired, with a pale face and two dark circles under his eyes. There were also many empty packets of compressed biscuits in the laboratory.

Su Hao had a crazy realization.

Master hadnt left the laboratory for a month?!