Godly Model Creator Chapter 300

Gmc Chapter 300

Chapter 0300    Rampage! Absolutely unrestrained!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The crowd cursed for a second.

Must he be that arrogant?

The repeaters were enraged. This act was simply adding fuel to the fire.

They were greatly angered by the words on the signboard.

After six months of hard work, everyone had increased their ability by several times. They even defeated the freshmen eight times. Besides their inflated self-confidence, their forces included students who had repeated many times. The last sentence from Su Hao really fired up them!

Damn, let this young master go first!

Yea, Yang Baiming. You go and teach him a lesson. He just beat that trash Guan Yuanzhong, a body strengthening type and the worst among us.

Everyone, dont worry.

Yang Baiming waved his hand, Since I have already agreed, I will definitely fight with him! Just a mere 1,000 task points, I can still afford it!

Su Hao, you sure you want to fight?

Yang Baiming looked at Su Hao.

You said too much nonsense.

Su Hao glanced at him, Fight if you want. Get lost and dont waste my time if you dont want. Many people are waiting behind. Put your 1,000 task points here and I will accompany you for a match.


Yang Baiming smirked. He stepped forward and transferred over 1,000 task points. More than half of the students in the campus were here and the number was still increasing. There wouldnt be any worry of one side trying to not acknowledging the bet. In fact, that provocation of Su Hao was still well received by the crowd. After all, it was quite a rare sight for a freshman to be this arrogant.

This simply was not arrogance anymore, but ignorance!

A man challenging all the repeaters?

Yang Baiming wanted to laugh when he heard that. Su Hao successfully angered every repeater, if he beat Su Hao up then he could become popular and win task points. Wasnt this a perfect ending?

Where should we fight?

Yang Baiming tried to cover his joy.

Let's fight here at the martial arts building.

Su Hao lightly said, Virtual reality duel would be better. After all, the college entrance exam is coming soon, otherwise, you will cry for your parents when I cripple you later.


Blue veins could be seen on Yang Baimings forehead. The proud expression on his face vanished as he glared at Su Hao in hatred, Alright, then we will have it here. I will let you be arrogant for a few more minutes.

Since the bet had been set, the scene in the martial arts building became lively.

A bunch of freshmen were so excited that they nearly couldnt control themselves.

These six months, they had been on the losing side.

Battle of honors, they kept being defeated.

Even Zhou Wang who rapidly improved had failed when he faced the repeaters. When Zhou Wang was a peak beginner esper, a random repeater suddenly challenged him and everyone was prepared to watch him be turned into a joke, but it was unexpectedly Zhou Wang who was defeated. A crushing defeat no less.

This caused the momentum of the freshmen to hit rock bottom.

If even geniuses like Zhou Wang and Bai Lingfeng failed...

What else could they do?

Sure enough, during May's battle of honor, they were once again wiped out by the repeaters. This caused everyones morale to plummet. Fortunately, Zhou Wang and the others recently managed to advance into specialized espers. Thus, everyone had a glimmer of hope that perhaps they might win in June.

And at this moment

Su Hao came back!

Recklessly provoking every repeater, that arrogance of his caused every freshman to be ashamed of themselves. No matter what, Su Hao was one of the top espers among them. During those days when he managed to be the top student, he was a symbol of miracles in their eyes.

Could he create another miracle?

Everyone was looking forward to it!

The battle soon started.

Even before this event, many students were already here training. When news about them battling each other spread, almost every student rushed here. One could clearly see many students gathered at the martial arts building. Finally, under the strong demand of the students, the martial arts building opened a virtual screen to broadcast the battle.

Two minutes later, both of them were seated on their own machine and ready to fight.



Light rays illuminated.

Su Hao and Yang Baiming appeared in the virtual fighting hall.

When it was the time to select their location preference, both chose the most common arena and directly entered!


Both of their figures disappeared!

The virtual screen of the martial arts building suddenly enlarged. A ring with a dozen meter radius appeared with both figures gradually appearing on the ring.

Rows of information appeared.


Virtual map: Arena!

Number of participants: 2 people

Participants: Su Hao, Yang Baiming

Win condition: Enemys death


Ready to begin.

At this moment, everyone in the building stared at the virtual screen.

The three seconds to prepare had concluded.

The battle was about to start!


The fight finally started!

In the arena, Su Hao flashed and rushed towards Yang Baiming. To travel a distance of tens of meters was only an instant for him.

After half a year, youre still sticking with close combat? No wonder you could defeat Guan Yuanzhong. Too bad, in front of a true ability talent, body talent is just a joke. Yang Baiming laughed loudly. Numerous energy condensed in his hand as if like a light ball. It looked gentle but condensed with force, slowly suspending on his hand.

Brat, I will show you what a true ability talent is!


As Su Hao came close to Yang Baiming, a ball of light was thrown at his face.

This was the weakness with body type talents!

Close combat would only be effective if one managed to touch the opponents body. But if one was unable to get close? Apparently, Yang Baiming wanted to demonstrate what the textbook meant by ranged abilities being the perfect counter to close combat. Under normal circumstances, when such a threat approached him, Su Hao should have dodged sideway or retreat.

However, Su Hao made an unexpected move! He continued charging head on!

Thats right!

To charge forward in front of an origin technique was just an act of courting own death. This action of Su Hao made everyone dumbfounded.


Su Hao collided with the ball of light and the ball of energy instantly exploded. One could clearly see that Su Haos whole body was filled with bloodstains which was a tragic scene.

What happened?

WTF is this?!

Is he going to lose like this?

Everyone nearly fainted! They had seen countless battles, but this was the very first time they saw someone send himself into the opponents attack! What was he thinking?!

The freshmen were shocked.

As for the repeaters, their smiles were so wide that it nearly touched their ears. There were even some who rolled on the floor in laughter, This is the so-called top student of the freshmen?

Haha, this is so funny!

This level is indeed suitable for you freshmen!

Haha, Yang Baiming is about to create the record of winning a duel the fastest.

Among the repeaters who kept laughing, only one of them looked thoughtfully at the virtual screen, Something isnt right.

Whats wrong? This amusing student among the freshmen would be lacking.

The repeater next to him patted on his shoulder and then pointed at the scene while laughed, You see, Su Hao is already seriously injured. Being injured in the first confrontation, how could he win? If he wins what?!

With an exclamation, everyone turned their attention to the screen.

On the virtual screen, it was still bright as before. The energy from the ball of light just finished dispersed. The bloodstains on Su Haos body could clearly be seen. However, people were shocked to see that Su Haos figure suddenly appeared at the side of Yang Baiming.


Mountain crash!

Yang Baiming was blasted away!

Water split!

The subsequent attack came together to perform a perfect combo. The figure of Yang Baiming was destroyed completely, while he was still in mid-air.

Numerous white dots were left in mid-air.

The screen was fixated on that image.

Su Hao wins!

Su Hao won?!

He won, just like that?

Wasnt this just a move? Even when compared to premature ejaculation, this concluded too quickly!

Everyone was stunned. Wasnt this a complete comeback?

What exactly happened?

The virtual screen replayed the earlier scene. It was only a move, but soon everyone understood how Yang Baiming was defeated.

This wasnt real life!

This was the virtual fighting hall!

Su Haos strategy was to ignore his safety and took the attack of Yang Baiming head one before delivering a fatal blow!

Each exchanged a move, but Su Hao was only seriously injured while Yang Baiming died.

This was after all the virtual fighting hall. If it was realistic, who would dare to do this? Even if you managed to kill your opponent, your life would be hanging between the jaws of death. Everyone was speechless as they looked at Su Hao who was covered in blood. This strategy

This was too despicable!

If this was reality, it would be a kamikaze move!

However, no matter what

Su Hao had won easily.

When Yang Baming came out from the machine, his lungs screamed in anger, You cheater! How could you act like that? Youre totally shameful. If youre injured like that, of course, you wouldnt survive.

Win or lose, let the public decide.

Su Hao smirked, If youre not convinced, feel free to complain to the martial arts building. If they agree to give you the victory, then I will accept it.


Yang Baiming was so mad that he was too embarrassed to show his face, Again! I will fight you again! I only use one origin technique. I have much more to spare!

Im fine with this.

Su Hao smiled sinisterly and kindly reminded him, But...your task points, are they sufficient?


Yang Baimings face turned pale. Only then did he remember that his battle with Su Hao was a bet!

With his defeat just now, his 1,000 task points now belonged to Su Hao. Lookin at his remaining 38 points, Yang Baiming could only cry to himself.

Brothers, lend me some task points.

Yang Baiming quickly asked a repeater, After I win, I will return it to you.

The repeater glanced at him, What if you lose again?

How can I lose?

Yang Baiming explained, I believe you just saw it yourself. Su Hao could only attack like this. As long as I am careful, I can easily beat him. Allowing this 1,000 task points to be easily re-obtained...


The repeater glanced at him again, So, why must I let you challenge him?


Yang Baiming was stunned.

The repeater no longer bothered with him and turned around to look for Su Hao, Su Hao, I want to challenge you!