Godly Model Creator Chapter 294

Gmc Chapter 294

Chapter 0294    An era filled with talents!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The purpose of viewing the task list was to fulfill the requirement of the organizations assessment.

The themes of the assessment were simple.

Potential and contribution.

The potential was tested based on personal ability. Meanwhile, the contribution was tested based on the contribution points obtained upon completing tasks. An interesting example was getting the information from the hospital database.

Origin Ability Association didnt care how you completed your mission. Their only concern was the result.

The assessments were held once a month, the contribution points of everyone would be calculated at the end of the month. If someone got the least contribution points for three consecutive months, he or she would be expelled. However, there were exceptions for special occasions and interns. As an intern, once the contribution points obtained was the least, then it would be harder to become an official member.

Hence, Su Hao had to complete some tasks no regarding the difficulty.

After flipping through the task lists, Su Hao smiled happily.

He saw a task which is familiar to him.

Mission Name: Blueprint of ruined relic

Description: Creating the blueprint for the ruined relic in Jinhua city. As the ancient ruins collapsed, it was not easy to recover the blueprint. It would be a great contribution to the research of origin whirlpools if the task was completed successfully.

Available fund: 100 million star dollars.

Time constraint: 1 year

Eligibility: All the staff members

Contribution value: 10,000 points

It is here!

Su Hao was surprised!

The mission of the association was indeed different with the normal mission. In a normal mission, there would only be 20 million star dollars as the reward. However, it was also due to the collapse of the ruins that the ruined relic now had turned into a desert, causing the difficulty of the mission to increase drastically.

It was extremely difficult to recover the initial blueprint.

Hence, it was offered such a high price of 100 million star dollar. However, the 10,000 contribution points were more attractive to Su Hao!

He could sustain himself until his promotion to a permanent staff member upon completing this mission with this.

10,000 contribution points!

According to the previous result, the people who got the last place only had a few hundred contribution points.

Su Hao laughed.


Without any hesitation, Su Hao accepted the task and withdrew the 100 million star dollar. After that, he immediately uploaded the blueprint of the ruined relic to the task system.


Task completed!

You had gained 10,000 contribution points!

Su Hao looked at the system notification and nodded in satisfaction.

However, he was stopped by Bai Xiaosheng a few steps after he left the task counter.

It was because of Jin family.

The force of Jin family was strong.

Jin Feng as a level 5 esper was just a servant to the core family members. Although he was a relatively high ranked servant, how many of these servants did Jin family possess? How many teams had they sent out for this adventurous mission? Other than Jin family, no one would know!

Only young people with great potential like Jin Liang was of concern for the Jin family. They were the future leaders of Jin family!

They were the only people eligible to enjoy the resources of Jin family.

Jin family had strong resources supported by a variety of assets.

Throughout the years, as the capital of hundreds of cities, their networking had covered most of the cities, including Jianghe city.

Therefore, they definitely had their people in the Jianghe Citys Origin Ability Association branch.

And it was someone who Su Hao knew, Fatty Lin!

Oh, you are serious?

Su Hao asked Bai Xiaosheng, Fatty Lin is really a Jin family servant?

Not really, he would be expelled if he was really a servant of Jin family. It was just that he recently went to Jinhua city frequently. Hence, he had become one of the partners of Jin family. Moreover, he hates you so much because of his nephew.

Bai Xiaosheng said.


Su Hao thought before saying, What did he say?

What else he can say?

Bai Xiaosheng smiled and said, He said he will ruin your promotion exam to permanent staff. Without the protection of the association, there will be no concern for Jin family to kill you.

Promotion exam?

Su Hao was surprised, I will be enrolling at Zhanzheng College! Will I not have the eligibility still to stay in the association?

Zhanzheng College?

Bai Xiaosheng squinted his eyes, If it was like the previous batch, with your ability, you could easily enter as the top student. However, for this batch hehe, you better be careful. If you are careless, you might not even able to get a spot.


Su Hao frowned and asked, How can it be? The requirement for Zhanzheng College last year was only 18 points of origin ability. Meanwhile, I am already a level 3 esper, much stronger than they are! How can it be that I will fail my college entrance exam?


Bai Xiaosheng smiled, Dont you feel that your batchmate improved drastically within a year? Zhou Wang, Bai Lingfeng, and even Chen Yiran, they were almost at the barrier of the specialized level, right? In the previous year, the top students in the nation were almost at that level.

It seemed to be true.

After Bai Xiaoshengs reminder, Su Hao started recalling the level of his classmates. Their batch of classmates speed of improvement really fast.

Much stronger than their senior batch!

But why?

Su Hao was confused.

Because of the time. Bai Xiaosheng said, You were 18 years old, erm, 19 years old this year. It meant that when your mom was pregnant, it was exactly 20 years ago!

Do you remember what happened 20 years ago?

20 years ago?

Su Hao was shocked.

He flipped through the database in his mind. What happened 20 years ago?

Was it even a question? Everyone knew the answer!

It was the start of the era of origin ability turmoil!

It was the time where the world was in turmoil. The origin ability appeared on the earth and everyone was affected by the origin ability causing things to change. Meanwhile, their batch was coincidently born in that year!


Su Hao immediately comprehended the answer.

Oh, I see!

The previous batch of students was born before the era of origin ability. Meanwhile, their batch was born at the peak period of origin ability turmoil! Only their batch was born under the strong forces of origin ability energy. They had been greatly affected by origin ability!

Great talents were everywhere in their batch.

Suddenly, Su Hao recalled the speech by the principal when they entered the natural selection class. Your batch was in the best time and also the worst time.

This is a new period!

In this period, it would be the peak for the era of origin ability. In the next few years, as your batch started to grow, the era of origin ability will be entering its peak condition!


Talents were everywhere! A truck that accidentally killed ten people, nine of them were so-called talents!

Strong determination!

Extreme talent!

Strong psychology and intelligent!

Great luck!

Only people that fulfilled all these requirements could continue their journey to become the strongest esper! These people will be one in a hundred million!

Bai Xiaosheng said. He was greatly excited while talking about all this. Su Hao had never noticed the young man who used to be funny and greedy have such a strong ambition!

The ambition of becoming the strongest esper!

Strongest esper

Su Hao had heard of it countless time. However, how would the road be like?

He didnt know.

However, he was sure that in order to become the strongest esper, one had to go through the basic level, specialized level, and professional level.

Meanwhile, he was only a level 3 specialized esper.

He had a long way to go before he became the strongest esper.


An aura was released by Bai Xiaosheng. Su Hao was shocked, it was an aura that indicated a level 6 esper!

Bai Xiaosheng was a specialized esper too?

Moreover, he was a level 6 esper?


Su Hao finally understood. Such a talented student like Bai Xiaosheng would not be lacking resources. How could it be possible that he would never improve? However, what was he waiting for that he stayed in the natural selection class for five years?

I am waiting for an opportunity!

Bai Xiaosheng said.

The college entrance exam this year will be the grandest exam ever! The top students from the previous batches might not even able to enter into the top 1,000 this time. It will be an event that everyone will remember! It will be recorded in history!

All talents will be shining in this event!

I want to leave my name in the records of history for a thousand years!

Bai Xiaosheng said confidently. Although he spoke softly and calmly, what he said was so inspiring!

He waited five years for this moment!

He wanted to be famous in one shot

He spent five years improving his skills.

Bai Xiaosheng wanted everyone in the world to remember him!


Su Hao thought, No, this is a devil!

The Zhanzheng College, wasnt that his dream too?

Bai Xiaosheng could make it, could he make it as well?


He had! Even when he had zero talent, he managed to train hard every day in order to increase even 0.x of his origin ability points!


He had! He was exposed to various fields of knowledge, while his physiological strength was extremely strong too. Throughout the years, he was able to overcome all sorts of dangerous circumstances. With the help of model analysis, he was never afraid of anyone!


He had too! The uselessness of model analysis was now in the past. As the number of mysterious cards appeared, his talent turned out to be extremely strong!

His talent could even compete with those A-ranked talents!


Do I have luck? Su Hao was not sure. However, the two mysterious cards had helped him a lot!

Was all of these planned by his dad or it was just coincidence? Had his dad forecasted the specialty of the era and planned such a bright route for him?


Su Hao sneered, his face began to show determination.

If I have no luck, so what?

If I have no luck, I will find my own way!

If Bai Xiaosheng could spend five years improving his skill, why couldnt he do it in less time?

International event?

I will also make it my stage!

Su Haos eyesight turned bright. He seemed to be confident and in his best state of confidence.

Bai Xiaosheng could feel his confidence.

Two of them looked at each other and laughed. A moment later, Bai Xiaosheng left some words in the room before leaving.

Su Hao, see you at the college entrance exam!!