Godly Model Creator Chapter 290

Gmc Chapter 290

Chapter 0290    Sun Yaohuis move

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The sun shone brightly above Jianghe City.

During the month of May, the weather had turned hot. That fiery hot temperature overwhelmed the people even more as their sweat dripped like rain. Only espers whose foundation were at the peak of the beginner level wouldnt be affected by the heat. Dressed in a jacket, they endured the heat as they moved about and became the envy of bystanders.

However, the espers of today were not as fancy as people imagined. Their communication devices beeped nonstop, causing many people to instantly frown. Their faces grew paler when they received the news, they hurriedly rushed outside. Under the broadcast of a few people, news related to the Sun family was finally spread.

Sun Batian was defeated!

Such news was like a hornets nest, as it quickly spread to all corners of Jianghe City. As a public figure, as one of the four giants of Jianghe City, Sun Batians every move, was under the scrutiny of many people. The bet between Sun Batian and Dao Ba was the subject of many peoples jeers and ridicule towards Sun family.

Why did Sun family lower themselves to the same level as Hunter Organization?

Sun Batians style had actually dropped to such a level.

But regardless of how they ridiculed, they were merely verbal insults, because everyone knew that as long as Sun Batian was there, it would be impossible for Sun family to decline! Sun Batian, a level 6 esper, facing an esper at the peak of the beginner level, how could he lose? Even if Dao Ba was fortunate enough to breakthrough, he would only be a mere level 1 esper!

However, what followed Dao Bas breakthrough made everyone astonished!

Sun Batian lost!

Not only he was defeated, but it was a disastrous defeat!

According to those who were there, under the attacks of Dao Ba, Sun Batian actually activated his Nitai artifact and embarrassingly escaped. Even before his escape, he was injured.

To be able to escape with his life, it was already considered fortunate.

When the crowd received this news, they were completely dumbfounded.

Everyone knew Sun Batians strength. However, to be able to beat Sun Batian to such an extent that he had to flee, how powerful was Dao Ba exactly?

The crowd of Jianghe City was shocked.

What followed was Sun familys mansion was wiped out in a huge fire from the top to bottom. There were no survivors. Even Sun Batian and Sun Yaotian were dead. Such news shook the entire Jianghe City even more.

This was no longer a battle!

It was an extermination of a whole family!

Although the espers in Sun family werent a minority, there were also ordinary people in the family right?

To attack ordinary people so horrifically, how savage was this person? Immediately, there were people who reported to Origin Ability Association about the barbaric acts of Dao Ba. The associations team was dispatched and after they personally investigated, those whistleblowers were criticized. Furthermore, they were fined by a huge amount.

Because. these people werent killed by Dao Ba!

Not killed by Dao Ba? Then who else would attack Sun family?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

But the result was the same, the Sun familys genocide became an unresolved case.

The genocide of the Sun family also became a mystery.

But this didnt obstruct the public from knowing one thing. Dao Ba, had become one of Jianghe Citys giants! The Hunter Organization has become one of Jianghe Citys four major forces!

Jinhua City.

Ming Zhi who was initially playing games at the hotel was suddenly delighted as he saw the communication device in his hand, letting out a wild laugh, I really made the right bet! Hahaha, big brother is too amazing. He actually managed to wipe out the Sun family!

The same information had spread into the hands of every hunter.

Soon after!

The Hunter Organization returned!

Ming Zhi gathered everyone and they returned quickly, as a lightning bolt, to take over the Sun familys authority. At the same time, they hunted after a few followers who fled!

The forces of Jianghe City, after going through a shakeup, quickly returned to its peaceful state. Apart from the replacement of Sun family by Hunter Organization as one of the four giant forces, they actually didnt cause any negative impact. Especially for the normal citizens, it was even more irrelevant to them.

In a days time, everything returned to usual.

Su Hao gave Ming Zhi full authority regarding everything about Hunter Organization. He believed that with Ming Zhis intelligence, Ming Zhi would be able handle everything properly. After properly passing the authority over did Su Hao silently leave Hunter Organization.

He wanted to see, what exactly Sun Yaohuis would do!

In the afternoon, as Su Hao was training, he got awakened by his masters call, Su Hao, what has happened? Did you leak your identity recently?


Su Hao was completely baffled.

I just received news, both Jin and Hua families suddenly mobilized a huge number of people, those level 5 and above espers and it seems like their target is Jianghe City! Zhang Zhongtians had a slightly worried expression, Although we dont know their target, I still feel that something bad is going to happen.

Jin family Hua family

A flash of lightning swept across Su Haos mind.

Good Sun Yaohui! Looks like this is your move?

Su Hao finally understood!

If he didnt make the wrong guess, Sun Yaohui who had the news that he was Su Hao transmitted it to both Jin and Hua families. With the power of both Jin and Hua families, after his identity was confirmed, they wouldnt hesitate to proceed with capturing him. As for Jianghe Citys abilities, they didnt even bother to consider that.

Su Hao had killed Sun Batian!

Jianghe City, who would give trouble to Su Hao? Su Hao wasnt even afraid in the slightest! Sun Yaohui also knew this, which was why he roped in Jinhua City!

This Sun brat!

Su Hao silently cursed.

He had neglected this possibility.

The attack from the Jin and Hua families definitely had strong specialized espers. At most in a days time, they surely will arrive at Jianghe City. By then, he wouldnt be able to escape!

What to do?


Su Hao thought for a moment. Eventually, the blue dream butterfly suggested he change his identity! With the aid of the Nitai artifact, transforming into another person would work. In this case, unless a specialized esper attacked him, it was impossible for any ordinary person to find him!

But after Su Hao contemplated for a while, he discarded this option without any hesitation.

You must be joking.

After taking so long to settle down, I have to escape again?

If an escape was required every time, would the escape ever end? But if he escaped, what would be of Hunter Organization? It will definitely be swallowed alive by the those from Jin and Hua family. What about Ming Zhi? What about those who followed him? What about his own family? Could he just continue escaping?

Definitely not!

Su Hao stood up. Could he ally with Chen family?!

That might not work!

Even if the 4 giants combined, the result would still be unlikely, let alone allying with the Chen family. Everyone wouldnt be united. If they were forced to unite, that would only cause everyone to suspect one another.

What to do?

The thoughts in Su Haos mind were being processed as fast as a computer. Suddenly he thought of the answer, in the whole Jianghe City, there was only one group that could match the forces of the Jin and Hua families. Origin Ability Association!

Great, Origin Ability Association!

Su Hao set Origin Ability Association as his target, he continued analyzing his thoughts like a supercomputer.

If he wanted the assistance of Origin Ability Association, such request must be made from their own people. Any ordinary registered member naturally wouldnt work. Only a proper Origin Ability Associations staff can do so then, how to become a staff of Origin Ability Association?

Su Hao pondered for a moment. He suddenly thought of a scenario.

Yesterday, before his clash with Sun Batian, he clearly saw a student who had no integrity and moral, wearing Origin Ability Associations employee uniform. He was there playing around and didnt talk much.

Bai Xiaosheng!

Bai Xiaosheng had connections with Origin Ability Association!

When he thought of Bai Xiaoshengs mischievous expression, Su Hao felt that it was possible that he had found out his identity! The identity that he consciously hid, regardless of Bai Xiaosheng or Sun Yaohui, it was actually been seen through! In the era of origin ability, those strange ability talents were really was astonishing.

Must find him!

Su Hao immediately made a decision.

Origin Ability Association.

Bai Xiaosheng who was pleased with himself, counting money while he lied on his bed. En... as he was counting money, the flashes and ringing of the communication device caused Bai Xiaosheng to be in an incomparably good mood.

Money hundreds of millions, they are all mine haha.

Hehehe, I knew that Su Hao is an easy source of money hmmm, during my school days he helped me gain a lot of assignment points. Even outside of school, I have gained so much money, hehehe.

Bai Xiaosheng muttered.

Suddenly, the communication device in his hand rang. It was the guard at Origin Ability Association, Hey, Bai Xiaosheng, did you owe a gambling debt again. Someone has come to look for you!

Gambling debt?

Bai Xiaosheng blankly shook his head. Those few bets on Su Hao winning, I remember that I have cleared all of them!

Alright, let him in then.

Biao Xiaosheng hung up his communicator. In his mouth he whispered a sentence, Thats strange, who could it be? Could it be someone who lied about any gambling debt? Damn it, if he lied to me, dont think he would be able to turn around and leave!


The door opened, a burly figure walked in.

Bai Xiaosheng stared for a moment before his face changed, WTF! Why did you come here?

Su Hao smiled as he looked at him, Classmate, long time no see.

Who is a classmate with you?

Bai Xiaosheng waved his hand and sported a disgusted look, Dao Ba, you are now one of Jianghe Citys giants. Please dont be so reckless, pretending to be my classmate and lying about a gambling debt. This is a very disgusting behavior. Furthermore, I am Origin Ability Associations employee. If you want to threaten me, you better watch out that your Hunter Organization may be wiped out.


Su Hao remained with his happy expression, Go and shout then. I will say that we both agreed that I would put in the effort to help you open a gambling den and we would split the profits in half. However, you didnt give me any, hmm

Bai Xiaosheng wore a disgusted expression and his face turned completely red.


Damn it!

Youre like this in school, why are you still the same after out of the school?

Bai Xiaosheng was very aggrieved, Do you think it is easy to earn money?

You finally admit it?

Su Hao laughed, Relax, I am not interested in your winnings. But seeing that we are old classmates, I need you to help me with something. Or I should say, to persuade you in helping me with something.

What is it?

Bai Xiaosheng looked at him warily, Please speak first, I willnt do anything related to stealing or deceiving! I am actually a pure and upright student!