Godly Model Creator Chapter 30

Gmc Chapter 30

Chapter 0030 Everlasting model

Ding ling ling~

The school bell rang and all students returned to their seats.

Compared to origin ability cultivation class, theoretical foundation class had an advantage of its own: the classroom is filled with seats. Class teacher Yang Ziqing walked into the classroom from outside. Noticing her class, which was still a bit scattered, she frowned.

Tomorrow is the exam. Do you all have confidence? Yang Ziqing asked.


Sound which was lacking in any confidence echoed from within the classroom. Seeing this, Yang Ziqing was helpless. Regarding her own students strength, she could be considered to have a standard class. Among twenty plus students, at least half of them could enroll into ordinary universities. As for the top ten, they should manage to get themselves into those big universities. However, if they cant perform well tomorrow

Su Hao! Yang Ziqing suddenly shouted.

Yes! Su Hao directly stood up.

What is your target for tomorrows mock exam?

Su Hao faintly said, Natural selection class.


Quite a number of students were in awe; Su Hao, he actually wanted to enter into natural selection class? His origin ability was only 6.8 and he just recovered from serious injury. That is a bit too much courage.

O? With your origin ability, Im afraid you have no chance. Yang Ziqing purposely belittled him.

Su Hao smiled, Whether I have or not, I need to try before I know right? Even if theres only a tiny bit of hope, Ill still grasp it!

Good! Sit down. Yang Ziqing praised and glanced at the other students, not adding any words. Walking to the podium, Class starts!

All the students resumed their serious state. Just as Yang Ziqing said, Su Hao even dared to fight to the death two days ago. How could they not have any courage to even fight for the chance of entering universities?

The entrance exam for tertiary education was still far away, but the bare minimum requirement to enrol into Zhanzhang college was 10 points in origin ability. Each and every other universities also have their own standards and requirements. Thus, before then, they must cross the line!

After Su Hao sat down, shook his head while feeling it was somehow funny, and went back into his serious mode reading the books.

He had already master these ordinary courses long ago. Right now, he was reading self learning materials, and what Su Hao emphasized more on is comprehension and analysis.

Basically, with regards to all the theoretical knowledge, especially written ones, Su Hao had already imprinted them deep in his mind.

Up to this point, many people could do the same thing too. Although there was a lot of knowledge that need to be remembered, a full period of 3 years in high school is still enough and manageable for someone to remember them. Plus, in this school, there are many students with gifted talents too.

Su Hao remembered that someone has an origin ability that allows him to have quite a strong memory. That person was almost able to engrave everything he came across in his mind. Even Su Hao was not able to be compared to him. However, his theoretical foundation score was only 160 points.

As mentioned before, theoretical foundation covers a wide range of knowledge. The last 150 points to 200 points, were almost all related to comprehension, analysis, and calculation. Even Su Hao was powerless in front of these foes.

For example, during the previous exam, If in the middle of desert there is blood ling grass, how would you kill a grassland berserk lion?

This simple sentence covers almost every scope of knowledge.

First of all, you have to be in the desert to get blood ling grass. You also need to know the berserk beasts around the blood ling grass, their living environment, each and every step. Also, you need to consider how to harvest the grass, since blood ling grass will die when being pulled out.

When you succeed in reaching the grass, if you think everything is over, you are definitely wrong!

One blood ling grass is only capable of killing the lowest level organism in the biological chain. What you are suppose to do is to imagine the whole biological chain of the grassland in your mind. Then, analyse it as to how to use this blood ling grass, which is just like a little butterfly, to disrupt the food chain and ultimately kill the berserk lion in the end.

Su Hao still clearly remembered that there was a student who had the ability to simulate the environment. Because he started to use his ability to deduce the problem, the result ended up with him over consuming his energy and foaming from his mouth, which he had to be hospitalised for.

This is a really sad reminder. Isnt this just courting your own death? Seems that of the last 20 points, I can strive to get one or two additional points.

Su Hao shook his head. Every time he thought of that student, he would always find it funny.

Hes not even strong, yet dared to simulate the environment which covers nearly half of Earth. If you could really simulate the entire global environment, then wouldnt that make you into a God?

Sneering, Su Haos mind was suddenly shaken..Simulating the whole Earth?

Su Haos eyes flashed in a bright color. He vaguely remembered that after his origin ability had undergone mutation, his heart was filled with excitement and fanaticism. He could build character models and analyse the character ability. Then.If he established a model for the whole world, doesnt this mean.

He could analyse the ability of the whole world?

He knew that this idea is too fanatical and without doubt suicidal!

Once he dared to do so, there would only be one consequence, which was the same as the student earlier on. With foam forming from the mouth and unconscious, his mind suffered a shock which eventually caused him to lose his own origin ability too.

But, does the strong one dare to do so?

Su Hao wasnt sure. However, he knew that his origin ability was model analysis and not environment simulation!

After establishing model, he can bit by bit, from the smallest part slowly analyse the whole world model within his mind. There will definitely be a day when the whole worlds knowledge appears in his mind and is ready to be used.

Of course, saying this now was a bit too far ahead.

However, at least he could start from these herbs and berserk beast models!

Herb models, can I create them? Su Haos naked eyes flashed. Looking at the picture of one herb within the book, he began to activate his ability.

Model analysis, start!

Model selection completed..Model is being created.Model creation failed..

His mind, which had not even started building model, instantly bailed out. Su Haos mind was shaken. Is his mind only capable of creating a model of animals and not non-animal models?

Su Hao frowned. Taking out a pencil, model analysis, start!

Model selection completed..Model analysis..Model is established..Model establishment completed..

As if he had recovered, Su Hao looked into his mind. Sure enough, there was an additional little pencil model, quietly floating in the middle of his brain. This was exactly the same as the pencil which he was holding.


Seems that I can establish non-animal models too. This also meant that as for the herb model which he failed in establishing, that was because he didnt see the real one with his eyes. Naturally, he wont be able to analyse it.

This so-called model analysis, only after seeing the real body will he be able to create a model and analyse it.

Having understood, Su Hao was more at ease in his mind. After the class, he would pay a visit to the school laboratory.

Noticing that there were still a few more minutes before class ends, Su Hao went back into his mind and this time, slowly admired those few cards and the pencil.

In the past, whenever he established a model , it wouldnt remain in his mind.

Su Hao curiously looked at the pencil model. A line of text appeared on top of the pencil model, which gave some introduction about it which was no difference from the real life pencil.

Su Hao selected the little pencil and a message popped out.

Do you want to convert it into permanent model?

Su Haos eyes shined. Yes, this is what he wanted!

Every time, no matter what model he built, it could only exist for a moment. So, these models can also be converted into permanent models!


Once Su Hao selected it, a stream of warm origin ability energy flew from within his body and disappeared into his mind. This time, Su Hao noted that the pencil model in his mind was now even more realistic, with a trace of additional energy.

And the energy consumption was exactly one percent. For someone like Su Hao who had mastered advanced origin ability cultivation, one percent is still a huge amount.

Su Hao was suddenly very interested. After repeated attempts, he managed to get the desired result.

Ordinary model analysis, whether its a character model or an item model, the consumption was almost negligible. However, to establish permanent model, the consumption rate was extremely scary.

Pencil, notebook, these smaller items models were still manageable. But, when Su Hao tried establishing a model of Yang Ziqing, the result was instant failure on the spot.

The consumption rate was too fast. When the progress had gone one percent, Su Hao immediately halted the process. Because with the current rate progression, even if he was to deplete all his energy, he would only manage to build a tiny fraction of the model.

This time, Su Hao could only give up.

En, after the class, I will go have a look at laboratory. All those herb models, I will establish them all. This way, maybe it will provide some help during my exam later on.

Su Hao was very pleased with his findings. Since other aspects will have to be temporarily stopped in their progress, if his theoretical foundation could be enhanced even a tiny bit, there will definitely be some improvement in the mock exam assessment.

Such an opportunity, he will never let it go.