Godly Model Creator Chapter 297

Gmc Chapter 297

Chapter 0297    Refining oneself

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Everyone in the natural selection class was improving!

A portion of them managed to advance into specialized esper after ten months of hardship. They were now adjusting themselves during the last month. Some converted all their task points into resources and madly trained. Students like Sun Yaotian who only knew how to play around belonged to minority. True students all knew how to survive in this world.

Su Hao finally returned to school after accompanying his family for a few days.

Finally, Im back...

After strolling around the natural selection class campus, Su Hao began to recall all the things that had happened. Who would have thought that a task would prevent him from return for six months?

The campus was as peaceful as always.

Occasionally, he would see someone who carried a huge beast back or the unconcerned challenges between students.

Even if they held grudges, it was totally naive compared to the outside world.

Jin and Hua families easily killed hundreds of specialized espers. Could these students avoid such a plan? Of course, in the end, those two families were cheated to death by Su Hao.

Returning back to school, he was preparing for his final sprint.

As a level 3 esper, was he strong?

Of course not!

After interacting with Bai Xiaosheng, Su Hao specifically looked for his master to further understand how to enroll in Zhanzheng College. There was this borderline which would decide whether you pass or fail, and this borderline was different depending on whether you were a freshman or repeaters, and your region.

It was not too different from during the days before the era of origin ability.

Each region had been divided a certain quota. Then, the students would fight for the limited spots. If a certain region was obviously superior in strength, that region would be allocated more quota. 

However, what if the college entrance exam this year was to be standardized?

How many geniuses were in this world?

Nobody knew!

At this prime time of origin ability era, Zhanzheng College might have to reconstruct their exam system according to the situation. If so, then his level 3 esper really meant nothing much

In the previous years, the highest borderline recorded was 2000 points. 

The top student during that batch had actually reached 2600 points! The only difference was they hadnt broken through into specialized esper. And now

There were a number of students who had advanced into specialized esper.

In the whole world

Jianghe City was just a small city. Even Jinhua City was nothing. If Jianghe City was considered according to the global standard, the borderline would increase by a huge margin!

2600 points?

2800 points?

3000 points?

Nobody could guess it.

Su Hao could use this one month duration well and attempt the last sprint, so that his strength would increased by leaps and bounds into a higher realm.

When he returned to his own room, it was empty as always.

Su Hao sat cross legged and began to analyze his strength. After experiencing numerous life and death situations, he had not properly measured his current state and strength for a long time.

He had learned origin star techniques, which could be called the strongest cultivation techniques among specialized espers. In normal circumstances, only when one reached the peak of specialized level would one learn the advanced origin star technique. This was due to their energy limitations. As for him...due to his terrifying energy consumption, he had to learn it early.

After integrating with origin characteristics drug, his energy consumption had been sharply reduced.

Coupled with his completed origin refinement technique, his energy consumption was reduced even further. In a short period of time, he wouldnt have much demand on energy.

Alright, next...

Su Hao temporarily drew a huge X on the energy in his heart.

If he was not going to talk about recovery, it would be time to talk about energy intensity.

No matter how high his cultivation, he had to admit that his energy intensity was only at level 3, which was extremely weak!

When he battled Sun Batian, if Sun Batian was able to support that terrifying energy with an endless quantity, Su Hao would definitely die.

He could transform his energy into the opponents talent type but energy intensity couldnt be transformed.

Otherwise, just the endless energy eruption was enough to drown Sun Batian.

Thus, if he wanted to improve his strength...origin refinement could increase energy intensity. But after all, it was only by a minute amount. If he truly wanted to improve in this aspect, he had to train in specialized esper cultivation techniques. In this regard, he could consider one or two options.

Cultivation technique for energy intensity.

Su Hao muttered to himself and wrote this down before he continued to analyze.

In addition to those two, there was one more way to improve his strength, which was...origin technique! A perfect origin technique would allow you to produce a super strong attack!

Mountain crash, water split.

These two were cases of origin techniques.

One was two star while the other was three star. When they were combined together, the strength produced was extraordinary. As long as you were able to seize the opportunity, you could perform a killing move.

In this regard, his exclusive origin technique was needless to mention.

From creating a model of the simplest object to his current godly technique, illusion reality, they could all be considered as origin techniques! All sorts of simple and difficult origin techniques had provided all sort of help along the way. However, he was obviously lacking in the department of origin technique.

Which was...he had no attacking techniques.

Others had their exclusive origin techniques, which emphasized attacking and only learned other complementary origin techniques as accessories. Yet, all his origin techniques were of the complementary type.

Seems like Im lacking an attacking technique.

Su Hao sighed.

If he were to count with his fingers, his only offensive moves were mountain crash, water split...and the one that was hard to be successfully pull off, fighting burst.

As for now, he wouldnt mention the origin model.

Although the usage of the origin model seemed strong, the disadvantages were pretty obvious. It had a high energy intensity and consumption. If he had to face a strong esper, these two would be important factors. It wont be everytime that he would be grasping the winning moment like when he fought with Sun Batian.

Right now, his current battle proceeded with usage of both origin model and illusion reality to create a killing chance!

But what if he encountered someone who was a defensive type?

Su Hao was worried. Not to mention, what if the opponent had forbidden technique and Nitai artifacts that could perfectly supported their ability? Then, his attacks would be ineffective.

After gathering all this data, Su Hao came to the conclusion that he could only increase his strength from three aspects.

First, increase his energy intensity.

Second, learn a powerful offensive origin technique.

Third, evolve his exclusive origin technique into an offensive type.

Exclusive origin technique into offensive type...

Su Hao pondered for a moment. Could his model analysis really evolve into an offensive type?

He was skeptical about this.

If he could grasp the master architect said about virtual reality and call out the things from inside to reality, that would be an amazing feat. However, a legend was just a legend. Su Hao didnt even knew how to achieve a such step or even how to improve.

Su Hao closed his eyes, and recalled all his mastered techniques related to model analysis





Each technique and its characteristics flashed within his mind. When Su Hao combined them all, he was depressed to find out that the result was a 4D image.


Su Hao felt ashamed, Seems like my foundations arent strong enough.

If he wanted to summon a model into reality, perhaps he had to learn all sort of cultivation techniques. Then, through a long period of deduction and analysis, he could complete it.

This was actually a good understanding.

For example, you wanted to solve complex calculus questions. You had to learn all sorts of basic formula and algorithms. Only after a long process of calculation could you solve the questions.

And the current Su Hao had this problem.

He had only mastered basic operation like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equations, but he was suddenly presented with a calculus problem. Such difficulty was out of this world!

Seems that I can only grasp any opportunities and slowly learn all the basic cultivation techniques for model analysis.

Su Hao then thought, It seems that I have to pass this for now, which leaves the first two options. This is now much simpler. Cultivation technique that improves energy intensity and an offensive universal origin technique, I could work on both at once. I will train whichever come first.

Su Hao had reached a conclusion.

With his analysis, he was now clear of his strengths and weaknesses. Now, he had a clear direction of how to progress.

After determining his target, Su Hao immediately began to look for them.

Origin Ability Association, Origin Ability Firm, black market, Piao Ling Organization, his school task shop. To be frank, Su Hao had a lot of accessible channels.

After a few hours, Su Hao had selected a long list of cultivation techniques.

Yes, they were all cultivation techniques!

However, he couldnt find a suitable one. After all, universal origin techniques were rare. Even if they occasionally appeared, it wont reach his turn. 

Since he was desperate, Su Hao could only pick from these pile of trash techniques.

Its for flame? Throw away!

Ice? Throw away!

One year to train? What kind of joke is this? Throw away!

Strengthening partner? This is not bad...Hey, throw away!

After some screening, only one remained. What was more interesting was that this technique actually came from his school task shop!


Name: Light refinement technique

Description: A neutral type of cultivation technique that is used to refine energy and improve the stability of energy molecules, increase the bonding between them. This made ones own energy purer. It improves your energy quality and your energy intensity would become extremely terrifying!

Price: 30,000 task points