Godly Model Creator Chapter 274

Gmc Chapter 274

Chapter 0274    Who is the predator!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Entering the underground laboratory, Su Hao looked at his masters pale looking expression...damn, he couldnt be dead right?!

Huh, Su Hao youre back?

Zhang Zhongtian raised his pale face as he glanced at Su Hao, This ruin exploration, I thought you would be gone for quite some time. Why did you come back after a few days?

A few days?

Su Hao rolled his eyes, It has been two months already!

Two months?

Zhang Zhongtian was shocked. Then he looked at the date on his alarm clock.

End of January, damn!

So it is already that long?

Zhang Zhongtian murmured to himself before soon, his spirit became excited again. Both his eyes lit up, Su Hao, you came at the right time. My experiment is completed. Hahahaha! A new drug is completed! This old man will change the world! Hahahaha!

Zhang Zhongtian madly laughed. Su Hao then looked at a bottle of a blue drug within some experimenting equipment.

Intermediate body strengthening drug?

Su Haos eyes lit up.

Intermediate body strengthening drug?

Zhang Zhongtian smirked, This is much better than it by countless times! To be able to utilize the side effect to the limit, your physical body will definitely have a huge leap in improvement. This is a product out of this world! From now on, it will be called intermediate body tempering drug! As long as it passes the final living organism experiment, then I can smoothly start selling it!

Zhang Zhongtian looked so excited that he was preparing to continue his experiment.

Su Hao, who was sweating heavily, quickly stopped him and told him all the events happening these days. After listening, Zhang Zhongtian looked at Su Hao with a weird expression.

Since when did this disciple of his actually start to aim to become a specialized esper?

What type do you want?

Zhang Zhongtians expression was somehow dignified.

Energy refinement or those which increase energy density!

Su Hao said without any hesitation.

True, your model analysis, that bloody monstrous energy consumption... Zhang Zhongtian then said in a low tone, This kind of drug is quite rare. I will help you produce it.

After Zhang Zhongtian contacted someone with his communication device, he then informed Su Hao.

There is not much of this drug in this department. As for the quantity, it was needless to say. My friend did accidentally produce one. But right now, he is occupied with something. If you wait for him, it might take several months. If you can wait, I can ask him to send it over here later. But if youre in a rush...

Someone spent a huge sum of money and bought an expensive origin characteristics drug from the headquarters of the Pharmacist Association. These two days, it would pass through Jinhua City before arriving here. The drug is unknown and it was said to be related to energy refinement. All I can tell you is that the one who produced this is definitely a formidable pharmacist scholar! Zhang Zhongtian cautiously said.

Su Haos mind was shocked.

Pharmacist scholar?

This was someone who was more capable than a master countless times. Even just a portion of a drug created by him, countless people would desire it! And a portion of the drug would be arriving in Jianghe City If this news was released, riots would definitely breakout!

Hold on

Master telling him this 

What was his intention?

Su Hao surprisingly looked at Zhang Zhongtian who was showing a strange expression, Brat, are you tempted?


Su Hao embarrassingly asked, This item belongs to who?

Sun family.


Su Haos eyes brightened!

Regarding this news, all the masters in the association knew a little about it. However, only a few in Jianghe City knows this. It will definitely get leaked sooner or later. By then, many will be tempted as well. Zhang Zhongtian smirked, You brat, are you prepared?

To steal an item away doesnt seem right.

Su Hao embarrassingly said.


Zhang Zhongtian patted on his shoulder, You brat! Still trying to act innocent?

Master, please pay attention to the main point.

Su Hao sweated profusely.

Zhang Zhongtian snappily said, Later, I will sort out the information and send it to you. You brat quickly get out of here now!


Su Hao then suddenly thought of something, Master, do you still have any six senses drug?

Its all gone!

Zhang Zhongtian shook his head, That item, it was partly my luck that I was able to obtain it. Later on, I didnt encounter anymore. If you want, you can pay a visit to the black market.

En, alright.

Then only did Su Hao leave the room.

Scholar pharmacist scholar grade drug although his capability was without much description, the word scholar alone was enough to make everyone crazy!

I must get it!

Su Haos eyes lit up.

Zhang Zhongtian thoughtfully watched the figure of his disciple leave and then frowned. He knew the nature of his disciple well, his heart wasnt bad, hard-working, while talented and cautious, but the only regrettable point was

Not ruthless enough!

He had too much misgivings!

Whenever he made a move, he would always consider the consequences of failure. Even when he was about to be a specialized esper, he was still the same. However, Zhang Zhongtian had to admit that the fate of the Sun family and Su Hao seemed to be entangled and it would not end until one side died.

If it was me, what would I do after provoking the Sun family?

Zhang Zhongtian tilted his head and had a thought for a moment before weirdly smiling, Just a bottle of drug and the Sun family would be utterly destroyed. How could there be all this nonsense happening?

After all, Jianghe City...is still Su Haos hometown...

Zhang Zhongtian seemed to understand, No matter how Su Hao acts, he doesnt want to make a mess here. To be precise, he wants his family to have a perfect place to live! This brat he thinks too much! Hope that Sun family would be the final stepping stone for him!

Su Hao, master is looking forward to the moment you rise!

Zhang Zhongtian smiled indifferently and once again devoted himself to studying the body tempering drug. Since his disciple had been improving his strength, as a master, Zhang Zhongtian mustn't fall behind either.

He would be the pharmacist that would change the world one day!

Three days passed in a blink.

Outside of Jianghe City, a figure with dark blue clothing moved within the darkness of the night. His figure kept moving non stop like a genie. If there were people here, one would be able to recognize the man in such clothing should be the so-called legendary delivery man!

Taking the path no ordinary person would take!

Delivering item which ordinary people wont!

No matter what item, even if its a bomb, they would deliver on time. They were none other than delivery men!

The delivery man moved so swiftly within the forest before suddenly staying in place.


A cold voice could be heard, loud like a thunder!

Hehe...indeed worthy to be a delivery man. The path you take is so unique. Do you know this old man had to spend so much effort to find you? A burly man walked out from shadow as he coldly stared at the delivery man.

Leave the item behind and get lost. Then, I will spare your life.


The delivery man sneered and didnt talk any nonsense, Kill!


Two different energy confronted each other in the sky, causing a bright light and illuminated the surrounding. It was such a dazzling sight like a firework. Lurking within bushes, several people could now be seen. If not because of the sudden light, nobody would be able to notice them!

The burly man and delivery man finally ended their confrontation.

Get out now!

With a loud bang, both of them charged at the spot where they saw several people. Numerous sound could be heard as a few figures came down from the tree.

It was actually three people!

Its you guys? Damn, actually trying to take advantage of me! Beware if the food is too hard, it will harm your teeth instead! The burly man laughed out loud, With your strength, you are trying to provoke the Sun family. If Sun Batian knew about this, it will be fun to watch how you guys survive.

Hehe, arent you too?

One of them laughed, If he knew you acted too, you think you can flee? Everyone here is the same. Let our strength decide the outcome. I think it is better to get rid of the delivery man first before deciding the spoils of war. Else it wont be fun if something unexpected happens.


Those people seemed to know each other. Just a few sentences and they formed an alliance. Surrounded by four people, the delivery man was trapped in the middle!

It seemed that they had decided to kill the delivery man first!

The delivery man, standing in the middle without wavering. He had met such situations many times. Looking around, four level 1 esper, with his current strength he couldnt get rid of them on the spot. However, if his time was delayed or more people were attracted here, then the situation would be worse.


The delivery man took out a little electronic component from his hand about the size of a thumb. It was made of steel and round in shape, like a ring with a button in the middle.


The delivery man pressed the button and immediately threw it away.


A bright white light flashed. Compared to before, it was countless times brighter. Such a high-intensity flash caused everyone to be blinded. What was even more strange was that this high-intensity flash actually was just contained within 10 meters.

What followed later was screams of pain due to their burning eyes.

The delivery man smirked and began to move again as he prepared to leave.

At this time, not far away within some thick bushes, Su Hao was quietly lying there motionless. Even if the delivery man was about to leave, he didnt take any action.

Because from his 2D mapping, he could clearly see at a spot about 50 meters away, there was a huge red dots, not moving.

There were still others!

Besides those people outside, there was still a person lurking around and hiding very well! Now, it depends on who has the better patience!

Su Hao stared at the red dot the whole time!

The delivery man was about to leave are you not planning to make a move?