Godly Model Creator Chapter 276

Gmc Chapter 276

Chapter 0276    A Game of Chase and Kill

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Dao Ba!!!

Sun Batian had great murderous intent within his eyes.

He was just giving a try to make sure. However, he never thought that Dao Ba was really there and he almost ran away.


A thunderbolt appeared in front of Su Hao, blocking his path of escape. Su Hao stopped and turned his body towards Sun Batian and said, Long time no see, President Sun.

Indeed it is you!

Sun Batian sneered and said, I admire your courage for being brave enough to confront me when you are not even a specialized esper yet.

Su Hao shrugged and said, I got no other way, I am poor and not able to easily spend 10 billion like you.

Where is the drug? Give it to me.

Sun Batian coldly stare at Su Hao and said, Pass me the origin characteristics drug and I might consider not killing you.


Su Hao frowned and said, You seem very confident that you can catch me. Arent you afraid that I actually could escape?

By yourself?

Sun Batian disdainfully said, There was once a level 5 esper who had a speed type talent and tried to escape in front of me. I killed him on the spot. You are not even at the specialized level, yet you have the thought of escaping from me? Ridiculous!


Su Hao said, How about we have a bet? Lets see whether you as the ruler of Jianghe City, a level 6 esper is able to catch me or not.

Sun Batians eye turned cold.

Su hao smiled and stared him. The temperature around him dropped by a few celsius, as both of them were staring at each other.

Su Hao seemed fearless, but in fact he was extremely alert.

He secretly activated model analysis to the environment around him, observing every single action of Sun Batian but stayed away from him for at least one meter. Su Hao knew that once he got too close to Sun Batian, he could be easily destroyed and injured by Sun Batian.


Sun Batians aura slightly relaxed.

Right now!


Su Hao activated his ultimate skill!

Illusion Reality!


The view was separated into two and synchronized again. Reality in his left eye, illusion in his right eye, Su Hao was in the godlike mode again.


In the model world, Su Hao ran away once he activated his skill. However, within 10 meters he escaped, a horrifying purple thunderbolt struck at Su Hao from the sky! All the defense was useless toward such attack.

Upon getting struck by the thunderbolt, Su Haos body turned into dust.


In the real world, Su Hao activated his ability and fled. The way he went was exactly the same with the way in the model world. However, after moving away for around 10 meters, he changed his direction immediately. A moment later, a purple thunderbolt struck on his initial position as if it was like purposely avoiding Su Hao.




Endless purple thunderbolts struck continuously at Su Hao. However, the mysterious light in Su Haos eyesight made him godlike. For countless times, he was able to escape the murderous attack by Sun Batian. Su Hao was perfectly focused while in this dangerous circumstances.

He understood that once he was struck by a thunderbolt, he would definitely die.

Every step was at extremely high risk.

With the help of shadow cloak, Su Hao was escaping with the speed similar to a hover car! Sun Batian was chasing Su Hao closely behind, but he was completely fascinated by Su Hao!

How can it be possible?

Sun Batian couldnt believe that Su Hao could easily avoid all of his attacks. His origin ability talent was thunder, one of the elements with the most powerful damage and speed.

It was the element that was the most unlikely to be avoided.

Even when he was battling with another level 6 esper, the opponent could only defend his attack but not avoid. However, Su Hao who had not even reached the specialized level could easily avoid his attack with a few steps of movement.

Was it because of his special talent?

Sun Batian remembered that according to his information, Dao Bas talent was just weakly strengthening his body. It was impossible he had such an imbalanced talent.

If it wasnt talent, could it be a Nitai artifact?

An idea lit up in Sun Batians mind. He had a Nitai artifact too, such as the heavenly mirror that he used previously. However, not all Nitai artifacts could be used as a weapon. There were a lot of useless Nitai artifact, while a useful Nitai artifact was pretty rare.

An example of a strong Nitai artifact was the lightning sword owned by Chen Haonian. Once it was equipped, it could easily kill opponents of the same level. It was the reason why Sun Batian never thought of becoming the enemy of the Chen family. Now, this was a so-called true Nitai artifact!

It was one of Sun Batains biggest regrets that he was lacking a powerful Nitai artifact.

However, Da Bao seemed to own a powerful Nitai artifact that could foresee his opponents attacks!

If he could own it, he wouldnt be afraid of anyone from the same level!

I must get it!

Sun Batian launched his area attack to cover the area around Su Hao with intensive purple lightning. It was a critical area attack that couldnt be escaped by anyone. However, Su Hao surprisingly escaped the area right before the lightning area was formed.

He seemed to be foreseeing the attack right before it was used.

His speed is fast

Sun Batian was surprised. It was another Nitai artifact. Dao Ba, a normal beginner esper actually owned two Nitai artifacts. Was this even possible?


From the rumors, there was still quite a number of Nitai artifacts in the ruined ancient relics. All these Nitai artifacts were hidden under the desert. Many people had tried to seek for them in the desert. Perhaps Dao Ba might have gotten his Nitai artifacts from the desert?

Two high-quality Nitai artifacts!

Sun Batian couldnt hide the excitement in his eyes. If he could grab these two Nitai artifacts, he could easily unite all the forces in Jianghe City.

Meanwhile, how about Dao Ba?

A beginner esper, how much energy could he have?

Equipping two Nitai artifacts at once, for sure he couldnt last long from the consumption. If his guess was correct, Dao Ba would stop from having emptied his energy in a moment.

Sun Batians guess was right. Su Haos energy consumption was huge. Just from one minute of escaping, he could feel that the energy in his body was almost depleted.

Within 3 seconds, his energy would be completely empty.

It is almost time

Su Hao looked at Sun Batian who chased him without giving up. He then finally decided to play a game with him!

Permanent model, explode!


A permanent model inside his body exploded. A great amount of energy returned to Su Haos body. As his energy was filling up, Su Haos speed was boosted up again!

He easily escaped a lightning strike again.

Permanent model, explode!


Permanent model, explode!


With the unlimited supply of energy inside his body, the battle between a level 6 esper and beginner esper had turned into a game of tag. What was so surprising was that the level 6 esper was not able to catch up to his opponent. A moment later, both of them were in the depths of the forest.

Su Hao was running away crazily as Sun Batian closely followed him from behind. A great game of escape was happening in the forest at night.

Soon, both of them were getting further from the city.

They did not know where they were currently at.

Su Hao didnt expect that Sun Batian would be so patient in chasing him. It had been so long since he started his escape. However, Sun Batian was still following him closely behind without a pause.

Su Hao was stressing.


You are a chairman of the Sun Group!

Werent you supposed to be calm and confident? Why were you chasing me now like a mad dog? I knew 10 billion was a huge number, but according to the style of the Sun Batian, shouldnt he be instructed the Sun family to hunt Su Hao instead?

Had he analyzed incorrectly?

Su Hao was sad because he had been always proud of his analyzing skill. It was a great hit to his confidence for such a failure in analyzing. However, he didnt know that the reason Sun Batian was chasing him endlessly was because of a Nitai artifact that didnt exist.

By looking at the pair of red eyes of Sun Batian, Su Hao was sure that he would be killed instantly if he stopped for a moment.

However, Su Hao was not the only one who was surprised, Sun Batian was too!

He was tired of chasing him through a distance that covered almost a city. Nonetheless, he never thought that Dao Ba had such a high energy capacity. Although he was only a beginner esper, his energy capacity wasnt any less than Sun Batian.

What kind of talent is this?!

Sun Batian didnt know how much energy still remained in Su Hao. However, he knew that he had almost used up all of his energy. Since he became a level 6 esper, this was the worst fight he ever had.

This cannot continue this way!

Sun Batian stared at Su Hao crazily, I know you can foresee my attack. How about an attack where you have no way to escape?


Strong energy began to surround the area.

At the moment, countless of purple thunderbolts covered an area of one meter around Su Hao.

Su Hao stopped on the spot. He was shocked by looking at the huge attack area of the purple thunderbolts. From his foresight, he could see that there is only one possibility. He would be dead under this attack!

There was no way to escape!