Godly Model Creator Chapter 284

Gmc Chapter 284

Chapter 0284    A battle full of surprise!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.


Su Hao took another step again and an energy eruption rang out!

Water overflowed?


Its not!

Since he had completed the advanced origin star technique while he was still a beginner esper, he still had an excess 10% of residue origin energy left from the conversion! When this 10% energy accompanied his surroundings, it dissipated all the time. With his every move at this moment, the energy erupted and converted into an infinite aura!

Such an imposing aura!

Pressing forward with an indomitable will!

Every step he got closer toward Sun Batian, the aura around Su Hao actually became denser and denser. This stunned everyone!

For someone who just broke through to specialized esper, how was it possible to achieve such a feat?

Only Su Hao knew clearly.

He has tolerated things for far too long!

Because his abilities were weak, he had taken each step gradually. Every step he took was very difficult! Even though he had finally walked down the path of an esper, if it took too long, that strong heart of his could also fade away. No matter what he did, the first things he considered were strategy and calculation!

This breakthrough caused his attitude to be completely transformed!

Facing humans, he could calculate.

But after that, facing berserk beasts?

The only option was to fight!

The matter of life and death was something frightening. At the same, there lies an opportunity within them! To get rid of fear, to obtain the opportunity among life and death. Only then huge improvements be made to enter into the path of the strongest esper!

Before absolute ability, any plots or strategies were jokes!

After tolerating for a very long time, all the power that he had withheld inside him exploded forth in this breakthrough.

Su Haos spirit, energy, and mind were all in peak condition. Along with this unlimited energy, he actually formed a dragon-like energy in the sky to suppress Sun Batians thunderbolt dragon.

Su Hao stabilized his posture.

Looking at Sun Batian, his gaze was like lightning. Once again, he shouted that sentence.

Today, I want you to die!



Energy eruption rang out!

The crowd was dumbstruck!

What was so special about this esper who had just achieved his breakthrough? Purely from the aspect of power, he could actually suppress Sun Batian. Could this battle still continue?

Slightly interesting.

Sun Batians expression became grave. This Dao Ba actually took hold of this breakthrough opportunity and issued a challenged toward him while his energy was at its peak! Although it was suspected that he had made use of his advantage, it was unquestionable that the current Dao Ba was at his historical peak!

However, was just a strong aura enough to win?

Sun Batian sneered. With a wave of his right hand and with a simple catch in the air, his aura trembled. Suddenly, a dark purple thunderbolt appeared in his hands!


Sun Batian controlled this sturdy thunderbolt and directed it toward Su Hao, So what if its powerful? Without origin technique, you are merely garbage!



The purple thunderbolt flashed!

Su Haos voluminous aura was instantly scattered by sturdy purple thunderbolt current. Like a huge dragon, it spread its claws and charged toward Su Hao.

The hearts of those in the crowd skipped a beat when they saw these events.

No matter who attacked, it was all beyond their imagination!

Even the representatives of the 3 giants held their breaths. Originally, they had come to laugh at Sun Batian, but the moment the two attacked everyone had relayed the information to their respective masters in advance, because this previous so-called joke had turned into a true battle!

This was Jianghe Citys peak battle!

Regardless of whether it was the Sun Batians level 6 breakthrough or the unstoppable Dao Ba, these represented the peak strength of the espers in Jianghe City!

This was no longer a domain that they could be involved in!

But, as they saw Dao Bas aura suddenly being destroyed, they once again had some doubts. Could it be like as Sun Batian had said? Although Dao Bas whole body possessed a formidable energy, he didnt have any origin techniques? If this was really the case, no matter how strong he was, it wouldnt be of any use!


The thunderbolt struck!

A blue crystal was formed and blocked Dao Bas front. It dissolved the whole thunderbolt completely. The crowd who saw the scene were stunned for a moment. This thing ice crystal?

Ice crystal defense?

Wasnt this the trademark defense technique of those with water type ability talent?

How could Dao Ba know such a technique!

Could it be that his ability talent was water type?

The purple thunderbolt attack was fruitless. Everyone was stunned on the spot. Even Sun Batian was completely shocked. Ice crystal defense In his information on Dao Ba, it was actually written that his ability talent was the body strengthening type! Even during the previous clashes with Dao Ba, he had never once used this water type origin ability.

What was actually happening?


The coldness in Sun Batians eyes greatly increased. When he got back, the whole information department must be cleansed. But before that, he must kill Dao Ba first!

So what if the information was wrong?

Then I shall let you see the horrific power created by the combination of a level 6 esper and the power of the thunderbolt!

You really hid deep enough.

Sun Batian sneered, Such a pity. Every conspiracy or trick, when faced with pure power, become nothing but a joke!

Thunderbolt purgatory!

Streaks of purple thunderbolts crashed down from the heavens. An area of 10 meters around Su Hao were completely covered. The streaks of purple thunderbolts formed a scene like that of purgatory from doomsday. Under such an attack, it was totally impossible for Su Hao to avoid!

Ice crystal snow lotus!

Su Haos crisp and cold voice echoed. An ice crystal formed a snow lotus that bloomed on his head. The huge snow lotus was incredibly elegant and beautiful.




Under the attacks of the purple purgatory lightning, the ice crystal snow lotus slowly blossomed. The ice crystal bud that lay within was released and it slowly bloomed to its peak.


The snow lotus bloomed!

The ice crystals in the sky exploded and charged toward the thunderbolt purgatory. After a while, the sky turned sunny. Every single thunderbolt had dissipated into nothingness.

At the gate of Origin Ability Association, Chen Yiran was infatuated when she saw that ice lotus.

The same origin technique, in Su Haos hands, was actually so beautiful and powerful! It turned out... ice crystal lotus could actually be used in such a manner! It turned out that todays Su Hao was actually so powerful! Relying on her proud talent and unlimited resources, she had only managed to achieve 19.5 points in origin ability today.

Su Hao alone, actually had such an ability.

Lately, how did he pass his days?

Chen Yiran was somewhat heartbroken.


A cold snort rang out in the air, and it broke everyones thoughts. Sun Batian seemed to be prepared for the disappearance of the thunderbolt purgatory. All of the thunderbolts in the sky were concentrated in his hands. Once they reached the peak in a moment, a purple expanse took shape in his grasps. It was a long sword that was constructed from the thunderbolt.


Sun Batian grabbed the hilt, This sword is called thunderbolt sword!

This is

Su Haos pupils shrank, origin weapon?! A few days ago, Sun Batian had once used a thunderbolt small sword. Su Hao thought that was Sun Batians origin weapon, but when this thunderbolt sword appeared before his eyes, Su Hao knew that his past thoughts were nothing but a joke.

So... This was his real origin weapon!

Origin weapons were like origin techniques. Some origin techniques were strong but some were weak. Origin weapons were in such a case too! And before him, this razor sharp origin weapon, exactly how powerful was it?

Thunderbolt sword! Slash!

Sun Batian didnt give Su Hao any time to ponder. He grabbed a hold of the thunderbolt sword and slashed!


The sky suddenly became slightly darker.

Ice crystal defense!

Without any hesitation, Su Hao summoned the origin defense technique. A huge ice crystal pillar suddenly appeared between them. This ice crystal that was a few meters tall resolutely and undoubtedly blocked the thunderbolt swords path.


One slash!

Two broken pieces!


The ice crystal defense, which was called a godly defense technique, was so fragile before the thunderbolt sword! Su Haos pupils shrank.He quickly activated countless ice crystals. However, before the thunderbolt sword, these attacks seemed to have turned into a joke. They couldnt even block for a single second before they collapsed.


The sword light flashed.

A stream of blood flew!

Su Hao looked at his left shoulder. After the usage of countless ice crystals, he had managed to dodge in time. However, before the thunderbolt sword that was known for its speed, it was simply a total defeat.

One slash and he was hurt!

He bled

Such a powerful ability this thunderbolt sword is actually so horrific. I have never heard that Sun Batian possess such a godlike technique

Nonsense, this is what others call a trump card. If it was known by others earlier, it wouldve long been deciphered!

Dao Ba is injured. Looks like what happens next wont be good.

The crowd exclaimed.

Su Hao remained silent.

In the end, he had still underestimated Sun Batians abilities! Although he has Chen Yirans origin model, her abilities were too far behind Sun Batians! The understandings and comprehensions of her origin ability were also too weak! It was still fine to deal with ordinary specialized espers. But to deal with Sun Batian, it was totally a lost battle!

Since Yirans origin model was ineffective, then lets change to another.

Su Hao sneered.

Origin model, return!


In the model world, the huge ice crystal origin model instantly cracked and turned into dust. At this moment, countless energies shook in his body as the model returned! With Su Haos current massive energy, it actually seemed that he couldnt contain it!



The water overflow phenomenon had occurred once again!

The energy eruption around Su Hao could be clearly seen and it caused the crowd to be stunned for a moment. At this moment, there was still such a phenomenon? This Dao Ba actually didnt need to use energy in battle? Why was there a feeling that he had more and more energy? The return of his origin ability caused Su Haos aura to greatly rise!

Again with another aura attack? Ridiculous!

Sun Batian sneered, As I said before, even with your whole body filled with energy, without a comparable origin technique, it would just be a joke no matter how strong the aura!


Sun Batian swung the second slash without any hesitation.


Thunderbolt sword! Slash!

A slash was launched. The force this time was more powerful than before. The thunderbolt sword was shaped like a demon as it directly flew toward Su Haos chest.

Purple thunderbolts filled the sky and accompanied this sword in its attack!

The sky was completely covered in purple!

The horrific momentum shrouded everyone. In such an atmosphere, no one dared to take another breath. It seemed as if a slight movement would trigger the most horrific attack!


A crisp sound rang out from Su Haos body!

The strange noise captured everyones attention. Sun Batians heart skipped a beat and his face revealed a dumbstruck expression. This familiar sound, dont tell that it was.