Godly Model Creator Chapter 280

Gmc Chapter 280

Chapter 0280    Breakthrough!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The circumstances turned explosive once Sun Batian agreed to the battle.

The bet for the fight shocked everyone!

Obviously, Dao Ba was definitely going to die in the battle. He would either fail his breakthrough or successfully advance into a specialized esper and die during his battle with Sun Batian!

Was it possible for Dao Ba to win?

What a joke!

Even if his breakthrough was a success, it would still be a battle of a level 1 esper against a level 6 esper. How could they be compared? Even the most elite level 5 espers had a great gap against a level 6 esper. Not to mention he would only be a level 1 esper.


While everyone was confused, Su Hao entered the building.

The staff guided Su Hao to his training room. After he entered the training room, the door closed.

His journey to breakthrough began!

Was he reckless?

He never felt that way.

He would have to battle with Sun Batian eventually. Even after his breakthrough, the Sun family would still come to kill him. Since it was impossible for him to properly training, why not settle everything at once. Through the 3-months of tough training, he could easily defeat Shi Xian now. He could even compete with those level 4 and level 5 espers.

If he could successfully advance to the specialized level..

His power would increase drastically.

At that moment, he would be in the strongest state that he ever achieved.

He was even confident enough to fight against Sun Batian.

However, it was under the condition that he did breakthrough successfully.

Su Hao looked around the so-called training room, there was fog everywhere like a fairyland. In the middle of the room, there was a big pool of blue liquid inside. The water level could reach his neck if he was sitting in a cross-legged position.

He removed all his clothes.

Su Hao stepped into the pool and sat down in a cross-legged position. The liquid in the pool made him feel cool. He drank a bottle of origin fusion drug and it brought a warm energy inside his body. The cool and warm energy reached a balance, canceling each other.

Su Hao breathed deeply and opened up the mysterious origin characteristics drug to drink it in one gulp.


An irritating feeling went through his throat and into his body.


The energy inside his body was ignited!

It was like throwing a bomb into a volcano. It exploded inside Su Haos body and the terrifying energy went out of control. Su Hao felt great pain in his chest and he vomited a mouthful of blood.


Extremely painful!

The strong energy was messing around with his body!

The energy was switching back and forth from cold to hot from time to time. Sometimes it appeared on the skins surface, sometimes it went into the bone marrow. It was such a terrible feeling that Su Hao might not be able to withstand. However, Su Hao just slightly frowned.

Endure it!

There would be great rewards around the border of death.

When he used the black market body strengthening drug, he had experienced the border of life and death. Such pain caused him to keep having thoughts of regret during the process. In contrast, he didnt even acknowledge the pain he was experiencing right now.


The origin fusion drug began to do wonders. It went around his body to neutralize the cold and hot energies. The pain started to be relieved as the three types of energy started to mix with each other.


Su Haos mind went completely blank. He allowed the energy to go around freely in his body.



The sound of bones breaking could be heard from Su Haos body. His bone structure was so fragile that it couldnt support the three types of energy going around his body.

The minimum requirement of physical fitness to become a specialized esper: 400 points.

Recalling the breakthrough requirement, Su Hao finally understood it. If his physical fitness wasnt strong enough, he wouldnt even withstand the changes from the energies inside his body.


Suddenly, his view changed and Su Hao seemed to have lost consciousness.

His view flickered.

When Su Hao woke up, he was surprised with the scene in front of him.

There were stars in the dark sky, the ground and sky were reversed.

This is the world of mind!

Su Haos mind move. The energy accumulated in his mind and a character model appeared. Su Hao surprisingly looked at it, wasnt it himself?


Once the model was built, it started to attack Su Hao. Su Hao was shocked and unconsciously wanted to avoid the attack. However, he realized that his power was so weak at the moment.


Su Hao was kicked away by himself.

Synchronous playback!


With a 360 degree of vision, everything around was in the sight of Su Hao. While looking inside his body, Su Hao surprisingly found out that his body was made up of a special type of energy!

This power

Su Hao suddenly understood something. Is this my new ability?

Meanwhile, the character model in front is my initial ability?

As the energy inside his body changed, the initial ability of his body resisted. In order to advance and become a specialized esper, he had to eliminate his initial ability. It was the last step!

Oh, I see!

Su Hao said, Let me see the difference between my initial ability and my new one!


Su Hao landed on the ground and turned his body around for a counter-attack.



Punch by punch, the two of them were hitting each other physically. There was energy contained within each punch, it was the most fundamental use of energy.

The new abilitys energy capacity was so little that it wasnt even one over a thousand of his initial capacity.

With how high the consumption of his previous ability was, it was just a way to kill himself!

However, after two rounds of battling, Su Hao excitingly discovered that there wasn't much consumption of his energy. The consumption was much less when compared with his initial ability, almost one out of a hundred of the initial consumption. Comparing both ratios, although Su Hao was weak now, it should be equivalent to 10% of his initial strength.

Something which excited Su Hao more was that his initial ability was weakening while his new ability was strengthening.



The energy from their fight was surrounding them. The low consumption of his new ability made Su Hao use his skill without worrying about his energy capacity. He was gaining a larger advantage as time went on.



Su Haos attacks became much smoother!

He enjoyed it the more he fought!

Finally, he had a way to relieve his stress from his few months of training. His actions were getting much smoother as time went on until his character model was unable to compete with him anymore. The energy level of his character model was decreasing while Su Hao, himself, was getting stronger.

Fighting points, burst!


After a series of combos, Su Hao finally released the accumulated energy. A strong force was directed towards his character model.


His character model was destroyed!

It disappeared.

The initial abilitys energy was released and absorbed, turning into new strength for his new ability. Up till now, all the energy inside his body had successfully transformed.


A wide light ray appeared in front of Su Hao. He stepped onto the ray and left the world of mind.

However, when Su Hao stepped on the ray, the scene changed again. He was on a bloody field now. There were many people and monsters that Su Hao had previously killed. They were moving around the bloody field in front of Su Hao as if they were trying to create a shadow inside his heart.

Go away!!!

Su Hao shouted and attacked them.

You are all dead, dont try to scare me!

If I can kill you for the first time, then I wont mind killing you again!

Such psychological obstacles are effective against those who have a weak mentality. I have such a strong mindset, how could it be a psychological obstacle for me?

Go to hell!



Su Hao didnt stop moving. He killed everything in his way until he reached the other side. Then, he began to feel calm and comfortable. A moment later, he was back to his own body.


Su Hao opened his eyes. He felt that the world became different. There wasnt even a drop of energy in his body. It was completely empty.

Where is my energy?

Su Hao moved subconsciously.


Strong energy within his body erupted and flew back to Su Hao like a strong current of a river. The strong force created waves, hitting the walls of the training room. The brick walls were supposed to resist energy, but the waves created by Su Hao made countless cracks in the walls.


A different kind of energy flicked.

The liquid inside the pool around Su Hao was boiling causing the boiling liquid to expand towards its surroundings. However, a force of energy swept through the liquid and surprisingly, all the liquid disappeared.


As the final eruption ended, the energy within his body was perfectly absorbed!

Su Hao slowly stood up. His muscle lines turned out to be more obvious and beautiful. He waved his hand and everything inside the room turned into a mess. He felt extremely powerful as if everything was under his control at this moment.

The energy inside his body had completely changed.

The origin characteristics drug had been completely used up.

Su Hao finally understood what was the main function of this drug, it was to minimize the energy consumption.

Yes, this drug which was made by a scholar pharmacist was neither to increase the attack, defense, or even compatibility of the ability talent, but to affect the energy consumption. It was not really useful for other ability talents. However, for Su Hao...

It was a godly skill!

How strong am I now?

Su Hao confidently looked at the testing device prepared for the esper upon their breakthrough. Without hesitation, he punched the device.