Godly Model Creator Chapter 278

Gmc Chapter 278

Chapter 0278    Lose or win?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Sun Batian...huh!

Indeed worthy to be a giant of Jianghe City.

Su Haos whole body was covered in blood. A berserk beast wave disrupted their battle, both of them were injured and he even managed to escape from Sun Batian. However, was the fight really over?


Su Hao opened his communication device.


Ming Zhi was shocked by Su Haos appearance, What happened?


Su Hao, who was leaning against a huge tree, said with some difficulty, Sun Batian had been led to the depth of beast domain by me. I want you to quickly take people to attack the Sun familys business and take their resources away and immediately leave! I estimate Sun Batian to be back in about an hour!

Boss, what about you?

Ming Zhi was worried at the pale look of Su Hao.

You dont have to bother with me.

Su Hao said with full determination, Remember, after snatching all the resources, disband the organization immediately and distribute everything among our members. Ask them to take refuge in Jinhua City or else nobody will be able to leave once Sun Batian comes back!

What about Origin Ability Association...

This is Jianghe Citys internal conflict, the association would not bother with us...

Su Hao coldly said, I give you all the right to command the Hunter Organization. Just leave me my portion of resources. As for others, you have the full authority.

Remember, you only have an hour!


Su Hao closed his device.

What must be said, he had said it all. With Ming Zhis intelligence, he should know what to do next.


A bottle of body recovery drug was consumed. Energy began to flow throughout his body and stimulate his cells. However, a few minutes later, the recovery was minimal that not even one thousandth was healed.

The severity of his injury was beyond Su Haos imagination.

This injury...

Su Hao bitterly laughed, It seems that I cant leave here in a short period of time...

Who asked you to be so daring! You even dare to scheme against Sun Batian!

A sweet voice could be heard. The blue dream butterfly once again showed herself up in her humanoid form to support Su Haos weak body. She then helplessly said, Next time, dont do such dangerous act again.


Su Hao smiled. Not bothering the injury on his body, he took out the box and gently opened it. What was inside was a bottle of crystal clear origin characteristics drug.

So beautiful.

The blue dream butterfly was amazed by it.

Now this is a scholars drug!

Su Hao exclaimed as he stored it carefully, I will first recover my injury and then attempt to breakthrough into a specialized esper. I only have one bottle of this. Thus, I must not make a single mistake.


Jianghe City, a war broke out!

In the middle of the night, Jianghe Citys Hunter Organization seemed to have gone mad! Everyone crazily attacked the Sun familys business and took away all the money and drugs. In just half an hour, the Sun family had received more than 50% in damages.

This was total chaos!

Everyone was shocked by this scene!

Right now, what did the hunters aim for?

Sun family wanted to request the superiors for help, but sadly there was nobody who could protect them in the entire family. Housekeeper Zhang did request Sun Batian for emergency help, but he was still rushing back here from the wildness. They could only watch the Hunter Organization rampage for their resources before leaving.

An hour later, when Sun Batian returned, it seemed that the organization had retreated.

Chase them!

After Sun Batian understood the situation, he became furious instantly. Leading his underlings, Sun Batian rushed to the organization. He didnt care about his face anymore. His hatred had become so deep that he must reduce the Hunter Organization to ashes!

However, when they reached the building, what greeted them was an empty building!

It seemed that before they arrived, everyone had withdrawn!

What was even more shocking was

The news coming from the government, Hunter Organization had been dissolved!


Had they won?

Sun family was at a loss.

Obviously, they had won the war, but why did they feel so bitter? Obviously, Hunter Organization had lost the war, but why did they feel dejected about this?

Trying to flee by dissolving? Capture them back!

Sun Batian was brimming with anger.

However, very soon he received a news which made him even more furious - All the members of Hunter Organization had brought their family along to Jinhua City and crazily spent their money at the expensive Jinhua Hotel. With the Sun familys current strength, they dared not go there!

In front of the Jin family, the Sun family was just a scab.


This was the expression of every Sun family member.

Because they were depressed they realized that all the money spent by these people were all robbed from their Sun family. All they could do was only to watch their money being spent wantonly by the hunters.


Sun Batian produced a pit under his feet. His hard spent money on the origin characteristics drug had been destroyed. When he chased Dao Ba, his business was in chaos. Not to forget he was injured under the beast tide. It could be said he had experienced a series of terrible luck. Perhaps the only gain he had was that

Dao Ba was dead!

That thing?

Housekeeper Zhang cautiously asked.

No more.

Sun Batians face was somewhat ugly, Prepare him the best origin characteristics drug from our Sun family. He should be able to integrate with it.


Housekeeper Zhang didnt ask why but from Sun Batians action, he could somehow guess it. It seemed that the origin characteristics drug had been destroyed.

Such a pity...that was after all a scholars drug!

Even if I suffer a loss, as long as I, Sun Batian is still alive, nobody would be able to touch my Sun family!

Sun Batian quickly regained back his domineering look, I believe they are not able to take every resource to Jinhua City. As for those in Jinhua City, it would be best if they dont come back here in their lifetime. Or else, they would be killed at once!


Numerous news spread within the city as the night passed.

The next day, when the sun rose, everyone then realized what had actually happened during the night! The Hunter Organization who had declared war on the Sun family had disappeared. From the weakest member to their chief, Dao Ba, they all vanished without a single trace.

Then the Sun family began to manage the property of Hunter Organization.

Countless rumours were spread.

There were some who said that the Hunter Organization was destroyed by the Sun family last night. The Sun family finally revealed their hidden strength and instantly reduced this organization to ashes.

Some said that Hunter Organization had sought refuge in Jinhua City to evade the attack from Sun family, and decided to never step their foot in Jianghe City again to live as an exiled citizen.

There were also some who said that the leader of Hunter Organization had been killed by Sun Batian. Losing their leader, the organization was at a complete loss and then they decided to disband.

All sort of rumors spread that nobody knew which was right or wrong.

The news had gone on for a full month. Since Hunter Organization and Dao Ba no longer appeared, such news gradually faded away. With the emergence of new hot topics, Hunter Organization seemed to be a thing of the past.

There was no more place for its discussion.

Because before that, Sun family had suffered a heavy loss from Hunter Organizations raid. And in this one month of time, Sun Batian with his domineering power had begun to act against all small forces in Jianghe City.

When facing absolute power, did others have any room to resist?

Very soon, all the small forces had been exterminated by Sun family. All the lost resources had been gained back. Now, Sun familys strength was stronger than ever!

Of course, to unite such forces, loyalty was a problem. But for someone like Sun Batian, was loyalty needed? As long as they could remain as his underlings, they would be given a way to live or else they would be instantly reduced to ashes. As long as you have any value to the Sun family, you would be qualified to live on! Because of this policy, the Sun familys strength soared!

At this moment, in the deep forest outside of Jianghe City, there was a landscape which was such a feast to the eye being decorated by beautiful mountains and streams of water.

A young man was sitting cross-legged on one of the stones within the stream, like an old monk in meditation.

A faint golden light wrapped his body in a mysterious way that it was fascinating to look at.


The young man opened his eyes.


An energy aura began to react within the young mans body. The surrounding water suddenly exploded to a meter tall before falling back into the stream.

The young mans clothes were still as clean as ever.

Needless to mention, this young man was none other than Su Hao!

My injury finally recovered!

Su Hao had a long sigh!

He already knew that a level 6 esper was much stronger than a level 5. Just that he didnt expect the gap to be so huge that he needed one month to recover. 

Of course, this didnt come without any benefit.

While healing his body for a month, Su Haos mastery of his energy was more profound that he became better at integrating the with cards he had, especially the 5 star card, illusion reality. Although his strength seemed to be the same, his true combat effectiveness seemed to have increased a step further!

Since his body had now recovered, it was now the time to attempt to breakthrough into a specialized esper.

However, Su Hao was very clear that he only had one shot at this.

Thus, he must not have any error.

The stronger he was, the higher the chance of success will be when he tried to breakthrough. Since the origin characteristics drug had been prepared, now it was the best chance for Su Hao to improve.

Silently opening the Piao Ling Organizations system, the familiar scene once again appeared.

Intermediate origin star technique: 6000 killing points.

Advanced origin star technique: 8000 killing points.

Advanced origin refinement technique: 8000 killing points.