Godly Model Creator Chapter 296

Gmc Chapter 296

Chapter 0296    Global competition!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


That casual sentence nearly scared the hell out of Guan Yuanzhong!


Guan Yuanzhong was overwhelmed with shock. The crowd at the scene were surprised too. Su Ling pinched both her hands and excitedly raised her head. This voice


A golden thunderbolt shone mid-air.

The dazzling golden light was so bright even under the sun. As the thunderbolt landed, a young man walked out casually and stared at Guan Yuanzhong coldly.

Are you sure you want to kneel?

Su Su Hao...

Guan Yuanzhong was shocked. How was this possible? Didnt Su Hao die under the ancient ruins? Almost all the natural selection class students whose family had some authority knew about this! But right now the scene in front of him what was happening?

You...how could you be alive?


The scene once again turned hectic!

The crowd was dumbfounded. When they heard Guan Yuanzhong talking about Su Haos death, they were stunned! But right as he finished speaking, Su Hao suddenly appeared alive and well!

Still remember what you said earlier?

Su Hao said indifferently.


Guan Yuanzhong finally reacted. Was he referring to him saying he would kneel? Ridiculous, why would he do so?! Looking at Su Hao, Guan Yuanzhong recovered his calm, Su Hao, you still think that youre the top student of the freshmen? I dont know how you managed to survive, but the current me is already at the peak of beginner level!

To kill you is just a simple task!

Guan Yuanzhong sneered, Dont test my patience. Or else, I wont let you off easily!

Kneel down.

Su Hao calmly said.

What did you say?

Guan Yuanzhong was furious, Su Hao, stop showing off your shameless face. I...

Kneel down!

Su Hao suddenly raised his voice.


A surging aura smashed down. Golden thunderbolts surrounded him, it was full of killing intents. A terrifying aura instantly pressured Guan Yuanzhong with a weight as heavy as Mountain Tai!


Guan Yuanzhong felt a sharp pain in his chest and spurt out blood. Under such terrifying pressure, he could not resist. Gritting his teeth while looking at Su Hao, he kept trying to maintain his stand.

Kneel down!

Su Hao spoke for the last time.


Guan Yuanzhongs both legs finally unable to bear the pressure and knelt down. As his knees touched the land, that sound of fragile bones breaking could be heard. He could only drop to the ground like a dead dog.


Everyone was shocked.

Guan Yuanzhong not only knelt but was kowtowing.

Nobody can bully my sister!

Su Hao faintly said with a cold tone as if it was a verdict from hell, This is the first and last time. I will let you keep your life intact. If there is next time, I will make you feel that being dead is better than alive!

From now on, behave yourself.

After saying so, Su Hao no longer bothered about Guan Yuanzhong.

Since the battle with Sun Batian, his view had reached another height! All these little fights, he no longer had any interest in them. If not because of Guan Yuanzhong courting his own death, he wont even bother with him. Turning around, he looked at Su Ling who was so excited that her tears were falling as she revealed a hint of a smile.

You have become thin.

Su Hao rubbed her head and as usual, her hair turned into a mess.


Su Ling threw herself at him and hugged Su Hao. Her tears kept falling down unconsciously, He said you died...sob sob I knew you were fine...

Silly girl.

Su Hao patted her back, Dont cry anymore. Come, let's go home.

En, lets go home!

Su Ling wiped away her tears and smiled brightly.

Su Hao then glanced at Xiao Yezi who was beside them and then smiled, Little brat, you want to come over for a meal?

Can I?

Xiao Yezis eyes opened wide as she was too excited, Yeah, brother Su Hao! I love you the most!


Su Hao smiled indifferently and followed these two brats home.

Once they left the scene, the crowd entered into a heated discussion! The scene just now was too terrifying! With just one word, he could make a peak beginner esper kneel down. What kind of abnormal strength was this?

How strong was the current Su Hao?

Looking at Guan Yuanzhong who was still kneeling there. The crowd couldnt help but point at him. However, no matter what they did, Guan Yuanzhong didn't seem to move at all!

Su Hao!

Guan Yuanzhong looked down while his blood continued to stain the ground, I will kill you! I must kill you! Such strength So what if you have become a specialized esper? As long as I manage to breakthrough, I will be able to kill you! I must advance into a specialized esper!

As his eyes were bloodshot, Guan Yuanzhong suddenly stood up.


Guan Yuanzhong took a step forward and felt a sharp pain. It was not his knees, but when he looked down he could clearly see a stream of blood flowing. He felt a strong feeling of weakness within his body. It was as if he had returned back to his past weak self.

No impossible!

Guan Yuanzhong went mad. He kept focusing his energy but it was all in vain. Everyone heard the weak sound of his palms slapping against the ground.

My ability?

My origin ability?!



Guan Yuanzhong weakly fell to the ground. His face filled with hatred turned into a face filled with despair.

Ability talent

His ability talent had been destroyed!

At this moment, he finally realized what Su Hao meant by telling him to behave in the future. A sentence with two words was enough to cripple him! As he recalled more, he saw a golden thunderbolt enter his body.

What was that golden thunderbolt?

Watching Su Hao leaving, traces of regret could be seen on his face. If he had known earlier, he would not have gone and provoked Su Hao.

Everything was over now!

A few hours later, as the news spread, everyone knew that Su Hao, the top student of the freshmen had returned!

In a domineering manner!

A sentence, two words was enough to cripple a peak beginner esper! With such strength, he must have made his breakthrough into a specialized esper and became the greatest dark horse of the year!

After disappearing for six months, he mysteriously reappeared with his strength multiplying numerous times. Su Haos domineering return had become the hottest topic of May!

And regarding the news of Su Hao participating in the ancient ruins, everyone already knew about it. When they understood the situation, they were in a deep shock. How was it that only Su Hao survived when hundreds of espers died? In the end, what was the truth behind it?

Nobody knew!

However, with the return of Su Hao, the truth could be revealed!

All the reporters in Jianghe City rushed to the school like madmen in order to obtain the information first. However, they would only return empty-handed. What kind of joke was this? Su Hao finally was able to spend a few days relaxing with his family. How would he allow them to interrupt his family time?

Thus, Su Hao kicked them all out without any hesitation.

And at this moment, another more astonishing news came which then drove all the reporters away.

Zhou Wang had advanced into a specialized esper!

Bai Lingfeng had advanced into a specialized esper!

Fang Lin had advanced into a specialized esper!

Yi Tianqing had advanced into a specialized esper!

Zhao Feng had advanced into a specialized esper!

The successive breakthrough from five people had shocked the entire city!

Are you kidding?

Five people?

And they were still students?

This had completely shaken up the whole city! Usually, it was hard for a single specialized esper to appear during the year! Even when they hadnt taken the entrance exam, they had already advanced! In the end, how strong was their talent? And when there was only one month before the entrance exam, there was actually quite a number of students who managed to advance?

At this time, many people finally realized a point.

The era had changed!

Specialized esper?

When Su Hao heard the news, he only indifferently smiled. Even specialized espers were divided into several levels. Those who only advanced had a long way to go before becoming a truly strong esper! As for their exact strength, that would depend on whether they could sharpen their skill and improve within this month.

The moment Bai Xiaosheng left, he already knew everything was different.

He had the mysterious card to assist him. Why would the others not have their own resources too? His real opponent was not these rising freshmen, but that evildoer!

Bai Xiaosheng

And the peerless geniuses from all around the world

Jianghe City, Zhou family

Lightning flickered within Zhou Wangs hand. Punch by punch, he directed at the target opposite him. The number displayed kept changing showing that his strength was gradually enhancing!

It finally started...

A sigh from an old man could be heard. Behind Zhou Wang, a shadow of an elderly man appeared with a walking stick. He seemed to be lacking a body. Such a scene was terrifying to witness.


Zhou Wang stopped and respectfully greeted.

Not bad, to be able to breakthrough into a specialized esper one month before the college entrance exam, it seems that my teachings have not been wasted. The shadow old man continued, Everyone knew that you had a master from Zhanzheng College. But they didnt know that this old man is not only a student of the college but also the vice principal!

I have waited a long time for this moment!

Master, I will definitely enter Zhanzheng College!

Zhou Wang promised the old man with a firm look, Jianghe Citys quota is small. No matter who it is, whether it is Su Hao, Bai Lingfeng or others, I will definitely do my best to defeat them!


The shadow old man sighed, Jianghe Citys quota? Fool, Im afraid this time Zhanzheng College will not allocate any quotas...

Not allocating quotas?

Zhou Wang scratched his head in confusion, Then how will we enter Zhanzheng College?

The old man smiled indifferently.

A global competition!

Only the strongest can enter!