Godly Model Creator Chapter 298

Gmc Chapter 298

Chapter 0298    Cold blooded animal

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

3,000 task point?

Su Hao was unfocused. He looked again before realizing it was 30,000.

Oh my god, thirty thousand?!

Su Hao was stunned. Last time when he exchanged for body forging technique, it only cost him 3,000 task points. Finally, he was able to find a cultivation technique that suits him. However, its cost was 30,000 task points!


Thats a lot!

Su Hao opened up the schools task system and saw rows of tasks only rewarding a few hundred task points. It meant that he needed to complete a few hundred tasks in order to get 30,000 task points. Even if he focused on the few extremely difficult tasks, he needed to complete at least 30 as well. There was only one month left before the college entrance exam. He doubted if he could even complete that within a year.

Are you kidding me?

Su Hao sweated.

After having a look at Piao Ling Organization and the black market, he still couldnt find any information related to light refinement techniques. It indicated that he can only get a copy from the school.

How can I get the 30,000 task points?

Su Hao thought. Numerous idea flipped through his mind.

It wouldnt work by doing the task as it took time. He could only count on the reward from the special events such as exploring berserk beast domain and also killing them.

In the task of exploring beast domain, Su Hao achieved 2,000 meters the last time and successfully obtained 750 task points as a reward. According to the reward system, achieving 3,000 meters would reward 300 task points, while 4,000 meters would reward 400 task points and so on. The final achievement was 10,000 meters with 1,000 task points being rewarded.

A total of 5,950 task points for this mission. Excluding the 750 points that he already got, there were still 5,200 points available there.

The reward for the task of killing berserk beasts was almost the same. Su Hao got 150 task points when his number of eliminations reached 100. The following achievements such as 200, 300, 500, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000 had different rewards respectively. The proportion of rewards was the same as in the task of exploring the beast domain.

There was a total of 5,950 task points. Excluding the 150 task points that he already got, there were still 5,800 points available there.

There were a total of 11,000 task points available upon completing these two tasks!

11,000 points

Su Hao was not satisfied, Including the beast first kill special reward, I still couldnt make it to 30,000. Damn! Such a stingy school!

Never mind, it will be fine in the end. Lets grab the available points first.

After Su Hao did the math, he walked towards the exit of the school. With his present capabilities, he didn't even need to prepare before exploring.

At the exit of the school.

The crowd exclaimed as Su Hao appeared. Everyone was concerned with his task. However, Bai Xiaosheng didnt appear this time.

Someone had copied Bai Xiaosheng in opening up a betting stand. However, he gained support from no one.

What a joke! Su Hao was now a specialized esper! It wasn't surprising that he could explore the entire beast domain. What is the point of betting?

This guy was much sillier when compared to Bai Xiaosheng.

Su Hao didnt know what others were thinking at the moment. He just walked out through the entrance and unleashed his aura.


The aura of a level 3 esper had been unleashed.

Upon stepping into the beast domain, Su Hao disappeared swiftly.


Su Hao moved around the jungle without slowing down. The few berserk beasts that attacked Su Hao were killed on the spot. There were also some berserk beasts which tried to run away. However, they were killed by the prompt thunderbolt attacks by Su Hao.

Sun Batians ability talent was so useful in these circumstances.

As Su Hao was getting used to the environment, he speeded up. Throughout the way, there werent any beast that could stop him.

1,000 meters... 2,000 meters 3,000 meter Su Hao easily broke his previous record. Upon killing the beasts which stopped his way, he ran towards the ending point without any hesitation. 4,000 meters 6,000 meters 8,000 meters...


Su Hao slashed the tree in front and went through it to the end point!

The beast domain which seemed to be so difficult for him previously was like a piece of cake for him now.

No matter how difficult, the beast domain was just a part of the schools training.


Su Hao smiled and looked at the notifications on his communication device.

Exploring the beast domain of a radius 3,000 meters, obtained 300 task points.

Exploring the beast domain of a radius 4,000 meters, obtained 400 task points.

Exploring the beast domain of a radius 5,000 meters, obtained 500 task points.

Exploring the beast domain of a radius 8,000 meters, obtained 800 task points.

Exploring the beast domain of a radius 9,000 meters, obtained 900 task points.

Exploring the beast domain of a radius 10,000 meters, obtained 1,000 task points.

Congratulations! You have completed all the tasks for exploring the beast domain. You have obtained an extra bonus of 3,000 task points.

There were a total of 9 notifications popped out. All of them were about the reward points. Su Hao added up everything and did the math, he obtained a total of 8200 task points, 3,000 points more than what he had expected. However, the reward for the task of hunting berserk beasts didnt seem to be so attractive.

Throughout the exploration, he killed almost all the monster on the way. However, there was only 5 notification received.

Number of beasts killed had reached 200, obtained 60 task points.

Number of beasts killed had reached 300, obtained 70 task points.

Number of beasts killed had reached 500, obtained 80 task points.

Number of beasts killed had reached 800, obtained 90 task points.

Number of beasts killed had reached 1,000, obtained 100 task points.

A total of 400 task points, nothing more.

He looked at the progress bar, for every 1,000 monsters killed, there would be rewards. However, in order to obtain the remaining 5,000 plus task points, he had to kill 9,000 more monsters.



Su Hao was stunned for a moment.

There was a big difference between the expected value and the actual value. 9,000 beasts wasnt a large number and it wasnt a challenge for Su Hao. However, killing that many beasts were meaningless to him besides increasing his killing intent.

Even if he could finish killing 9,000 beasts, 20,000 more task points were still needed.

It wouldnt work!

Su Hao scrunched his eyebrows.


A weird sound came from his back. Su Hao was alerted and he activated his synchronous replay. He could clearly see a green shadow attacking him from behind.


Su Hao moved aside and avoided the attack.


More than ten trees were penetrated. Each tree was left with a huge hole and white smoke rising from it.

This is...

Su Hao turned his body around and stared at the tree.

The tree was filled with green leaves, no one was there. However, when Su Hao replayed the scene, he noticed that something on the tree was weird. There was a piece of an emerald green leaf that seemed to be so outstanding.

Poisonous snake, its body was emerald green.

It is that thing!

Su Haos face turned gloomy.

Unlike other berserk beasts, as the poisonous snake evolved, its body wouldnt increase in size. The only improvement was its poisonous attack! Its poison that could easily kill a human being became even more powerful. The extreme speed of the poisonous snake had become a nightmare for everyone. One could hardly defend against it.

What made Su Hao even more worried was its previous attack.

Ranged poisonous attack like a poisonous arrow, its lethality would be huge. This is a poisonous snake king! Damn, why is a poisonous snake king even here?

The beasts domain was huge, there were more than thousands variety of species.

However, Su Hao had scanned through all the species which appeared near to the school campus.

Poisonous snake shouldnt be here!

What happen?

A question came into Su Haos mind.

2D mapping!


As the 2D map appeared, the surrounding area could clearly be seen.

Su Hao had examined his surrounding just now where he couldnt discover anyone. However, he could spot two red dots on his map at the moment. After synchronous replay on the two red dots, a clear three-dimensional picture had appeared in Su Haos mind. One of the red dots was the king of poisonous snake, meanwhile the other...

It was an extremely slim guy laying on the branches!

From the body image of the guy, he was completely merged with the tree trunk. By only using ones eyes, it was hard to identify any abnormality.


Su Hao smiled. He understood what was going on.


The poisonous snake king didnt give him time to think about the circumstances. As it saw Su Hao was standing still, it opened up its mouth and fired another green light.

It was another poisonous shot!


Su Hao was shocked. He tried to escape, but the poisonous shot penetrated through a tree and closely followed Su Hao.

Finally, he was hit by the poisonous shot.


Suddenly, Su Haos body turned stiff and fell to the ground.

After twitching for a moment, he stopped moving.

A moment later.

A guy carefully climbed down from the tree. He removed the paint on his face, showing his young face. He proudly stood in front of Su Hao.

Hehe, so what if you can defeat Guan Yuanzhong?

I could easily defeat you!

This is my third victim this month Erm, the previous two victims just had 16 points of origin ability. Meanwhile, this guy who named Su Hao seemed to be at least at the peak of beginner level or even a specialized esper. Hehe, including the task points he obtained throughout the journey, what a great harvest!

Yang Tian was proud with that.

His ability talent was special. Body type ability talent, grade B - Cold blooded animal.

His blood was cold, causing his whole body to become cold.

Because of his cold blood talent, there were some changes in his body. Although he was jealous of those who had a grade-A talent, he soon discovered his advantage. He could easily avoid various kind of heat detectors which could allow him to be a good spy or killer.

That feeling made him excited!

It was as if he became the strongest esper in the dark!