Godly Model Creator Chapter 292

Gmc Chapter 292

Chapter 0292    Jin family making their move

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

"Yesterday, you're the one in front of Origin Ability Association?"

An interviewer looked suspiciously at him.


Su Hao faintly agreed. As his eyes flashed, the butterfly jade reacted and he instantly turned into Dao Ba's appearance before quickly returned to normal.

"Nitai artifact..."

The interviewer in the middle had his eyes lit up.

A specialized esper, in Origin Ability Association, is not considered strong. However, an 18-year-old specialized esper who was also able to get rid of Sun Batian and create an exciting scene in Jianghe City, now that was interesting. Since he was stationed in Jianghe City, if he could recruit Su Hao, he would have an easy-going future.

After confirming Su Hao's identity, two of the interviewers were tempted.

Enough of all this talk, Su Hao just need to say a word and accept the offer to be an intern of Origin Ability Association. That would be more than enough!

"Not bad."

The middle interviewer applauded, "At this age, you are eligible to enter Origin Ability Association. My name is Zhang Lin and I am the main interviewer for Origin Ability Association... "

"Hold on."

The chubby interviewer who initially ridiculed Su Hao interrupted the words of Zhang Lin, "Brother Zhang, we as Origin Ability Association need to consider every aspect when recruiting. This includes factors like potential, influence, and strength. Although this Su Hao's strength is good, his overall strength may not be the strongest!"


Zhang Lin's look showed a trace of disdain as he quietly asked: "Then what do you mean?"

"I think that person earlier is just fine."

That fat man showed his poker face while replying.

"Oh, why so?"

Zhang Lin ridiculed, "Fatty Lin, you really think we do not know that he is your nephew? With his achievements, I would be lenient if it was a normal day. But with Su Hao arriving here, he won't be able to dream of entering! He didn't even breakthrough into a specialized esper, what qualifications does he have for us to accept him? "


Fatty Lins face turned red. He did not expect Zhang Lin to expose him in public and ridiculed him without reserve. This really made him furious, Origin Ability Association also considers influence. That nephew of mine has me to back him up. This Su Hao has who? Just a nobody as the leader of Hunter Organization, what kind of influence does he have?

And my nephew already has an advanced pharmacist as a teacher. With influence from Origin Ability Association and Pharmacist Association, isnt this considered as potential?

Fatty Lin defended himself in succession.

Pharmacist Association...

Zhang Lin pondered for a moment. Apparently, this factor attracted his attention. Since there was only a slot left for internships, he had to consider thoroughly. After all, what this association was seeking for was not a thug only useful for their strength. Instead, potential and influence are what the association valued more.

Zhang Lin was somewhat hesitant.

Su Hao noticed and embarrassingly said, Oh yea, Brother Zhang. I forget to tell you something. Im also a pharmacist.


Zhang Lins eyes lit up, Youre also a pharmacist?

Fatty Lins hand trembled. His face became a bit pale, but he quickly recovered and sneered, Nowadays, people are shameless enough to classify themselves as a pharmacist. Looking at your age, you must be spending all time to increase your strength. Youre probably just an apprentice, right? Do you even have an advanced pharmacist as your master?

No, I do not.

Su Hao embarrassedly smiled.

Zhang Lin revealed a look of disappointment while Fatty Lin felt proud. However, Su Hao's next sentence nearly suffocated him to death.

I, myself, am an advanced pharmacist.

With a shameful tone, Su Hao continued, Even as an advanced pharmacist, Im still not as good as my teacher. My teacher is only a master pharmacist.


Fatty Lin stared at Su Hao in disbelief. 


Fatty Lin raged after collecting his thoughts, Is Origin Ability Association a place where you could utter such nonsense?! Forget about you being a self-proclaimed advanced pharmacist. Is there still a master pharmacist in Jianghe City? Who is it?


Su Hao faintly said, My teacher is Zhang Zhongtian. If you knew about the incident that happened at Pharmacist Association last year, you should be able to know who am I.

Berserk master Zhang Zhongtian?

Everyones mind went numb as they recalled the incident.

Last year, their association received news of Zhang Zhongtian making a ruckus in Pharmacist Association for his disciple. The appearance of Zhang Zhongtian in Jianghe City was like a nuclear bomb, extremely dangerous. As for who was his disciple, they didnt bother about it.

They never thought that his disciple turned out to be Su Hao!

Haha! Indeed a great youth full of talent!

Zhang Lin laughed and then slammed on the table, Youre the one!

The interviewer next to him also nodded in agreement. In front of an absolute advantage, Fatty Lins face grew pale. With nothing else he could do, he stared at Su Hao and then angrily left.

Little brat, is this the trick you wanted to play?

Su Hao sneered.

Youre Su Hao, right? From your information, youre participating in the college entrance exam this year. Soon, it will be June. We will just count your trial period and internship period together. Wait for your success in the exam and I will be your colleague by then.

Zhang Lin held Su Haos hand as he said.


Su Hao laughed.

Although Zhang Lin didnt say anything, Su Hao knew that if his performance wasnt good during the college entrance exam, he would be kicked out of the association. After all, the association wont recruit any trash.

Very soon, Su Haos data verification was completed!

This proved that what Su Hao said was correct. Bai Xiaosheng came over and brought along the completed registration detail. Adding them up, the process only took 30 minutes!

So fast!

Bai Xiaosheng was so envious, Youre probably the fastest to succeed. Even including the registration process, it only took half an hour.

What is there to be envious of?

Su Hao bitterly smiled, If not because of Jin family, you think I will expose my cards to others?

Exposing everything?

Bai Xiaosheng despisingly looked at him, Why do I feel that you only revealed the tip of the iceberg? If not because of Fatty Lin intervening, Im afraid you wont even disclose the fact that youre an advanced pharmacist and have a master pharmacist as your teacher.

These are nothing to show off...

Su Hao declined to comment.

Alright, I wont bother arguing with you.

Bai Xiaosheng rolled his eyes and then mysteriously said, You should stay here for the next two days. Just now I investigated and found out that Jin family had made their move. They should be here soon. Just seek refuge here and wear our staff uniform when going out. I would like to see whether Jin family dares to make a move or not.

Many thanks!

Su Hao was grateful.

What Bai Xiaosheng said was true. After Su Hao spent a day here, Jin family were already at the front door the next day.

When Su Hao went out to have a meal in the afternoon, he was blocked by them.

Su Hao?

The one leading them, a 20 plus young man stared at Su Hao coldly. This person looked handsome, tall and filled with arrogance.

Su Hao had a quick glance.

Level 8 esper!

If it was only this person, it would still be fine but there were a total of six people. The people blocking all the escape routes were all level six espers or above!

And there was a person whose strength Su Hao couldnt identify!

Profound mystery!

Obviously, after hearing that Su Hao had eliminated Sun family, Jin family had to make extra preparations before arriving and only sent their strongest.

Hehe, just a beginner esper, to be able to breakthrough into a specialized esper in such a short period of time and directly jump to level 3. Additionally, you got rid of Sun Batian, you must have gotten quite a harvest in the ancient ruins. Obediently follow us back and we might spare your life.

The young man looked at Su Hao in a ridiculing manner. Others were also watching him interestingly. Defeating Sun Batian?

So what?

In their eyes, this Su Hao didnt even have an opportunity to escape!

Life and death are ruled by fate.

Su Hao said indifferently, Whether I live or not, it is not related to you! Im too lazy to bother about your Jin and Hua family. If you dare bother me, you think you can survive if I expose all the things you have done?


The young man sneered, Youre trying to threaten me?

So what if I am?

Su Hao smiled indifferently.


The young man stared at Su Hao with hatred, To make a deal, only those with the same qualifications as me can do so. Youre just a little lamb in my eyes. If I kill you today, who will know? Including those resources which have rotten in your stomach, everything you obtained from the ancient ruins, you will spit them all out!




All people of Jin family began to move and surrounded Su Hao.

With bright light rays flashing, the energy was all aimed at Su Hao. If they were to use their full strength, even a few Su Hao could not fend off their attacks. However, Su Hao did not seem to fear their attacks!

Plus, if you looked closely, you could even see a hint of a smirk on Su Haos mouth.

With only these people, Jin family wished to take him away?

What a joke!

After knowing Jin family would come, how could he not make his preparations? On his 2D map, the position of every Jin family members was clearly marked in big red dots. The moment they came here, Su Hao already knew their location. Moreover, he purposely took off his staff uniform to bait them over.

Because he clearly saw that in the association, there was a red dot which was tens of times larger than from Jin family.

Jin family?

Su Hao grinned evilly, I have been waiting for a long time!