Godly Model Creator Chapter 275

Gmc Chapter 275

Chapter 0275    Sun Batians strength!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Praying mantis or bird?

It depended on who could endure longer!

As the delivery man was about to leave, that red dot was still motionless. Su Hao didnt make a single move either. Only at the very last second would the red dot finally move!


An intense murderous intent suddenly enveloped the delivery man. He was obviously stunned and quickly responded. With two different energy clashing in mid-air, two figures had to retreat a few steps back.

So there was still someone waiting!

The delivery man looked at the man in front in shock, So youre the last bird here.


The man laughed out loud, This is a test of patience. Who is able to persevere to the end will be the winner. Fortunately, every time I am always the last one waiting.

Every time...

The delivery man seemed to understand something as his eyes turned murderous, Youre a robber!


It was just another profession. Just like the name suggested, such men specialized in robbing items being delivered by delivery men and earned a huge profit doing one job.

Everyone, especially delivery men, extremely hated robbers.


Since he was a robber, there was nothing much to say.

The delivery man immediately acted!

A blurry figure passed within the forest. The delivery man was without a doubt a level two esper! His ability talent was more focused on speed. Once he made his move, it was direct and precise, making the opponent hard to see him. However, that sudden burst of speed was suddenly interrupted by a thunderbolt.

Level 3 esper!

The berserk aura instantly suppressed the delivery man. The fiery aura caused the surroundings to be dyed in red. The escape route of the delivery man was completely sealed off.


As flames burned the forest, the area for the delivery man to dodge attacks was gradually narrowing. Finally, it reached the state where he had nowhere to retreat. His ability talent was suppressed so that his speed advantage was not reliable anymore. Coupled with the fact that he was a level 2 esper, a moment later and the delivery man was totally suppressed by the robber.



Two successive attacks, caused the delivery man to be injured heavily and blasted to behind a tree.


A mouthful of blood was spat out. The delivery man coldly stared at him, Robber hehe, I would rather die than to give this item to you.

After saying so, the delivery man took out a fine box. With energy flashing in his hand, he was ready to destroy it. However, a flame from the robbers hand hit the box away, rolling a few times before it stopped under a random huge tree.

You ungrateful bastard!

The robber looked at the delivery man with his eyes full of killing intent, If you want to die, I will kill you then!

The delivery man desperately resisted. When he was about to say something, his eyes suddenly revealed a look of disbelief. Because he noticed under the tree, within the bushes, a hand quietly stretched out and took the box before putting it back in its original spot a few seconds later. 

It looked the same but any normal man could guess that the item in the box was now gone!

There was still other here?

This absurd idea popped out in the delivery mans mind.


I have something to say!

The delivery man said urgently.

What else is there to say!

The robber sneered, Thinking of leaving here alive? Its too late! I can take the item anytime from there!

No, there is...

The delivery man quickly said.

What is there? Brat, remember this man when youre in hell!

The robber sinisterly laughed before fiercely punching the delivery mans heart. Looking at his struggling expression, the delivery man was opening his mouth as if he had something to say. Without having the opportunity to say anything, his eyes were filled with hatred before turning into a hint of a strange smile which caused the robber to feel strange.

Damn you, even when youre dead, youre still trying to scare people!

The robber cursed for a bit and kicked away the delivery mans body before picking the box up.

Hehe, an origin characteristics drug which is worth 10 billion!

The robbers eyes lit up, 10 billion...it is indeed the right choice to spend 1 billion to obtain this news...

Walking to the front of a relatively hidden tree, the robber opened the box carefully. Inside, a bottle of a blue drug caused the robber to feel that it was familiar.

This is the 10 billion worth origin characteristics drug? Why do I feel like I have seen this before? This item it seems to be an ordinary origin recovery drug? The robber said with a puzzled look as he opened the bottle.

This is...


It is indeed an origin recovery drug!

The robber's face became pale. Consuming the drug, the energy within his body began to recover. The effect seemed to be not bad, it should be intermediate origin recovery drug.


Damn you delivery man!

Finally, the robber recalled back that weird expression of the delivery man during his dying breath. That brat knew about this! In other words this delivery man was just a cover-up! The real delivery man at this time should have delivered it to the Sun family. He was fooled!

Damn, the information he obtained was wrong!

My money! Was it all spent for nothing?!

The robber cursed out loud and threw the drug to the ground with all his might.


A hurried voice could be heard which caused the robber to be shocked. However, the bottle with the drug had already fallen to the ground.


Once the bottle dropped to the ground, it broke and caused the contents to spill out.

The man arrived at the scene from the sky, the familiar voice was so majestically coming from above. When the robber had a quick glance, his face turned white. He turned around to flee but in front of this man, he had no way to retreat!



A purple thunderbolt came from the sky as if it was from a thunder god, it covered a radius of more than ten meters. Such a situation made the robber reveal a look of despair!


Madly flee!

The robber fiercely headed to the outer part of the forest, but how could he catch up with the speed of thunder?


A lightning bolt hit the robbers body. Without even a scream, what was left was just ashes! A dignified level 3 esper in front of Sun Batian was just a target to one hit kill!

How could this be?!

Su Hao was shocked to the extreme! Lying in the bushes, he did not dare to make a single move. He knew that Sun Batian was powerful, but not to this extent!

That was after all a level 3 esper!

At this point, he finally knew why Sun Batian still didnt put the Hunter Organization in his eyes even after losing three specialized espers. Because he had the strength to do so!

To be able to one hit kill a level 3 esper, this was definitely not a feat anyone under level 5 could do! Even Jin Feng and Song Biao, they were still pale in comparison.

Sun Batian, the chairman of the Sun Group.

Level 6 esper!

Only a level 6 esper could possess such strength! Able to kill easily level 5 espers and below, it was as if he had the authority to decide ones death!

This is such a terrifying man!

Looking at Sun Batian, Su Hao was secretly afraid. During the Chou familys rebellion, Sun Batian didnt even show his true strength. This man, one must not be the enemy of him!

As his mind was full of thoughts, Su Hao quietly stayed at his spot and dared not to move.


Sun Batian fiercely stepped on the spot where the robber disappeared, No matter who youre, for being such a daring man to snatch Sun familys property, you deserve a death without a funeral!


Sun Batian waved his hand, causing countless trees to fall. The destroyed drug really made Sun Batian extremely angry at this moment!

After all, Sun Batian is Sun Batian.

Just a moment later, he was able to regain his calm and then gave some thought to a little problem he found, This isnt right! If the robbers target is origin characteristics drug, then why did he destroy it!

Sun Batian frowned and checked the spilled drug for a bit, This is an origin recovery drug!

Thus, what the robber obtained was a spoilt harvest?

Sun Batian began to analyze the situation. The location of the delivery man was indeed here. Naturally it wouldnt be wrong. This robber had been fooled, but Sun Batian knew clearly that this was indeed the spot of the delivery man. Then did the problem lie with the delivery man? The possibility of this happening was very low, not to mention that the dead body of the delivery man was nearby.

If so

It was changed by another?

Sun Batians heart skipped a beat!

Since the delivery man was dead here, the other party must have waited for the chance to take the drug away, but both delivery man and robber didnt know about this. Since both were dead not too long ago, the person who exchanged the drug shouldnt be far away. It might even be possible that the person was still in the forest.


After Sun Batian thought clearly, his eyes turned cold, Lets see where you have run off to!



Countless rumbling sounds could be heard. A strange pattern appeared in mid-air and a mysterious mirror appeared on Sun Batians palm. With a faint silver light illuminating from the mirror, the scene was so mysterious. The delivery man kept appearing on the mirror.

Then the mirror slightly vibrated in mid-air. As the screen refreshed, it then showed a person.

Su Hao! Or the be exact, it was the other identity of his, Dao Ba! This meant that Dao Ba was the last person who touched this drug!

Its you again! Dao Ba!

Sun Batians pupil contracted. The fiery flame in his heart once again rose, Youre just courting your own death!

Position lock!

The image in the mirror changed and panned through forest before locking on Sun Batians position. Sun Batian felt puzzled, What happened? Is the heavenly mirror broken?

However, no matter how Sun Batian used it, there was no anomaly observed.

Sun Batian suddenly thought of one possibility.


Sun Batian suddenly struck with his feet, causing the ground to crack!

A shadow suddenly appeared and started to flee!