Godly Model Creator Chapter 293

Gmc Chapter 293

Chapter 0293    Enough messing around?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

That red dot was set by Su Hao himself.

Because the more powerful a life model was, the faster the model would collapse. Thus, in his 2D map, it would be represented by bigger dots.

The huge red dot in the association was naturally the esper of Origin Ability Association who was monitoring the situation around the association. When Jin family members came, that thick aura had attracted the attention of the esper. Although he had quickly hidden his presence, Su Hao could still clearly observe him.

And now?

These people dared to attack a staff member near the association? Wasnt this just courting their own death?

When Jin family members attacked, their action had angered the esper.

Was Jin family that strong?

Su Hao sneered. He let all the overwhelming attacks approach him when suddenly, a strange light appeared.

All the attacks were melting away like snowflakes.


Damn it!

Who dares challenge my Jin family!

If you dare act then stop hiding like a turtle!

Get the hell out here!

Whats so great about a sneak attack!

These people suddenly shouted like madmen. They were used to dominating others, but someone actually blocked them! Especially that young man. He was arrogant that he couldnt help but curse loudly.


The esper grumped in response. Like thunder, that one grump struck the ears of those seven people and made them lost their balance.



Two light rays flashed. That young man instantly caught the source of the sound and without any hesitation, shot out his energy towards that spot.

For someone to intercept them at this moment, it could only be Su Hao's helper.

After the young man took the lead by attacking, the others also began to launch their own energy eruptions. When their energies condensed together, it looked like a magnificent dragon!

If it ordinary people were watching this scene, they would be shocked to death!

Courting death!

The cold voice said.

A huge surge of pressure suddenly came down from the sky. A huge palm seemed to be covering everyone from above, turning the sky dark.

Origin shape!



As the palm landed, everyones face turned pale!

The attacks from Jin family instantly vanished after confronting the huge palm. Impressively, that huge palm was unscathed.


The palm landed directly above all Jin family members.


Those people instantly defeated with blood spurting out. A few people were flattened under the palm and seriously injured.

An almighty palm!

It was that domineering!

Such great strength!

Su Hao looked at the scene in shock. Compared to Sun Batians ultimate move, even Sun Batian was defeated. Who would dare to step on this espers tail in Jianghe City?

However, that nameless esper had let Su Hao witness a whole new level of power from his move.

An esper from Origin Ability Association was actually this powerful?

This man exactly what is his strength?


A crisp landing sound could be heard. A middle-aged man in a blue shirt appeared from mid-air. With a solemn expression, he came out. Looking at the embarrassed Jin family, he faintly opened his mouth.

Are you guys done messing around?

Do you know we are...

When one of them was about to curse, another person next to him quickly covered his mouth and pulled him back before saying in a hurry, Sorry to ask, but senior are you a staff member of Origin Ability Association?


Jin family members instantly went silence.

No matter how arrogant they were, when they heard this organization, they would be scared shitless. Origin Ability Association, it was a place which they could only admire. However, they didnt understand why would the association would bother with this trivial matter?

If you are done messing around then leave!

The middle-aged man sneered, Just a mere Jin family dares to run wild at our association. This is a warning. If there is a next time, you all will be facing death!


Those few words stunned Jin family.

This was an injustice anger!

What was this anger all about? Jin family just caught a student, yet why was this senior so angered?

Jin family members were confused.


The young man who first started to talk with Su Hao just now stepped forward. Im Jin Liang. My father is the leader of Jin family. Perhaps he may have had some interactions with you before. Since senior has made his move, this junior naturally wouldnt dare to continue offending you. This junior only hopes that senior would inform us of our wrongdoings so that we wont make the same offense again.


The middle-aged man sneered, Daring to kill staff members from Origin Ability Association, if you havent learned your lesson, then be prepared.


The middle-aged mans figure floated and instantly disappeared, leaving the dumbfounded Jin familys members.

A staff member from Origin Ability Association?

What did it mean?!

Since when did they dare to kill a staff member from the organization?

Jin family members were extremely confused.

Su Hao quietly stepped forward and patted his shoulder before sighing, Brother Jin, I forgot to inform you. Two days ago, I accidentally joined Origin Ability Association En, you know what to do.


Jin family members finally reacted.

Jin Liang gritted his teeth in hatred. Damn this Su Hao! If he was wearing the staff uniform, would they dare attack him?

This brat did this intentionally!

Goodbye and have a nice day.

Su Hao laughed and walked away.

Damn it!

Jin Liang spat out blood together with broken teeth. 

Su Hao!

Jin Liangs eyes were brimming with a cold glint.

These few people came here in high spirits. Who would have thought that it would turn out like this! Forget about killing Su Hao, under Su Haos trap, several of them even suffered serious injuries.

What to do now?

Those people supported each other and had no plan for their next step.

Contact my dad!

Jin Liang gnashed his teeth and finally made up his mind, We must deal with the matter regarding Jin Feng. Although Jin family is acquainted with a number of people from the organization, they are only from the branch at Jinhua City and not at Jianghe City. Lets see if there is anyone we know from the organization who can kick Su Hao out, then we will capture him!

These people temporarily stayed in Jianghe City.

Not to mention others, with such injuries, how would they dare to return. Not being able to handle such a simple task, they would become people of ridicule to the family if they went back.

Jin Liang was waiting for a reply from Jin family.

At this moment, Su Hao casually looked at the task of Origin Ability Association.

He had seen the task system quite a few times. Each has its own characteristics.

The schools task system was all for the students! Thus, the tasks listed in the system had been screened. The difficulty was not high, low risk but effective in tempering students. After students finished the task, it would greatly improve their experience.

As for Origin Ability Firm, it was all for profit!

All kind of strange tasks could be found at Origin Ability Association. Any task imaginable would be listed on the system. Of course, everything was still within the boundary of the law. As long as there were profits to be gained, life and death was not the business of the association.

As for Piao Ling Organization, it seemed to be the complete opposite of Origin Ability Association. Almost every task which would never appear in the association would be listed in the killing organization. Assassination, kidnapping, robbery, and other crimes; everything that went against the law could be found here.

In contrast to all the systems, Origin Ability Associations was the weirdest. Only staff members would be able to accept the tasks.

Other tasks were to earn money, but the associations tasks were to spend money.

For example, the task on the virtual screen in front of Su Hao right now.


Task name: Medical HKB information

Description: This is a new type of virus data which has a mysterious effect on living things. Origin Ability Association needs this data for research.

Available fund: 100 million star dollars

Duration: 1 year

Participant: All staff members

Contribution value: 10,000 points


Thats right!

This was the task in front of Su Hao right now. This had almost blinded his eyes! Especially that 100 million in funds!

This meant that if you accepted this task, you would be receiving 100 million star dollars at once!

As long as you completed the task within a year, even if you spent the entire 100 million star dollars, it didnt matter. In addition, to 10,000 points for the contribution. This was such a generous reward.

Of course, for such a task, there would be corresponding warnings.

Once you accepted but couldnt complete the task, you would have to pay double the amount funded. If youre found out that you spent the funds in a wrongful manner after an investigation, you would be expelled from the association.

100 million star dollars just for data?

Su Hao felt that he didnt understand it well enough.

Sure enough, he had been lost in touch with current times.

What made Su Hao speechless the most was the same type of task occupied countless pages in the system. They were all about spending money!

After reading them, only one idea popped out in Su Haos mind.

Origin Ability Association is indeed wealthy!

If I have the chance to rob the association one day, then wouldnt I be filthy rich?

Fortunately, Su Hao quickly got rid of this idea.

To rob the association!

This is no joke. If he really could do that, it would mean he was invincible! What would he still need the money for?

After getting rid of all the chaotic thoughts in his mind, Su Hao opened the tasks again.

Since he had joined the association, there were some tasks which he had to do. This was evident since he was still in his trial period. If that Fatty Lin managed to find a reason to kick him out, then it would be a great disaster. What made Su Hao depressed the most was whenever he did something, that fatty would be furiously watching him.

Damn it!

This young master is not a bun. Why are you staring at me that intently?