Godly Model Creator Chapter 288

Gmc Chapter 288

Chapter 0288    Demonstrating ones sincerity by dying!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws




The entire Sun family mansion was covered in flames due to a giant explosion. It was similar to the scene while in ancient ruins. As the building collapsed, even the employees on the ground floor were killed by the bricks falling on top of them! 

In order to intercept Su Hao, Sun Batian actually destroyed the entire Sun familys mansion!

Su Haos face turned dark. When he managed to catch up, what he saw was this scene.

Just that the explosion had come and gone too quickly.

Su Hao wondered what kind of bomb did Sun Batian use. When the sea of flames was gone, what remained was a plane of ruins.

Sun family was destroyed!

You think by doing so, you will be able to stop me?

Su Hao coldly smirked.

Even in the ancient ruins, this daddy could detect temples. This is just some shitty mansion ruins and you think I wont be able to find you?

Model analysis, start!

2D mapping!


A 2D map appeared. Su Hao could clearly see two red spots somewhere in the ruins.

Didnt get affected by the explosion due to a secret room?

There are two dots. Besides Sun Batian, who else is there?

What a joke. If you didnt kill all the other Sun family members, perhaps I might not have been able to find you.

Su Hao sneered. That explosion caused everyone in the Sun familys mansion to die. Leaving only two people alive, for Su Hao, it was as clear as the moon in the night sky.



A punch blasted down, forming a pit on the ground.

Just like in the ruins, Su Hao opened a path and decided to head towards the secret room to kill Sun Batian!

Sun family, secret room.

Dad, whats happening?

Sun Yaotian was panicking. Although he was thrown inside here, that explosion outside was loud and clear. Sun family was finished this time!

Sun Batian looked at his son and said in a calm tone.

I lost.


Sun Yaotians face went pale. Today was the battle between his dad and Dao Ba. Since his dad lost, he must have lost to Dao Ba! That bloody wound on his body, it must have been from Dao Ba.

Its alright, dad. It doesnt matter if you lose.

Sun Yaotian swallowed his saliva, We can go somewhere else and rebuild everything.


Sun Batian shook his head, There is no hope anymore. My origin ability has been wasted.


Sun Yaotian revealed a remorseful expression. Dao Ba was actually that strong? And it was him who provoked this person? If he hadnt provoked Dao Ba, how would Sun family end up in this situation?

Sun Yaotian was completely dumbfounded.

Dad, sorry Im sorry!


Sun Batian looked at his son and was somewhat happy, Being able to realize your own mistake, this indicates that youre not completely hopeless. Remember to survive. Only you have the chance to make our Sun family rise again and seek revenge by killing Dao Ba.


Sun Yaotian was somehow at a loss. Why did his dad suddenly mentioned this?


Sun Batian directly pushed his son to the wall of the secret room. There was a chair there and Sun Yaotian sat on it after being pushed away.



A few straps sealed off Sun Yaotians body. Sun Batians eyes lit up and then fiercely pulled down a lever beside it.

Ci ci ci ci~

Countless lights shone, causing the entire room to be illuminated.

Dad, what are you trying to do?

Sun Yaotian was shocked to find that within this secret room, beside the chair, the surrounding was filled with all sorts of drugs. As the energy in the room grew, the drugs inside the bottles would be emptied.

And each drug impressively headed towards Sun Yaotians heart!

Still remember what I said?

Sun Batians voice was low, In Sun family, only you can inherit my legacy! Your talent is strong, but your heart is weak! If this continues, you wont be able to enter the path of an esper in your whole life! Today, I will let you remember this one thing just now, you heard the explosion outside right?

Yea, I heard it.

Sun Yaotian swallowed his saliva. He didnt know what his father wanted to say.

The enemy had arrived here so Sun family is finished. There is no other member of Sun family anymore besides you and me! They were all killed because of your cowardliness!

All the things you have done, the price you have to pay is this!

Sun Batians voice was calm. It was too calm that it scared the hell out of Sun Yaotian, And among these people including your mother, they all died in the explosion.


Sun Yaotians face had a huge change as he crazily struggled, Dad, youre joking right? How could mum die? Why didnt you bring her here? Why must you be like that? We could have surrendered!

Why are you being like this?!

Sun Yaotian madly shouted.

Sun Batians look was very calm. Lookin at his son, he slowly said, Dont have to worry about your mum. I have always been taking care of her. Even if she is dead now, soon I will be accompanying her. I have already said today, I am going to make sure you remember this, remember everything!

Dad, what are you going to do?

Sun Yaotians body trembled as he struggled desperately. What did his dad mean by accompanying her? Every word from Sun Batian was so terrifying.

Listen well!

That roar from Sun Batian silenced Sun Yaotian.

Remember well!

Sun Batians face was like a madman, You are the one who killed your mum, dad and everyone in Sun family! Because of your cowardliness! If you continue to be like this, youre just going to kill everyone besides yourself! If you want girls and authority, the only way is to be stronger!

Only by being strong can possess anything!

This is the era of origin ability. A coward will always be a stepping stone for others.

This is the price you have to pay for being a fool all these years!

If you want to redeem yourself, become the strongest esper!


Terrifying energy shook the secret room. Sun Batian grabbed a dagger from the wall and fiercely pierced his chest.


Blood spurted out!


Sun Yaotian looked at his dad in disbelief, bursting into tears. He deeply regretted in his heart, Dad, I was wrong. I will strive to be strong from now on. I will definitely be the strongest esper! I know Im wrong! Faster, pull out the dagger!

Too late!

Sun Batians mouth revealed a hint of a smile and then looked at the dagger in his hand. A section of the dagger was connected to some mysterious wire. The blood seemed to flow through the wire and after undergoing some transformation, they ultimately entered into the body of Sun Yaotian.

I know your temper.

Sun Batian smiled, Too weak, too easy to be swayed. This kind of enthusiasm, Im afraid it wont last long. Not to mention that the current gap between you and the others is too huge. Today, with this procedure, my blood and strength as a level 6 esper will be a huge boost to your strength! You will become a peerless genius!

Today, Im going to die!

Remember, your mum and I will be watching you from below!


Sun Batian relentlessly pierced the dagger deeper. The energy in the room suddenly multiplied several times. A mysterious force crazily entered into Sun Yaotians body. At this moment, Sun Yaotians origin ability soared!

18 points!

19 points!

20 points!

21 points!

22 points!

NO! Stop it right now!

His strength kept climbing as Sun Yaotian shouted in panic. This was because, for every increment in strength, he could clearly see the loss of vitality on his fathers face. Unfortunately, his origin ability continued to grow to 25 points before finally stopping. To Sun Yaotians surprise, he then had a breakthrough!


Terrifying energy erupted!

Sun Yaotian actually advanced into a specialized esper under such conditions and it was level two!


Countless wires were snapped off. Sun Yaotian finally was able to get rid of the straps and rushed to hug his father, Dad, wake up! Wake up!

Oh, you had a breakthrough.

Sun Batian weakly looked at him, There is an invisible car at the other side of the room, quickly run...


Sun Batians weak arm fell.


Sun Yaotian shook his fathers body only to found out that his loving father had died in his arms.


A wave shook the secret room and one of the walls was suddenly destroyed. A figure slowly walked into the room from outside.


Su Hao calmly watched the scene.

Although this was the first time entering here, that didnt prevent him from seeing what was inside through his model analysis in advance. Through his synchronous playback, he clearly witnessed what had happened! This included Sun Batian sacrificing himself in order to transform his son!

A fathers love was as heavy as Mountain Tai!

That mysterious card he obtained from his dad, wasnt it the same love too?

Su Hao looked at Sun Yaotian.

He wouldve never thought that the final battle with Sun family turned out to be with Sun Yaotian. What kind of fate was this?

Sun Yaotian looked at Su Hao. His eyes were filled with hatred. Impressively, the pupil of one of his eyes actually turned red. Looking a the figure in front of him, his expression constantly changed from fear to shock to hatred, and finally killing intent!

Long time no see, Su Hao!