Godly Model Creator Chapter 285

Gmc Chapter 285

Chapter 0285    Absolutely wont lose!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


A terrifying thunderbolt swept around like a wave.

Just that, what shocked the crowd was within the purple thunderbolt, it was inexplicably mixed with some golden light. What was that?

The purple thunder dispersed.

Everyone looked at the scene and turned pale!

Sun Batian and Dao Ba were still confronting each other. Just that, both of their state had a trace of a strange change. What was more amazing was that sword on Dao Bas hand! That blazing golden sword was impressively as unique as the one on Sun Batians hand.

This is...thunderbolt sword!

F*ck, its really true!

Dao Ba even knows this technique?

Why is it so weird? I even feel some goosebumps. You say, could Dao Bas ability talent actually be the imitation type?

Not sure but imitation type usually possesses quite a number of weaknesses. Lets see whether Sun Batian can notice it or else...

Everyone once again left a distance from the battle scene.

The battle between both espers had heated up. No matter how strong Sun Batian was, Dao Ba seemed to have more and more cards to be shown which caused the crowd to panic.

Could Sun Batian win?

The crowd seemed to have lost the confidence from before.

Thunderbolt sword?

Sun Batian looked at the sword in Su Haos hand with a hint of surprise and forcefully got rid of the horror within his heart, Id like to see what exactly is your ability!


Thunderbolt purgatory once again appeared.

The purple thunderbolt covered the sky.

Su Hao coldly smirked. With a move, the same thunderbolt purgatory appeared. However, that golden lighting was as if the thunder god had arrived!

Sun Batians purple thunderbolt won in energy quality department! As for Su Haos golden thunderbolt, it won in the department of massive energy supplement, trying to win in quantity!

Sure enough!

Sun Batians look was calm, Whatever body strengthening ability, ice crystal ability, they are all hilarious! Your real ability is imitation! Imitating others ability as your own ability! However, such talent could only imitate! In other words, your ability is still trash!

A trash ability talent!

Of course it is powerful but the more advanced the imitation is, the greater the flaw! Id like to see what is your weakness.

Sun Batian sneered and rushed toward Su Hao without any hesitation.


Su Haos mouth raised a smile.

Of course there was a weakness!

The cost of building an origin model, 90 percent of the total consumption would be spent on energy conversion! This meant that for the same thunderbolt sword, Su Hao was consuming ten times more energy than Sun Batian!

However, for Su Hao, what he was not lacking the most was energy!




Gold and purple, countless thunderbolt covered the sky! The brimming bright light rays almost blinded everyones eyes. The situation of this battle had proceeded beyond their expectation. No matter what, nobody would have thought the result of these two men battling each other would end up like this.

This was too amazing!




Several light rays flashed. Three middle-aged men came to the scene all of a sudden and attracted the attention of all. The crowd had a glance and unconsciously sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Chen Haonian!

Zhou Jun!

Yue Feng!

The three remaining giants of Jianghe City actually came!

Including Sun Batian, doesnt this mean all four giants are here at the same time?!

Hehe, this is not necessary. If Dao Ba won, Im afraid one of the giants might be replaced. Of course, it is not impossible to have five giants in the city!

While everyone was shocked, Sun Batians face turned ugly.

After dominating Jianghe City for so many years, he had actually been suppressed by a mere leader of Hunter Organization. This was really ridiculous! The appearance of Chen Haonian and others, in Sun Batians eyes, they were here to enjoy ridiculing him. The four of them had been rivals to each other and they were definitely one who understood each other the most!

Originally, he thought of finding the opponents weakness before slowly counterattacking but the appearance of Chen Haonian and others had caused him to change his mind.

He would end this fight immediately!

Whether it was for Sun familys prestige or his own face, he mustnt drag out this battle any longer!


Sun Batian stared at Su Hao as his eyes changed color.


Chen Haonian suddenly frowned and then looked toward a certain corner before spotting a person out from the crowd, Yiran, why are you here?


Chen Yiran replied indifferently, Im here just to join the fun.

Join the fun...

Everyone was speechless.

Then, you think who will win?

Zhou Jun suddenly asked this with interest.

Of course Dao Ba!

Chen Yiran said without hesitation.


Yue Feng asked curiously.

Why must there be any reason? Chen Yiran continued, Since I believe in him, naturally he will win!


Zhou Jun and Yue Feng laughed out loud, Yiran, this time you guess it wrong. No matter how strong Dao Ba, he is just someone who has just entered the specialized level. Although by relying on his imitation ability, he could give a good fight but against a veteran like Sun Batian, he had no qualification to show off!

Hehe, this guy hid himself the most among us. This time, we will finally be able to witness his trump card. I believe our appearance here would make him anxious. Yue Feng cheerfully smiled, Let me see what hidden card this old man has!


Chen Yiran was shocked as she looked at Su Hao with some worry.

Sun Batian had been a leading figure in Jianghe City for so many years. His strength was needless to say. Of course, he would have many hidden cards to use. Su Hao can he really win?

Chen Yiran was very worried.

But in contrast, Chen Haonian was even more worried!

Because of his keen sense, he noticed that his daughters expression toward Dao Ba was somehow different this expression, wasnt it the same when she looked at Su Hao?

His daughter shouldnt be interested in Dao Ba right?!

Chen Haonian was scared by his own idea. Looking at Dao Bas ugly face, he suddenly became sad. What to do now?

In order to let his daughter came out of Su Haos shadow, he had to agree with every request of her.

But...this Dao Ba!

Chen Haonian felt his eggs had been entangled. He could only silently prayed, Sun Batian, please be a good man and get rid of this Dao Ba


Sun Batian halted and then stared at Su Hao coldly, Youre strong. After all these years, the only one who could force me to such circumstances is you! But it is about time to end this! Imitation is powerful, but it is not universal! This was the reason why imitation is ranked low!

Su Haos eyes flashed. He didnt reply.


Sun Batians whole body had been flickering with thunderbolts. His body aura seemed to have undergone changes and started resembling something close to a berserk aura, which shocked the crowd.


Sun Batians aura increased!

The aura belonging to a level 6 esper began to change. Instantly, it soared higher as the purple color of the thunderbolts turned deeper.

Level 7!


Sun Batians aura increased yet again!

Level 8!

Sun Batian actually forced himself into level 8 esper!


Sun Batian moved his body for a bit and sneered, Able to imitate ability talent, origin technique but can you imitate forbidden techniques? It is about to end your arrogant life! To be able to force me into this stage, even if you die, you should be proud of yourself!


Su Hao sneered. The so-called espers, forget about their strength, their tone seems to be more and more arrogant as they became stronger.

Forbidden technique?

Su Hao tried for a bit. In the origin model, there was this technique imprinted. However, after Su Hao tried using it, it was invalid


Pondering for a second, Su Hao then understood.

The so-called forbidden technique was, in fact, self-stimulating ones body! By stimulating all the routes of energy in the body, one would end up increasing their strength for a short period of time. This forbidden technique must be customized for himself and only thunder ability types were suitable for this.

Although Su Hao could use the thunder ability, it was only after he analyzed it that he was able to transform his ability!

Thus, the forbidden technique was invalid!

No wonder Sun Batian was as arrogant as ever!

His strength was already strong in the first place and almost on par with Su Hao. However, after a breakthrough of two levels, with his strength increasing, killing Su Hao was only a matter of minutes.

I already said it is over!

Sun Batian sneered and once again trusted his sword.

Thunderbolt sword! Slash!

The dark purple thunderbolt was so terrifying. With Sun Batians final attack, it showed the best class of level 8 esper!

Rumble boom!

Heaven and earth shook!

The dark purple thunderbolts shot down from the sky nonstop. Under such a terrifying attack, the crowd was scared to the point of despairing.

So this was the true strength of Jianghe City giants!

So...this was the strength of a truly strong esper!

Such attack, how could one resist?

Dao Ba lost!

This was the idea of everyone!

Even the other giants were the same. They looked at each other. If they were facing such attack instead, how would they deal with it? With the strength of level 8 esper, aided with the thunderbolt sword and such a domineering origin technique, this was definitely an attack which would make one desperate!

Im going to lose?

Su Hao coldly stared at the endless dark purple thunderbolt.

Last time, Im only at beginner esper yet I didnt lose!

And now, after becoming a specialized esper, I will definitely wont lose!

Is it because Im not admitting my defeat?

No, this is just because I want to be much stronger!

Origin model, burst!


An even greater burst could be felt from within Su Haos body. Endless thunderbolt leaked out from Su Haos body. That berserk and endless thunderbolt seemed to become the brightest thing in the sky! Any attack would look pale and weak in comparison to such power.

In the sky.

That huge lump of golden light.

As dazzling as the sun.

Su Hao stood within it without moving his body!