Godly Model Creator Chapter 287

Gmc Chapter 287

Chapter 0287    An absolute slaughter

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



Su Hao swiftly chased after Sun Batian. As the shadow cloak floated, Su Haos speed increase drastically and closely followed the green light.

That direction was towards the Sun familys mansion!


A drop of blood fell onto the ground. It belonged to Sun Batian. He had been seriously injured by water split.

If Su Hao could move faster, he would definitely slash him in half!

Mountain crash!

Water split!

Two universal origin technique, which was 2 stars and 3 stars respectively.

When the two skills were used together, the effect stacked. Mountain crash struck hard on the opponent, while water split slashed the opponent with absolute speed. The combo of these two skills was much stronger than any 3 stars attack. It was a great combo!

When they were used together with illusion reality, everything seemed to be perfect.

If Sun Batian didnt use his Nitai artifact, he would be dead. Even if he could escape from Su Hao now, it would be hard for him to fully recover.

Kill him while he is injured!

The wound on his shoulder was still there, but it wouldnt be affecting Su Haos actions. Su Hao focused on his shadow cloak and closely chased after Sun Batian.


Sun Batians Nitai artifact started to turn dim after escaping for a long distance. Due to the serious injury, Sun Batian could not use his Nitai artifact as well as he normally would. It was the best opportunity for Su Hao.




After two bursts, Su Hao finally saw Sun Batian. He was in the green barrier with a pale face.

Origin model, establish!

Su Hao sneered and built the thunder origin model. Without hesitation, he directed a golden thunderbolt towards Sun Batian.



The protective layer of the Nitai artifact around Sun Batian began to vibrate.

Sun Batian ignored Su Hao and focused on escaping. However, once Su Hao got near, was there still a chance for Sun Batian to escape?




Golden thunderbolts continued to strike Sun Batian!

A few months ago, Su Hao was still escaping from being hunted by Sun Batian. However, a few months later, the circumstances were totally reversed.

Since he started his journey as an esper, he had always been the one getting hunted.

He had been hunted down by Chou Yan, Sun family, Jin family and others.

Since when could he hunt others?

Meanwhile, when he was finally powerful enough to hunt after someone else now, the first victim unexpectedly turned out to be Sun Batian!

This feeling was great!

However, after experiencing being hunted so many times, the lesson learned was to never let the opponent escape. There would be a big possibility that the prey will eventually turn into the predator. The very epitome example was himself!

There were so many people hunting him, but wasnt he the one who always survived and had the last laugh?

Hence, Sun Batian had to die this time!




After another few strikes, Sun Batians Nitai artifact couldnt sustain itself anymore. Su Hao could even hear the cracking sounds of the jade in front of Sun Batians chest. Finally, the jade vanished into dust.


The green protective layer cracked and Sun Batian fell to the ground.

Sun Batian stood up with a pale face. His wound seemed to have recovered. However, Su Hao knew that it was impossible to fully recover from such a serious injury with just a recovery drug. He would still need at least a few months of treatment at a hospital.

The current Sun Batian could die at any time!

You won.

Sun Batian mumbled to Su Hao. Right now he had to admit that he failed. His failure was caused by the leader of so-called small forces, a newly advanced specialized esper!


Su Hao sneered and didnt reply.

It was a great chance to kill him, how could he allow himself to talk too much? They werent even friends! He would be the biggest retard if Sun Batian was able to grab the chance to run away from him at this moment.

Su Hao waved his right hand and another golden thunderbolt struck Sun Batian!


Sun Batian cast a thin lightning shield to protect himself. However, it couldn't even stop the thunderbolt for a second.


The lightning shield broke.

Sun Batian was struck again.

Su Hao stood still and stared at him. Su Batian could never imagine that he would be in such circumstances one day. Su Hao wished to disclose his identity to Sun Batian now, so he could know the young guy that he had previously hunted for was at the same level as him now.

However, he wouldnt be careless for even a single moment when facing someone like Sun Batian. He would never give him the chance to survive.

Go die!

Su Hao said coldly.

As a thunderbolt sword formed in his hand, Su Hao struck Su Batian without hesitation. The attack brought along millions of golden thunderbolts. The strong thunderbolt attack precisely struck Sun Batian.

Lets see how are you going to defend this time!


Sun Batian laughed when he looked at the familiar attack used on him. He said, Thunderbolt sword? I, Sun Batian, had endless battles throughout my life and now I am going to be killed by my own skill?


Sun Batian madly glared at Su Hao as energy shined in his eye. Su Hao was shocked by the familiar aura...


Su Hao escaped promptly by leaving the thunderbolt sword on the spot.



With the help of shadow cloak, Su Hao immediately escaped around a hundred meters.


A strong force of energy was unleashed. The purple energy flared up to a few miles. This attack was as strong as what Su Hao had used before, the strong lightning energy destroyed everything nearby. Although Sun Batian was badly injured, he was still able to perform such a strong attack.


That strong force of energy struck Su Hao. It hit Su Haos chest and caused him to vomit out a mouthful of blood.



The purple light vanished. Sun Batian disappeared after he attacked, leaving a pool of blood on the ground.

Su Hao squinted and stared at the direction Sun Batian was leaving in.

No matter how bright the purple light was, it couldnt affect his model analysis. Su Hao could clearly see that Sun Batian was running towards the Sun family mansion.

He would rather sacrifice his ability talent in order to escape?

Su Hao mumbled. Sun Batian didnt have an origin model like he did. At the moment, Sun Batian had fully unleashed his ability talent in order to cast such a strong spell. However, he would become an ordinary person afterward.

His ability talent was destroyed!

Even if Sun Batian could survive, he would become a normal person.

In normal circumstances, one would let go of such an opponent. In the era of origin ability, what could a normal person do? Furthermore, it was a waste of time to hunt him down as he couldnt identify his escape direction. However, this wasnt applicable to Su Hao.

Detonating your ability talent?

Hah! Sun Batian, what is the thing that made you so desperate to go back? I would like to see whether you can escape from me today!


As the energy flickered, Su Hao chased against Sun Batian again!

Jianghe city, Sun familys mansion.

Sun Yaotian had just been recently discharged from the hospital. He was getting used to his new body, especially his big penis that shook between his legs.

Hehe, I can use it after a few days.

Sun Yaotian opened up his pants and looked at his penis with full satisfaction.

As he had overused his old penis, recently he felt like he had a hard time during sex at Golden nightclub. However, he benefited from this incident, since Sun family had spent a huge amount of money to get him an artificial penis. Although Sun Batian was disappointed with him, for the sake of Sun family, he ordered an extra large penis for his son.

Hey, pretty girls at Golden Nightclub, I am coming soon!

Sun Yaotian said excitingly. The treatment period was a great period of suffering for him.

I am gonna have 10P this time!

Sun Yaotian said. It was similar to what his father said while fighting against multiple opponents, but it was for a different purpose.

He was never worried about Dao Ba since he had full confidence that his father could easily kill Dao Ba. He was not interested in becoming a strong esper as his only wish was to stay alive.

Su Hao was so strong, yet he was still dead!

Every time he thought of that, he became afraid. However, he didnt know that it was a side effect brought by Su Hao.


While he was enjoying the pictures of hot chicks sent by his friends, all of a sudden, the door of the mansion was broken by a strong force. All the windows broke into pieces.

Who is that?

Sun Yaotian was shocked. He turned his head and he saw a bloody body. He retreated and said, You may take whatever you want from this mansion, just please dont hurt me!


A person walked into the mansion. Sun Yaotian was surprised and he shouted, Dad?!

Follow me!

Sun Batian carried his son and walked in front of an oil painting in the middle of the living room. No matter how stupid Sun Yaotian was, he noticed something was wrong at this moment. He followed Sun Batian with a pale face.


The painting turned and an entrance to a room appeared.

Sun Batian threw his son into the room. When he turned around, a guy covered in golden thunderbolts was there aiming at him.

Sun Batian hesitated for a moment and pressed a button beside him.


The whole Sun familys mansion turned into a sea of fire!