Godly Model Creator Chapter 303

Gmc Chapter 303

Chapter 0303    Poke through a hornets nest

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Something isnt right.

This was everyones reaction.

Feng Xing wasnt an idiot. With so many lessons to learn and not to forget Zhao Feng, a specialized esper, even if Su Hao had used all his cards, he was still a specialized esper. Exactly where did Feng Xing get all his confidence from?


Feng Xing transferred 11000 points.

Both of them entered the machine. As the virtual martial art hall activated, only when both of them appeared at the arena did Feng Xing show his true strength.


A mighty and heavy aura filled the sky!

Without any reservations, Feng Xing showcased every ounce of his strength. Accompanied with his sinister laughter, Feng Xing laughed with ease.

Su Hao, do you think that youre invincible just because youre a specialized esper?

You think you can be arrogant once youre able to form an energy weapon?

The depth of repeaters are deeper than what you think!

Today, I will make you wake up!

Feng Xing was proud of himself.

A Level 3 esper!

Everyone held their breaths as they came to a sudden realization. No wonder this Feng Xing was so confident and so arrogant. He actually had hid such a terrifying strength. Just how did Feng Xing, who had to repeat 3 years, have such a strength?

Hiding his strength?

Or perhaps he obtained something which allowed him to improve leap and bound?

Everyone was at a loss.

A weird light could be seen flashing within only a few repeaters eyes, those who had repeated more than a year. They more or less knew that and they were all waiting.

Waiting for an opportunity!


Su Hao released an equally powerful aura like a river, sweeping everyone!

Without the additional energy during the day when he would have a breakthrough, Su Haos aura only steadily stayed at level 3. However, such strength was enough to confront Feng Xing.


As they collided with each other, endless ripples echoed in mid air.

Youre also level 3 esper?

Feng Xing was slightly surprised, To be able to reach level 3 when youre just a freshman. You indeed deserve to be top student among the freshmen. No wonder you are that arrogant.

Im not the arrogant one.

Su Hao smiled indifferently, Youre the arrogant one.


Feng Xing was mad, Brat, even with same level, I have been at a plateau for two years. As for you, at most you broke through half a year ago and yet improved to level 3? Are your foundations solid? Since youre looking for death, I will let you die happily!


Feng Xing made his move.

The sky changed.

At this moment, the white clouds in the bright sky began gathering above Feng Xings head. Then the blossoming clouds spinned madly and formed a whirlpool.


A small whirlpool formed in the arena and wandered to every corner of the arena. It was like a mini tornado.


With a wave of Feng Xings hand, countless small whirlpools suddenly fused together.

A large tornado was then formed in the arena which terrified numerous people! This...was really a tornado!

Feng Xing had actually condensed a tornado!

Mankind always had inexplicable fear towards nature. Even in origin ability era, it was not an exception. As for the tornado, it was a natural disaster which had a terrifyingly lethal. Even if it was just a small range artificial tornado, it was filled with endless killing intent. The rotating edge seemed to having the strength to strangle anyone to death!

As I have already said, youre weak.

Feng Xing smirked as the tornado headed toward Su Hao.


Su Hao was somehow in a bit of a daze as he recalled the events from few days agothe supremacy of Sun Batian with his almighty thunderbolt sword.

Thunderbolt sword! One slash that splits the heavens!


The world seemed freeze at that moment.

A golden thunderbolt together with the thunderbolt sword slashed down!

Su Hao knew the power of this sword the best. He had to seriously blow up the origin model to defend against this sword clash. And this was just a mere tornado?


The golden light rays divided the tornado into two. The strong aura forcefully divided the tornado and it could no longer rotate. Then it disappeared from the world.

The tornado had scattered!

What was more frightening was that the golden light rays were actually still charging at Feng Xing.


As the strange golden light rays dispersed, Feng Xing retreated a few steps. A trace of blood could be seen at the corner of his mouth. In his hand, a green fluorescent sword appeared.

The faint green light blocked off the attack.

Energy weapon!

What a strong origin technique.

Feng Xing wiped off the blood as he stared at the thunderbolt sword that Su Hao was holding, Destroying my origin technique, forcing me to use a weather sword and injuring me, this slash has such strength it seems like this batch has an almighty student!

You are qualified to be my opponent!

Feng Xings face suddenly turned grave, Since this is the case, I will let you experience my ability talent, the power of wind!



Su Haos clothes were blown around, drifting in mid air.

It was really windy in the arena.

Wind was normally colorless, but at this moment, the wind had color. Green wind was blowing in the arena, sweeping across every single corner.

Warm and gentle.

Su Hao frowned. Sadly, he couldnt resist.

This wasnt any type of attack, it was just green wind. The gentle wind seemed to not have any impact on him as it slowly blew against him.


Feng Xings body moved and then turned into a green light ray, disappearing within the wind.

The green wind kept blowing.

Feng Xing seemed to have melted into the wind. One simply couldnt see his figure. They couldnt differentiate which was the green wind and which was Feng Xing.


A green light flashed and appeared around Su Hao.


Su Hao stepped sideways. A stream of blood came out from his body. That green sword was simply impossible to guard against! Even when Su Hao used his synchronous playback to observe 360%, he could only avoid at the very last moment when the green sword appeared.



Green light flashed.

Feng Xings figure floated around like a ghost. Everytime he came out, a killing blow would be coming. Then, when Su Hao wanted to counterattack, his figure disappeared into wind.



In just a moment, Su Haos body was beaten blue and black.

The crowd quietly watched this scene. That ability talent of Feng Xings was really terrifying. He, who was at a disadvantage just a moment ago, had managed to easily injure Su Hao.

The repeaters were extremely excited at the current situation.

Su Hao, arent you all mighty powerful?

Arent you arrogant?

They couldnt wait to witness Su Haos downfall. However, it was at this time that Su Hao just stood motionlessly in the arena as if he had been hit by Feng Xing till he had become a retard.

He was static like a statue.

Wind shadow?

This is your ability talent?

Su Hao sneered at the card next to Feng Xings model.

Ability talent: Wind shadow, grade A

Exclusive origin technique: Wind conceal, able to easily hide oneself inside the wind and deliver any fatal blow before hiding again.

Exclusive origin technique: Fengyun sword, an exclusive energy weapon for wind type abilities. Gathering energy into the weapon will increase the damage output.

One ability talent and two exclusive origin techniques. When one was used, it wouldnt be as strong as  all three were to at once. This was hard to counterattack and the result was in front of Su Hao right now. However, for Su Hao, once these cards were exposed to his eyes, this meant that the battle was about to end.

Such a pity...

Su Hao sighed.

At first, he thought he could have learnt something, but they turned out to be exclusive origin techniques!


Su Haos eyes changed colors.

Five star godly technique!

Illusion reality!


Two asynchronous worlds appeared in front of Su Hao. Su Hao could almost instantly clearly see in the green light ray glow at a certain corner of the model world. Feng Xings body appeared out of nowhere from a specific angle and once again left a bloodstain on Su Haos body.

Right here!

Su Haos eyes lit up and he suddenly moved.

The thunderbolt sword in his hand suddenly charged towards a spot behindan empty corner. At this moment, Feng Xings figure appeared at the blank location. The Fengyun sword that Feng Xing hadnt had the opportunity to strike with yet was blown away by the incoming thunderbolt sword.


The golden lightning lit up the entire arena.

Injured from the sword, the thunderbolt from sky once again struck Feng Xings body that was already gravely injured.

Feng Xing died.

Su Hao won!

Both of them walked out from the machine. However, Feng Xing was still in a state of disbelief.

He...he lost like that?

He never would have thought that his origin technique could be countered that easily.

He had waited for three years!

Since he had more energy now, his current strength was at the very peak which made it ideal for him to bloom during college entrance exam, but at this moment he had actually lost!

Lost to the hand of a freshman!


Feng Xing looked bitter.

Su Hao only smirked and declined to comment.

He didnt have the habit of telling his opponent about his secret.

He walked to the public platform and collected all the task points22,000 points in total! Coupled with the 9,000 points he had collected before, there was a total of 31,000 points!

He had obtained enough task points and it was time to leave!

Lets go, this big brother will pay for your meal!

Su Hao happily invited Zhao Feng and readily left. At this time, a few people stepped forward from a distance. Su Hao glanced around for a bit and suddenly felt the situation wasnt right


This time, he had poked the hornets nest.

No matter what, he prefered to keep a low profile.

The reason why he was this arrogant was only for the task points. To actually challenge all repeaters wasnt something which he was interested in doing...