Godly Model Creator Chapter 277

Gmc Chapter 277

Chapter 0277    Youre similar to Su Hao

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


A strange silence!

Su Hao just stood there and allowed himself to be surrounded by the monstrous thunder and lightning. Sun Batian stood in front of him, like a general who had the power to control life and death, mighty but filled with murderous intent!

Now, where are you going to escape?

Sun Batian pointed at Su Hao, I give you one last chance, give me the origin characteristics drug right now and I will spare your life! Otherwise, Id be willing to risk the destruction of the drug to slay you!

Sun Batians tone had no room for doubt.

If he said kill, he definitely shall kill!

Compared to two Nitai artifacts, it seemed that the origin characteristics drug had become less important.

Really? Why dont you give it a try!

Su Hao smiled indifferently. Coupled with his sinister expression, it looked very awkward.

A cold light flashed through Sun Batians eyes. Looking at Su Hao, unexpectedly he revealed a slightly strange expression, You look very similar to Su Hao, the same type of cockiness, the same type of annoyance, the same type of ignorance and rudeness, the same type of extreme audaciousness! Even from the tone of speech, all of them were so similar!

Who is Su Hao?

Su Hao frowned. His face was very calm.

You dont need to know.

Sun Batian sneered, However, very quickly, you will see him! Hes already waiting for you in hell, allow me, to send you there!


The voluminous thunder and lightning were concentrated and gathered together, like a dense electric web. From the edge, it drew towards the center and charged towards Su Haos surroundings. The sweat on Sun Batians forehead could be seen, such an overloading usage wasnt a small burden even to him.

You really think you can kill me?

Su Hao smiled happily.

What do you mean?

Sun Batians eyebrows slightly frowned. Up to this point, was Dao Ba this naive? Could it be possible that he still possessed another Nitai artifact? Such thought, even he himself felt that it was ridiculous!

This is the countryside, the domain of the berserk beasts.

Su Hao smiled as he disseminated the basic general knowledge to one of Jianghe Citys giants, That time, I still remember I caused a big stir at the periphery of the berserk beasts domain and triggered a berserk beast tide. And now, we are at the center of the berserk beast domain. With such a huge energy wave and during their sleeping hours, what do you think will happen?


Sun Batians expression changed.

Su Haos words seemed to have awakened him. Previously, more than 10 years ago, during the origin ability turmoil period, that was a period of fright and alarm. However instantly, he regained his senses. Looking at Su Haos fake smiling expression, he sneered, You and your pranks! Do you think I will allow you to leave a mark on my heart so easily?

As for this, you are as detestable as that Su Hao, you must die!

Su Hao smiled bitterly as he rubbed his nose.

Wiping off his sweat, doesnt this count as being shot while lying down?


Sun Batian sneered, the contraction of the thunder and lightning domain that was in his hands was complete, all it required was just a moment. Then he would destroy Su Hao. The only thing that caused him to be astonished was while he was drawing his net, Su Hao actually stared at him with such an indifferent look and engaged with him in idle chatter. He actually didnt make any counter attacks which was very strange.

Dao Ba, what plans do you actually have?

Have you given up?

Lets see what kind of ace you have!

Let me first kill you then we will know!

Sun Batian who was filled with murderous intent brutally charged and completely shrouded Su Hao. The dense hell of thunder and lightning finally completed and charged towards Su Hao. It seemed that in the next moment, it could obliterate Su Hao!

But at this moment!


Countless cracking sounds rang out, what followed was the smell of roasted meat and also a strange burnt smell.


Sun Batian raised his head and was shocked to notice since that, countless black monkeys, were above the thunder and lightning net and were attacking it with their lives. One got electrocuted, then the next one was burnt to death by electricity, and another black monkey charged upwards.

In a moment, the thunder and lightning domain that he worked so hard to set up was gone in such a manner!

What is this!

Sun Batian was completely shocked.

This is just the beginning.

Su Hao glanced at the 2D map and said indifferently.

If someone were to view it from Su Haos perspective, they could clearly see countless dense red dots charging towards this place. The countless deaths of roasted black monkeys had triggered the surrounding giant berserk beasts. The berserk beasts were naturally violent. With a slight trigger, they would be extremely ferocious.

You think you can just escape like this?

Sun Batian sneered and charged towards him once again.

If you dont leave now, as we wait for their numbers to increase, by then nobody could escape!

Su Hao sneered. As the shadow cloak flashed, illusion reality was activated once again. He then dodged Sun Batians attacks again and again. In between the two of them, countless black monkeys caused a nuisance by jumping around. With the synchronous playback of his left eye, Su Hao could observe and analyze 360 degrees around him without any blind spots. These black monkeys totally didnt affect him at all!

Instead for Sun Batian, under the baffling attacks of the black monkeys, he was put in an extremely cumbersome state.

Under the deliberate lead of Su Hao, Sun Batians attacks landed on and killed the black monkeys. In a moment, what remained were countless dead black monkeys.

And at this moment, the huge berserk beasts army had finally arrived!

Boom boom boom boom!

The ground shook!

Countless bizarre berserk beasts approached, most of them only had abilities that were comparable to beginner espers, but some of the leader class berserk beasts already possessed specialized level strength. What was even more amazing was for the few strange berserk beasts in front, impressively they had the strength of level 5 espers! What was more frightening was the number of berserk beasts.

They were countless!

Under such might, the initiator Su Hao and Sun Batians expressions grew pale! But as the two were confronting each other, they didnt even make the slightest step backward!



The berserk beasts armys speed didnt seem to slow down and charged towards them.

The berserk beasts that were in the thousands finally caused Sun Batian to panic!



Sun Batian finally couldnt take it any longer, he glanced at Dao Ba who remained indifferent and quickly retreated backward. And at this moment, the berserk beasts army charged towards Su Hao without hesitation. The rumbling noises didnt stop as if it stirred the whole forest. The area that they passed was destroyed, not a single blade of glass remained!

This lunatic

Sun Batian looked at Dao Ba who remained indifferent. In his heart, he couldnt help but define the leader of the Hunter Organization as a madman!


The berserk beasts army charged!

However, what shocked Sun Batian was that the berserk beasts strangely avoided Dao Ba when they neared him.

Thats right!

They avoided!

How is this possible?!

Sun BaTian was stunned, no matter how calm he was, at this moment he was shocked!

With Su Hao at the center, within a one-meter radius, the berserk beasts automatically avoided his position and didnt cause Su Hao any harm, not to mention they didnt attack him!

In the middle of the berserk beasts army.

Su Hao, also sighed a breath of relief, Little brat this time, you finally are a bit more reliable!

The blue dream butterflys beast aura caused these guys to recognize him as their own, naturally they wont cause him any harm. If not for being the last resort, Su Hao definitely wasnt willing to use such an extremely dangerous method. Because this blue dream butterfly already had a bad record.

Fortunately, this time she succeeded!

Good move, Dao Ba!

Sun Batians expression was restored to his calm self. He faintly opened his mouth, but it was filled with an unlimited amount of bossiness, You are so ruthless! But there isnt anyone, who could make a fool out of me Sun Batian! Since you want to play, let me thoroughly play with you!


The thunder and lightning that filled the sky concentrated. As he stood before the berserk beasts army, Sun Batian without hesitation pointed his finger towards the front of him. A compound formation that was made up of thunder and lightning and carrying an unlimited murderous intent fell from the sky!

Thunderbolt domain, arise!


Countless thunderbolts before his eyes started consolidating.

Damn it!

Su Haos pupils contracted and he quickly retreated. Sun Batian dared to charge single-handedly towards the whole berserk beasts army?

Taking such a risk of danger, he actually was so determined to kill him!

How big of a revenge was this?

If it wasnt for Sun Batian who still called him Dao Ba, he almost thought that Sun Batian has discovered his real identity! With such madness, if he found out that he was Su Hao, wouldnt Sun Batian go completely insane?



Thunder and lightning and the berserk beasts army clashed!

At this moment, the heavens and earth seemed to have changed colors.

The dark night was no longer night anymore.

The forest at this moment has been dyed in white. It seemed that every berserk beast that was resting was shaken and looked at that direction in panic, as if they felt an incomparable irritation and impatience. Countless of berserk beasts before his eyes fell to the ground. The might of a level 6 esper naturally was undisputed!

Even while facing a berserk beasts army, he still could erupt with such a powerful ability!

The unlimited wild beast army actually couldnt be completely eradicated. After the death of a batch, another batch surged upwards. An incomparably powerful ability technique didnt have the slightest effect on the berserk beast army. Instead what happened was the countless berserk beasts roared in retaliation. This caused Sun Batian to vomit fresh blood. That dealt a heavy blow to his mind and he almost fainted on the spot.

However at this moment, Sun Batian instead sneered and left.


Su Hao didnt have any hesitation!

Unexpectedly, the thunderbolt domain was only a distraction. In the midst of a sky that was filled with thunder and lightning, a razor-sharp thunderbolt short sword shot through like a lightning bolt. It pierced through many obstacles and was actually charging towards Su Hao!


The shadow cloak floated as Su Hao erupted in retreat and disappeared into the darkness of the night. With naked eyes, it was hard to spot him. However, that razor sharp thunderbolt short sword was still pressing forward in its attempt to kill. It seemed as if it wasnt affected by anything!


Without any hesitation, Su Hao wore the white cape and quickly hid behind a berserk beast who had the strength of a specialized esper and thick skin.


The thunderbolt short sword actually pierced through the head of this berserk beast!



Su Hao sidestepped and dodged, the thunderbolt short sword directly attacked his left rib cage! It directly piercing through and caused him to be viciously nailed to a tree behind his back.


This sturdy tree with a meter in radius started crashing down. The whole person of Su Hao seemed to be pierced, his body was dripping fresh blood. If not for the berserk beast like aura that was emitted from the blue dream butterfly, perhaps he would have been eaten on the spot!


Su Hao ruthlessly pulled out that thunderbolt short sword. His lips instead revealed a slightly devilish smile.

I am still alive!