Godly Model Creator Chapter 291

Gmc Chapter 291

Chapter 0291    Stop teasing me

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Pure your ass!

Su Hao rolled his eyes. There were so many illegal things this person had done.

How do you know my identity?

Su Hao was suddenly reminded of that.

He felt that he had done a good job hiding his identity. However, both Bai Xiaosheng and Sun Yaohui could easily unravel his identity. The effect of this Nitai artifact didnt seem to be as good as he expected. However, other than these two, there wasnt anyone else who could figure out his identity.

Was there a bug or flaw with this Nitai artifact?

Su Hao was worried.

Smart people have their ways. Bai Xiaosheng said proudly, Dont worry, other than me, seldom will there be another person who can find out your identity.

Su Hao was speechless.


Didnt Sun Yaohui also figured out his identity too?!

However, Su Hao didnt force Bai Xiaosheng to reveal his way of identifying his identity. He understood that it might be involving Bai Xiaoshengs secret talent. They werent even friends, perhaps just taking advantage of each other.

How did you get enrolled in Origin Ability Association?

This was Su Haos main concern.

I have my own smart methods. Bai Xiaosheng said proudly.

Screw your smart methods!

Su Hao almost couldnt control himself from slapping Bai Xiaosheng. He said, Alright, smart guy, can you teach me your smart methods? I want to join Origin Ability Association too.

Join Origin Ability Association as a member?

Bai Xiaosheng blinked his eye for a few times.

No, I wouldnt need your help if I want to join as a member. Furthermore, I am already a member now.

Su Hao said impatiently, I mean becoming S-T-A-F-F!


Bai Xiaosheng rejected on the spot and said, Are you kidding? Do you know how much effort I had put in order to get an internship opportunity here? Origin Ability Association is an international organization. Although this is just a branch in Jianghe city, it was not easy getting in.


Su Hao stopped his words.

Lets talk about something else.

Su Hao said, We are batchmates from the same school, right?

I have been repeating my final year for five consecutive years. There were many people who are my batchmates.

Bai Xiaosheng said.

Oh yea! I forgot that you are that old.

Su Hao seemed to be surprised while Bai Xiaosheng seemed to be unhappy about that.

From the perspective of age, you are 23 this year? Or 24? 25? All in all, you are old! Su Hao said, Meanwhile, I am 18! The best age for a teenager!


Bai Xiaoshengs replied with a gloomy face, I know you are 18 years old, you do not need to repeat it so many times!


Su Hao squinted his eye and said, However, it wasnt the main concern. I had defeated Sun Batian. Dont you feel that I am a high-value investment? I knew you like to do business and open up bets. How about betting on me this time? You help me now, I will help you back someday later!

Bai Xiaosheng turned calm. He had to admit that what Su Hao said was true!

As he said, he was just 18 years old!

18 years old!

He was already a level 3 esper!

An 18-year-old level 3 esper might be just an ordinary genius. However, defeating Sun Batian as level 3 esper showed that he was absolutely a monster!

It was just one year ago since Su Haos sudden rise.

Within a year, he improved from a student with only single-digit origin ability points until he became one of top four forces in Jianghe city.

No one would ever dare to look down on such talent.

Although he was a nobody in the eyes of Origin Ability Association, how about in the future?

Within a year, he could have a drastic improvement. How about in the future? Two years or three years from now? Upon enrolling in Zhanzheng College, his future would be extremely bright.

Bai Xiaosheng was attracted by this deal.

However, with his traditional ethics of a businessman, he still said, This is not enough for me to help you out!

This is not enough?

Su Hao said sadly, Nevermind then I guess, the Jin and Hua family will just catch me. Since they will not believe that I did all this stuff alone, I will tell them that you are the one who planned everything and instructed me from behind

Bai Xiaosheng was stunned by the creative story making of Su Hao.

Damn you!

Bai Xiaosheng had no idea how to react to this. He was first given a good offer of benefits, then was threatened by the same person.


How could people be so shameless!

Alright, I agree with your offer then.

Bai Xiaosheng said, However, there is something I have to clarify first. I will only introduce you to the Origin Ability Associations job interviewer. Whether you are hired or not, is on you!

Alright, understood!

Su Hao said seriously.

There wasnt much difference between an intern and a staff.

The recommendation made by Bai Xiaosheng was just a chance at the interview. Meanwhile, it wasnt a guarantee that they would hire him or appreciate his potential.

What kind of staff does Origin Ability Association need?

Su Hao asked while thinking.


Bai Xiaosheng replied without a hesitation, Show your potential and talent! I know you dont mean that they know you as well. You need to show off your potential, background, and talent as grandiose as possible. It doesnt matter if you even exaggerate a little.

You have to let them know that hiring you will be a great benefit for them! Thats all!


Su Hao sweated. Whatever thing that expressed by Bai Xiaosheng would be different from its initial intention. However, if he would present everything to them, did it mean that he had to reveal all his secret to the people in Origin Ability Association?

Including what had happened in the ancient ruined relic?

Su Hao was worried.

Bai Xiaosheng smirked and ridiculed him without hesitation, I think you worried too much. Origin Ability Association would not bother about this. Let me ask you, as you are in your third year in high school, what is your comment of those primary students who formed a group and fight amongst each other?


Su Hao replied. What is the point of a fight among primary students?


Bai Xiaosheng said, For Origin Ability Association, your fight with them was just like the fight between primary students. Another thing is since you are seeking protection from the association, it means that your enemy already knew your identity! Since then, why not admit your identity directly?


Su Haos mind was enlightened!


What was he worried about?

Sun family was eliminated.

Jin family seemed to know his real identity.


Since there were no more secrets, what else he was concerned with? Since he already decided to start a war with Jin family, he had nothing to be worried about!

From now on, he could be himself in public!


Su Hao laughed loudly.


The light of the butterfly jade diminished. Dao Bas appearance had disappeared completely.

It transformed into a young handsome face, who was Su Hao. In order to escape from the hunt of Jin family, he hid by acting as Dao Ba. For such a long time, he almost forgot his own appearance. Finally, he could face the crowd with his real appearance!

Finally, he could be himself!

I am back! Hahahaha!

Bai Xiaosheng smiled and waited for Su Hao to finish laughing. Then he said, Lets go, I sent them a message. They are recruiting new candidates now, you can go for the interview.


Su Hao turned calm again.

Origin Ability Association was large, much larger than Pharmacist Association. They were finally there after a long journey. They saw a young man who was almost the same age with Bai Xiaosheng being interviewed.

According to the request, he had a few achievements.

There were only three interviewers from the association. However, their questions were tough and harsh.

They could easily see droplets of sweat on the forehead of the young man.

The young man was so stressed under such circumstances. He started to talk about whatever talent he had. What made Su Haos speechless was that the young man even told the interviewer that he was a beginner alchemist. Didnt he worry that his marks would be reduced?

Soon, he finished his interview and his face turned calm.

When he saw Su Hao, he stared at Su Hao in a provocative manner. Su Hao was speechless.

Su Hao walked into the room and calmly stood in front of the few interviewers.

Showing his talent?

Showing his potential?

He had nothing to afraid.

You are Su Hao?

The fat interviewer at the left side started to question Su Hao, Do you know? We will only accept one candidate in todays interview. However, you turning up has reduced their chance to get accepted! Dont you feel ashamed?

Su Hao smiled and said, The position will be mine if I am capable enough. Dont tell that if I am not here, the association will accept someone with no potential. I believe the decision of Origin Ability Association!


Another interviewer continued to ask, Since you said so, can you show us your talent? Lets see if you are capable of a position within Origin Ability Association.


Su Hao smiled.

My name is Su Hao. I am an 18 years old, level 3 esper. Other than that, I am also the head of the latest top 4 giants in Jianghe City. You can also call me Dao Ba, the head of the Hunter Organization. I killed Sun Batian yesterday. And today, I am standing here.


The interviewers were extremely shocked with their mouth opened. Everyone had to do their self-introduction in this interview. However, no one had ever made such fabulous self-introduction.

18 years old?

Head of the top 4 giants?

Head of the Hunter Organization?

Killed Sun Batian?

Are you kidding me?!