Godly Model Creator Chapter 286

Gmc Chapter 286

Chapter 0286    Mountain crash! Water split!

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Thundering sounds could be heard.

Su Hao grit his teeth as he endured the pain. That forceful eruption of thunderbolts had caused him a lot of pain.

This was because he wasnt reversing the model but detonating it!

The origin model of thunder was made entirely from pure thunderbolts, consuming a lot of Su Haos energy. When this model erupted, the force released was enough to block out the crowds view like an eternal golden sun!

The dark purple thunderbolts seemed to have been eradicated!

The world was as if went still at this moment.

Su Hao who was still enduring the pain, stared at Sun Batian because he knew well that he only had one opportunity for his attack to succeed!

Illusion reality!


Left eye reality, right eye illusion!

Two strange worlds began to form.

After setting a timestamp in the model world, a shocking scene was presented.

Within the model world, Su Hao blew the origin model which allowed him to gain a brief moment to breathe. Even under the domineering berserk purple thunderbolts, the attacks were able to be delayed. However, the insurmountable gap was still there.

When the golden light disappeared, the dark purple thunderbolts once again attack.

Su Hao would use his strongest move but under a slash of Sun Batians sword, he would die on the spot!

Real world!

Su Haos eyes lit up. The scene just now terrified him. When the golden light was about to lose its brightness, Su Hao didnt hesitate to use his shadow cloak.



As the golden light disappeared, the dark purple thunderbolts flashed through. However, Su Hao no longer in the same spot, he appeared next to Sun Batian.

After losing the thunder type origin model, Su Hao used his own ability to attack!

Sun Batian was shocked that Su Hao had managed to escape death. However, without having any time to express his shock, he saw the incoming attack from Su Hao, Your imitation is already gone. Trying to use your own ability now? What a joke! With your empty level 3 energy, what else can you challenge me with?


Su Hao went closer and without hesitation, he blasted the origin technique which he was most familiar with.

Mountain crash!


Su Haos figure flashed with a surge of speed!

From up to down, under the influence of mysterious energy, his whole body was full of some kind of force and numbness. With the outbreak of energy, all the force was directed out of his body. This was the first time he had used this origin technique since his breakthrough, and he was shocked at its might.

At this moment, Sun Batian who was the best candidate to test the new power of the move.


Sun Batian was blasted away on the spot!

A huge rampaging force instantly entered his body. Sun Batians expression turned pale as he withstood the attack. While in mid-air, his eyes shone this technique, he was too familiar with it!

Mountain crash!

Wasnt this something that Cai Lu spent a long period of time learning?

Wasnt this a technique which is harder to learn than those exclusive origin techniques?

Wasnt this the one which he gave Dao Ba when he came out? He remembered Dao Ba only glanced at it for a bit

Did he already master it?

Sun Batian was completely shocked.

And the crowd was dumbfounded!

Just a moment ago, when Dao Ba was about to be beheaded, he suddenly emitted a golden light as bright as the sun and magically dodged Sun Batians attack before drawing close to release a domineering attack. Sun Batian couldnt even avoid it! This was too incredible!

Such strong strength!

Chen Haonian exclaimed. He had to admit that if he didnt use his light sword, he wont be able to find any advantage when confronting Dao Ba.

This attack had been resolved by Sun Batian but...

Zhou Juns eyes had an inexplicable light. Watching Dao Ba who blasted Sun Batian away mid-air, he had this strange feeling. This move...it shouldnt end like this! Although Sun Batian was able to maintain his domineering aura by resolving the force with his thunderbolts, still

What if there was still another move?

Zhou Juns mind jumped.

At this moment, Sun Batian was in mid-air and didnt land yet, he suddenly heard a clear shout, Water split!

Water split?

Sun Batians eyes were puzzled. His mind went alert. Looking at Su Hao who was far away, his expression suddenly became pale!

Water split!

How could this be?


Heaven and earth seemed to be stationary at this point. Sun Batian clearly saw Su Haos right hand turn into a knife and cut him from above with a glorious golden light.


An almost transparent golden light ray seemed to appear from Su Haos hand and was directed at Sun Batians body. Almost instantly, it arrived on top of Sun Batian. After using all his energy to resist mountain crash, the current Sun Batian was defenseless.


The translucent golden light easily sliced through Sun Batians body, forcefully tearing his body apart. As the blood vessels were destroyed, blood began to splash!

Ah ah open for me!


Sun Batians eyes finally showed a hint of fear. With a shout, a jade on his neck suddenly illuminated in a green light that covered his body. Then the green light flashed and disappeared.

Su Hao was shocked.

The other three giants were dumbfounded too.

Everyone was stunned.

The scene was so silent that a needle dropping could be heard.

This was a weird scene as nobody dared to break the silence. After a moment, some people began to open their mouths, Am I seeing things wrong? Sun Batian one of the four giants actually had to escape?


Another person said with uncertainty too, He should be fleeing.

This this

Everyone was confused, For these kinds of people, isnt honor and face more important than anything else? He actually fled at the last minute! This how could this be?

Sun Batians escape made everyone curse!

Only when facing life and death situations could one breakthrough and became a stronger esper! Escaping during the dying moment? And it was Sun Batian?

After a moment of confusion, the crows turned to look at Dao Ba.

Because at this moment, they only remembered

Since Sun Batian fled, naturally the winner was Dao Ba! However, since when did Dao Ba have such horrifying strength? Being able to force one of the four giants, Sun Batian to flee, this Dao Ba had become one of the strongest espers in Jianghe City!

Looking at the indifferent expression of Dao Ba, everyone had a full respect.

Dao Ba!

Not knowing who was the one who shouted, everyone began to follow along!

Dao Ba!

Dao Ba!

An endless shout which was a mess and finally ended up united, Dao Bas victory reminded everyone in Jianghe City that a new era is coming.

Sun Batians defeat represents the fall of Sun family.

Sun family who had lost countless of underlings before this, now with the defeat of Sun Batian, there was no road to recovering!

Sun family was finished!

Hunter Organization would rise up and became the new giant of Jianghe City. After disbanding under the pressure of Sun family, they were the ones who obtained the last laugh.

Chen Haonian and others were dumbfounded.

They understood very well the strength that Sun Batian had. They had never thought that the ending would be like this. They looked at each other and revealed a bitter smile.

Sun Batian should have some cards left.

Zhou Jun smirked, Just that...Im afraid he wont have the chance to use them anymore.


Yue Feng bitterly said, That last attack of Dao Ba was so accurate. When I look at it closer, it even felt like Sun Batian was the one who went to receive the attack himself. This was too coincidental! It would be better if it was just a coincident, but if this was under Dao Bas calculation...

No matter what, Dao Ba won!

Chen Haonian looked at his daughter who couldnt conceal her happiness and helplessly sighed, He has comparable strength to us and has the qualification to be another giant of Jianghe City. But I dont understand why Sun Batian fled? With his strength, even if he was defeated, he would still be one of the top espers here.

Everyone glanced at each other. They were also clueless about this.

Chen Yiran then thoughtfully said, Perhaps the last attack from Dao Ba was too strong that if he didnt escape he would have died on the spot?

Chen Haonian and others were shocked by this.

What if it was as Chen Yiran said? That seemingly mediocre hand knife skill was actually that terrifying?

How terrifying it truly was, only Su Hao knew.

With his cold gaze, he looked toward the direction which Sun Batian fled with some regret.

Sun Batian still managed to escape.

An esper with such strength indeed had all sort of hidden cards. He had taken the advantage of the best time to attack with his illusion reality, yet he didnt expect Sun Batian to have a Nitai artifact that could transport him to safety.

Thats right, a Nitai artifact!

That little thing on Sun Batians neck was a Nitai artifact. 

You fled?

Su Haos eyes lit up, Sorry Sun Batian. During the day when you made your move on me, you should have predicted that this situation would happen. For my family, I must get rid of you. Sun family will no longer have any right to remain here anymore.


Su Haos figure flashed and disappeared from the scene!