Godly Model Creator Chapter 279

Gmc Chapter 279

Chapter 0279    I will wait for you to come out!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The time quietly passed.

Within the silent forest, a mechanical bird flew here and there. Deep in the forest, Su Hao was sitting cross-legged while the energy in his body was vibrating, causing his aura to spread outward in a rampaging manner. 


Su Hao opened his eyes while revealing a look of surprise, Done!

Learning through a video was much slower than directly copying others, causing him to spend quite some time. However, the benefit was once he mastered a skill via this method, he no longer had to familiarize himself with the card.

Intermediate origin star technique, he spent a total of ten days!

Advanced origin star technique, he spent a total of twenty days!

As for advanced origin refinement technique, he actually used up a total of thirty days!

As he grew stronger, the amount of time needed to train increased. Luckily, he managed to master them all within two months.

Such speed was enough to shock the world!




Rumbling sound could be heard within his mind. As he mastered these three techniques, three additional new cards appeared.


Name: Advanced origin refinement technique

Rating: 3 stars

Description: Able to improve energy quality, a significant reduction in energy consumption


Name: Intermediate origin star technique

Rating: 3 stars

Description: The next stage of cultivation technique after origin transition technique. Greatly increase energy density and recovery rate. Slightly improve energy quality and suitable for specialized espers to learn.


Name: Advanced origin star technique

Rating: 3 stars

Description: The next stage of cultivation technique after origin transition technique. Greatly increase energy density and recovery rate. Slightly improve energy quality and suitable for specialized espers to learn.


No wonder I spent such a long time. They are all 3-stars cards.

Su Hao pondered, Normally, origin star technique would be useful at the specialized level. As for intermediate and advanced, they would probably only be used at later stages. I havent breakthrough into a specialized esper, yet already mastered them all. My current energy should be similar to peak espers.

Coupled with origin refinement technique if I dont consider the quality, just quantity of my energy alone was enough to rival any specialized esper!

What was lacking was only opportunity!

Su Hao looked at the leisurely flying mechanical bird and smiled indifferently. For three months, he had depended on this mechanical bird to deliver the stuff he ordered. Well, he had to give credit to it for being fast and efficient in delivery.

Time to go back.

Su Hao smiled as he looked at the text on the virtual screen.

Origin Ability Association had rooms specialized for integration of origin characteristics drug. It was said to increase the success rate of integration by making your ability talent to be more compatible with the drug. The fees were 1 million star dollar for every hour! For Su Hao, such opportunity must not be wasted!

As for Sun family?

Just now, Chen Yiran had replied news that Sun Batian was discussing matters with Chen family and it was quite a distance from Origin Ability Association

Su Hao came back.


When he entered through the gate, countless people were shocked.

Damn! Isnt this the leader of Hunter Organization? He is actually still alive!

Look at his aura. He seems to be even stronger!

Didnt Sun family say he was dead already? Hehe, even Sun Batian couldnt kill him. This time, there will be some nice drama to watch.

Hey, look at those two members of Sun family? Arent they dumbfounded?

The crowd pointed here and there before directing all their attention to those two Sun family members.

They had received the order to capture any member of Hunter Organization who dared to come back after fleeing! They had waited for a few months with no success. Unexpectedly, the first one they met turned out to be the leader of Hunter Organization, Dao Ba!

What to do we do now?

Both of them looked at each other and finally made a decision.


They had to drag the time until Sun Batian arrived!

After sending a message to Sun family, both of them then approached Su Hao, Dao Ba, Hunter Organization already disbanded. You alone dare to face the whole Sun family? If you surrender...

Su Hao passed by them, without even bother them for a bit.

This action to the Sun family member brought laughter from the crowd. 

Sun family, so powerful?

Courting death!

That Sun family member was raging in humiliation. With a brimming red face, he looked at Su Hao who just passed by him. He Couldn't control himself anymore, he directed a punch over, Stay here!


A punch!

Earth shattering!

This punch wasnt coming from Sun family member, but Su Hao!

The Sun family member was blasted away and slammed on to a wall. With blood splashing around, he was instantly killed on the spot. The lively crowd suddenly went silent. Everyone who saw the scene sucked in a mouthful of cold air. No matter what, they would never have thought that Dao Ba actually dared to kill someone on the streets! However, that reaking smell of blood seemed to inform them what had actually happened just now.

Su Hao turned around and glared coldly at everyone before leaving the scene in a casual manner.

After he left, only then did the crowd resume their discussion.


Damn, killing on the street?

Where is the police? Why are they not coming?

Are you retarded? With Dao Bas strength, do you think the police could handle him? After all, this is the citys main gate. The guard didnt even bother. How arrogant was that!

Everyone engaged in a hot discussion and finally looked at the captain who leisurely came over, Zhou Tiancai!

Zhou Tiancai coldly stared at the dead body of Sun family member before said, Taking the initiative to attack, well-deserved death! Dao Ba was just defending himself, he is innocent!

How could this be...

The other member who was still alive murmured to himself. Very soon, an order from Sun Batian was released to all Sun family members!

Be sure to stop Dao Ba!

Just an order and the whole family headed straight for Su Hao. In a short period of time, Su Hao had met tens of Sun family members!



Without any hesitation, he killed two members on the spot. With his current strength, dealing with beginner espers was just an easy job without needing to break a sweat.



Su Haos feet didnt seem to stop once as he headed straight for the Origin Ability Association. Along the way, every Sun family member he met was one hit killed!

Killed one, they still continued to charge!

Killed five, they became madder!

However, after killing ten and twenty men Sun family members finally calmed down. Facing Su Hao who was so domineering, they would only be a sacrificial target. The absolute strength displayed by Su Hao caused them to be afraid.

Nobody dared to step forward!

The Sun family members continued to gather together, yet they could only surround Su Hao and didnt dare approach him. Thus, it formed an extremely strange scene.

With Su Hao acting as the center, within a radius of 5 meters, it was empty before a circle formed by Sun family members. When Su Hao retreated, they would retreat. When Su Hao advanced, they would tag along. Such a scene, it didnt seem like they were intercepting Su Hao, but protecting him instead!

Such a strange scene caused the crowd to burst into laughter.

Sun family was really a disaster now. During an emergency, all these members were clueless on what was the next step to take. Usually, this couldnt be detected but in an emergency situation like this, it was crystal clear. If it was the previous Sun family members, they would definitely attack even knowing that they would die in order to delay time.

If so, perhaps Su Hao could be delayed till Sun Batian arrived.

But with these people?

Absolutely no!

Thus, Su Hao casually walked into the Origin Ability Association and completed the procedures before paying the cost for the day.


A purple ray flashed. Sun Batian finally arrived. Looking at Su Hao, his eyes became red.

Dao Ba!


A powerful thunderbolt flew toward Su Hao. The aura of a level 6 esper almost submerged Su Hao, but Su Hao instead looked at Sun Batian in a ridiculing manner.

Zi zi!

A translucent barrier suddenly activated in front of the building. Sun Batians attack from above didnt even manage to pass the barrier for a single bit.

This awakened everyone.

This...was Origin Ability Association!

No matter how strong Sun Batian was, in front of the giant Origin Ability Association, was he that daring to cause chaos here?

This is the first time.

The staff coldly warned Sun Batian, If there is next time, then Sun family will no longer exist in this world.

Sun Batians face turned ugly.

Su Hao smirked with his poker face, Sun family is indeed as domineering as ever.


Sun Batian sneered, Dao Ba! You think everything will be fine if you hide in Origin Ability Association? Can you hide forever? Trying to breakthrough into a specialized esper, youre overestimating yourself!


Su Hao revealed a hint of a smile, How about we make a deal? Tomorrow, if I fail to breakthrough, Im willing to surrender voluntarily! If I succeed, I want a universal origin technique and both of us will have a battle!


Everyone was shocked.

This Dao Ba was his brain damaged?

If he failed in his breakthrough, he was willing to surrender.

If he succeeded in the breakthrough, he wanted to have a duel with Sun Batian. Wasnt this courting his own death?! What kind of strength did Sun Batian have? He was a level 6 esper! Excluding other giants in Jianghe City, who dared to fight him! Just for a so-called universal origin technique, this Dao Ba was too reckless. Even if you can have it, you need to be able to leave alive!

This Dao Ba was finished!

Everyone was having the same thought.

How do you know I have universal origin technique?

Sun Batian turned cold.

Shi Xian mentioned it before.

Su Hao said with his poker face.


Sun Batians both eyes lit up. After looking at Su Hao for a moment, he then laughed out loud, Dao Ba, if you can really breakthrough, I will not only give you one, but two universal origin technique! Even I am eager to see if youre lucky enough to breakthrough, what kind of strength will you have to be so daring to fight me!

Tomorrow, I will wait for you to come out!