Godly Model Creator Chapter 283

Gmc Chapter 283

Chapter 0283    Today, I want you to die!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

It was a sunny day in Jianghe City.

It had never been so crowded before outside Origin Ability Association before.

Almost all the forces in Jianghe City were here. They were here for the same reason, the battle bets between Dao Ba and Sun Batian. It was a peak beginner esper versus a level 6 specialized esper.

Many of the crowd laughed out loud.

As long as one was sane, they basically knew who would win.

However, was the ending important for them?


Instead of concern for the result, everyone was more concerned about the two main characters, Dao Ba and Sun Batian! Sun Batian was one of the four giants in Jianghe City, while Dao Ba was the new leader of Hunter Organization. Apparently, he had the support of a mysterious organization.

Perhaps Dao Ba could win?

Everyone was excited. It had been a long time since Sun family became one of the top forces in Jianghe City. All of them were looking forward to some changes, no matter if it was good or bad.

However, considering the level difference between the two of them, everyone felt helpless.

Such a huge gap!

While all the strong forces were gathered, including the other three giants, something interesting was occurring in front of Origin Ability Association.

Hey come and have a look! Weve opened up a bet for the battle!

Bet for Sun Batians victory, the odds are 1 to 0.1!

Bet for Dao Bas victory, the odds are 1 to 10!

Bet for a draw, the odds are 1 to 5!

A young man was shouting the bet odds to everyone. Everyone was speechless while looking at him wearing the staff uniform of Origin Ability Association!

Hurry and make your bet!

It is almost noon. Bets will close after that!

The crowd rushed toward the young man to make their bets. Obviously, they were all betting for Sun Batians victory.

Who wouldnt want such easy money?

Can we chase him away?

Sun Batian frowned and said.

We cant.

Housekeeper Zhang was stressed. He smiled bitterly and said, He is the staff of Origin Ability Association, we have no right to interrupt.

Then make a bet of 100 million star dollar!

Sun Batian said, Since he dares to challenge Sun family, we will make him bankrupt.


When the 100 million bet was made, everyone went mad!

However, noticing that the odds for Sun Batians victory weren't decreased at all, everyone rushed in to make their bet. The young man who offered the bet smiled and didnt seem to have a plan to adjust the odds. When everyone had made their bets, there were more than 500 million star dollars bet in total.

Meanwhile, It was rare for anyone to bet for Dao Bas victory.

If Sun Batian won, this young man had to pay a total amount of 50 million star dollars. This was a huge number!

The young man just smiled and looked at his watch.

It is almost the time.

Everyone subconsciously looked at the time on their communication devices.

11:58 a.m.!

Two more minutes to go!

At this moment, Dao Ba hadnt even finished his advancement?

Will he run away?

Someone whispered.

It wont happen. Do you think Sun family will let him go?

Someone else sneered, The front and back door of Origin Ability Association was guarded by people from Sun family. It is impossible for Dao Ba to run away!

Not completing his advancement at this moment, I guess he has failed.

Haha! It is useless even if he could make his advancement. Considering the hatred between Sun family and Hunter Organization, he would be killed even if he successfully breaks through. He was crazy to challenge the Sun family in such circumstances!

Yes, the gap is too huge.

While everyone was discussing with each other, Sun Batian sat calmly while looking at his timer.

One minute.

Thirty seconds!

Twenty seconds!

Ten seconds!



A light sound of steps could be heard. Sun Batians eyes lit up and focusing his sight on that person. It was Dao Ba!


A person walked out from Origin Ability Association. He had a burly body coupled with a scary face, his strong aura furiously spread around, making the crowd hardly able to breathe.

He came out!

Such aura, oh my god!

He made his advancement!

Everyone could not believe this. There were plenty of espers who tried to fuse with the origin characteristics drug. However, only a few of them managed to advance into the specialized level. The probability of success was less than 0.01%.

However, Dao Ba had made it!

Sun Batians expression wasnt as steady as before. He could see more than the others and he saw a level 3 esper! Upon advancement, he could reach level 3 at once, no wonder Dao Ba could kill Shi Xian when he was still a peak beginner esper. However, he wasn't worried because of this. It was not enough yet to challenge him!

You are talented.

Sun Batian stared at Dao Ba, Are you sure you want to fight with me? If you are willing to join Sun family, we can forget about everything that happened. You will be the strongest person in Sun family other than me.

Sun family?

Su Hao smiled without giving an answer. He calmly looked around the crowd and was stunned when he saw someone that was surprisingly there, Bai Xiaosheng!

The young man who started a bet in front of Origin Ability Association was him!

He was wearing the staff uniform of Origin Ability Association...

Damn, you thought that after changing a suite I wouldnt be able to recognize you?

Bai Xiaosheng noticed Su Haos gaze and he winked at him. Su Hao was shocked. Was his identity exposed?

Su Hao stared at him fiercely. Then, he looked back at Sun Batian.

Where is the thing I requested?

Sun Batian squinted and said, Housekeeper Zhang, give him the thing!


Two books were thrown to Su Hao.

The crowd stepped behind and left a ten-meter radius field for them. They knew that once Su Hao accepted the two universal origin techniques, it indicated that the bet between the two of them was going to start!


Su Hao took the two books and opened them up to flip through.

Sun Batian sneered.

He knew why Dao Ba would request for such skills. According to the information, Dao Bas ability talent was body strengthening, a talent which did not have any special attacking skills. Hence, he could only use universal origin techniques in the battle. These two books were precious but so what?

It was extremely hard to learn universal origin techniques!

Cai Lu had spent a few months to learn mountain crash last time. The two skills that were given to Dao Ba were advanced techniques that not even Cai Lu managed to learn before he died. No matter how talented Dao Ba was, he had to spend at least a few months to master them. He could have the skill books but there would be no chance for him to use them.

After all, the two skill books were the baits.

Baits to kill Dao Ba!


Su Hao easily flipped through the two skill books.

Two universal origin techniques, mountain creak and water split! He had already mastered the mountain break, which was a powerful striking skill. The strength produced could even destroy a mountain. Meanwhile, water split required an accurate control of energy to cut off the water surface with sharp energy!


While he was flipping through the book, there was a character inside Su Haos mind. Through his strong analyzing and illustrative abilities, the character was mastering the key of water split.

One time!

Two times!

Ten times!


Within a moment, the character had been illustrated countless times, while the mastery of water split kept increasing. After a while, a light sound was heard. A strong attack had almost hit his mind!

Water split!



Su Hao closed up the two books and stored them. He stared at Sun Batian and said, President Sun, you kept your promises. These two skill books are real. In this case, I should keep my promise too Sun Batian, dare to have a battle with me?

Dare to have a battle with me?


As Su Hao repeated these words with a shout, a strong force of aura spread around. Su Hao had his aura around him, showing his extraordinary confidence.

What a strong aura!

Sun Batian turned serious. Such an aura wasnt any weaker than him. Was Dao Ba really someone who had just advanced into specialized esper?



When Su Hao stepped out, the energy around was moving with him. The sound of the eruption had shocked everyone.

Water would overflow when the container was full.

It was a circumstance that occurred because his energy was overflowing!

Usually, it would appear only on someone at the peak specialized esper level. How could it be that Dao Ba was exhibiting such circumstances?

Everyone went completely silent!

At this moment, everyone understood that they shouldnt measure Dao Ba the hunter with a normal scale.


Another aura was raised into the sky.

It was the aura from Sun Batian, a level 6 esper. Two strong forces of momentum collided with each other. It was a draw!

A carp in the lake would turn into the dragon when there were winds and clouds.


Sun Batians aura was full of purple lightning that shone from time to time. His was aura was like a graceful and proud cobra. Meanwhile, Su Haos aura was completely light gold. It seemed to be weak but it had a strong tenacity. The battle of auras turned out to be a draw.



The collision of aura between them had caused an earthquake in their surroundings.


Su Hao laughed.

His energy quality was weak but so what? He had an energy quantity equivalent to a level 9 esper, this allowed him to compete directly with Sun Batian!

After working hard for so long, he was finally able to fight against Sun Batian!

Fair and square!

Sun Batian, do you remember how you forced Chen Yiran to leave me? Do you remember that because of your words, I couldnt even call Chen Yiran for a few months? Do you remember that you tried to assassinate my family and almost killed all of us inside Jianghe Hotel?

It was the fault of a father for not teaching his son well!

Since you would like to be responsible for Sun Yaotians faults, I would count all these debts on you! Su Hao had a great murderous intent in his eyes. He wanted to seek revenge for all the hatred at the moment!

Sun Batian, today I want you to die!