Godly Model Creator Chapter 295

Gmc Chapter 295

Chapter 0295    Are you sure you want to kneel?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The beginning of May, the sun shone brightly.

There was only one month left before the college entrance exam. The atmosphere of Jianghes number one secondary school had become extremely tense. Everyone was in high spirits as they made their final preparations. The natural selection class students who studied outside, those who hadnt appeared for a long time, one by one appeared at their own schools in Jianghe City.

Summertime had arrived.

The weather became hot, but it wasnt just the weather but also the little hearts being triggered by hormones.

Youth and love were everlasting topics at school.

The summer heat caused the hearts of youth to fluctuate.

During the final month, the students of the natural selection class no longer dared to go out and do any tasks to avoid any injuries that could delay them for the college entrance exam. Hence everyone started to train at the school. The dull and uninspiring natural selection class campus definitely couldnt satisfy them, as such one by one, all of them returned to their old campus.

Being the idols of the second year high school students had caused their self-confidence to soar.

One by one, they finally stretched their claws towards the second year high school students. Those who trained hard in the third year of high school, the moment before the final year of the college entrance exams, they wanted to adjust their state.

At this time, at the bright and beautiful campus, a young girl wearing a white skirt was seated on the stairs of the school field and watched the surrounding scenery. Nobody knew what she was watching.

Under the sunlight, she was dazzling.

This young lady was Su Ling!

When she just entered her second year of high school, she had broken passed 10 points of origin ability. In the past six months, her abilities improved even further! Her origin ability had reached 13.8 points which shocked countless people.

And she eventually became the number one dazzling genius!

Ah, why are you sitting here?

A cheerful girl sprang over, sat beside Su Ling, and waved her hand, Why? The past few days you have become disenchanted, are you also thinking of someone?

Only you are the one who is thinking of someone.

Su Ling said in an ill-tempered manner, followed by a tone that was slightly dejected. As her hands supported her jaw, she was slightly disheartened, But big brother has not come back in such a long time. Xiao Yezi, you say what task requires such a long time? The college entrance exam is about to start.

You mean brother Su Hao.

Xiao Yezi sat beside her, I dont know, but brother Su Haos ability talent is slightly different. After increasing his military fighting technique and physical fitness, it seemed that there was no longer any space to improve. Hence, I guess brother Su Hao must be thinking of a solution and this task should be the reason.


Su Ling raised her little fist, Brother definitely will complete it!

Of course.

Xiao Yezi happily said, Brother Su Hao is my idol.

However, returning to our topic.

Xiao Yezi mysteriously said, Do you still remember at that time in the airport where we met that ugly bad uncle?

Yes? Why?

Su Ling asked curiously.

I found out yesterday, that bad uncle is called Dao Ba. He was the one who killed Sun Batian and wiped out the whole Sun family! Xiao Yezi stuck out her tongue, If I knew he was that powerful, I would have gotten his signature at that time.

You! Ah

Su Ling didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

At that time you were scared that he would come towards you, if it was not for him being too lazy to bother with you, Im afraid you would have been captured and become the wife of a bandit.

Youre the one who will be the wife of a bandit.

Xiao Yezi stuck up her lips and scratched it. Su Ling smiled and grabbed it back. The two of them chased each other on the sports field which amazed many students.

But at this time, the sound of slightly steady footsteps came. A student whose frame was tall and sturdy walked over. In his hand was a big bunch of fresh flowers. With a face full of adoration he delivered them before Su Ling, which incurred the scorn of many.

What status did todays Su Ling have?

She is the schools goddess!

Since Chen Yirans went to the natural selection class, she hadnt appeared here again. The story of her being the ice goddess had become a legend, but Su Ling was an actual goddess of the school.

Before their faces, someone was trying to give their goddess flowers! Clearly, that person was looking for trouble!

Dont ever underestimate the power of fanboys, especially those fanboys whose hearts were wrapped in lard according to a young girl, because she posted a photo of her and a singer on her blog, she received abuse from her thousands of fanboys. Eventually, that young lady was forced to remove the photo and apologize.

But now, this student dared to give her flowers?

Who is he?

Never seen him before.

Is he not a student from our school?

Darn, could it be one of those useless students? You can see how ugly he looks. Even if he is slightly buffed, this is the origin ability era! What use can he be if he is buff?

I will go and face him.

A spiky-haired student walked over and pointed at the student who gave the flowers, Sigh, so what is so special about you? Are you from our school?


With one slap the student who gave the flower caused the spiky-haired student to fly away, before sneering, I am Guan Yuanzhong, a natural selection class student! You all, who else has an opinion?


The crowd quickly grew quiet.

Natural selection class!

No wonder they couldnt recognize him! This guy is actually a natural selection class student!

Those high school candidates who trained for a year in that class were all abnormal. It would be better not to provoke him. Those who showed off earlier had goosebumps.


Su Ling looked at Guan Yuanzhong and asked.

I would like to give you a treat.

Guan Yuanzhong smiled. With a slight arrogance, he lifted his chest, My current origin ability has reached 20 points and it has exceeded last years scoreline. Even if the exam used the repeaters score, I can still enter Zhanzheng College! With a surge of more than 5 points in a year, I should qualify to be your boyfriend.

20 points!

The crowd gasped.

No wonder he was so arrogant. If the past years recruitment standards were followed, 20 points were enough for him to successfully enter Zhanzheng College!


Su Ling shook her head.

Su Ling, I am actually your brothers classmate.

Guan Yuanzhongs face was full of smiles, When your brother and I were at the natural selection class, our relationship was very good. He also constantly introduced you to me and said in the future if there was an opportunity he would act as our matchmaker, haha. If you dont believe this, you can ask him when he returns.

Big brother

Su Lings voice was slightly downcast. She lifted her head and looked at Guan Yuanzhong with a smile, Really? Why did I hear another version? Because you bullied the freshmen, you were viciously given a beating by him? You didnt dare fight back and was scared away by my big brother, right?

Su Lings ethereal voice coupled with her witty tone caused the crowd in the field to loudly laugh.

Too hilarious!

Yes yes, just now he was slapped in his face?

So what if its 20 points? Nothing more than a repeater.

Yes, Su Ling in her second year has already achieved 13.8 origin ability points and is still improving. She has already broken the record of our school! What can a repeater be proud about?

Although his abilities have increased, it seemed that his IQ didnt increase.

The crowd caused a huge stir and made Guan Yuangzhongs blush in embarrassment. The fresh flowers that were in his hands werent delivered but crushed to pieces.


The fresh flowers were thrown to the ground.

Guan Yuanzhong sinisterly smiled and said, Su Ling, now you dont have anyone to watch over you. In the past, there was your brother. Later Sun Yaotian pursued you and pushed everyone aside. Today, who is going to look after you? These bunch of second-year students?


Su Ling smiled sweetly, I will stand here and not retaliate, do you still dare to attack? With my status today, you think you can bear the responsibility? Also, when my brother returns, he definitely will not spare you. The college entrance exam is near. It wont be good if you lose your qualifications for the exams.


Su Ling opened her mouth unscrupulously.

This young lady who was only in her second year, but wasnt someone who was easily fooled. The surrounding second-year students who had never seen the bossy side of their goddess immediately clapped in approval! Since they were all in the same school, at most they would only receive a beating from Guang Yuanzhong. Would he dare to kill them?

Whats there to be afraid of?!

Your big brother?

Guan YuanZhong sneered, Su Ling, I am afraid that your big brother will no longer look for you!

What do you mean?

Su Lings eyes closed. Xiao Yezi who was beside her felt her mind tighten. Su Ling was now angry.

What do I mean?

Guan YuanZhong roared in laughter, You still dont know. Why do you think your big brother has not returned after so long? Let me tell you, your big brother has died a long ago, haha! The principal had received the news regarding the death of your brother. If Chen Yiran didnt intercept it, the school would have been informed!


This sentence from Guan Yuanzhong caused a complete ruckus!

Su Lings brother.

Su Hao actually died?

This was big news!

You are spouting nonsense!

Murderous intent flashed across Su Lings eyes. Countless flames appeared in her hands. As a dazzling brilliant light appeared in the sky, she charged towards Guan Yuanzhong without hesitation. Guan Yuanzhong was shocked and quickly blocked with all his might. With a loud bang, his whole body took a step back as he looked at Su Ling with aghast.

Only 13.8 points of origin ability...

Yet how could her abilities be so powerful?

Apologize to my brother!

Su Lings eyes were as cold as ice.


Guan Yuanzhong sneered, Little girl, I am not spreading rumors. If you dont believe, you can give the principals office a call. I think they will give you a clear reply.

The principals office?

Su Ling was stunned. Her downcast expression finally revealed slight panic because she could easily tell if Guan Yuanzhong was lying or not. Could it be that big brother...

No, impossible!

Su Ling gritted her teeth. Her face grew slightly pale and tears flooded her eyes. She firmly said, My big brother isnt dead!

Do you want to know how your brother died?

Guan Yuanzhong contemplated as he said, He joined a ruins expedition. Can you still remember those ruins that initially shook a hundred cities? A few hundred specialized espers died. Your brother was merely one of those little ants that died. If you dont believe me, you can go over there and investigate.


Su Ling body shook and almost collapsed on the ground. Xiao Yezi quickly helped stabilize her.


Guan Yuanzhong laughed wildly, Deceive you? Is that necessary? Little girl, your brother has been dead for months. Dont tell me that you never suspected it? If your brother is alive, I will kneel and apologize to you!

Guan Yuanzhong was proud. When he intended to take the opportunity to press on, a dull voice appeared and it wandered into everyones ears.

Guan Yuanzhong, are you sure you want to kneel?