Godly Model Creator Chapter 282

Gmc Chapter 282

Chapter 282    Transform! Energy model!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Model analysis, start!


The dazzling blue light covered the surrounding. Su Haos view was still the same as always. There was nothing special.

The mysterious card did not seem to have any impact on him.

The model was still as lively as ever.

The energy consumption was still the same.

The usage of his origin technique didnt change.

What have you brought to me exactly?

Su Hao calmed himself and recalled the appearance of the first card. What that mysterious card brought to him seemed to be life!

Right, life!

Or it could be described as freedom too.

His previous model analysis could only perform as a rigid model.

However, since the mutation caused by the mysterious card, all his models seemed to have achieved life and he was no longer limited to non-living models. He could perfectly create a living model now. In his model world, he seemed to be able to separate living models and non-living models. It was because of this that he was able to develop 2D mapping and other skills.

Because of the existence of living models, he was able to discover illusion reality!

Because of living models, he was able to perform simulations for his experiments!

Because of living models, he was able to read skill cards from other people!

It was precisely because of living models that his cold models seemed to become alive.

Without a doubt!

The first card had brought him vitality!

Then what about the second card?

Su Hao began to reverse speculate. What was the greatest weakness of his mutated model analysis?

Pondering for a moment, Su Hao obtained the answer very soon.

Origin ability!

It wasnt energy consumption nor quality, but origin ability establishment!

In theory, model analysis was a skill to establish models, he should be able to create any model! He was able to create all sorts of models, from living to non-living things, but not origin models!

No matter how many times he tried, whenever he reached the final step to establish an origin ability, he would get stuck because he couldnt establish an origin model of the target.

If there was no model for him, he would be helpless in analyzing it.

If he wasnt able to analyze, then he wont be able to understand!

Thus, whenever he encountered any strange origin ability, he would suffer. In fact, his model analysis was still at the stage of a beginner esper. Against those specialized espers with all sorts of magical abilities, it was totally useless.

If so then

This card

Su Haos eyes lit up. He then looked at Chen Yiran.

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


Chen Yirans character model appeared. Countless cards were floating around her and one of them which belonged to her ability talent was so brightly lit up!

Am I able to read it now?

Su Hao was so excited that he could barely control himself.

Card reading!



Card reading failed!

It was as if he was slapped with a bucket of cold water, causing all of his previous excitement to dissipate. Although the card was bright, he still couldnt read it!

I cant read it?

Su Hao began to ponder, Why cant I?

Ability talent was different from ordinary skills. Everyone would integrate with their own ability talent once in a lifetime while in high school. Even if he was able to read someones ability talent, he still needed to make sure that he was compatible with it. That was why he couldnt simply read the card.

But...what if I dont read?

But only want to analyze it?

What if I only build an origin model based on it?

Su Haos mind moved as he looked at the cold ability talent card.

Origin model, establish!


Numerous light ray dispersed. In the model world, countless energy began to accumulate as information regarding the card was slowly analyzed. Within the model world, a full ten-meter-tall origin model was being established.

One line

Two lines

Numerous energy lines formed, which then created a 3D energy pattern. At the center of the pattern, he could clearly see a small ice crystal. Even with Su Haos current terrifying amount of energy, he actually consumed a large portion of it. This showed how much energy he had to spend in order to create this model!

Even an ordinary level 9 esper couldnt support such consumption.

Soon, the origin model was established!

In the model world, this huge model looked so alive and dazzling. It was a pattern formed by hundreds of ice crystals which were formed from ice crystal-like lines.

This was the so-called legendary origin model?

Is this a temporary model or permanent?

Su Hao had a quick look and soon obtained the answer. This was a permanent model. However, it belonged to a unique kind of permanent model. This huge model was attached to this model world so no changes could be made to it.

Otherwise, even an additional dust on the model world was enough to instantly collapse this huge model!

Su Hao experimented a bit by destroying a pencil model in his model world.


The origin model collapsed.

In the model world, he created a permanent model of a table.


The origin model collapsed!

Su Hao tried to create a character model. Surprisingly, the origin model wasnt affected. After a bit of thought, Su Hao began to understand. Origin models were built by connecting to the model world. Only permanent model of the model world would affect it. Temporary models had no effect at all.

In other words, after origin models are established, the model world must not be touched anymore.

Su Hao finally concluded.

Then what was the significance of an origin model? Based on the results he obtained from model analysis, Su Hao realized the harsh truth that he wouldnt be able to read the card


Su Hao gently flicked his wrist and a hint of energy could be felt within his hand.


Su Hao frowned.

Once again, he activated his energy. This time, under his guidance, his energy went towards the huge origin model in his model world.


As his right hand gently moved, an ice crystal appeared within his palm. It was so chilly that it affected his bones, causing the surrounding temperature to drop a few celsius.

Chen Yiran opened her eyes and mouth wide in disbelief.

This how could this be?


Su Hao gently moved his right hand. A cold light flashed from his hand, causing the room to be instantly covered in blue ice.

Sure enough!

Su Haos eyes were filled with excitement. So this was how the origin models could be used!

As a transformer!

Although he had no ability talent to integrate with it, when an origin model was completely established, it was like a transformer, changing all the energy passing through the model to have its similar attribute! Since this model was built based on Chen Yirans ice ability talent impressively became a water element transformer!

As long as this origin model remained in his model world, he could use freely any water element related ability talent.

And what was most interesting was that after analyzing the model, as long as the origin technique was used before by the original users, it would be engraved into the origin model!

What exactly is going on?

Chen Yiran asked in astonishment.


Su Hao smiled, I built an origin model of you. Therefore, I can imitate your attacks! However, because of the energy conversion and model establishment, I have to use more than ten times the amount of energy that you use. Also, due to the limitations of the model, I can only imitate one at a time!

Ten times!

Chen Yiran stuck her tongue out, Such a huge consumption. If I have ten times my current energy, I could improve my strength by a large margin. It is not worthwhile at all.

For me, energy isnt a problem.

Su Hao was finally able to say such words without worry, How about we spar for a bit?


Chen Yiran seemed to be interested in his new ability. Surrounding her hands, numerous ice crystals appeared and headed toward Su Hao to surround him, before they burst apart.

Su Hao was dumbfounded.



Countless ice crystals were destroyed on the spot by Su Hao. The ice crystals within his hand flashed. Regarding this origin technique, he was too well versed in it.



Be careful!

Chen Yiran reminded him for a bit. Within the air, several meters of long ice crystals were aimed at him. Su Hao smiled indifferently as the same ice crystals from his hand were shot out.



Numerous ice crystals collided in mid-air, producing a dazzling light.

Chen Yiran clenched her teeth. A huge ice lotus bloomed in the air, each petal quietly fell and turned into a blade that sped towards Su Hao.


Su Hao still looked as calm. The same ice lotus appeared in front of him.


It was still a confrontation of the same techniques. The room seemed to have been covered in ice crystals. Su Hao quickly noticed something wrong, his figure flashed, and he quickly caught Chen Yiran. The previous location where she stood was now pierced by numerous ice crystals!

Scared the hell out of me!

Chen Yiran patted her chest and then rolled her eyes, Youre so daring to even attack me.

It was an accident.

Su Hao embarrassedly scratched his head, I just recently had my breakthrough and became a specialized esper. I didnt expect my energy to be this powerful.


Chen Yiran pointed at his forehead before tiptoeing to kiss him, Anyway, it is great that your strength keeps improving. I no longer have to worry about you in the future. The college entrance exam is getting closer as well. It seems that it is about time for me to breakthrough into a specialized esper too or else, it will be sad to be left behind by you.

You fool.

Su Hao touched her head, Last time, you let me experience such a fiery night. This time, hehe...I can do the same thing too.


Chen Yirans face instantly blushed and she intended to escape, but she was captured by Su Hao, Hate you! Aiya, Sun Batian is still waiting for you outside!

Let him wait then!

Its so cool...you perverted man...