Godly Model Creator Chapter 299

Gmc Chapter 299

Chapter 0299   Who dares to fight me?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


After no longer complaining about his fate, he gradually discovered the mysteries of his ability talent.

During a certain task, he unexpectedly encountered a poisonous snake and thought he was going to die However, he was surprised to find that the poisonous snake didn't bother him.

At that moment, he suddenly came to a realization.

Snakes are amblyopia. With near-zero eyesight, it inherently relies on infrared perception with its tongue to "see" heat-emitting mammals and enable it to accurately capture its prey.

His extraordinary talent had made him a great partner with snakes.

After stumbling upon the poisonous snake king, he had another surprising discovery. The berserk beast domain was his paradise! After learning how to disguise himself, he became the biggest beast in the beast domain. When many students went to complete their tasks, he would quietly eliminate them without giving them an opportunity to call for help.

Huge amounts of task points entered his pockets.

He had been a repeater for two years. How many students had been killed by him?

College entrance exam?

He wasnt interested.

Here was his paradise!

Stupid scrub!

Yang Tian smirked and reached for Su Haos communication device. However, Su Hao suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed his wrist.


Yang Tian looked pale.


Su Hao sneered and didnt hesitate to hit him with his full strength. He relied on mountain crash to heavily injure Yang Tian before stepping on him with his foot.


The poisonous snakes eyes lit up and directly charged at Su Hao.


A faint blue light could be seen in Su Haos eyes. Extending his right hand, he directly grabbed its body and strangled it.

Pa ji!

The poisonous snake king was thrown away.

Su Hao then slowly lowered his body and looked at the young man who was panicking, You know me?

Su...Su Hao, top student of the freshmen.

Yang Tian swallowed his saliva a bit and quickly asked, You...why are you fine?


Su Hao didnt answer. He obviously wouldnt tell him that he had calculated that the poisonous shot would dissipate at that moment. The basic of offensive calculations were something trivial to a bookworm like Su Hao. For such calculations, illusion reality was not even needed.

How long have you been doing this?

Su Hao looked at him indifferently.

Two...two years.

Yang Tians face turned pale.

Two years...

Su Hao sneered. Although the current world only valued the strong, to desire a murderous lifestyle, such person was hateful. What was even worse was that such incidents could be found anywhere in the world. Hadnt he encountered such situations every time he went to complete a task?

But he didnt expect there to be someone doing these activities at school.

How many task points do you have on your communication device?


Yang Tians mind moved, A few days ago, I spent them all on a cultivation technique. That was why I am here today. How about letting me hunt a few more target and then we split the points fifty-fifty? It is useless to kill me. If you leave me alive, I can still help you get quite a number of points. What do you say?

You want to help me to gain task points?

Su Hao indifferently raised his head.

Yes yes.

Yang Tian was very happy. As long as he wasnt killed, everything would be fine, No problem, right? In the future, I will give you half of my harvests.


Su Hao sighed. Looking at Yang Tian, he somewhat felt pity, Do you know about killing a goose that lays eggs?


Yang Tian raised his head in a loss.

With a flash from Su Haos hand, a thunderbolt sword appeared and instantly beheaded Yang Tian.

Although he never thought of himself as a good person, he still had a bottom line. This Yang Tian belonged to the lowest of society. Once such a person became strong, it wont do any good to the society.

Such people deserved to die!

Although Im lacking points, I dont need you to earn them for me.

Su Hao helplessly shook his head. Although the chaotic period of the origin era seemed to have calmed down allowing the world to appear peaceful, it was full of corruption. 

This was because the time left for them is too short!

The reconstruction after the disaster all emphasized subduing chaos instead of bettering the future.

The world became ruthless and lawless.

Perhaps only a true iron dynasty that could eliminate every berserk beast from Earth would be able to restore the world?

Su Hao laughed. These things, since when did he worry about these things? The appearance of Yang Tian was only a small episode. However, his mind was suddenly swayed.

Because he had thought of a good method to earn task points.

Gambling with battles!

Didnt the current students love to fight amongst themselves?

Whenever there was any bad blood, strength was used to solve it. This was very normal these days. After all, why waste all the effort to reconcile if it could be easily solved with force? Therefore, strength became the standard principle.

Rushing for food in a cafe?


Rivals in love?


Mens dignity?


Almost any problem would be solved with a fight. Even Su Hao and Chen Yirans relationship, didnt it end up with a battle with Sun Yaotian? It seemed like the winner would be able to have everything. In fact, this was true in a society which valued strength.

Since you like to challenge each other, then Ill add fuel to the fire.

Su Hao grinned evilly.

Natural selection class campus, martial art building.

All the students were working hard. After experiencing several battles of honor, the rivalry between repeaters and freshmen already reached its peak.

At first, they thought that with classmates like Zhou Wang, Bai Lingfeng and other geniuses on their side, the freshmen would be able to surpass the repeaters. However... when they were about to surpass the repeaters, the repeaters would suddenly display an increase in strength!

Then the freshmen realized what was happening.

The repeaters were not lacking geniuses either!

Although they seemed to be nobodies who didnt attract any attention, they were also geniuses in the past. Those characters actually failed the college entrance exams several times and kept repeating till now.

Only when they were about to lose in a battle of honor, did they begin to show their true strength!


Those uprising freshmen were easily defeated by them.

A few times later and it was still the same situation.

As the strength of the freshmen became stronger, it appeared that this batch of freshmen had surpassed the previous ones. But whenever they faced the repeaters, they simply couldnt compete against them.

With how the situation unfolded, the rivalry became even more intense.

Today, only a month was left before the college entrance exam. There was only one battle of honor left for the month of June. The strength of freshmen once again increased by leaps and bounds as they prepared for the next battle of honor. With so many freshmen successful becoming specialized espers, the next battle would be very exciting.

Even when they met each other on the street, the freshmen and repeaters would have sparks fly between them.

Repeaters would have to maintain their nine-win streak in order to complete their task which was equivalent to the reward of killing 10,000 beasts, 1,000 task points!

As for freshmen, they were aiming to defeat the repeaters.

The most important factor was

Face and dignity!

As the strongest freshmen, they had been abused by the repeaters for a whole year. They had even achieved nine consecutive losses which were simply a huge insult!

The last battle, they must win!

In front of the martial art building, a young man leisurely walked over with a signboard. Then, he fiercely impaled the signboard in the ground and roared loudly.

Repeaters, you trash! This young master is back!

Who dares to fight against me?


Everyone went quiet.

People who were training in the building also stopped.

Whether it was repeaters or freshmen, they were all shocked as they listened to the arrogant shout. Everyone was dazed. This...did they listen wrongly?

There was actually someone who dared to challenge the repeaters?

Of course, challenges occurred every day, but right now he wasnt challenging but provoking the repeaters!

One person was provoking every repeater!

The martial art building went silent for a few seconds before everyone rushed out to see who it was.

It was actually him?

It was Su Hao?!

The previous top student of the freshmen!

While in the natural selection class, he was so domineering that he received a huge boost in popularity, but then he disappeared without a trace. Some people said that he was dead while some said he was still doing his task. In short, they hadnt seen his face for a while.

Never would they expect him to appear six months later!

He wasted Guan Yuanzhong with absolute strength. Then rumors about the ancient ruins became a hot topic, before ceasing after few days. Now Su Hao came here to provoke the repeaters...after defeating Guan Yuanzhong did he feel invincible?

The repeaters were furious!

Su Hao, its alright to have confidence, but being too arrogant wont do you any good!

A student sneered and stepped forward, I dont know what you did for the past six months, but youre being too arrogant for having just returned! The current situation is different from when you were still here. Guan Yuanzhong? He was nothing more than trash!

Owh, if it isnt Yang Baiming.

Su Hao smiled as he looked at the student who was walking over. He was the victim of Li Xin, who had instantly killed him with 10x critical hits, that Yang Baiming.

I still remember the scene of you exchanging moves with Li Xin.


Yang Baimings face turned ugly, Su Hao, you want to challenge the repeaters, right? Let me have a duel with you! I want to see if your strength can match your mouth! I will also let you experience the difference between me and that trash, Guan Yuanzhong!

Hold on.

Su Hao waved his hand and then moved sideways.

Then only everyone saw the signboard impaled on the ground. There were a few words were written on it.

Battle bets!

A minimum of 1,000 task points per person!

Winner takes all!

Trash repeaters! Do you dare accept?