Godly Model Creator Chapter 281

Gmc Chapter 281

Chapter 281    A gift in the small box!

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The calm device began to react.

Origin ability assessment start strength data test data retrieved...please hold on please stand in the area of measurement please move according to what indicated by device please face the direction given please erupt your strongest force...

Data statistic completed...

Data test completed!

Origin ability assessment completed!


Origin ability strength: Level 3 esper

Energy quantity: Level 9 esper

Energy eruption: Level 1 esper

Overall strength: Level 3 esper

Unique ability: A special energy reorganization, making the energy molecules stabler. When youre consuming energy, it would only be 1% of your usual consumption rate!


I have succeeded! Haha!

Su Hao looked at his result in shock.

His energy quantity had reached the equivalent of a level 9 esper. The existence of origin refinement allowed his energy quality to improve even further. By then, his energy consumption would be reduced by tens of times! The existence of his unique ability even went a step further in reducing his energy consumption! This meant that Su Haos energy consumption right now was so low that one couldnt believe it!

He had an abundant energy capability now!

And an extremely low energy consumption rate!

The models Su Hao could now establish exceeded his imagination by a huge margin. This was a huge milestone in progress!

An endless energy!

Coupled with his godly 5-star illusion reality, he would be invincible even while facing Sun Batian!

Finally, I can protect myself!

Su Hao sighed in relief. His always alarmed mind finally could relax for a bit. Every time he confronted Sun Batian, he had to always be alert as he couldnt afford a single mistake.

Just a slight mishap and it would be beyond his redemption!

Level 3 esper...

Su Hao had a quick look at the data. This device which measured energy-related data was only the most basic one.

Once entering the specialized level, your origin ability would have all sorts of unique features. As long as one erupted your energy which had been integrated with a unique ability, one could almost distinguish the strength of others!

Looking at the clock, it had been a full 20 hours!

There were 4 more hours until he had to duel with Sun Batian.

Su Hao gently activated his communication device. After sending out a message, he revealed an indifferent smile. Staying in the room, he began to familiarize himself with his newly obtained power.

Outside the building, the sky had already turned bright.

Sun family members had already arrived. Blocking all four corners so Su Hao would be seized by them if he tried to escape.

And Sun Batian, he was standing there, waiting for Su Hao to come out.

Countless people arrived here early in the morning to enjoy the lively atmosphere. According to the deal, by noon Su Hao would come out. For these people, to be able to witness one of the four giants personally make his move was a very valuable experience.

As for Su Hao?

He had long been ignored.

If he was using his own identity as Su Hao, perhaps it might lead to breaking news or he might even become a legend to be told to future generations. However, his identity as Dao Ba seemed to be nothing surprising.

Sun Batian calmly sat at the teahouse opposite of the Origin Ability Association. Taking a sip of tea, the atmosphere seemed pretty relaxing but soon, he was startled because he saw a person

A person who no matter what shouldnt be appearing here

Chen Yiran!

Even Chen family is here?

Sun Batian frowned. His figure flashed as he rushed out.

Chen Yiran?

Sun Batian asked as he looked at Chen Yiran who walked toward Origin Ability Association.

Hello, Uncle Sun.

Chen Yiran was as polite as always.

Youre here to enjoy the crowd too?

Sun Batian was suspicious.


Chen Yiran shook her head indifferently, My strength had reached a bottleneck in progress. Im here to look if there are any peculiar herbs that might be useful. However here it seems to be quite lively. What happened?


Sun Batian shook his head, Just a little clown. There is nothing to worry. After you settle your matter, leave here quickly. There might be a chaotic situation here. Dont let your dad worry.

Alright, Uncle Sun.

Chen Yiran smiled politely before entering the building.

Sun Batian locked his eyes at Chen Yiran. His heart was filled with doubts so strange, what was the reason for Chen Yiran to be here at this moment? Was it because of his son that she was here to create trouble? No matter how hard he thinks, he could only think of this reason.

As for Chen Yiran and Dao Ba?

No matter what, Sun Batian would never consider them to be associated. After all, they had never met each other before. Plus, how could Chen Yiran know a person like Dao Ba?

At this moment, in Origin Ability Association.

Chen Yiran was smiling sweetly as she sat beside Su Hao while listened to the recent events happening. Both of them were having their sweet time for quite some time before taking out a mysterious dark blue box from her backpack.


Su Haos eyes focused on it.

The mysterious box

This was a gift left by his father. Until now, he still didnt know the contents of this box. Previously, when his origin ability was 10.8 points, he had tried to open it but it was all in vain. No matter how much force he exerted, he still struggled to open the box.

At that time, Su Hao then thought of this.

Perhaps...it wasnt the problem of his strength?

Perhaps it was only after his breakthrough into a specialized esper and possessed a unique ability that one could open the box? Thus, this thing had been kept by Su Hao on his shelf ever since.

But now

He had become a specialized esper and it was about the time now to have a look what was the content inside the box.

That was why he sent a message to Chen Yiran yesterday.

As Chen Yiran managed to deliver it to him here, Su Hao was also relieved.

What is this?

Chen Yiran curiously asked.

Im not sure either.

Su Hao shook his head, We will know once it is opened!

With several previous experiences, Su Hao was also well versed with his box. He directly pressed his thumb on the middle part of the mysterious pattern on the box.

Fingerprint verification fingerprint verification completed Origin ability detection requirement met, opening successful!


With a sound, the box actually slowly opened.

Finally I could open it?

Su Hao was so excited that he had to control himself. After all, it was something left by his dad! Who was his dad exactly? What kind of identity did he have? What was his actual strength?

Su Hao really desired to know all these!

Chen Yiran was also curious as she stood beside Su Hao.


The mysterious box opened.

Chen Yiran was pleasantly surprised.

Su Hao was stunned too.

Looking at the mysterious box, inside, it was basically empty. Only in the middle, there was this ordinary card.

What is this?

Chen Yiran was dazed.

Su Hao didnt answer her because he had been stunned completely! That item he was familiar with it. Wasnt this the card which caused his model analysis to mutate?

He almost thought that he had seen it wrong.

That mysterious card!

It was this card that changed his fate!

It was this card which made him walk the path of an esper!

He had always thought that it was some item robbed by some killer which was accidentally obtained by him. But looking at it right now there must absolutely be some problem!

This card, why did his dad have it too?

Or perhaps this item belonged to his dad all along?

If so, then how did he accidentally obtain it?

Su Hao began to ponder. Perhaps, that time, someone had helped him secretly so that he could obtain that card? Such a mysterious card, why didnt they use it on themselves instead? What exactly was his dads identity?

Su Haos mind right now was in a state of confusion.

He had thought it would be a strong Nitai artifact or a powerful cultivation technique, but he never thought that it would be a card in the box!

After a moment, he was able to calm himself down.

No matter what the truth was, what was more important is that how would the appearance of this card right now influence him?

This item...

Su Hao gently touched it.


A dazzling light flashed. It was the same situation during his first encounter, this card was quietly absorbed into Su Haos body.


A mysterious aura enveloped the surrounding of Su Hao. Chen Yiran who couldnt manage to get close had been isolated by a light ray with a radius of a few meters.

What happen?

Chen Yirans huge eyes were filled with worry.

Su Hao just stood on the same spot while closing his eyes. Previously when he obtained the card, he didnt know a single thing, but now he could feel the card entering his body and slowly into the depth of his mind!


The mysterious card dropped down from the sky.

Just like that, it was now in the depth of his mind. With a glowing blue light, the card began to rotate, causing all sorts of blue light rays to disperse. The mysterious card eventually broke into pieces, turning into countless blue snowflakes before disappeared without any trace.

Su Hao was confused.

I have integrated with it just like that?

The integration of the second card was the same as his first time. Quietly entering his body through his palm and then disappeared.

Opening his eyes, Su Hao shook his arm. It seemed that nothing changed.

Youre alright?

Chen Yiran was worried.


Su Hao held her hand, as a sign for her not to worry.

That card...

Chen Yiran was still doubtful.

Su Hao shook his head, Not sure I have always thought that there would only be one but never did I expect another one to appear! And it turned out to be a something left by my dad! If Im not wrong, this thing must be related to my fathers death! I will definitely investigate it!

Su Hao was determined.

Chen Yiran just stood beside him and silently held his hand.

After Su Haos mind calmed down, then only he slowly said, Previously, you made a huge change to me. Now, lets see what kind of changes you will bring to me!

Model analysis, start!