Godly Model Creator Chapter 302

Gmc Chapter 302

Chapter 0302    Rewards convenient arrival

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


A thick golden thunderbolt flashed from the sky!

Su Hao forced Zhao Feng to retreat as he was drawing near. The golden thunderbolt that bloomed from the sky dumbfounded everyone.

A golden thunderbolt?

Su Haos trump card?

What was this technique?

Everyone was at a loss. Every time they thought that Su Hao was bound to lose, Su Hao would reveal an ace which shocked everyone. How many hidden cards did he actually have?

Nobody knew!


Zhao Feng dangerously avoided another golden thunderbolt.


Zhao Feng sported a miserable expression. He finally realized what Su Hao meant earlier that he would lose very badly...

Why would he even bother joining the fun if he knew that Su Hao had a ranged attack?


Buckets of sweat streamed down Zhao Fengs face, What is this attack of yours?

Origin technique.

Su Hao happily smiled.

Zhao Feng was speechless. Of course he knew it was an origin technique but wasnt Su Haos ability model analysis? What was this thick golden thunderbolt about? He couldnt remember anyone in the natural selection class who had such an ability! Zhou Wang seemed to have an electric type ability, but his combat style was completely different.


After taking a deep breath, Zhao Feng withdrew his astonishment back into his heart.

With a years experience and training, he has already become incomparably tenacious. So what if ranged attacks counter melee attacks? The gap between specialized espers and beginner espers cannot simply be made up that easily!


Zhao Fengs figure flashed. Once again he charged.

The surrounding dull flashes of light was unquestionably Zhao Fengs ability. Combined with his unique attacks, if he landed a direct hit, death was certain!

You think I will let you come close?

Su Hao smiled indifferently.


A bolt of lightning forced Zhao Feng to retreat.


Zhao Feng swiftly switched his position. His speed wasnt reduced at all. Another thunderbolt struck, but Zhao Fengs figure trembled and was instantly killed!


The crowd cried out in astonishment.

No one actually believed that a specialized esper like Zhao Feng, to actually die in such a manner.


Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

When synchronous playback was activated, he could clearly see Zhao Feng explode and disappear like an afterimage, Instead, a blurred figure unscrupulously charged over. Upon reaching Su Hao, he slowly revealed his features.

Zhao Feng had managed to get close!

Such an amazing origin technique had helped Zhao Feng avoid every attack and allowed him to appear beside Su Hao.

All the students gasped.


An trace of interest flashed across Su Haos eyes. In such a dangerous moment, to be able to leave a realistic afterimage, while at the same time hiding the real person and charging with an unbelievable speed!

This origin technique...

Quite interesting.

Su Hao took note of it.

Zhao Fengs ability talent was unique. It didnt directly assist in increasing his ability. Hence, to obtain a real increase in ability, what Zhao Feng relied on was - a universal origin technique! To explain from a certain point of view, Zhao Fengs route of development was identical to Su Hao!

Su Haos initial pointers to Zhao Feng caused him to follow the same route. And today, Zhao Fengs breakthrough into a specialized esper naturally gave Su Hao some delight.

Model analysis!


Character modeling!


Countless cards appeared beside Zhao Fengs model. Through these cards, he could clearly see that all of Zhao Fengs energy has been used to increase his fundamental abilities. He only had one origin technique, but it was very practical! Coupled with his ability, its simply too suitable for him!

Phantom charge?

Su Hao silently laughed as he saw this card. While in the virtual reality, he was unable to read the card. It seemed that after this, he needed to treat Zhao Feng to a meal...


Zhao Fengs figure flashed. The gap of a more than 10 meters was once again drawn closer.


With a wave of his hand, Su Hao fired a golden thunderbolt.

Phantom charge!

Zhao Fengs figure floated around and actually took this opportunity to approach another ten meters! After two charges, the gap between Zhao Feng and Su Hao was only a few meters.

What a powerful ability!


The crowd marveled at the scene. They have never thought that after the prince of close combat suddenly possessed an origin technique, the display of his ability would be so frightening!

As long as Zhao Feng was able to get close, would Su Hao be able to do anything? The number of ranged attacks from Su Hao caused the crowd to subconsciously label him as a lightning ability talent user. However, they seemed to forget the previous ten rounds of battles had shown Su Haos strong melee combat skills!


Zhao Feng finally charged through every obstacle and was in front of Su Hao.


The energy in his hand bloomed and condensed. Zhao Feng didnt require any origin technique. With his penetrative ability, any of his melee attacks would become a horrific origin technique!


Zhao Feng viciously aimed a punch towards Su Hao.

Su Hao smiled calmly. With a wave of his right hand, a thunderbolt sword appeared in his hand. Without any hesitation, he slashed the sword at Zhao Feng!


Zhao Feng was forced to retreat in their first confrontation.


Su Hao pointed at Zhao Feng. The winds and clouds suddenly changed as the sky shone gold. The arena was impressively covered by a golden light.

Thunderbolt purgatory!




Under the endless strikes of the thunderbolts, the gold light didnt seem to stop, this caused everyone to be dumbstruck. Was that actually Su Haos real ability? The thunderbolt purgatory went on for roughly another ten seconds before finally stopping. As for Zhao Feng, he had disappeared long ago...

Su Hao, victory!

The crowd was silent.

When the thunderbolt sword, a weapon converted from energy appeared within Su Haos hands, the crowd then realized that Su Hao was also a specialized esper.

Because only a specialized esper could convert energy into weapons!

After Zhao Feng appeared from the machine, he only smiled bitterly when he looked at Su Hao. Originally he thought that his own improvement was already incredibly fast. Two years of suppression exploded in this half a year, and he became a specialized esper in one try. This caused him to believe that he had a god-like talent.

However, he never wished to be completely humiliated from the previous battle between them. Therefore, he took the opportunity to challenge him once again today!

But during this battle, he realized that Su Hao had long ago advanced into a specialized esper. It seemed that his improvement was even greater than his and there was no way for Zhao Feng to make a comeback.

I lost.

Zhao Feng smiled bitterly.

Su Hao smiled indifferently. His battle with Sun Batian, that victory was very difficult and the reason he won was because he took hold of the opportunity. But still, the rewards were also extremely lucrative! Purely Sun Batians origin model had already given a large boost in strength!

Such a pity, that it was only temporary...

As long as he constructed or used a permanent model in the model world, this origin model would instantly collapse. This caused Su Hao to be extremely regretful.

I will let comrade Sun Batian unleash the surplus energy and make the final contribution.

As for the battle with Zhao Feng...

You must be kidding!

After all, Zhao Feng recently became a specialized esper. He hadnt even stabilized himself at level one, as for Su Hao? He already possessed an ability that was adequate to challenge a level 3 esper. Not to mention, there was also Sun Batians level 6s origin model if he was to lose then it would be hilarious!

To say the truth, this battle against Zhao Feng was like bullying a kid...

Its okay.

Su Hao patted his shoulders, comforted him by saying, Dont get leave yet, lets catch up over a meal.


Zhao Feng smiled bitterly. He also wished to know about the techniques Su Hao used during their fight.

Who still wants to bet?

Su Hao looked at the crowd and said indifferently.

His calm voice instead caused many repeaters to be extremely depressed, Su Haos ace was exposed. His real ace was actually his golden thunderbolts, similar to the ability of the lightning type talent. But Su Haos ability also exposed that he had advanced into a specialized esper. It can be said that the crowd already thoroughly knew about Su Hao.

But what was more depressing was that nobody among the repeaters could seize him.

Specialized esper?

How many repeaters had reached that level?

It appeared that only a few top students had advanced. Apart from those, who else? These people coincidentally were not around and there currently wasnt anybody who could redeem the face of the repeaters!

Seems like no one wants to bet with me.

Su Hao sighed, before looking at the task points in his hands with some regret.

Still lacking a lot...

Can I give it a go?

Among the repeaters, a young man walked out indifferently. His expression was calm as he stood there, but it was filled with extraordinary arrogance.

Who is this guy?

I dont know

Never heard of him?

The freshmen were confused, but the repeaters themselves knew. Wasnt he one of the last ranks among the repeaters? He had remained in the school for three years and his origin ability wandered around 16 points. Compared to Guan Yuangzhong, he was even worse. It can be said that trying to enroll in Zhanzheng College was just a delusion!

Such a person, actually challenged Su Hao?

The repeaters hid their faces.


Su Haos eyes lit up, a big fish had finally taken the bait!

Finally, he was willing to appear!

After chatting with Bai Xiaosheng, he already knew that among the repeaters, there were a few of them who remained and they were not ordinary. Indeed, after an information check, he was stunned. This repeater, without exception, was a genius who subsequently bafflingly failed his college entrance exams.

Looking at this moment, this matter was extremely tricky.

But for the person before him.

Feng Xing, a genius character from three years ago failed and remained in the natural selection class for another three years!

His strength on the surface was only 16 points of origin ability.

But his actual strength?

Nobody knew!

Do you dare to make a bigger bet?

Feng Xing indifferently looked at Su Hao, On the public platform, you won 11,000 task points. You dont have to claim them yet. Ill add another 11,000 points and the winner takes them all, what do you think?


Everyone took a deep cold breath.

11,000 points...

Even if you are a third-year repeater, you dont have to be so reckless? Many people who worked hard for a year could only produce a fraction of that amount. Did Feng Xing take the wrong medication today?

Would Su Hao accept this bet?

I agree!

Su Hao smiled very happily as he happily accepted the challenge.