Godly Model Creator Chapter 301

Gmc Chapter 301

Chapter 0301    Dear, run faster!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Yang Baiming almost fainted.

How could this be?

He lost his precious 1,000 task points to Su Hao. So his battle with Su Hao was to help the others gauge Su Haos capability?

Watch carefully.

The repeater put his hand on Yang Baimings shoulder, I will get revenge for you.


Yang Baiming cursed in his heart. He could only watch in tears as the repeater walked towards Su Hao.

What the hell was going on?


1,000 task points were transferred.

He walked into the machine confidently. Su Hao then calmly sat on his machine too. Although the freshmen were slightly worried...

Su Hao had indeed created a miracle for them.

Although he was just using the martial arts buildings rule to his advantage, he still won the battle with an amazing counterattack. Their only concern was that this tactic could only be used once.

Once the opponent knew his tactic, he wouldnt have any chance to get near them.


Both of them entered the battlefield again.

Exactly the same map.

Exactly the same battle.

After 3 seconds, the battle started.

Su Hao rushed again toward his opponent in the same manner. However, the repeater had gained experience from Yang Baimings failure. He sneered and stepped back while attacking. Since he knew Su Haos tactics, he wouldnt let Su Hao do the same thing again.

The freshmen were worried.

As for the repeaters, they were watching with cold eyes.

However, the battle soon surprised everyone!

Su Hao didnt even alter his tactic. With the same technique and posture, he killed his opponent with a melee attack in one strike.

Within 10 seconds, the battle ended!

The repeater had failed.

Just like Yang Baiming, he failed badly.

How can it be?

Everybody was speechless.

They replayed scenes of the battle. After watching it, they found an important fact. Su Haos movement speed was much faster than the repeaters.

He managed to overtake him.

And kill him.

Thats all!

Su Hao would try to get close to you when the battle started. You could only choose between escape and battle. If you chose battle, Su Hao would kill you directly in that battle. If you chose to escape, Su Hao would catch up to you and kill you in one strike. Attack while escaping? Su Hao didnt even care about your attack, you would just slow down from attacking and eventually be killed by him.

Darn! It works?!

Everyone was stunned when they learned this fact.

Since when did the battle for pride and glory become a running competition?

Everyone couldnt accept this fact.

At last, they could only angrily stare at Yang Baiming. Was it not his suggestion to battle inside the martial arts building? Now Su Hao had a great advantage in utilizing its rules. No matter how strong you were, as long as your movement speed wasnt as fast as Su Hao, you would definitely be defeated.

Yang Baiming almost cried.

He was actually the victim! Not only had he lost 1,000 task points, everybody even looked down on him. If he knew such circumstances would happen, he definitely would not have initiated the battle.

Su Hao just stood at the same spot.

The signboard in front of the building was so obvious.

Retarded repeaters!

Dare to fight?

These few words on the sign were so unsightly to the repeaters. Soon, there was another repeater issuing a challenge to Su Hao.

Lets battle!

The repeaters looked at each other excitingly. The guy who challenged Su Hao right now had speed as his ability talent!

Werent you proud of your speed?

Didnt you want to chase us?

No matter how fast you were, could you compete with speed ability esper?

Bringing the hope of all, the repeater got onto the machine.

Soon, the battle started again.

However, the ending of the battle was out of their expectations. Although this repeater had speed as his talent, his attack was relatively weak. It had almost no effect on Su Hao. Fortunately, Su Hao was not able to chase him.

However, unfortunately

After half an hour, the repeater was killed by Su Hao after he used up all his energy.

Yes, you didnt see it wrong!

His energy had depleted.

Su Hao chased him for countless rounds and finally made him use up all his energy! Everyone sympathized with this repeater. It was extremely miserable to be chased around a battlefield until he drained all his energy.

Upon coming out from the machine, the repeater almost vomited.

Su Hao smiled and looked at the crowd while pointing to the signboard. The repeaters were frustrated and helpless. Why was the battle with Su Hao so weird?

More and more repeaters arrived.

Some of them decided to join the battle. However, all of them lost.

Su Hao wasn't using any other tactic.

Chasing other with his speed and attack!

However, the simple strategy had defeated all his opponents. Within half a day, Su Hao had defeated a few more repeaters!

Meanwhile, the accumulation of his task points had reached 10,000.

Such a great harvest!

Any more challenger?

Su Hao smiled and stared at the repeaters. That ridiculing face of his created great hatred from repeaters.

Instantly the repeaters finally understood Su Haos plan!

Su Hao was using this strategy to earn task points from the repeaters! However, none of the repeaters could defeat him! Most of the repeaters that battled with Su Hao were peak beginner espers. Those who hadn't reached that level of strength didn't dare to challenge Su Hao.

Su Hao steadily stared at them.

The freshmen were cheering for their victory. Unlike their previous reactions, they stared at the repeaters with a disdainful expression.

They had been bullied by the repeaters for almost half a year. Finally, they could have something to be proud of.

Werent all of you powerful?

Do you even dare to challenge for battle?

None of the repeaters was able to defeat Su Hao!

It was the biggest joke of the year!

Upon thinking of that, the freshmen looked at them with great ridicule in their eyes.

Meanwhile, a guy came to the building from somewhere far. As he noted the circumstances, he smiled and said, How about allowing me to challenge him to a battle?

Everyone turned their head around and they were shocked to see

Zhao Feng!

Prince of close combat, Zhao Feng!

If it was a few months ago, it wouldnt be shocking for Zhao Feng to appear. However, the reputation of Zhao Feng was totally different now. He had made his advancement into a specialized esper.

In the eyes of the students, this was already at the pinnacle strength of the school!

Zhao Feng, the repeater.

Upon finishing the college entrance exam last year, he only had 13 points of origin ability. He wasnt strong at that time as his ability talent wasnt helpful. He could be said to be the benchwarmer of the repeaters. However, no one knew what happened to him for his potential to suddenly erupt.

He became more powerful and efficient in getting task points and eventually grew drastically stronger.

His great improvement continued for a few months until he finally advanced to a specialized esper, becoming one of the top students in the school.

Such a legendary story!

You came here to join the fun?

Su Hao smiled and said as he saw Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng shook his head and pointed to the signboard beside, You are challenging the whole batch of repeaters, I have to stand out. However, no matter what happens. Thank you!

Other people didnt know why he could improve so much, but he did.

It was mainly because of the advice from Su Hao to choose a suitable pathway for him. He had provided a perfect routine of training for him as a melee fighter, making his route much easier. Su Hao was the person he wished to thank for the most!


Su Hao waved his hand, Are you sure you want to fight? You need to include your task points as a bet.


Zhang Feng sent 1,000 task points.

Su Hao then said, I guess the bet isnt your purpose. These provocative tactics are supposed to have no effect on people who train resolutely.


Zhao Feng didnt reply to that. He stared at Su Hao sincerely, My main purpose is to have a battle with you. I would like to know how strong are you now!

Everyone suddenly recalled their history.

The first opponent that Su Hao faced upon entering the natural selection class was Zhao Feng, and Zhao Feng lost. Right now, it was almost the time for the college entrance exam. The two of them were battling with each other again.

It was a fantastic fate.

You will lose!

Su Hao shrugged his shoulder and said, And you will lose badly.

Haha, then you should convince me of your power!

Zhao Feng laughed and walked into the machine. Su Hao followed him into the machine and two of them entered the virtual battlefield.

At the moment, everyone around was excited about this battle.

The repeaters were more excited as Zhao Feng was already a specialized esper! For them, he was already one of the top students.

How strong is specialized esper compared to a beginner esper?

Even a peak beginner esper could easily beat up Su Hao. Su Hao was just taking advantage of the rules in the building and won the battle with his dirty tactic.

However, the tactic wouldnt be helpful in this battle against Zhao Feng!

Zhao Feng was a strong melee fighter with the penetrating ability. Even Su Hao would be fearful of his attacks.

Hence, it was impossible for Su Hao to win this battle!


The scene changed!

Two of them entered the battlefield and the three-second countdown started.


Zhao Feng was the one who started the attack this time.

Within a blink of an eye, Zhao Feng rushed himself towards Su Hao. The battle between two melee fighters, the crowd could imagine how dangerous it was.

This battle would be really exciting.

However, Su Hao didnt move at the moment. He pointed his finger towards Zhao Feng.


A golden thunderbolt came down from the sky!